Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 63


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part 63




Geet held her breath to look around,, finally they are in London. A part of her heart was excited to see London for the 1st time, but she knew she can’t even go for a ride of London cz she is here for treatment, the mere mention of treatment makes her nervous and anxiety rose 100 folds. Just then she felt the safest place embracing her in it. She looked above her shoulder to see Maan wrapping the shawl around her, the weather was pleasantly cold. They had cleared the immigration when Ragahv processed towards them, he had came 2 days before… they are here after 3 days of their anniversary night. All frnds never left a chance to be with her and pamper her.. and the last scene the girls created in front of everyone in the airport, maan abhay and armaan literally dragged their respective partner away from each other while ridz cried with swollen eyes and took promise from maan he will take care of geet.. he promised her 100th time before taking geet away from them…


Ragahv welcomed them with a warm smile… Maan shook his hand and geet gave a small smile, raghav averted his gaze on Geet who was partially hugging maan because of cold.


Raghav: how r u guys?


Maan: we r fine, I hope everything is ready here..


Raghav: yeah, u guys take rest for a day or 2 we will meet at hospital.. maan agreed.. They walked towards their car.. Maan’s driver was already there will the black merc. Raghav was impressed with Maan’s style and status… By the way where u guys will stay? I mean any cottage or,,


Maan cut him: I have my pent house here, we will stay there… he gave the address and raghav took that…


Raghav: but I will definitely suggest to stay with us, I mean it’s not good for gee to stay alone, u will be busy with work here then,,


Maan: who told u I will be away from her?? the work for which we came here is my first priority. He wrapped a possessive hold on geet’s waist who was till now silent spectator of their words..


Geet: I m feeling tired can we go home? Both men look towards her tired face…


Raghav: r u fine? I mean headache?


Geet: no little bit tiredness, I guess jet lag…


Maan: let’s go…





Geet’s jaw dropped to ground, she knew maan is rich in fact very rich but the house is spectacular… she felt like her ground slipped away from her feet and then she looked at maan who was carrying her inside the apartment.. she was mesmerized with the décor of the house…


Geet: it’s so beautiful… maan looked at her face, he knew she admired the warmth of the house. It’s the place which very few ppl know, he never brought anyone here not even his family knew about this place, he prefer to spent his time here.. it was a gift from his mother to him… it has her aroma and warmth in it.. Servants walked inside with the luggage but not for once they looked at maaneet who were lost in each other… before going inside their room maan ordered the servants…


Maan: Keep the luggage here and prepare some Italian Dishes for mam.. he walked towards their room straight… geet was starlet, how he get to know about her wish to eat Italian today… she shrugged off her thoughts and snuggle close to maan’s neck giving him Goosebumps. He held her tight in his embrace looking straight in her eyes giving a hint of his desire.. she shied like a new bride seeing her hubby desiring her so much… these 3 days her frnds didn’t left them alone for a second and maan is really starving for her. she bite her bottom lips seeing the dark eyes looking at her plump lips and as she bite them his grip increased its intensity…..


She felt the sweet aroma hit her nostril and next she found herself entering the bathroom which was illuminated with the scented candle and beautiful décor… she looked at him surprised… when he did that… he made her stand on her feet… she was lost looking at the beauty of the surroundings when he slides her dupatta from her neck. She closed her eyes feeling the warm breath on her neck… His moist lips met her skin making her shiver….


Geet: Maan… her whisper pushed him to the edge…. He guides his one hand towards her tummy caressing the slight bulge portion…


Maan: I hate to share u with anyone geet,, in these 3 days I was feeling strangling everyone who tried to take u away… Geet giggles at his remark but soon his teeth nipped her skin making her breath hissed…. He turned her to face him, then showers her face with his wet kisses… I feel when out angel will arrive u will not give any time to me huh. He said in a very husky voice making her close the eye lids and held her breath in anticipation…. He released her hair from the pin which now falls over her shoulder… he dipped his face in her neck while sliding the hair away from her back…


He very slowly started to unzip her kurti on which she arched her back. he is torturing her slowly… she held his shirt bringing him close yet her eyes were shut…. He kissed her neck softly… then slides the kurti down fully from her body… she shivered feeling the cold breezing touching her soft skin…. Her hand automatically went on his shirt unbuttoning him, he tried to held her hand but she snapped showing cute anger.. he immediately held his hand in air like surrendering himself to her wish…. Her fingertips touched his abs making him groan; he held her finger and brought her closer to him. her naked self rubbed against his bare chest….


Maan: Geet,, He whispered… she touched his chest with her lips softly placing feather kisses… she tasted his skin slowly sweetly, but the intensity was increasing with passing second… she rolled her tongue around his nipple then biting softly.. he held her hair in a lightly grip and slammed his lips on her… he sucked her juice aggressively… Don’t make it difficult for me… he said in the kiss… in snap he opened her salwar’s knot and lifted her without breaking the kiss.. slowly both entered the decorated bathtub. He broke the kiss and settle her between his legs… she complained about his trouser cutely… he immediately took off it and again took her back on his chest… his hands roamed over her body massaging softly…. Soon he felt her limping on him fully making his doubt confirm she is sleeping peacefully… he smiles and held her close to him, both enjoyed the warm water while he rubbed her neck then back to sooth her exhaustion…. She was really very tired and he wanted to sooth her, that’s why before coming here only he had arranged to décor it like that….



Geet opened her eyes feeling the warmth missing,, she lazily traced her side feeling the softness,, she stirred a little to see where is she.. Then it hit her, she is laying on her bed with duvet around her and fully naked… she rubbed her temple to remember where is maan but only the vision of her relaxing in the bathtub came in front.


Geet: ohh no, I slept there only and maan carried me here…


Maan: yes mam, and ur personal butler brought u here..


Geet’s eyes lit up to see maan entering the room with a tray which has tea and some snacks for her and him..


Geet: sorry wo I don’t when I slept and,,,        


He kept his finger on her lips: Ssshhh,, kitna bolti ho tum geet.. don’t u know our angels are sleeping and they need a break from ur nonstop chatter patter… geet made a O then pouted her lips pushing his hand away from her… Maan felt like eating her then, his eyes traveled down her bare neck shoulder, arms then her above cleavage… geet forgot that she is sitting wrapping the sheet around her chest… she crossed her hand above it then looked away.. maan gulp hard seeing the innocent beauty… geet felt his gaze on her.. suddenly she realized she is sitting there naked just wrapped with a sheet… she gulp hard seeing the dark eyes of her husband who was gulping the beauty with his eyes….


Geet: Maan,, she called softly making his eyes look in her almond one… the red hue on her face was enchanting her beauty… U should have waked me then I,, i..


Maan: u were tired jaan,, he caresses her cheek,, I had informed everyone back India that we reached here safely… geet snuggles close to him while he stroke her back curves gently rubbing his hand on her creamy flesh….


Geet: Maan mujhe dar lag raha hain..


Maan knitted his brow in confusion: why so,, he said while removing the hair locks behind her ear… she took a deep breath..


Geet: our babies will be fine na?


Maan closed his eyes and caresses the bump: yes they are stronger like their papa… he said with a mischievous smile. she pouted her lips in anger…


Geet: what do u mean I m not strong enough?


Maan: nahi, actually girls are delicate na so,


Geet: what do u mean by girls are delicate, can’t they take pain? U r forgetting mr, Only a girl can bring a new life in this world.


Maan smirks seeing his sherni is back: hmm because God had given them this opportunity, and that is nature… not like Girl can bring a new life all alone to the world, for ur kind information they need a man to produce a new life inside them… geet gritted her teeth in anger, as her mood swing was high on level… maan saw the red nose crunching tight in anger.. ok ok sorry now,, Girls are more powerful than boys… but for that strength u need to have ur food first… I have called the servant to bring pasta but for now have tea n snack.. tumne raat ko bhi kuch nahi khaya soh gayi thi… That’s when she realized she had slept the whole night without having any food she looked at him with baby face complaining why he haven’t wake her up… Don’t look at me like that geet, I tried to wake u but Ur sleep, gosh God save the me for that. u literally pushed me from the bed for waking u… and almost scratched me so tight that it had mark now, see…. Geet saw his hand has some mark,, she bite her lips remembering how much she was sleepy…


Geet: wo main,, erm


Maan: samajh gaya now eat… she silently took her breakfast then he brought pasta,, she denied telling she is full but he forced her to eat. She made him eat too as she knew he must have starved also.. Waise Geet last night I saw u r quite powerful to kick me out from bed,, I hope our son will have the same strength but not the kicking one, its hurts a lot.. he said rubbing his bum while geet laughed aloud but soon her laugh turned to cry as she felt something, and she clutched her stomach..


Geet: aahhhh,,, she let out a small shriek,, maan got frighten with her scream,, he came to her side rubbing her hand and back…


Maan: kya huya geet, what happen jaan,, r u feeling pain.. let me call the doctor… no,, we should go to see the doctor in hospital.. he was in panic, but geet held his hand bringing him close to her…


Geet whisper: Maan I m fine,,


Maan: no, but u,, u were screaming. We should go to hospital..


Geet: sshhh maan,, she held his hand and brought it on her tummy… It’s my Son who kicked saying he will be same as me.. Geet said grinning ear to ear… at first maan was baffled,, then her words registered in his brain.. he had felt their movement now they kicked.. but where is his princess… maan kept his ear on her stomach while she threaded his hair…


Maan: but Princess will be like papa,, haina princess?


Geet: ouchhh,, she bite her lips hard…


Maan: kya huya geet,, I m telling u we should go to see doc please jaan, I can’t neglect ur health…


Geet; Maannnn,, its ur daughter who kicked me harder…. She said with a baby complaining face… Maan looked at her stomach then her and again placed his face on her tummy…


Maan: baby its u?? he again felt the kick and its came on his face… he was thrilled, excited nervous and happy… tears of joy rolled down from his eyes… hey champ it’s me papa… I m sorry baby but papa loves u both, never hate papa please… he said in a hoarse voice while babies kicked alternately…


Geet: babies loves their papa a lot… she said kissing his forehead.. he took her lips in his….


Maan: thank u.. he whispered in the kiss..


Geet: u welcome, she whispered back before taking his all pain away and drowning him in the pool of love and passion.. Maan I want to feel love before going to the hospital please.


Maan; jaan but.


Geet: Please maan…


She doesn’t need to plead him in anything he had promised himself to fulfill her all desire……. he took out her sheet kissing his way down her collarbone and softly made love to her….





In the afternoon they met doc Jhonson who did a check up of geet.. her BP was normal nd every other things were all settle so they can go with the biopsy…


Doc: I will suggest we can do it tom only,, the fast we start the fast we will get her out from this situation…


Maan: do whatever u want doc I need my wife back fit and fine…


Doc: but u have to sign a bond…


Maan: which bond


Doc: if we face a situation where we can’t save ur baby, u will give us permission to abort the babies.. And we will inform u beforehand.


Maan closed his eyes, he knew it will come as raghav had informed him and he tried to ready himself but it wasn’t a easy decision.. he looked at geet who knew what is he talking with doc and what turmoil is going on him.. but the look doesn’t please him, he turned and agreed to sign the bond… geet sighed knowing he will never agree to loose her, but it was the toughest decision any one can take.. today itself he had talked with their baby and now agreeing for this bond was tormenting him…


He silently walked towards her room and simply hugged her. she knew what must be going on him.. she held him tight assuring everything will be fine.. he hide his face in her stomach and kissed it tenderly..


Maan: papa is really sorry… tears rolled down geet’s eyes but she was determined to fight against everything for her maan and babies…



Precap: will take a small leap…



I will not stretch the treatment much maybe a part only, as I need to give next twist to the story…

I m not from medical background at all so whatever blunder I m doing and will done due to my limited knowledge… so please pardon…


Sorry for all grm and spelling mistake…



© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg.


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  1. awsem prepration for treatment maneet moments and maan guilt for signing bond


  2. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on March 20, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    Lovelyyyyy update di..
    Hhaayyee..loved the way Maan made Geet relaxed after the whole journey..
    Awww..Maaneet felt the first of their angels…
    Hmm…Geet’s treatment..
    Waiting for nxt part di..


  3. awesome update


  4. Posted by ushankitvc on March 20, 2013 at 7:13 pm

    a touching updt…hope the twist is a nice one…continue sooon……


  5. awesome update
    Maneet in Londone
    Love there romance
    Babies scene was cute
    Waiting for next


  6. Posted by suzie on March 20, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    wow beautiful update
    thanks sweety


  7. Wow please update soon let geets babies and geet survive love it


  8. lovely part…hope geet and the babies will be fine and noting will happen to them…continue soon….eagerly waiting for next part….


  9. Posted by chahhat4eva on March 21, 2013 at 9:12 am

    Lovely & Superb update dear…..❤❤


  10. so d treatment begins nw. . . .luved d romance before treatment . . . . lets hope maaneet tackle dis tough period of time n start afresh wid der angels. . .


  11. Posted by angelickushi on March 21, 2013 at 11:13 am

    loved the update
    wat more twist can u give yaar


  12. awe that was sweet, emotional, lovely update tich….
    kick baby scenes is so beautiful… maan geet is now more emootionl to bond contact…
    me also tense about whole treatment…


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