Love For You Part 66

Part 66

‘H-hello,, GEET RATHODE…’

The only thought crossed geet’s mind how he is so sure she is GR when the whole world is oblivious to the fact who is GR….

Aadi: Please Sit down… ummm,, s-should I g-get some coffee fo-for Youuu? Geet looked at his eyes, it can’t lie properly. He is so nervous and fumbling out of fear.

Geet: No Thanks Mr Kashyap.

Aadi: he-he-he-he, u can c-call me-meee aadi or aditya. Geet raised her one eye brow frightening the life inside him. No-nooooo don’t get me wrong. I was only ummm wo main… Aadi sips the water from the glass beside. Till now geet haven’t said a word only observing him.. CEO of a multinational company and fumbling in front her. yes she had seen many ppl fumbling hearing GR’s name but not this much. Aditya took a deep breath.. Tell me what brought u here GR.

Geet: Why u want me in India Mr Aditya Kashyap?she said calmly.

Aadi took few breaths more, seeing the calm yet dangerous avatar of geet his inside was crunching.

Aadi: it’s as per the clause, we want to expand our business in India as well… because the main brunch is there and we are very new in this business so it will be honor to get ur hand for the support… Geet was losing her control bit by bit.

Geet greeted her teeth: This clause was never mentioned when I signed the contract. Beside that u can get any company in India who are willingly ready for this, then why T & M Company?

Aadi: What will be good for us I think only the owner can say best right?

Geet: Who is the owner then? Aadi was shaken up a little, he can’t say the name nor he can be so calm, he can guess she knew he isn’t the owner.

Aadi: I m sorry MAM,, I can’t tell u anything, u have to meet Him in person. And for that u have to go India.

Geet lost the little bit of calmness in her and banged the table with her fist: To hell with ur contract I can sue u for fraud, u never said GR have to go India and beside that, the contract doesn’t valid also as Rudra haven’t signed it…

Aadi: In that case u or He has to go behind bars as then we haven’t cheated u its u that have cheated us…

Geet: I want to meet ur MD right now..

Aadi: W-Wh-what

She held his collar: Get one thing straight, I will never go to India mr Aditya Kashyap… and tell ur master that straight… She stood up to leave but aadi’s voice stopped him..

Aadi: then I m afraid we have to fill a case against u and that won’t be good for u or mr Rudra. Geet gave a deathly glare but aaditya seems to be calm and compose.

Geet: Do whatever u want, and tell the boss of urs, I m not going to India. With that she stomped out. Aadi left a sigh of relief, then drank the glass of water, and next he gulp the whole jar of water..

Aadi: Ye Kya thi? He loosen his tie and hoped in the chair… abb main sir ko kya bolu? Just then his cell rang. He banged his head on the table.. Ek taraf Kuya ek taraf Khayi.. urrggghhh… He took the call murmuring a hello..

Maan: what is the progress?

Aadi: si-sirrr,, mam denied to go to India. He heard the glass breaking into pieces on the floor.. and next the line went dead. He sighed and wiped the sweat… pata nahi kyun maine maan sir ko unke bare me bola,, I thought it will help him but it’s going nowhere now… he drifted to the day he had seen geet here..


He punched the mirror in anger and then looked at his broken reflection: DAMN IT MITHI,, why u r so hard to get,, I can’t wait anymore, I have it enough, not now. u have to back…. Please come back mithi, I need u please… He covered his face with his palm and sat down on the hard floor of his room. He is in his farmhouse which is his new den for past many yrs… his hands were red due to blood and broken glass pieces scattered everywhere. He is trying to get her back for past few month now and its his master plan which is failing miserably. Her hatred for him is so bigger than her love for him… He is tired of being lonely,, he just want her to come once and he can ask forgiveness. he will try his level best to undue all her pain with his love but she have to take this step to come here.

4yr back Flashback..

Aaditya Kashyap his right hand in his business… He is the head of finance of his every company.. actually maan doesn’t blv anyone apart from aadi because of his soft and straight nature. Aadi is working for him for 4 yrs now and all he did is obey his master with blind eyes,, for aadi maan isn’t only an employer but his mentor. He had seen maan to become MSK. They met in dhehradun where Maan was as usual sitting on the hill top….

The misty surrounding can only give the essence of his Geet everywhere. Whenever he came here his heart feel peace.. he is going to sign the biggest deal tom,,, so he came here to remember the 2nd meeting where he met the most alluring pair of eyes, his mithi who took the breath out from the casanova maan… a small smile tugged his lips remembering her talking with her mom wishing happy birthday…

‘maan’ he turn with the sweet voice only to see his mithi in white anarkali suit with pink dupatta drapped over her head. She was smiling at him… he missed few beat with the shyness of her eyes…

Geet: u know maan, I was waiting for u for so many days, months.. why u didn’t come maan? pata hain kitni subha royi hu, kitne sham yaad kiya tumhe lekin abb tumhe mouka mila..

Maan ran towards her but she took back step shoving his hand: Please mithi don’t go away,, see ur maan finally recognized his mistake, chahe jitni saza de do lekin mujhse dur mat jao.. one tear drop fell from her hazels.

Geet: maine kabhi nahi chaha tha dur jana, lekin u pushed me away maan.. u killed ur mithi by ur words. Abb mere pass kuch nahi bacha jo main tumhe de sakungi… I have nothing to say my own.

Maan: no no no,, u have me,, please geet, I m sorry. really sorry.. forgive me.. u can say anything to me, but please come back, I promise I will make up all those painful times with my love but give me one chance.

Geet: I want to be with u maan,, I want to forget everything in ur embrace please come to me, get me in ur embrace maan… come please, come to me.. she spread her one hand towards him and he happily tried to grab it not seeing anything further… As he took another step someone grabbed him from behind and pushed him on ground.. he looked at geet who is nowhere, maan angrily looked at the person who dared to stop him reaching his geet but before he can say a word the man blasted on him…

‘Marne ka itna shouk hain to pehle apni family maaro fir mar jao,, don’t u know suicide is coward’s fav job… U think ur life has the most problematic turn so it’s better to end it.. but did u ever think about ur family who maybe wishing to see u, who might be wishing for ur safety, who’s life is depending on u.. somewhere in this world there will be at least one person who is waiting for u, but all u want to take coward’s path because u have some problem right?’

Maan gritted his teeth and stood up: Who r the hell r u to interfere in my life,, I can do whatever I want, none of ur business..

AADI: myself Aditya kashyap for starter,, now let me tell u,, u r a coward, running away from life without fighting, and yes its none of my business but let me remind u, ppl have much more problem than u in life but they couldn’t even take the short cut like u… tumhe to sayad apni family ki parwa bhi nahi hoga but few care for their family which stop them to take this path…

Maan looked away,, though he wanted to ans back or atleast go away from there but still something was there in that young man which made him rooted to the place…

Maan: I don’t have anyone.. saying he stood facing his back to aditya..

Aadi: then its good, atleast u don’t have to shed tear silently seeing ur parents starving for u,, u shouldn’t have to see ur sister wearing same dress for yrs just to give u new dresses so that u don’t feel low in front of ur colg mate.. U didn’t have to see the painful faces of ur family whenever u went home and say u couldn’t get the job.. Life is hard but we have to live because it’s not our own, but our love ones.

Maan felt the voice cracking,, not only we have the entire pain for us there are so many ppl with different pain than us but not less than us. Maybe a little bigger than us.

Aadi: don’t lose hope from life, if its showing hard time it will also give happy time to cherish.. he gave a small smile… and I m sorry if I said much but think before doing anything…

Maan: I was not doing suicide, I,, was,, he took a sigh, I was seeing the person who loved me with all her life and all I did is breaking her to pieces.

Aadi: then its ur imagination but it can never be the person because who love us from the bottom of her heart can never see u fall, its maybe ur guilt or subconscious mind that’s showed her face but ur love ones can only hope best for u and they only want happiness for u…

Maan for the first time thought someone actually said the truth about him, he really admired the young man for his honesty and never say die attitude… and aditya maybe for the first time talked to anyone like this, he was always a shy person who never said a word against anyone and here standing in front of MSK maybe as he doesn’t know in front of whom he is talking so much, but for the 1st time he saw a person who is more helpless than him…

Maan: Thank u Aditya… aadi smiles at him and tried to go from there.. but maan stopped him, by the way don’t u want to know my name…

Aadi: yeah tell me ur name…

Maan: Maan Singh Khurana… aadi for a brief min looked at him, he had heard so much about msk that only in a yr he had made a great mark in business world. And now knowing he was giving the lecture on life to the great businessman MSK literally made his head spin and next sec he fainted on the ground making maan smile a bit.

And that was the last time he had said a proper line to maan…

Maan helped him to peruse his MBA degree and with that he was working under him as jr accountant but soon he made his place and maan started to take his opinion in every business.. aadi made his own place in his life with his nature.. and later maan found his passion towards Music.. he knew aaditya wanted to become a singer but family pressure made him work day n night and he forgot his dreams..

Once Maan had to attend a meeting in Brazil and later Boston but his stay extended there only so aadi went to boston for the project as he knew every details.. and there he saw GEET with Rudra in a concert. He was always a music freak and never missed a chance to rock concert if it possible and his fav star Rudra so staying in Boston when there was a concert going he couldn’t missed the chance and then he took the video.. when he came back to india he was only thanking maan for the trip maan was irritated with his going gaga over some random star.. he never liked any music or films.. after geet going away from him, he only indulged himself in work.. no color smile happiness existed in his life… and that day by mistake aadi’s hand touch the photo frame which had geet’s photo.. maan had blasted at him like anything and he nearly choked his breath… aadi got an idea as who the girl can be. he knew his boss was not a man for women,, he had never seen a single woman’s shadow on him but something was there in that photo that maan always carried.. suddenly something clicked and aadi took out the video matching the photo with geet’s live clip… the sound caught maan’s attention and he literally smashed the phone and then aadi informed him about the girl who is in frame look like the clip one.. maan instantly looked at the clip and his life caught in his throat.. for the hundred time he had seen the clip and finally tears cascaded down his eyes. aditya understood he loved her and maybe this was the girl for whom maan was nearly taking away his life.. he took a oath to reunion them..

Maan was hesitant to share his life with aadi but something in his assurance smile made him open up and he said everything that till now was bottle up in his heart. Aditya felt sorry for the sweet girl but never once he accused maan neither judged him, he just said if his love is honest and she loves to that extent then why he is depriving both of them from the love.. Love isn’t the thing to let go every time, if it doesn’t give chance then make it a chance and do what u can do to get it,, still if u can’t get that then leave it and take a step forward… from then maan and aadi made plans to reach geet….

Precap: Geet in India…

Let me one thing clear,, AADI is younger than maan and geet. GEET is 28 maan 30 and aadi 25. When maan met aadi he was in last yr means 21. So maan appointed him as trainee then jr acc, and made him study MBA in delhi only.. so now he is head of finance of his business…

That Concert was 4 month back incident from present and one more thing Neither aadi or maan know about kids as geet always hide them from media and rudra had made sure none their team say anything about kids to anyone and very few ppl know about tammy n mann so maan couldn’t get the information about children… he still is in dilemma does geet went for abortion or she had miscarriage because he had seen hospital report…

Sorry for no maaneet moment but I have to go acc to story and to make a strong point, then closing all loopholes… soon it will go around geet maan n rudra..

© All Rights Reserved 2013.Tich Mg


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  1. Posted by ushankitvc on March 28, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    awesum updt…maan is feeling damn guilty and wants geet back in his life and adi is helping him….interesting precap…continue sooon…..


  2. Awesome update

    Loved the Adi n Maan bonding


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    Adi is helping maan in his plan to bring geet back……
    I liked adi a lot becoz he is d only one after hearing d truth doesn’t judge maan…….
    Now to i feel may be somewhere maan is wrong but not truly becoz its really difficult for a person to trust someone when he always betrayed by his loved ones and others………..
    So here i really feeling bad for maan to see him in dis condition………
    Plz make maaneet unite soon……


  4. Posted by suzie on March 28, 2013 at 6:08 pm

    fantastic update


  5. so finally maan wants her back n wants to come out from darkness…bt geet to aadi ko kaccha hi kha jayega…


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  10. Posted by chahhat4eva on March 28, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    Lovely update dear….. Desperately waiting for next part…..❤


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  13. Posted by mahi maaneet on March 29, 2013 at 3:36 am

    Nice update


  14. Posted by soma on March 29, 2013 at 3:59 am

    toh maa knws abt geet ……n wants her to comeback to india………..les wait n watch wht happens whn dey come face to face……….

    superb n beautiful update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update…

    waiting fr d nxt prt eagerly…

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  16. Posted by gurmeet deewani aditi on March 29, 2013 at 6:11 am

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  17. Posted by life19 on March 29, 2013 at 6:19 am

    Superb update. He did have his punishment and so did geet and kids and now time they meet


  18. Posted by Saro on March 29, 2013 at 6:35 am

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  19. Posted by angelickushi on March 29, 2013 at 7:18 am

    loved the update
    first time seeing adi talking so much to maan and seems that was the last as well
    will they b able to get her back to india
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  21. Posted by spvd on March 29, 2013 at 7:38 am

    part 66
    awesome part…………
    so this is how Adi and Maan met……….
    and Adi made Maan to know about Geet too………
    very good……….
    bohut bol gaya Adi pehle but after getting to know that hes MSK tho bolti band……..
    cont soon dear………………….

    Deepa (spvd)


  22. Posted by gill123 on March 29, 2013 at 8:06 am

    Just loved it waiting 4 precape


  23. Posted by teja.................. on March 29, 2013 at 8:14 am

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  24. Posted by monikaseth on March 29, 2013 at 9:23 am

    Awesome want to see maan come to know about kids also so he will become more devil and a happy father who want his kids and his lady love love it dear ab mila do family ko


  25. awesome update
    plz bring maaneet close soon dear
    seen more pain now time to see some love


  26. Posted by padma on March 29, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    lovely part
    loved aadi & maan convo & bonding


  27. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on March 29, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    Superbbbb update di…
    Loved the way Adi tried to make Maqn understand tgt he shld at least try to grmet his love back..
    Now eagerly waiting for Geet’s come back to ndia..


  28. Posted by Kiran Nautiyal on April 3, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    Maan is planning to get Geet back but now it has become very hard for him….
    thank god Aadi saved him from falling down….warna kai baar Dehradun Mussourie mein hills se girr kar log marr jaatein hai and dead body bhi nahin milti….
    if Rudra was such a famous singer then why Maan didn’t knew about him…. when he knows very well that she and Rudra were best friends…so she must be with him only….if he would have send his detectives behind Rudra then he must get all information about Geet and children many yrs back….
    awesome update…..

    thanx for pm….


  29. flashback …. hmm nyc connection tich.. bechra aadi to gaya.. ek tarf kuwan t dosri tarf khayi.=P
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    finallly kechup with L4U, K2HY, K3, bs baki rehte hain… it took mine 4 hrs april,march updates…

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    first i thyght y two girl twins but agter reading whrre nina delivered boy that time i thoughts for naming ninakid as yuraj u made twin girls


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