Love For You Part 65

Part 65

Rudra was busy playing videogames with tammy and mann when a loud bang in front of him took his breath away…

Rudra: uhh kya huya,, kya huya, earthquake at this time? tammy and mann giggle to see rudra looking frantically here n there. tammy nudge mann to keep quiet and pointing the yellow card in geet’s hand who was standing with a scowl on face.

Geet: did u saw their marks rudra?

Rudra: huh matlab?

Geet: u saw their report card and met with class teacher but didn’t think once to inform me huh?

Rudra gulp his saliva seeing the rage in her eyes, he looked at the kids who were giving him meek nervous smile and taking one two step back, rudra warned them to stay there but they gave sweet smile to him and started running away but how can they when their mommy hitler were standing just behind them..

Geet: u 2 stop there only…. Tammy looked at geet with baby face while mann pleaded rudra through her eyes to do something… which he shrugged off… How the hell this happened huh? Why so poor mark u got tamanna and mannat? And on top of that ur mischievousness had kept increasing in class. Ur class teacher wanted to meet guardian and u rudra, u went with them and didn’t even bother to call me…

Rudra: geet,, they are kids, abb saitani nahi karenge to kab karenge and don’t talk about the class teacher, she herself doesn’t know how to manage kids.. geet narrowed her brows while tammy giggle.. geet looked at tammy with knotted brow..

Tammy: oohhh,, my class teacher was ogling on buddy and hitting on him, she winked making geet boil in anger.. rudra cursed his fate seeing the jwalamukhi is turning hotter to explode any time… before geet can say anything rudra intervene….

Rudra: see geet but before he can say a word geet showed him the knife that was over fruit basket on the table… wooooo,, I love my life please Hitler,, I,, I m-mean Geet put that down baby…

Geet: U should have thought before spoiling them rudra…

Rudra: they are kids,, let them enjoy childhood.and that teacher was horrendous,, kitna HW deti hain…

Geet: stop defending these devil rudra… U r spoiling them… u know they should understand their responsibilities… rudra felt irritated…

Rudra: Geet they are going to be only 6 yrs, they have whole life for them to be responsible… I agree their marks are low but it’s just class test not finals… u know they are smart enough to tackle these exam and beside it this age is for doing naughtiness not to be serious like u…

Geet: yeah spoil them till the point u want and then they will also star depending on other and when they will break those heart, tab sambhalna inhe bhi jaise mujhe sambhalte rahe ho sacrificing ur whole life for other’s children…

Rudra: MISHTYYYY,,,, geet looked at the red eyes of rudra and regretted what she had said.. in her rage she crossed the path that he never want to cross… he composed himself seeing mann and tammy clinging to each other… then looked at geet.. First learn to control ur tongue before coming before them…. gals go to bed now.. they flew like butterflies and rudra gave an warning look before walking away from there… Geet sighed frustratingly then throw the knife away,, she walked out from the room feeling the pain she gave rudra indirectly…

Tammy: buddy is so sad

Mann: no he is angry

Tammy: that’s mommy’s fav hobby not buddy’s

mann: but she hurt him with her talks,

 Tammy: Do u think she missed DAD?

Mann Shrugged: I don’t know, but she always gets angry on his mention..

Tammy: but I had seen his photo in mommy’s cupboard

Mann: Whatttt??? N u r telling me now??

Tammy: u want to see him?

Mann: nahhh,, I love my buddy more,, tammy raised her eye brow..

Tammy: don’t tell me u r thinking about fixing mommy and buddy… mann showed her cute smile…tammy glared her, Don’t even think about it, mommy will burn us with her glaring session and beside that buddy still love maahi aunty I think…

Mann: how do u know?

Tammy: I saw him staring at her poster… she grinned ear to ear…

Mann: why all this only caught ur attention but not mine..

Tammy: cz u r behind them hooking up each other when I don’t

Mann: shut up. U know I want a happy family complete like sarah, and nick’s..

Tammy pulls mann who sat close to her and tammy hugged her from back…

Tammy: we will get it but for now not mention this to mommy

Mann: she will be hurt.. there was silence for sometime…. Sitting on tammy bed mann was relaxing placing her back in front of tammy who was hugging her,, whenever they feel sad or fear they cuddle up each other and other time only quarrel to each other…

Tammy: u want to see dad?

Mann: how do u know its dad?

Tammy: I heard her shout and throwing the picture with few things… only dad’s mention can make her like that… Mommy was tearing the snap and after it I went in room saw her and a person snap tore apart,, so I joined them and kept it close to me… u wanna see? Mann shook her head in yes… Tammy went to her cupboard showing a snap of maaneet smiling face but it was torn from middle and tammy had put the invisible tape above it… mann traced the face of MAAN….

Mann: He is so handsome,, Nick ke dad se bhi bohot jaydaaaaa handsome hain…

Tammy: Nick’s dad is nowhere in front our dad, if he was here that sarah and Nick would have been burn till now because of jealousy… Mann shook her head in amusement…

Mann: Sooo,,

Tammy: Sooo??

Mann gave a cheeky smile: Whats the plan??? Tammy smirks and mann winks at her…

Well they are kids of Maan Singh Khurana and Geetakshi Singh Rathode,, they need to be a little different. Like other children they wouldn’t ponder over their mother or mourn of the father’s lose, yes they are very young but somewhere geet’s pain had surged in them which forced them to grow up early. They had seen Geet yearn for her partner. living in Boston one thing good about children that they had seen single parent and knew about separated parents as well… though they are forced to be mature before their age still the naughtiness is still there to give the innocent touch.. and on top of that both are somewhere like each other and their parents,, Strong Headed….


Finally Geet cooled down the anger and went to meet rudra in his room… not finding him she moved towards the balcony. She know he will be there only and as expected he was there… she put her hand on his shoulder..

Geet: I m Sorry…

Rudra: u don’t need to say that…

Geet: I went overboard.. He turned and pulls her close to him,, she hugged him putting her head on his shoulder… I don’t want to go India Please.

Rudra: Shhh,, everything will be fine,, he can’t do anything… if he wanted kids he could have come till now..

Geet: its because he doesn’t know about them, neither that they are his kids…

Rudra: They are mine Mishty…

Geet broke the hug: Apni zindegi mat barbaad karo rudra…. He stared at her eyes for few second…

Rudra: Tamanna aur Mannat meri zindegi hain Mishty, don’t snatch them from me…. He said while the tear made its way down his cheek… geet instantly hugged him tight…

Their friendship had went beyond anyone’s thinking, no one knew what to name it, neither they are in love not only friendship… it’s much more stronger bond they share than just friends… kuch rishtey bina naam ke hi acche lagte hain… it doesn’t complicates situation or relation…


Again the darkness but not anymore,, he had kept himself in dark for so long,, he can still be in this same darkness but for now he need her.. more than him she need to be out from this darkness…. Maan tried to close his eyes only to welcome her smiling face, those carefree times and their passion… but suddenly something made him jerk from his revere.. her Haunting hazels had came just like every time… whenever he tried to put those lashes in a peaceful dream those almond hazel kept haunting him.. the Pain in those eyes he couldn’t bear now, their was only one question.. ‘Why u left Me’

He panted heavily waking up from the sleep like umpteenth time…. He wiped the sweat from his face and looked at the clock. It was just an hour he had slept but nothing seems to keep him cool… He went to his gym again torturing himself make it exhaust, so that his tired body can at least get some sleep….

He moved his legs in air kicking it hard. Then breaking the Ice Tiles. Next he punched the hot sand bag, breaking hot tiles finally 500 push up and next he collapse on the floor with a smile, finally sleep will over took him… he curled like a baby feeling her warmth, she came again in a white saree.. she put his head on her lap.. he stirred a little to see her painful face, those pearls were coming down..

Maan: I m sorry, that’s all he said before darkness consumed him…


She jerked open her eyes from her sleep, she looked around, it’s weird she slept at afternoon… but the dream where His face showed tensed up her face… she gulp the water. Held her both palm tight.

Geet: He deserves it, I can’t feel for him anymore, there is only darkness.. I can’t.. Go away from my mind Please… She sobbed silently.. Though she never let anyone see her tears not even rudra but inside she is still dying thousand time… This had become common her to get this kind of nightmare.. she forgot all after few hour but still  whenever she heard those mourn she couldn’t stop the tears coming out…

After few min she calm her heartbeat and heard the ring,, seeing the id she felt irritated…

Geet: I will meet u tom at 9.

Next day,

Geet went to meet mr Aditya Kashyap who is creating new trouble for him… her temper was already high knowing mr kashyap want her to be india. She had told him clearly she is not ready to come but he want GR to be there… till now she haven’t met any of her client or business partner, it was only rudra who tackle everything but this was something she have to see herself as she had signed the deal… though she has the plus point as Rudra haven’t signed the contract but it had minus as well…

She walked towards reception asking about Mr Kashyap, the lady looked towards her and awed by her personality, she said he is waiting for GR and when she said she is GR she heard few men fainting… she felt weird, shrugging off the thought she went to see the MD… as she was walking through the corridor something was pulling her,,, she doesn’t know what to expect but all she could was feeling anticipated…

She knocked the room and heard the faint sound which address come in… she found a decent looking guys wearing specks and black suit, sitting on the chair emerged in the laptop…

Hmm owner, he can never be… something is fishy here… geet thought and then he looked up to see Geet standing there, 1st he was gaping her and next fumble..

‘H-hello,, GEET RATHODE…’

The only thought crossed geet’s mind how he is so sure she is GR when the whole world is oblivious to the fact who is GR….


 To hell with ur contract I can sue u for fraud, u never said GR have to go India and beside it the contract doesn’t valid also as Rudra haven’t signed it…

In that case u or He have to go behind bars as then we haven’t cheated u its u who have cheated us…

I want to meet ur MD right now..


She held his collar: Get one thing straight, I will never go to India mr Aditya Kashyap…

© All Rights Reserved 2013.Tich Mg

© All Rights Reserved 2013.Tich Mg


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  1. love it but please abb tu maaneet ko milado aur kitna interzaar hoga can’t wait for their first meeting love it keep it up


  2. Posted by suzie on March 22, 2013 at 12:02 am

    love it love it


  3. Posted by ravrash on March 22, 2013 at 12:27 am

    loved it
    Maan is in full actions
    Tammy n Mann r too on their mission


  4. Starting was too cute

    Maanaat n Tammy playing game with rudra

    Geet getting angry on rudra after seeing her babies results

    Tammy had seen her dad Maan pics which her mom had torn out

    Tammy n Maanaat r now planning to bring their parents together

    Geet meeting Aditya n is surprised to know tht he know who is GR

    Precap interesting


  5. Posted by gurmeet deewani aditi on March 22, 2013 at 2:05 am

    superb update.lovely kids.plz ab to maaneet ko mila do


  6. Posted by gill123 on March 22, 2013 at 2:19 am

    Super just loved it waiting 4 maaneet meeting


  7. superb dear

    maan and tammy are just superb

    they are just maan and geet in nature

    and poor rudra he is suffering

    tich mera ek hi i dnt want geet to say tat the kids are rudra’s and all


  8. awsem tammy mannat planning for geet maan and rudra geet bond and geet meeting adi waiting for maneet face off


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  12. Posted by ushankitvc on March 22, 2013 at 5:14 am

    awesum…waiting fr maneet faceoff…..and then fr them to be one…continue sooon…..


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  14. Posted by angelickushi on March 22, 2013 at 7:43 am

    loved it..
    eagerly waiting to c hpw maan makes her to come to india now
    love the bind bw rudra and geet


  15. woowoww love to see how maan being his geet back love the way geet and rudra share their bounding hope geet soon meet her maan awesome love it


  16. awesome update…waiting for maan now


  17. Posted by Priya shah on March 22, 2013 at 9:51 am

    Awesome update.
    Tammy and Mann are sooo naughty and the anger of geet is just like maan …. Loved the bond between rudra and geet it’s something tat is out of world..
    Soo precap is super awesome dear
    Continue soon


  18. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on March 22, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    Superbbb update di..
    Tammy & Mann are too understanding…
    Awww…both saw their daddy finally.. both the devils r planning to end the sufferings of their parents…so sweet..
    Precap..angry Geet…wht will happen now???
    Waiting for nxt part di..


  19. Posted by Sona on March 22, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    awesome lovely update yar..
    loved it a lot


  20. awesome update
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  21. Posted by maneet4 afrin on March 22, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    tich mera shona bachha aur kitna tadapayegi tum mere maan(maneet) ko… aur geet ko pata chalega maan ki life ke baare mein?????? kab mulakat hogi dono ki aur kaise????


  22. both are in pain, ab to mila do
    the twin devils will have to do something


  23. Posted by Saro on March 23, 2013 at 6:06 am

    Beautiful update …


  24. Posted by spvd on March 23, 2013 at 7:34 am

    part 65
    awesome dear………..
    the kids are so naughty…………
    oh so Tammy knows and Mann has come to know about this now and she wants Geet and Rudr to get together……………
    so it is indeed Geet Rathode………….
    i was right……….
    Adi is in trouble now………..
    but Maan will plan something else……………
    cont soon dear……………………………………………………………………

    Deepa (spvd)


  25. nice…………………..


  26. love the update tich… Oh God y chota packets of maaneet are too fast to settle their mom to buddy Mann want that n tammy saw Maan pic…

    devil k mind kese chle… awesum yr…
    So Maan knew where is Geet, not bad MSK babu…

    awe. Geet take class of chota packets and bechre rudra ko sunna parha… =(

    Adi to gaya ab.. geet se panga na pare mehnga… =P


  27. awesome…..mann-tammy go girls… They know about thre daddy… Wahh ..maan will win geet now….


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