Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 24



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Part 24



R3: is this girl ur another toy for the night or its staying a little longer than that?


And that’s it, A straight punch landed on the reporter’s face and camera came crushing down MSK’s shoes… without second’s delay He punched the reporter turning him black n blue. He was so merciless that feared every other human being standing there… MSK known for his anger and bad image, don’t know how many cases have been filed against him for beating reporters and any other person but none could hold him for seconds. The biggest persons, political leaders and even ministers are afraid of his anger, he is worse than any underworld don who are actually afraid of MSK’s wrath, because he doesn’t fear anyone in this world…


‘Dare u utter a single word against Her, U will not see the next sunrise, that’s a promise from MSK…. Whoever want to know her identity get a straight thing,, She is GEET HANDA… MSK’s Would be WIFE, MY LIFE.’


He spat those words on their face like bolting lava… his anger can be feel with his grip on geet.. Her eyes met his fierce eyes…. She can see the fire and authority in his eyes, like he possess her… Her stare send a shiver in him, her lashes didn’t blink neither broke the eye lock… His bodyguard made a circle around MAANEET and he took her towards the Black Limo…. He tore the gaze couldn’t bare the intensity in her eyes…


She sat in the limo lost in her thought.. If he need her body, if he just lust her then why he is claiming her in front of the world. Why he is showing so possessiveness on her in front of everyone. he never flinched when ppl question about his night life, but he blasted when someone pointed on her character… the limo stopped infront of a lavish bungalow…





The posh place gave a shiver to her spine. She knew he is Rich. One of the richest man across World but the lavishness is giving a hint of his taste. the sight was mesmerizing.. The empty place didn’t scared her but gave a warmth… she felt the tug on her waist and saw maan looking at her.. she couldn’t understand his eyes but next felt his lips on her…. He kissed her fervently like there is no tomorrow. She was scared, what will the driver think about her, another playing toy.. but then she saw the partition between their place and driver seat…. Closing her eyes she gave in to his desire.





He scooped her in his arm and walked towards the main door not before informing his guards to be around outside the house… He placed her infornt of the house and opened the door…. The coziness bowled over her. she thought he must be staying in a lavish and a huge mansion… and of course with brigade of servants… to her surprise not one person was there…


‘what r u waiting for?’ he whispered from behind. She felt jolt passing through her vein but why is that, she is unknown to the feeling… without her any word he lifted her again and made his way towards the room…



‘maan leave me, I can walk’


‘but I don’t have whole day for u’ Her eyes widen to see him taking the stairs and in no time she was in master bedroom. HIS BEDROOM… she can guess it’s his room with the huge photo of his on the other wall… arrogance was oozing out from the room… but there wasn’t any other photo or any clue of human being in the house.


‘I will stay in a separate room’ She said blankly. He looked at her with knotted brow. He was expecting her to ask he stays here alone or not but she surprised him with her statement. He met her quite a time had spent and till now she never asked any question about his life or his family, neither why he did that crime….




Obviously he didn’t agreed on her words. She has to stay in his room, but her heart with racing every passing second thinking what will he do at night. Its 4 hours and he is nowhere to be seen… she has changed in to her night track and t shirt, till now she was sleeping because of jet lag, but now her grumbling tummy need food.. but not a single servant is in the house. She wonders how can he maintain such a beautiful house all clean up without no servant. Its weird for her…


she was lost thinking about few hours ago when he was claiming in front of the world she is his would be wife. She always thought he is ruthless devil who need pleasure and as she had denied him, now he is taking his revenge by marrying her and he will leave her after satisfying his ego… Unknown to her the alone tear made its way, the pain she want to forget, the darkness of life she want to vanish still lingered on her soul… Oblivious to her someone was watching her every move from the moment he entered the room. He can see her forgetting everything and staring at the blue water of swimming pool…


She felt the hot breath over her shoulder and neck… she turned in haste losing her balance but to her fortune or misfortune he was there to hold her every stumble step. She clutched his collar while his hand went on her waist pulling her close to him.. he was staring at her eyes which is holding some kind of pain in it…. but he couldn’t dare to ask her question…. He brought her face closer to his, wanting to see through her soul but she concealed herself immediately…. He tore away his gaze from her and then noticed what she is wearing.. gosh he is dead he thought…. Geet saw his stare and looked away immediately….


‘I need a separate room’ she said while crossing her hands above her chest….


‘Woman ur record are still there huh’ she pouted on his remark… ‘she will kill me with this pout’ Maan murmured within, but saw her looking at him with confuse face, he cleared his throat and gave a stern look…


‘Dinner is ready,, go’ He threw the file on table and went to washroom… she pouted her lips and walked behind him…


‘I will not stay with u and from where u arranged dinner.. aadha ghanta pehle tak to kuch nahi tha. Bhoot ne vej diya kya khana? Not a single person stays here, U didn’t think once before leaving me alone here that how will I feel. This place is not less than a dead silent horror villa, then how can u,,,’


‘CHUP HOSIYARPUR EXPRESS’ He put his palm over her mouth to prevent her talking but the slightest touch shivered them… She stares at his dark eyes. unknown fear ran through and she tried to push him only to met his demanding lips… he couldn’t bare the distance she tried to create and in swift motion his lips crashed down her. her eyes widen in shock feeling his rough lips caresses her soft ones sensually… her struggles broke few buttons of his shirt revealing the chiseled body…. She gasp feeling his warm hand making its way towards her bra hook.. she tried to stop him only to make him groan. She felt his bulging size poking her stomach through the layer of material on their body… He swiped his tongue inside her mouth taking every bit of hidden taste in his mouth… she was feeling tired. He can feel her giving up the fight but still didn’t gave him room to snap the bra hook, he was desperate to feel her right now but she is adamant.. in rage he bite her lower lips hard making her winch in pain… blood rushed out but he took it in his mouth then traces the wounded place with his tongue….


After like eternity they broke apart from each other, geet leaned her head on the wall behind while he saw her angelic messed up state in a dazed….


‘I Hate You’ she muttered feeling exhausted…


‘really? But ur action says reverse’ He teased her in a husky masculine voice…  her cheeks flamed up.. maybe for the first time he saw something like this… Natural Blush is really rare things to find and specially the Girls he had spent was expert in their field so blush was never a thing he had ever watched on anyone, apart from SOMEONE….  ‘its better for u to take some food before I take u right here.’ His dangerous tone make her snap out from the revere and she ran out like a kitten… He smirks seeing her running like that.. he threw his shirt away and entered the washroom… Cool water washed down his exhausted body but the heat gushing in his vein couldn’t calm down with the presence of the sweet aroma around him… the water droplet descended down his torso and all he can feel her touch over his chest, the place where her finger touched him, when they kissed well he kissed her forcefully… he wanted to silent her but as her soft lips touched his palm his whole body shivered with Need..





He came down wearing black track and vest wiping his wet hair of his neck, all he can feel a heated gaze on his body. Looking ahead all he saw was the pair of almond eyes gaping at him… Devilish smirk spread his M shape lips. He throws the towel on her face bringing her to reality. she looked at him angrily then mutter something under her breath and started nibbling the pasta..


Before she can put the spoon full of pasta in her mouth, his breath fanned on her cheek, she saw him leaning on her face.


‘its my food, urs are on another plate’ she ignored his teasing smirk and put the full morsel in her mouth… he was flabbergasted seeing her ignoring him and continue her food… in no time she finished all macaroni pasta… he can see her relishing the food as she licked her lips with the tip of her tongue.. he felt hard just seeing her plump pink lips n tongue swiping over it… then she took the last morsel in her mouth but she couldn’t shallow it as he snatched it inside her mouth… her eyes widen feeling his tongue tasting the last bit of pasta inside her mouth…. he licked her lips feeling heaven and then licked his own lips with his tongue…


‘It was good’ he said while taking spaghetti in his plate. She stomped her foot..


‘why u did that?’


‘what have I done?’


‘don’t try to act smart maan.’


‘I don’t need to act. I am Smart.’


She felt strangling his neck with weird behavior…. She tried to take the paratha when he taunted ‘Someone is really hungry or want to make some strength to tackle the night’


Her hand fell on either side of the plate feeling scared of his intention. He can see the scared kitten in her but soon she transformed herself in wild cat.


‘Mr khauran don’t dare to mess with me, u will regret high time’


‘ohh accha, I m scared Geet’ He gave a sly grin to her making her irritated… then continue to eat his food.. geet was curious, how he get the food…


‘konse hotel ka khana hain, its quite nice.’


‘Thank u for ur appreciation.’ She looked at him with wide eyes like she had seen some ghost… he shook his head seeing her antics… soon she felt the spaghetti in her mouth.. her mouth was also wide open so he pushed the spoon…


‘Don’t tell me u made all this?’


‘why? Do u have any problem with it?’


She shook her head in denial still lost in thought ‘Ajeeb banda hain, ek taraf itna devil made me to cook for him one day, aur dusri taraf khana pehle se hi pakana janta hain, n he made these for me’ She murmured in her mind but he was enough sharp to read that also… She was leaving the place with all thoughts surrounding when maan held her hand and spun around, she fell on his lap with the jerk…


‘Maan’ she whined while gripping his shoulder for support.


‘I didn’t hear a THANK U for the wonderful Meal’ His husky voice was giving her jittery, she tried to protest but felt herself lost in his mischievous eyes….


His hands made its way under her shirt caressing the soft skin making her breath shallow. She tried to push him but maan jerks her face towards him…


‘I never said to make the meal, u were the one who wanted to impress me’ She blabber in her frustration, he knot his one brow still holding her tight.. she realized what she said but couldn’t deny her words neither show him she is regretting the words. She tried to hold her pounding heart which was increasing it rapid beat with each contact of his breath…


‘so u thought I was impressing u huh?’ he said huskily making her gulp hard, she closed her eyes still trying not to react on his touch but he is hell bent on making her weak.


‘leave me, I m feeling sleepy’


‘first ans me, what made u think I m doing all this to impress u?’


‘u,,, erm, just leave me.’


‘not before my ans’


She greeted her teeth in irritation more on her own body which is betraying her ‘food was awful and I don’t want to eat this in life time,, hogaya? Now can I go’ she tried lifting herself but he pulls her closer with a force making her held his vest collar tightly…


He smiles mischievously ‘Then I have to fire the cook, who made all this’


Her eyes popped out hearing the word.. she was confuse already not finding a soul in this house and he is saying he has cook also.. how can be that possible…


‘but here was no one, I searched every place but,,’


‘No one can step a feet here without my permission, so chef has cooked it in other room which is in backward house… this house has special security system which only opens with my order but backward house has servant quarter and kitchen where cooks and servant stays… as I was delaying they already cooked for us and as I came back they served it.’


She was still gaping at him with wide eyes ‘u left me alone here locked up?’


He smiles slyly ‘not alone, I was there’ She shows confuse so he cleared pointing few point ‘See the camera, I was watching u all the while’


Her eyes widen in shock. He has kept his eyes always on her and she was thinking she is alone here…


‘Is that mean u have cameras in bathroom also?’ She asked feeling scare now. he didn’t answered but the mischievous glint said it’s a yes..


‘shit, u r horrible, idiot jerk how can u do this, u mean u saw me changing, shit.’ She started hitting him wildly making him groan, as every time she move his hardness felt rock… her proximity was creating havoc in him. he held her small wrist and smashed her lips holding her neck in one palm… she kept hitting but it didn’t affect him…. he sucked her both lips almost chewing them groaning in the kiss….


‘don’t do it, I may eat u raw’ his words were enough to stop her but he couldn’t stop kissing her.. she just held him tight knowing he will not leave her if she protest… she can feel his hand roaming on her back under the shirt. He pushed his tongue on her lips making her part it, then throbbed inside her mouth kissing her wildly… he felt her short of air so left her softly… she was panting heavily with close eyes… he looked at her closely still caressing her swollen lips with his thumbs.


‘only I can see u Geet, U r Mine only mine and no other person can take the air where u stay, its only my right’


He said in a whisper which was enough dangerous to jerk her from the dreamland… he bite her nose cutely.


‘I feel like eating u now’ she closed her eyes with his word but he didn’t stopped.. ‘don’t worry one day u will also feel the desire like me. u will also feel the burning sensation like I feel every time with ur breath on me, u will also feel the need of me inside u, and I will make u feel that soon. in this 5 days only….’ She jerked opened her almond eyes only to stare at his mischievous eyes which was on her lips.



Kaisi ajeeb si nasha hain ye

Jo Dil pe dastak deti hain

Bas ankhe band hote hi

Dhadhkan tej hojati hain…

Uske Sanso Ki Khusboo

Rag rag me behti hain

Najane Kabse Ye Dil

Uske Naam se tadapti hain

Kaisi Ajeeb si Nasha hain Yeh

Jo Dil pe Datak deti hain….


(by Me)




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  2. Posted by monikaseth on March 20, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    Awesome dear love it love this devil a lot


  3. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on March 20, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    Superbbbbb update di..
    Loved the way Maan bit tht stupid reporter who talked those rubbish things abt Geet…
    Awww…Maan claimed Geet as his wife in front of whole world..
    Hhaayyee..the way Geet was blabbering bwfore Maan without fearing him tht was ttooo ccuutteee..
    Hhaawww..Maan had fitted the cctv cam in bathroom also..poor Geet..
    Ufff..Maan challenged Geet tht he will make her fall for him tht too in 5 days..
    Waiting eagerly to see how will he do this..


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  5. Posted by ushankitvc on March 20, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    awesum updt….loving this devil maan….continue sooon….


  6. wohooo ..
    awesom update ..this devil is really one of its own kind ..!!
    loved the villa pic tich …it was awesom ..
    rolf … he actually placed camera ALL around … poor geet ..

    the ever confused soul ..
    not worry babes its yet much more to be revealed ..

    guess thr was SOMEBODY in this devil’s life …may be the reason y he has became a devil now ..!!

    this 5 days r going to be interesting ..

    plss update soon

    waiting for next ..

    luv ya


  7. fantastic update….hot and passionate….i am already in love with this mysterious and passionate devil…eagerly waiting for next…update soon…


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    Mind blowing update dear…. Loved it…. Thanx a lotttt for d update dear….. Eagerly waiting for next part….. Update soon plzzzzzz❤❤


  10. Superb update…….. I like it,want to see jealous maan n caring maan also,


  11. Awsome update……….. I like it…..
    Now want to see a jealous n possesive maan n caring also


  12. Posted by angelickushi on March 21, 2013 at 11:25 am

    loved the update
    loving this devil…he acts devilish with her sometimes and takes care of her in his own way
    waiting to c if he wins his challenge


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  14. Posted by Dhwani on April 7, 2013 at 11:30 am

    Awesome Update!!!!!


  15. omg its awesum…
    first reports ki band bajai then taking her to his room,, marking her as his i front of world…

    Geet alone thi but that devil Maan have cameras everywhere, thats not true he may just teasing her…
    tich nyc peotry in the end by u… keep it up =)

    devil maan in mood of ahem ahem… control maan… 😉

    sorry for late replies…


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    fantastic update


  17. nyc update…
    luvd it:):)


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