Kaise Kahen Season 2 Prologue





Kaise Kahen kab huya yeh Ishq Mohe

Ek Deewangi si chayi aur Rooh se nikli Jaan Meri

Ye bedardi ka alam sikhaya kisse kehte hain deewanapan

Mohe bas teri yaad ne sikhayi ye mohabbat-e-junoon

Jo tere ruswayi ne dilaya ajeeb si ek sukhun.

Marne ka dard bhi na huya

Kab najane ye Dil tujhpe Kurbaan Huya.

Kaise Kehte kitni shiddat se Mohabbat ki thi is dil ne,

Thukraya to apne meri Dil ko aise

Ke abb Mohabbat ke naam se Toot jata hain

Jaise shakho se Patte Patjhar ke narm hawayo me

Behke reh jaati hain bas Yaddein.

Kaise kahen is patchar ke mousam me kitni yaad aati hain

Wo bachpan ka palna

Wo bachpan ki mithas vari hasi,

Kaise lipte the hum aapke baho me

Dar ka saya kabhi na para tha.

Aapne wadah kiya tha kabhi na chodenge sath

Bachpan chut gaya apna sathi humse rooth gaya.

Kaise Kahen kitna dard leke jee rahe hain hum

Marne ka Intezar bhi na kar sake

Aise mar rahe hain hum.

Chah kar bhi abb ye Zindegi apko na de sakenge

Kaise Kahen Hum abb ye zindegi na jee sakenge

Firbhi Jeena hain un yaadon ke basere me

Sayad yehi qubool hain taqdeer mein humare….


(By Me)


Closing the diary she looked at it for the last time, one drop of tear fell on the last line, she immediately wiped her cheek not wanted to drag unwanted attention towards her red swollen eyes… not like she mind other’s thinking but she care for the one person who throughout his life had supported her, who without question accepted her. Knowing she can never love him still accepted the way she is. In these 8 yrs he had never tried to change her. Let leave alone changing He always stayed far and conveyed his best regards in the form of friendship from their childhood.. but she was blind, she was blind in HIS friendship, his LOVE that no one has the slightest chance to take a part in her life… and when HE left her she couldn’t give HIS place to anyone still someone made its way in the form of best friend.. now he is her best frnd and her going to be fiancé VEER…. for world he is Udayveer Singh Rathode but for her he is her veer who for past 22 yrs were always beside her,, though 1st 14 yrs she never need another person’s solace cz HE was there.. the person who was her Prince Charming, her Knight in shining armor…. Actually she have think so… when the person was there in her life she never needed another person’s protective arms around her… the mere thought of HIS possessiveness brought a smile on her face… the smile she lost for last few years… She wonder how can a person’s mere thought can make her smile when he had given her the scare she can never forget…


Yes the only person who can make her smile yet he is the person who can snatch her smile, Her BEST FRIEND, her LOVE, her MAAN… the only person who make her realize she is in this world because of him, God had sent her for HIM then why today God is making her someone else’s? Actually she can’t accuse her Krishna ji when the only person who had control over her life had forced her to go away from him, cz he doesn’t needed her now…


The mere thought bring a sob from her lips. But before she can broke down Dadisa came there…


Dadisa: GEET, chaliye Udayveer intezar kar rahe hain, muharat nikal raha hain… unko abb aur intezar mat karwaiye…  Geet gave a small smile hearing dadisa’s teasing voice but no smile can stop dadisa to know what is going inside her… she closed her eyes in regret and held geet’s mahendi adorned hand… Hume Maaf kar dijiye,, this is all happening because me.. na hum apko sapne dikhate unke na apka dil aisa toot ta…


Geet: Dadisa… she whispered and hugged her tight…  Please don’t say like this dadisa.. aapne hume mata-pita ka pyar diya… because of u I never felt an orphan… after my parent’s death u only took care of me as parents,, u gave me love of mother, father. Teased me like sister brother, helped me like frnd and taught me discipline like a true mentor. U were MAAN’s Grandmother but more like a mother to me… if u and maan were not there I could have ended in orphanage..


Dadisa: bas kijiye Geetanjali..


Geet: wohi to hum keh rahe hain, bas kijiye, ye ansu aaj ke din nahi hamare bidayi ke liye sambhal ke rakkhiye.. u have to shed a lot tears that day… she said with a smile…


Dadisa only admired the innocent child who is only 22 but matured than her age.. in the tender age she had witnessed so much, how could she still be so strong.. maybe she can pretend in front of the world that she is happy but dadisa knew how much breaking she is inside and that’s why she can never forgive maan…


Geet: not today dadisa. U will not curse him not even for a sec… He had done nothing dadisa..


Dadisa: yes leaving u because of his career, leaving this state to ur shoulder all alone and he did nothing. He had shrugged off all his responsibility and u took all that in the tender age of 16.. and when he should have fulfilled his promised he broke that… he doesn’t even remember it’s ur ENGAGEMENT.. maybe too much busy with his new found frnds..


Geet: wo gaye bhi the to issi state ke liye dadisa… its dadasa’s dream to see him as world’s greatest Doctor… and now he is fulfilling his dream..


Dadisa: lekin apke sapne?


Geet smiles sadly: my all dreams laid with maan, if he is happy I m happy…


Dadima: he doesn’t know what he has lost, a gem like u only a good person with good heart deserve…


Geet: But a person like Him only Fairies or Princesses deserve which I can never be.. He was and will be my Best friend dadisa… she saw dadisa shedding silent tears which pricked her heart… she changed her mood or rather say pretend to change… chaliye abb rona band kijiye warna apke BF hume dantenge.. Deewan dadu will go latto on u today, u r looking ravishing.


Dadisa: dhatt pagal..  it’s her way to tease dadisa, the moment she get to know about Mahendra Deewan and Dadisa studied from same collage and he had a soft corner for her but dadisa loved Dadaji so he backed off now both are alone after mahendra’s wife’s decease… so geet found the string to make dadima blush…


Dadisa hugged her with smile, trying to hide the pain from her for not getting her as her grand-daughter in law and geet only tried to hide her miserable state, cz only this place can give her solace now. just then her eyes met with the most sincere and respectful eyes… Veer was standing right on the door step.. He gave a small smile with assurance from eyes which she return with a small smile.. it was always like this, she knew Veer will be always beside her whatever she do. He knew about her everything but never regretted on his decision to marry her knowing she can never love him back. for him it’s enough to be with her rather getting her love… he is happy to be close with her to support her in every hurdle.. He just want to share her pain, and give her happiness… and that’s why he got the most respectful place in geet’s life.. but with that they got a magical bond with immense respect for each other.


Veer: arre aap dono to hume bul ke akele akele gale mil rahe hain, hum begane hain jo apne hume bulaya bhi.. is bandariya ke bare me chodo dadisa u also didn’t ask me to hug, that’s not fare…


1st geet couldn’t understand what he said but then only one word register her mind ‘bandariya’


Geet whined: Dadisa is chuhe ko bolo hume bandariya na bulaye…


Dadisa: yakeen nahi hota today is ur engagement day and u both are fighting like kids.


Veer: sukhar maniye Bhagwan ji ne is chudail ke liye hume bhej diya warna na jane kiske gale padhti… and that’s it. how dare he call her with so many names and next he started running the whole room while geet stopped after few min of chasing because of the heavy lahenga…


Geet: I hate this heavy attire… Veer came close to her surrendering himself with a smile and geet wacked his arm playfully… Dadisa admire their frndship with a smile, she knew Veer loves her but somewhere she wanted her as DIL of this haveli..


Veer: don’t know what will happen to my state and me after marriage, she is so clumsy herself how she will manage the whole state.


Geet: the way I m managing Jodhpur. She said with attitude.


Veer: aaye haye.. veer hugged her sideway which she gave in with a smile and next he called dadisa and hugged her with other arms… 2 beautiful woman in my arm, I m the king of world… geet laughed loud at his antics and veer admired her smile…


Veer (st): I know u can never love me princess but this veer will always love u like this.. pyar to aapse humne hamesha se kiya lekin kaise kehte ye jaanke apka pyar bas Maan ke liye hain, hum khush hain bas apko aise dekh ke aur apke khusi ke liye kuch bhi karenge…




Both descended from the stairs looking perfect together,, whole crowd cheered for them, geet gave a small but warm smile.. The whole state had came to see their princess belonging to someone’s else. They were sad but happy as well.. They want to see her happy and that matters the most.


But here Geet’s nervousness was increasing by second. Some kind of uneasiness was creeping inside… she held veer’s hand tight fearing something, veer too held her tight assuring everything is fine… she gave a nervous smile trying to hide the racing heartbeat but the essence was giving her unknown sensation.. She closed her eyes remembering something… the face which always vanish her every worry and fear. The mere thought of him brought a confidence in her,, a smile which anyone can die for. Which is calm serene yet confident. But suddenly she missed a bit. As she slipped the ring in veer’s finger all she can see those chocolate brown eyes with deep lashes looking at her with utmost love and Pain. She looked here and there but couldn’t find anything. And then Veer held her hand… she gave a smile which never reached her eyes then suddenly she closed the eyes and again opened it as he slipped the ring. Whole crowd cheered happily but all she can see Pain… and the tear rolled down from HIS eyes which shattered her heart….



‘Geet when I will be enough grown up to take ur responsibility then I will marry u and keep u safe in my arms.’  said 10 yr old Maan

‘sacchi?’ asked excitedly a six year old Geet.. ‘Tab to hume aapse kabhi dur nahi jana parega na?’


‘Nope, Never, I will never let u go to anyone.. Whoever try to snatch u from me I will burn him alive. U will be mine’


‘promise me, u will never let anyone to take me away from u.’


‘Promise baba’


‘And what if u forgets ur promise?’


‘I will end this life Mishty, which doesn’t have u its means, nothing’





‘I m sorry Mishty, I couldn’t made up my promise. Hume Maaf kar do Geet. Please come back’


He broke down completely sliding on the broken glass pieces hurting himself for hurting his mishty….




This is the prologue, like 1st season it will go as past present together… I m slow pacer so u have to be patience with me… and one things it will be different from season 1.


Ufff finish the prologue.. so long prologue… how’s it? Hell nervous with this…. 1st and 2nd season will be little similar yet very different from each other… U had seen geet and veer’s friendship in last season but u will see MAANEET’s childhood frndship and love in this season. But mind u, Veer will be the same important for this season too… Please don’t ask the end as will it be a sad ending or happy? I seriously can’t tell u cz I think that will erase the essence of this fic.. Reader who have faith on me please be patience…


I can’t guarantee about lovey dovey moment in this ff cause this was and will the best emotional story for me which made me cry while writing it and I can say I m happy with the outcome on 1st prologue of this….


Now waiting for ur precious comment…. Poems or any kind of pic for characters are appreciable.


For PM add tichPM. If u can manage through FB my Group or any other source then pls don’t add me, it will less my work. if u don’t know how to add id then pls pm me in this id for pm I will add u there…


© All Copy Right Reserved 2013. Tich Mg.


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  1. Posted by ushankitvc on March 25, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    awesum prologue….damn touching…bought tears in my eyes….would love to read more of the story….all the best and continue sooon…..


  2. Posted by teja.................. on March 25, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    awesome ……………….


  3. Awesome prologue. Emotional , waiting to read more on their childhood love n friendship


  4. superb prologue geet engagement with veer maan left her and now maan in pai fab


  5. Superb prologue

    Nice start

    Geet love Maan deeply but he had gone to pursue his studies

    Veer loves Geet n he know tht she doesn’t love him but he respect her n will be there by her side whenever she needed support

    Geet – veer engagement n Maan totally broken down as he can’t able to fulfilled his promise

    Continue soon


  6. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on March 26, 2013 at 3:49 am

    Love u Tichu di ..
    Such a breathtaking prologue..
    The poem was really very touchy…
    Awww…Geet always loved Maan from childhood..but Maan went away from her to fulfill his Daadisa’s dream..
    Loved Veer & Geet’s bonding…
    OMG…Maan always loved Geet…he went away frm her just to make himself capable of fulfilling all her responsibilies..
    Eagerly waiting for nxt part di..


  7. superb prologue….omg!! maan always loved geet and now this engagement….what will happen next? eagerly waiting for the story to unfold…continue soon….


    yes k2 is back again
    love this story very much
    waiting for more


  9. Superb prologue tich… kind of emotional like last season..
    again veer is imp here… nahi ye kia hai…
    ur poem in start said half story.. waiting for story…

    veer geet ki engagment … uff ye sitam phr na kar…
    past present main reh kar tu tension degi hame…

    Maan will be doctor here.. wow
    wese this time i have high expectation with this story s last wali was mindblowing in sense of characteriozation, pictorization, past present story presenation was awesum…

    this time also i need that cheezeeee… 😉
    dadisa maan ki but she love geet more…

    wese i have question… geet maan ka wit bhi tou kar sakti thi k wo 7 saal phele doc bnne bahar chalagya tha.. but kabhi to wapis ata wo…

    waiting for updates tich….


  10. Posted by anamikasb on April 13, 2014 at 2:45 pm

    Yhee I just started reading this 😛


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