Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 4

“Once,, God wrote a story

that shook the heaven to the very core.

Love was the only language used;

You and I

were the only characters.”

Tere Ishq ko Sajdah mean Worshiping ur love

Part 4

Khurana family entered the Handa Villa to found a tensed family… Aman asked Mohindar what happen but he just gave a faint smile and welcome them to dinner table… Anisha made rano sit on the couch 1st and then demand to tell them what is bothering them… yash was restless and his eyes were searching here n there, his cousin Vicky, Nikhil and Roshni teased him. on the other hand Aniee was looking at maan who was showing his hard face but his eyes were also searching for one person…

‘kya huya maan bhai? Whom u r looking for?’ aniee asked him quietly…

Aniee is chirpy and fun loving girl… loves her brothers to the bits and can do anything for them. she know maan doesn’t like to be neglected so she gave him extra attention and care… it is the reason maan is closer to aniee than his parents or friends… he knew he can’t hide his feeling from aniee for long… but right now he is feeling some kind of uneasiness… his eyes want to see Her,, his heart want to feel her close… he doesn’t know what she had done in this only 6 days that made him so helpless infront of her… on the other hand geet had become a very good friend to aniee… she loves her like a sister.. though geet is elder to aniee by 2 yr, still aniee is more mature than geet. Maybe she had seen the world and for geet her home in her world…

‘no one aniee, I was just looking for the place, not so standard’ maan shrugged his shoulder and saw his family glaring him.. He ignored them and settles himself in the furthest corner from the drama company….

Brij was fuming in anger and giving his family angry glares…. Dadima saw it and held his shoulder to calm him…

‘kya huye bête? Why u all r so tensed? And where is geet? Dikhai nahi de rahi hain..’

Hearing geet’s name maan became alert and though he pretend to engross in his mobile but his mind was working on their words….

‘dadima pata nahi what happen to gudiya. From morning she had captured herself in her room and pucho to kuch batati bhi nahi hain… I asked, mamma did she said anything to her but,,,’

Rano cut him ‘main kya bolungi? Waise bhi the 3 men in her life will ever allow me to say anything? u all fulfill her every need before she can raise her eyes on it, and she never told me for anything it’s all 3 of u, her father, grandfather and u her brother that she relies on.. pata nahi shadi k baad kya hoga’

Anisha smile ‘yash hain na,, she can rely on him’  Yash smiles but his eyes still searched for geet…

On the other hand maan cursed himself for behaving so rude to her…. she is innocent he agree but so much he never expected… he was just calculating her and now what had he done… she was referring her family and he thought,, he cursed his thinking now… his heart long to hear her she was nowhere.. must be lost in her own world… he heard his sweet sister aniee saying something….


‘why don’t we ask her what happen, let’s go to her room’


Brij sighed ‘she isn’t opening her door from past many hours and we are worried.. we tried to call her, she said she is fine and want to stay alone… 1st I thought she is sad because of all marriage stuff.. she is still a kid not ready for a responsibility but now I m seriously worried seeing no response of my calls….’

In geet’s room

Geet was facing the window lost in her thoughts.. maan’s harsh words were still ringing in her ear. What she had done that he is behaving like that… she remember how close he was to her. her heart shudder, cheeks turned red.. but as soon his accusation took place tears gather in her almond eyes… she looked above towards her babaji.

‘babaji wo mujhse itni nafrat kyun karte hain? I don’t even cross his path, we never talked also then why he said all that, why he thinks so low about me babaji?’ she wiped her cheek which has tear with the back of her palm, ‘sayad wo gusse me the issi liye bola, he doesn’t mean all that, hain na babaji?’


‘I think babaji is also confuse whom u r talking about, then how can he say is he or she right nor not?’

Geet turned to see Yash standing over the window crossing his hand leaning on the wall with an amuse smile, Geet has no doubt it’s yash because he is SMILING which Maan never did… she immediately straighten herself look here and there.. And then it hit her, Door was close then how he come inside. She looked at him with confusion.. Sensing the confusion he came close to her…

‘ohh I came through balcony pipe, everyone said u r not opening the door and I can’t break it in front of everyone so thought to reach u like hero style’

She gaped at him with wide eyes,, ‘aap sach me yaha ho?’ she said in a daze,, yash chuckled at her amused face then came close to her…

‘ye lo chu ke dekho,, I m not ghost’ he took her hand and she felt him…

‘but how did u came through pipe, gir gaye hote to?’

‘To tum mujhse milne aati hospital me, my leg and hand had been broken till now’


Geet couldn’t help herself from giggling; yash felt light seeing the cute smile and wiped her tears. Weirdly she doesn’t felt weird on his touch neither the goosebumps she felt when maan was near her…

‘always smile like this geet, suits ur dimple wala cheeks…’ geet giggles more hearing his talks… ‘ok now tell me what happen that made u so upset? U know ur family is so worried about u,, whatever it is u shouldn’t neglect them who love u for them who never care for u.’

His words were having deep impact on her innocent mind. Till now all men in handa house either fulfilled her all wish or order what to do. For the first time someone tried to make her understand with logic and love… she felt an instant liking towards yash, they never talked much but today’s little talk made her comfortable with him like she knew him for ages. She gave a cute smile which he return with double cute smile..

‘So can we be frnds now? see I made u smile also.’

Geet giggle and accepted the hand ‘yes frnds.’

‘by the way who u were cursing few min before?’

Geet become conscious with his question, how can she say what happen between her and maan, suddenly it feel so personal which she had never felt before, buts he doesn’t want to share her and maans talk with anyone. Yash saw the uneasiness on her face..

‘chalo chodo, what will I do knowing the name, I just came to meet my would be fiancé who was sad for some reason and it was my duty to see her happiness… and as far as u r happy I m fine..’

Geet dipped her head,, she doesn’t know what to say but a sense of admiration has started building in her for yash,, maybe its call Love,, her small mind couldn’t conclude the feel but she feel good to be around yash…


In the mean time maan notice yash was missing, his blood boiled to see the staircase where geet n yash coming from top… everyone saw the smile on geet’s lips and sighed in relief but the one gasp unexpectedly was Geet… she saw maan execrated…. She felt nervous and fear engulf her once again thinking he will again accuse her… that involuntary made her to stay few feet away from yash. She herself doesn’t know why she felt sad when she saw rage or mistrust for her in His eyes… she thought about two brother, her look went on yash who was as sweet as honey and then at maan who is hot in bitter as spicy red chilly yet both completed each other essence. No one can replace them in their way..and again she drifted how angry was maan to her n how sweet was yash to her that actually change her mind of things and she came down to meet all….

Yash had noticed the way Maan was looking at geet and for the first time he doesn’t like maan’s eyes on HIS thing… he held geet’s wrist coming towards the family who was flabbergasted to see the scene. Brij doesn’t like yash holding his baby sister’s hand but couldn’t do anything as there was elder.. but something caught his eyes made his gaze soft.. He saw Yash giving sweet smile to her and assuring with his eyes, then made her sit comfortably in between everyone, then gesture everyone not to speak anything… everybody sighed in relief and did what yash signaled…

‘geet puttar, we were waiting for u from so long and u r coming now’ Darji exclaimed quiet disappointedly making geet dip her head.

‘Actually Darji geet was upset because of this rule of girls going away from her own house, I think this rule should be alternate, how about a man to change his house after marriage, I guess it will be cool in our case then. and geet won’t feel upset also, haina geet.’

Geet couldn’t help but chuckle at his remark,, everyone was happy to see the bonding both are sharing and for geet family its double relaxing as Geet hardly mingle with any guy and when she is comfortable with yash then no one can be more suitable for her..

Maan was the silent spectator of everything. Till now he had managed to stay calm but how, that only he knew. He had been watching geet since she came down and not for a brief min she looked at him.. she is just avoiding him. soon the food served and all shifted towards the dining hall… aniee dragged maan there,, he saw Yash n Geet chatting and yash making her sit beside him, other seems too much busy to notice or its maybe their plan to make them sit together.Whatever it is but seems like no one has any objection neither Geet. He cursed Yash in his mind for taking her beside him while he took his seat which was right infront of geet… She looked at him when he took his seat.. She missed a beat seeing his eyes on her, there was anger yet some kind of passion,, hatred but urge was also there… she couldn’t take it and looked down in her plate..

‘Arre hamari hone wali bhabhi hume nahi padosengi kya?’ said Nikhil Ray, cousin brother of Maan yash and aniee, 24 yr old and a play boy… his flirting sometime become dangerous for girls as he never take a no from anyone.. he is Savitri Devi’s relative but use to come in KM and mingle with everyone, recently he is taking interest in merger with Maan as he is the best in Construction world and many more… but Quite jolly with everyone in KM so came with his sister Roshni to see Yash’s bride.

Geet looked at her family nervously,, she hasn’t hold the spoon to serve anyone in her entire life.  How can she do it now.. Rano looked at everyone and then signaled Geet…

‘Geet serve ur future in laws, it’s not good to sit with elder.. u should learn mannerism…’ Her mother said to cover the mistake but inside she was breaking too,, she doesn’t want anyone to point a finger towards her daughter but unknown to the feeling what geet felt right that moment… Mohindar gave an annoyed look to rano but darji stopped him… Geet nervously took the food tray and tried to serve darji with shaking hand…

‘Geet tu rehne de,, servants are there to do all this’ Brij intervene but Rano again spoke.

‘Servant are there still u like me to serve brij cause I m ur mother and u feel warmth by my touch then she should also learn the basic things.. kal iski shaadi hogi to woha bhi to karna parega na.’

Whole Khurana family was mute spectator, but the person was boiling inside was Maan, he wanted to blast at everyone for all these rules and regulation on girls, he never liked these old fashion custom.. to save his anger yash spoke between..

‘aunty she doesn’t have to do in our house too,, there are so many servants,, and why will geet do any works, I m not marrying her for all these. She will be my companion not servant.’

Rano felt gratitude towards him, soon Khurana family also agreed cause they doesn’t like the scene of Geet holding the food tray, she seems to be petrified and fragile.. on the other hand Maan doesn’t like Yash defending her, he felt the urge to hold her hand and drag out then scream at her that don’t depend on others.. he somewhere felt she is really timid in front of others, never ever he had seen her taking a single small decision which is irking him now..

‘I think she should learn atleast Yash’s fav dishes and how to serve them, As Yash like various kind of food. Not every time she can go to mom for this and that,, if she is marrying him, she have to be responsible also.’ though Maan said a little rude and harshly but none Khurana said anything.. Handa’s dipped their head where Khurana including yash was dumbfounded to hear his words as How Can he Care for YASH’S NEED when only he did is spoiling his all fav things…

Soon their eyes drifted towards Geet who tried to serve yash and yash immediately helped her still saying not to do that,, his hand touched geet making maan blast the glass that he was holding… glass pieces entered his flesh making the blood coming out furiously.. Anisha ran towards him but he just snapped his hand from her… the scene petrified Geet the most, she had never seen any violence in her life and now seeing so much blood she was shivering.. yash tried to hold her but she ran towards the kitchen.

‘Ye kya kiya maan’ anisha cried holding his hand but maan snapped his hand from her clutch.

‘don’t pretend like u care for me, go and look ur son’s need’ he was walking out when anisha tried to hold his shoulder.

‘u r also my son maan’ she cried bitterly but maan only smirked.

‘I never felt So,, MOM….’ He said mockingly before leaving everyone to sulk in their grief..

Precap: I need to clean it, Please, she said meekly still looking at the hand which is full of blood now.

He looked at her for some time and then pulled her close to him holding her waist with other hand and caging her between him and the wall… his face was dangerously close to her looking at the almond hazel…

Thanks a lot for liking and commenting on this ff but I m really disappointed for this ff as its getting the worst number of response, if this continuous I will definitely wrap up it also…

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All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg


12 responses to this post.

  1. wow i love this maan he doesn’t realise he already wants geet for himself geet confused but also attracted more to maan than yash i think can’t wait for next really love this waiting to see how maaneet end up together i don’t think yash will be right for her he is too sweet


  2. tried to ate 5 stars but not registering for some reason


  3. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on March 25, 2013 at 3:51 am

    Superbbb update di…
    Yash us sweet.
    Hhhaayyyeee…Maan doesn’t like Geet dependant on others for everything..he is our MSK after all…only he has the right on his Geet..but still he wants his Geet independant…
    Precap…ssooo dreamyyyy..di plzzzz jaldi se update kar do nxt part..plzzzz…


  4. oops maan anger


  5. superbb update di…. i think yash as a mere frnd of geet …. luved maan possesivnes 4 geet . . . . . . truly luved d precap


  6. awesome update
    lovd it


  7. lovely update…yash is so sweet and maan is soooooo dangerous,full of anger and possessive and obsessive about geet already…yash has just touched her hand and he broke the glass, hurting himself…. what will he actually do if yash will marry geet, which i know won’t happen because maan is insanely in love with this sweet angel but doesn’t recognize his feelings…what will happen next…wonderful precap…continue soon pleaseeeeeeeeeeee….


  8. Hmmmm so Yash is acting jst according to his sweet nature.Loved d bonding of Geet and Yash but Maan,he defo didnt like it.
    Felt bad for Maan and his mom when Maan talked rudely to her.

    Gr8 update.


  9. Posted by angelickushi on March 25, 2013 at 8:40 am

    loved the update
    likinbg this msk more than yash..well yash is nice one but still i like our arrogant maan more


  10. Posted by ushankitvc on March 25, 2013 at 9:27 am

    awesum updt…loved the our MSK more that yash…continue sooon….


  11. Posted by spvd on March 25, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    part 4
    nice part………..
    Geet is so sweet and cute……….
    Maan grrr……………..
    but Yash is really so sweet……………….
    the elders are now feeling bad for their deeds……….
    cont soon dear………………

    Deepa (spvd)


  12. oh jealous Maan hurt himself…
    poor geet also facing this fury of maan…
    she also try to show him tht she is not like what he think about her…
    precap is intersting….


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