Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 25

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Part 25 (18+ Warning)

Switch on the song Deewana Kar raha hain From Raaz 3..

Geet stared at the mischievous eyes for few time, before she can struggle to get free of his clutch he pushed her back towards him, her chest collide with his and Lips straightly landed on him.. it’s like a peck, brushing 2 lips together. Her heart was thumping so loudly that sitting an inch far He can hear it clearly… she put her palm above his chest, the skin came to contact of her cold palm making both shiver… his eyes were darkening in desire which couldn’t be unnoticeable for her…


Teri bahon mein mili aesi raahat si mujhe

Ho gayi jaan-e-jahan teri aadat si mujhe

Dekhoon main jab tujhko to tab mera din ye dhale

I have got such a relief in your arms

So that I have become habitual of you, my life and world

My day ends when I see you

She pushed him in a sudden jerk and ran towards the open balcony, She closed her eyes feeling the unknown tremor that has started building in her.. she is fearing her own heart which is beating so erotic.. She can feel his dark intense gaze on her back, she wanted to run away but she couldn’t turn fearing he will make her captive with his gaze and the unknown desire.


Deewaana kar raha hai tera roop sunehra

Musalsal khal raha hai mujhko ab ye sehra

Bata ab jaayein to jaayein kahan

Your golden look is making me mad

This desertedness is disturbing me continuously now

Tell me where to go..

He saw her thin material drenching in the drop,, her every curve was prominent to his naked eyes,, the sudden rain was making her shudder, Every portion of her body was visible and it was making him mad in desire, he want her now. but he couldn’t… as he placed his hand on her waist all she did was twirl with force and next hugged him tight… he held her close to him, kissing her neck softly. Her nails dug in his shoulder as she clutched him tighter with every passing second… She is fearing this Desire yet staying away from it will make it worse.. but suddenly she remember something.. This desire is only Lust which can burn her like a moth… He sensed her indifference. Something hit him as he felt her stiffness. He broke the hug only to see her eyes moist, she left the place pushing him away….

Dard ka aalam hai har dum

Tere bin o mere hum dum

Aankhon mein dikhti hain mayusiyaan

Every moment, the weather is that of pain,

without you, my soulmate

Sadness is shown in the eyes

He pulls her closer to him holding her arms, They were on the terrace, drenching in the pool of passion… though her every curves were soaked in heavenly water, still he could see the layer of tears in her eyes, she tried to look away but he force her to look at his eyes by holding her both chin, hurting her little. Still she can only see the ting of concern in those deep eyes which never depict any emotion till now. he roughly wiped the tears, maybe he is showing anger but Geet can only feel concern in that touch..

Jahan bhi jaun tere bin

Badi mushkil se guzre din

Chubhti hain dil ko teri khaamoshiyaan

Wherever I go without you

It’s difficult to pass the day

Your silence pinches my heart

She tried to go away from him but he effortlessly held her arm then twirl to make her fall on his chest… he held her chin above to meet her eyes… he showed the strength that she needed many time,, he assured he will be always with her in every path, maybe he read the fear but never confronted it or force her to say.


Raaz gehra jo hai tera

Darr hai kaisa tu hai mera..

The secret of yours is a deep one,

What is the fear, You are mine..

He lifted her in his arms and headed towards his room…. She cringed him hiding her face in his neck,,, his body stiffen with her touch making her smile a little. she is observing his reaction on her otuch…

Deewana kar raha hai tera roop sunehra..

Musalsal khal raha hai mujhko ab ye sehra

Bata ab jaayein to jaayein kahan

Your golden look is making me mad

This desertedness is disturbing me continuously now

Tell me where to go..


Its not the same reaction, something has changed in him as well as her.. the physical pull is much stronger now… the touch once repulsed her now make her quiver for more.. He threw her on the bed making her looked at him angrily… but the dark eyes something crunched in her stomach.. Before she can rush towards washroom he caged her between his arms and the bed…

Deewana kar raha hai tera roop sunehra..

Musalsal khal raha hai mujhko ab ye sehra

Bata ab jaayein to jaayein kahan

Your golden look is making me mad

This desertedness is disturbing me continuously now

Tell me where to go..


‘I told u, u can never hide or run away from me geet, ur shadow also belongs to me. and This Life belongs to me’ His passionate confession shudder her, still she want to hear something else, but what is it, she doesn’t know…

‘but what about u, I can’t claim u like the way u did. u can any day walkout from my life’


He held her cheek between his finger and pushed her mouth towards him ‘I hate relation and expectation, but MSK doesn’t take his words back, if ur life is mine then this life bound to be urs. I will be yours till U r with me. but once u broke my trust I will break u to an extent u can never hold anything.’

He crushed her mouth tearing apart her dress…. tears rolled down her eyes not knowing why, happiness and fear entered her together… will he keep his words, can she stay with him forever…

Dhul gaye dil ke sare gham

Khushi se ankhein hain ye nam

Zindagi mein tu meri jab se aa gaya

All the sorrows of the heart are washed away

These eyes are wet due to happiness

When you came in my life


Her breath became shallow feeling him cupping her globe above the small material,, her back arched automatically making him smirk in the kiss. she opened her eyes to see him smirking in the kiss, somewhere it hit her ego and she pushed him.. then flipped over him sitting on his abdomen. It was so sudden that maan couldn’t realized what had happen…

Dil ka armaan banaa hai tu

Meri pehchan banaa hai tu

Sanson mein rooh banke tu sama gaya

you have become the wish of the heart

you have become my identity

you have filled in the breathes being a soul

She looked him smiling at her, it was not a smirk or sly grin but a proper smile. the happiness seeing her showing the authority on him was sparkling in his eyes… she wonder how can the devil like to see her ruling over him.. her eyes drifted to his taut chest. His all buttons were open and the wet shirt was giving more space to see the beauty of his features… she felt his caressing her thighs which make her snap out from the world of desire. she was embarrassed sitting on him and admiring his feature which she is already half naked.


Jaan bhi teri, dil bhi tera

Tujhse hai mera savera

My life is yours, heart is also yours

My morning is due to you.

She tried to go away but he held her rather pull her, n the sudden jerk made her land on his completely. Her cleavage rubbed against his bare chest…. His mouth fell upon her and legs trapped her between him still laying on top of him…. thank god her pant was still on but that couldn’t hide the poke she felt on her lower abdomen as his bulge pressed her… she gasp feeling his hand snapping the bra hook then pining her against the bed…

Deewana kar raha hai tera roop sunehra..

Musalsal khal raha hai mujhko ab ye sehra

Bata ab jaayein to jaayein kahan

Deewana kar raha hai tera roop sunehra..

Musalsal khal raha hai mujhko ab ye sehra

Bata ab jaayein to jaayein kahan

He left her mouth and came on her neck placing furious wet kisses… the wet look of her was making him insane and finally desire took him high… she moans unknowingly feeling him teasing her taut bud by his forefingers….. she helped him to release the shirt and threw somewhere in the room… her hand went towards his nape pulling him closer to her body… today something has changed in her as well.. the fear has subsided long back and some kind of lust provoked in her….

He grinned himself above her dress, she circled her legs around his waist still with dress on.. both are half bare form above… he pushed his hardness on her core perfectly grinding sensually… his mouth was relishing her neck the throat, her collar bone…. She nearly cried in pleasure as he is surging it in her… his hand massaged her both breast…. She let out a moan taking him name making him mad…

maan’ she gulped hard still not knowing what to expect more…. his fingers were rubbing her pinkish brown bud then in one swift motion he took one curve in his mouth… she made a fist in his hair pulling him closer if it possible… he was feeling like tearing the last bit of cloths above them and make wild love, but he doesn’t want to scare her. so he continue his sweet assault… he sucked her hard taking her to the edge of ecstasy.


His shifted his gaze towards it’s twin and gave same treatment.. he sucked bite even chewing it like anything…. he rubbed her privet part above the pant, she let out a groan… never in life she felt so… He knew she can’t stay much but he couldn’t help to take her to the edge and bringing back making her groan louder… she felt irritated, maan realized that.. he teased her with his tongue circling around her n******.

‘I need you’ She whispered out in desperation.. He stopped at his work making her frustrated.. it was something which made him startle… seeing her vulnerable state he want to confirm what he heard… did she really want this. is she ready for this physical intimacy. Breaking every barrier. He won’t be able to hold himself now and he doesn’t want her to regret later… Irony, from when MSK started thinking of other’s acknowledge to his pleasure. well its GEET who is more superior to him now unknowingly…

‘come again, what do u said’ he whispered huskily lacing his finger on her waist line on her pant’s thread..

‘I need u now’

‘u will regret it geet, I will be hard on u, it’s the time saying not You’ he warned her jerking her from the revere…. All she can see his dark desire.. she knew whatever she is saying will change her life now. she is finally giving her lust to this fire… but Maan Looked away, he stood up from the bed… but why he is giving his back Now. she felt humiliated.. 1st time she felt the need to give herself in the lust and he is behaving like a saint… She wrapped herself with the sheet and ran towards the washroom immediately…

Precap: Night is yet to reveal.

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    but even i am wondering what exactly made THE MSK stop .. resist the open invite
    still i love the way he confessed n told her to have given her his life .. that was a pure devil expressing his feelings ..oooppssss did i just said devil expressing his feelings …?? but tich di ..devil never feels something na …:D
    yeh tou bara confusion hai yrr … iss devil ne mujhe bhi confuse kar diya
    kya chahta hai yeh …???
    lets see what is till thr in this LONG night
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    Superrrrr hhhoootttttttt update di…
    So Geet is now ready to give in as Maan has evoked all those dark desires in her which she was denying earlier..
    OMG….did Maan actually stop after being so much aroused..
    The MSK is afraid tht Geet will regret all this later..tgt’s something unbelievable…
    Eagerly waiting for the night to be revealed di..


  11. Posted by Neven on March 31, 2013 at 11:46 pm

    Waooo!!!! finally geet has been trapd in devils lust ..indeed maan knows how to tease his geet& on top bth were wet…so Hawt!!!!
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    Verrry nice..
    Oh i jst love ths shade of my devil!
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  19. omg super senious update. iots too hot …
    main to gai tich… both hange… Oh God..
    maan is thinking before consum and geet is ready to go with deire.
    tich deadly awesum, changing of feelings , taking lust over their nerve… after all just few words and intentions changes the world…
    here whole maan is now possessively taking her for his dark desire… how can she just pass on…

    run to read next….


  20. very hot update;);)


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