Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 64

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Part 64

Zindegi Kitni jaldi beet jaati hain,, Mano Hawa bhi apni ruk morne ko betab rehti hain, Khubsurat asman bhi to kitne rang badalta rehta hain… Meri Zindegi ke bhi kitne Rang badli hain… It feels like yesterday we got married and now it’s being 1 Yr and 9 month of our marriage.. waqt kitni jaldi badal gaya kuch pata hi nahi chala.. Abhi to humne bas Kashish hi mehsoos ki thi, don’t know when it converted into love. Maybe love was always there still we couldn’t named it.. we faced so much trouble in our relation. Some time I had accused him without knowing some time he had hurt me without understanding but at last our love had won. Clearing every mist we held each other never to let go.. but destiny played it’s game and I was near my death. Aaj bhi wo waqt yaad aata hain jab Maan mujhe lipat ke roh raha tha, he sometime becomes a baby… I still remember how much he was shaken up with the news that doc may have to abort our babies in my treatment.. but his tears made me strong enough to fight in those horrifying days… The pain was unbearable, I used to cry every time when we visited the hospital..

But they say na Love concur every hurdle. Maan’s love was my shield; He stood by my side every day every min every sec. when we went for the first surgery I remember his fearful face. he had taken my promise to come back and I fulfilled my promised… but that wasn’t successful fully, they needed to do chemotherapy… that reminded me of the time, erm horrible time. I was so pissed off and actually cried to know they will shave my hair for the therapy… I had cried for full 2 days,, and lastly maan’s strength of keeping himself calm broke and he blasted on me.. it nearly made me have a panic attack but thankfully maan made up with love… Yeah he made love ever so softly and passionately..

Later I had become so week, Thanks to God the tumor didn’t go worst otherwise no one would have saved it from going to catch Cancer.  Those times of chemo therapy was pathetic.. But the worst pain was to see Maan crying silently.. He never showed how much pain he had inured in his heart, he always put a happy mask to give me strength but inside I knew he was breaking every moment seeing me in pain… It was risky for our babies too… But at last we succeeded, out fate won and our love. We got rid of the horrendous disease.. I was already 9 month pregnant and very week so we decided to stay at London only.. later dadima also accompanied us but dev and dad took care of business.. Meera stayed with us till babies were 1 month and they she returned with dadima because of some urgent work…

But in all this situation the blissful moment was when I saw Maan holding our babies with tears. The moment I can never forget ever in life. The pain I went through to bring my angels into this life was nothing in front of the happiness I saw in maan’s eyes seeing those bundle of joy sleeping cuddling each other in the crib…



Maan: It’s My babies. Geet this is our babies.. our life jaan.. I can’t tell u how happy I m.. Geet smiles but saw the tear in maan’s eyes when he took both babies in his hand as the nurse helped him… he sat beside her bed.. They are so small,, I m afraid to hold them geet. He whispered huskily… she placed her hand under his and helped him to hold both..


Geet: they are your part, then why u r getting scared huh.. just feel them maan…

Maan: I never thought I will get this happiness in life.. thank u.. he kissed her lips softly… she smiled in the kiss..

Geet: I never thought I will see this happiness ever in my life but u made it possible… she kissed his lips ever so passionately…. After breaking the kiss she took their son in her hand and maan kissed their daughter… Maan what do u want to name them..

Maan: u can decide ur son I will do my princess…

Geet: hmm pata chal raha hain u both father daughter will team up but don’t worry my son is with me… n I think REHAN will be perfect. She said cutely and bite her lips…

Maan: ohhh so u saw those names which I had collected hmmm…

Geet: hmmm now tell me my girl’s name…

Maan: Rihana.

Geet: perfect name…..

Nurse disturbed them and told geet should rest now as her body is weak and babies need her to be good in health… Geet saw the nurse looking at them weirdly and then it hit her.. she greeted her teeth…

Geet: Maan I want my hair grow fast, I m looking like an alien, I don’t want to frighten my kids.

Maan: calm down jaan they will love their mother as she is…

Geet: I know u don’t love me anymore…  she said sobbing.. these days insecurity had kicked her so deep that she didn’t like a single girl’s shadow on maan,, either she would go wild and throw anything anywhere or she will cry bucket, till now maan thought it just her mood swing but the look had made her insecure…

Maan rubbed his temple with his forefingers then looked at the nurse with murderous glare, she flew in next second… maan took kids and placed them in crib… geet turned her back taking the comforter above her silently sobbing, maan felt something had pricked him… He turned her and kissed her cheek then her small growing hair.

Maan: I love u the way u r.. and Love can never fade away with anything… My love for you can never weaken geet.. it has increased with time and now u r the mother of my children, u gave me the happiness which I craved.. finally I got my own family whom I can love and who will love me unconditionally…

Geet wiped her tear: Promise me u will never ever turn away from me, not even I look horrible with short hair and heavy weight… Maan laughed at her innocent command then kissed her hard… he took her in his arm then slowly patted to sleep..

Maan whisper: I can never stop loving u Jaan.. he kissed her forehead and in return geet murmured a Love u too then drifted to sleep after the tiring labor.


My Maan promised me to love me till the eternity, But I wonder, Where is the Love now?? why this love is fading away with time, he promised to love me forever then why I feel I m losing him. M I only feeling insecure and out of that reaction this or its truth that with time Love fades away… maybe not forget but it can have fogs around it, maybe our relation also need to clean with a sun ray…

He said I m only feeling insecure and our love can never leave us but then why after so many month I couldn’t find the secure arm to engulf me.. right now I m neither ugly nor fat,, I m the same person who fell in love with the utterly desirable MSK. I m the same person whom He had promised to love forever then why now I can’t feel the love anymore. There is some kind of barrier between us, which isn’t letting us to move on.. now I crave for him, his one look, his one longing touch but its seems so futile to even hold his shadow.. what happened in these month that made us so apart.. People say Children make parents 2 body one soul, but why My soul fell apart after my angel’s birth…

These days maan had become so busy in life,, I know his works need him but does his work more important than me and his children… Rihana and Rehan are now 5 months.. Though Maan has time for them a little but for me it seems like never exist… He restrain himself touching me saying I need to be completely heal before getting into physical… but when he is so far from me how will I heal ever.. doctor said now I m perfectly fine and healthy, but seems like maan doesn’t want to believe it… he is still maintaining the distance between us. Weirdly this distance is not only physically but mentally and emotionally.. no matter how much he try to avoid the tension but its true We came to a distance where we can see each other feeling the pain but can’t share. What had happen to our love that made us so apart, we r living under same roof same room still why can’t I feel the closeness like before? Lots of time I had told him to get back to india, there will be dadima and meera, amy, ridz abhay all will be there so maybe I won’t feel this suffocation of loneliness but seems like He is too much busy to even think about it…

I don’t say that he doesn’t love me anymore, in fact he loves me more than I can ask, I feel that in his gesture. The way he kiss my forehead before going to bed or enquired about us from his security and brigade of servants, all shows his concern for me, but I never wanted this. all I need is his presence around me and his little time to share my pain with him… Sometime I feel I shouldn’t have name that kashish as our love,, that way atleast I didn’t have any expectation any sorrow.. Yeah I know I m thinking too much but somewhere His distance had created an insecure place in my heart. I wish before it can tore my heart, My maan bring our love back… Give me the moment of togetherness back, that maan for who I was everything just like the time when Rehan and Rihana was 1 month. Maybe from that time he started to drift away from us.. now the distance is so much that if I take a step towards him also I will find him  going far away than that… I hope before this loneliness engulf me in darkness, Maan come back to me.. I don’t want to make my children suffer because of all this… I can feel I m going far away from them as well, Please maan come back to ur geet to lead her towards the light…

A small whimper caught geet’s attention who was till now lost in her own world, for past 3 hours she was standing in the same position in front of the big French window and all she can do is stare at the horizon seeing the sun set to darkness engulfing the sky.. ironically her life signify the perfect scenario..

Geet turned towards her 5 month old Rehan who was whimpering for feed and rihana was sitting in the crib doing nothing but holding her head with her small palm, This is the only thing that makes geet forget her every pain and indulge herself in her babies… she went and picked up Rehan while gave a soft teddy to rihana who happily took it…. Rihana is very calm and jovial baby who knows to smile and make other smile with her purity on the other end rehan is quite moody and possessive towards geet and rihana.. Though Maan spends his day with rehan but seems like he is mumma’s boy so he either will make maan’s life hell by anything or would cry for his mother…

Geet: ohhh baby ko bhook lagi hain,, mere rehan ko bohot bhook lagi hain… Rehan tried to locate her curve with his small hand but couldn’t get it, he tried to chew above the material.. Ohhoo Rehan bas 2 min baby.. She settle on the bed and place rehan against her one curve stimulatory he sucked another before drifting to peaceful sleep again… Geet smiles and adored his face with her palm.. He resemblance so much of maan, same eyes nose and lips… and arrogance in this age uff… she saw Rihana looking at her spreading her arms.. get immediately straighten her dress then laid rehan on bed with pillow then caught rihana in her arm who snuggle close to her neck showing she is hungry too.. Geet gave her feed then made her sleep, both had played a lot in the whole day so sleep over took them fast… For a moment Geet looked at the bed, anyway maan is not gonna come so fast or if he come also he will be busy in study… She is hating this penthouse now. she want her own house in India.. Dadima and her friend’s presence but how can she leave him… Tugging them in their blanket and safely surrounded with pillow geet again goes to stand in front of the window…

And the sight again caught her attention. Maan coming out from the black merc, its happening for past few weeks.. the car will drop him and he will wave bye with a small smile then headed towards the house. No matter how much she tried to shrug off the tingling pain, It makes way inside her heart again with the sight of his smile to another person not her… She closed her eyes trying to suppress the layer of tear but failed miserably when her eyes got locked with his deep gaze…. He stared at her for few min with one expression.. She knew it but why? Why there is so much GUILT that is separating him from her…. What had happen that he can’t share with her but with another person… She saw him coming towards the apartment but she dare not look back. she stood there like every time lost in her own world….

Precap: Another pain?

Hello guys?? How r u?? ok now tell me kis kis ko jhatka laga?? Well I told u I will take leap and twist. Well I was feeling bore with the story so I have to move it forward and the flavor of this story was always passion with pain so now the same essence had came back.. bear some pain first then…

I know many have question as to why maan has drifted to far from geet and his own babies,, so let me tell u.. It will unfold with the story only….

© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg


15 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by suzie on March 28, 2013 at 6:30 pm

    awesome update


  2. kya jhatka diya hain tune


  3. now this is a very zor ka jhatka zor se laga …. never thought geet would start feeling insecurity about maan … or is it just knid of misunderstanding that is leading her … maan was busy previously too and that time she flew to maan jus for his one glimpse so now what ??? its just because of loneliness


  4. great update is geet pregnent again as she had pain maan will realise geet needs him


  5. superb
    emotional update
    loved rehan and rihana
    cant see geet in pain again
    waiting for next part
    continue soon


  6. Posted by monikaseth on March 28, 2013 at 9:02 pm

    aww sooo sweet love it they blessed with heathly baby pain good after too much happiness it will make people more strong and powerful along show how much you can trust me. ..awesome dear


  7. Posted by chahhat4eva on March 28, 2013 at 9:58 pm

    Very confusing but beautiful update dear….. Keep it up❤


  8. awsem update cute babies but maneet together but seprated


  9. naaahiiiii ye kya ho gaya …. by d way nic twist …waitin 4 d reason 4 maan indiference


  10. beautiful update…but what a shocking twist…why maan is behaving like this and what’s the reason of his indifference towards geet…i am afraid,what if he is having an extra marital affair…nooooooooooooooooo pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee don’t do this….if this is the twist then it will be a very sad and painful one…continue soon..


  11. Posted by angelickushi on March 29, 2013 at 7:29 am

    loved the update
    so the pain is back again
    y is it that always geet goes thro more pain
    wat abt maan
    i cant believe that he will go for another gal
    but something seems to hv happened
    waiting for next


  12. Posted by ushankitvc on March 29, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    a very touching updt…why the invincible veil in their relation????what is he hidhing frm hr???continue sooon…….


  13. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on March 29, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    Such a shocking update…
    Awww…Rehan & Rihanna..both r too cccuuttteee…
    Geet again in pain…
    Now wht the hell is wrong with Maan????..why he is drifting away frm Geet???
    Waiting for nxt part di..


  14. nyc.i think. Cz what she went through make him this decission rt.


  15. zor ka jhatak zzor se laga… ye kia hua… rite tich lots of q.s
    n anwsers tere pas hain… jaldi raaz khol…
    its geet monolgue is new pain in her life… again twist witth pain.. God tich u just keep it as kashish of love…
    but yes need to forward the track…

    car wala banda kon tha???
    Geet k ghum ka mausum ghatta nhi…
    iss update ka pain dekh k KABHI ALVIDA NA KEHNA SONG yaad agya tich.. song lyrics going with it so well

    waiting for next


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