Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 5

Part 5

Maan was sitting alone in the garden, his mind was shifting towards his childhood and present..


‘Maan, Maan what r u doing, leave him, leave yash’ an enraged AMAN SINGH KHURANA shouted on 10 yrs old Maan..

‘how dare u maan, how can u beat ur own brother so brutally?’ his mother accused while crying clinging yash to herself.


‘He broke My cycle, I told him not to touch my things still he did that, I know it was intentionally.’ Maan shouted while going to punch yash again…

Yash hugged anisha more and cried ‘No mom I was just trying to hold it when Dolly(their pet dog) came from back and frightened me, I didn’t saw the rock beside and his cycled fell on it breaking the back, but trust me I didn’t do it intentionally. Please dad’

‘of course I know my son can never do it, Maan if this was the problem u could have come to me, I can buy u thousand cycle like that’

‘NO U DON’T, u will never, u just cared for this yash’s need not mine, u didn’t gave that cycle it was dadaji gifted me.’

‘stop this nonsense maan, see what have u done, yash is bleeding’ anisha cried holding yash who was bleeding from her forehead due to maan’s continuous punch.

‘I don’t care if he DIE also’ Maan spat furiously only to met with his father’s hard slap… anisha tried to stop but all went too far…

‘u have become a goon in this small age, I should send u to boarding, better for ur life’ he shouted on maan…

‘u just care for his life dad, u never cared for me, no one cared for me.. no one will ever. I hate u all, I hate u..’ Maan ran away from there and then only everyone saw Maan was also bleeding by his head. his back had hit the rock while saving yash, Amar felt the sticky thing and saw blood on his palm, maan’s side of ear was bleeding he didn’t saw once. What he had done…

End of flashback…

Now also everyone thought for yash, not him. No one cared for him, not even Geet.. she was happy with yash, she doesn’t need him but why he felt the burning sensation when he saw her with yash. Its true he never like that thing which belongs to yash but why there is no hatred but a urge to held her close him, it’s not he felt the attraction towards geet when he get to know about yash n her alliance. It was much more intense.. The second he had seen those almond eyes shedding tears and then cutely smiling at her darji, he fell for it. He wanted her badly, he wanted to hold her and hide her from the world.. He wanted her to belong to him and him to her.. yes he came for the land and doesn’t want yash to have that but as soon as he saw geet his all resolution hatred went to thin air, seeing the angelic beauty he fell the urge to protect her and then the blast hit him.. She is Yash’s fiancé, the thought itself killed him.. He tried to know is she ready for the alliance but was utterly shocked or surprise to hear she will do what will her family say. An unknown anger was rising in him but before he will blast on yash she again came and saved his brother…

Her cute cribbing face made him mad,, and all he wanted to feel her right then, her supple lips were making him hard but it was not at all physical. Because her each cribbing kiddish face was making him smile which he had long lost… Then his past came haunting the way destiny had treated him like a sag he doesn’t want it to repeat itself.. he tried to concentrate on his work and all he can see was geet. Though he had challenged yash he wills snatched his bride but somewhere he doesn’t wanted to hurt her… That day something happened and he went to gym to take out his frustration when he felt her. the same sweet aroma was making him go on search for her and there she was gaping at him, he smirked inwardly knowing his effect on her but that look in her eyes made him selfish.

He wanted to know how is she. Is she came for money or genuinely she is as naïve as she look.. He can’t let anyone ruin his brother life, yes he accepted the fact that Geet is bound to be wife of Yash as he had seen Yash admiration towards Geet, he never felt so for anyone… but as a brother he wanted to see how is she, and will she break his brother heart any day. Like Someone had broken his trust. Yes he reminisce his past where someone had brutally broken him and his trust, he thought he was in love but meeting Geet was relief and he knew that can never be love.. Because for the first time MSK felt goose bumps seeing some unknown girl stares.. He felt butterfly which was definitely unusual and he knew that infatuation can never be love where he felt strong pull towards geet.. When he came closer to her, the way her lips were trembling all felt so perfect. He wanted to cherish those rosy lips and pleasure her with his lips but then saw her trembling in fear.. He could feel those emotions were really new for her, He felt the urge to be her first man but then she talked about others which made him insane. Without thinking he had hurt her with his word unknowingly. He just wanted to know her better but those tears had pricked him to the core.

And here when he saw Yash coming with geet, something broke inside him. he tried not to be effected but in futile, he was deeply affected by her mere blink. Then heard her mother saying all that. he didn’t liked it at all.. he wanted her to stand in front of all with head above high not like a timid kitten.. Then he saw yash taking her side and offering his help. His blood boiled to see the admiration in geet’s eyes for him so then he said those harsh words. But inward it had some meaning as well.. he truly wanted to see her independent but still dependant only on him.. He want to be the only one person who can pamper her and hold her in every path and when he saw yash holding her hand his last ounce of control broke and he crushed the glass.. He saw her retreating in the kitchen in fear. He felt his warmth missing and decided to leave the place but once again his so called mother came and showed her crocodile tears. Maybe not so fake but he knew she only loves Yash,, or he think so. Whatever it was for that moment he felt like running away from everything and everyone.. so he came here in open space to throw out his pain alas it can never… he have to endure his all pain inside just like all this years…

He felt the same aroma and warmth spreading around him, the Breeze was touching his face and contentment entered his soul. He felt her presence around him. He looked around but none was there. he felt disappointment. He again looked at the blank space, seems like his life is also blank and blunt. Till now he never cared for anyone’s happiness because all he got only scolding so he started to build a shield around him.. Now meeting Geet had made his life upside down. He has started falling for her unknowingly, suddenly he had started hoping from his life, but when he saw Geet being so comfortable with yash and others praising their couple he felt something burnt in him…

A little scrunch of someone’s feet draw his attention towards it and he instantly rose up hoping for Her.

‘geet’ his lips curved the name involuntary but felt disappointed seeing his sister aniee there. He turn towards the flowers again, Aniee came close and placed her hand above his shoulder.

‘Bhai u need dressing’ she said softly knowing how much his brother hates melodrama and tears. She tried to suppress her pain and said softly. Maan can feel the pain in her voice still he avoided. He never felt week in front of anyone..

‘I will do it, U go inside’ his voice was firm and straight. No pain no worry neither any kind of affection was there. aniee gulp the pain.

‘bhai they loves u’


‘NO, they only loves him, I m a burden on them, satisfying Khurana name with money. That’s it.’


‘bhai’ she whispered… ‘Do u feel same with me?’

Maan looked away, he can’t lie and neither wants to show his weakness, what if she also leave him. aniee understood her brother’s unsaid words. She left the place, but before going inside she saw something which caught her attention… someone standing behind the big tree, but the white dress which was floating in the air caught her attention. Though the area was dark still the various kind of light was showing someone is present there. Aniee remembers Maan’s anticipated eyes, but it fell when he saw her, Is He waiting for someone? Is that standing the person is reason for his lost face? lots of thought ran in her mind but before she can go towards the owner, but it disappeared. Aniee sighed and walked in the house as her family was waiting for her…

Geet sighed in relief, she had seen aniee walking towards her but she ran fast towards another tree,, this huge garden is her play mate, she knew every leaf of here, so it was easy for her to hide from her… She had came here seeing aniee going towards maan. She wanted to know is He fine, she couldn’t muster the courage to see the wound but she heard from her family, He got a deep cut need immediate attention.. she made some excuses to go to her, everyone saw her pale face and agreed. And then from back stairs she came down which landed her directly in her garden… it’s a huge place surrounded with huge trees and a fountain in middle.. Brij had specially made this because of his gudiya as she loves natures… there are different kind of roses,, lilies and Orchid the kind which is rare to find.. with that she has Bird house, butterflies and rabbits… all are her friends from childhood…

She came behind the tree under which Maan was sitting.. her eyes shifted towards his blooded hand.. Still now she didn’t knew why she came and why she is worried for him, she just followed her heart. As she shift a little the sound caught His attention and in swift motion she felt herself trapped between the tree and Maan’s huge body. Her breath caught in her lungs and her lashes dazed with him locking his eyes with her…. with the good hand he held her waist bringing her close to him.. he can hear her thundering heart which is screaming her concern. Their eyes locked and all they can hear is the unknown language of their heart.

He just forgot his all pain, the moment he needs only her. He came closer her earlobe slightly nipping it.

‘worried about me?’ He said huskily making geet to close her eyes tightly. She doesn’t know what this feeling is but something was crunching in her stomach and her cheeks were burning hot. Her hand shiver as it landed on his chest, she tried to push him with futile attempt but he only stares at her.. he held her both wrist in one palm. ‘why did u came Geet when u all want to run away.’ She stared at his eyes which has pain. She didn’t like it. She looked at his hand which is dripping blood in heavy amount.

‘u, need Doctor’ she said hesitantly… he looked away seeing the horrified expression on her face seeing the blood covered palm. He loosen his grip in a jerk.

‘LEAVE’ He shouted making her jump and few rabbit to run away who till now was standing beside geet… Geet looked at him angrily.. He was amused to see the timid kitten getting angry on him. Her cute nose was red with anger and lips were pouting. Her eyes were looking at him with accusation and then it hit him, he looked away only to caught the sight 2 rabbit and one guinea pig running away from the place…

Prince & Rosy


‘Dara diya na Tiara ko? u scared my Friends, u scared everyone. why u have dictionary of bitter word. U know ur eyes are enough to make anyone run like he had seen any ghost and see what have u done to my frnds. I will not talk to u ever. katti…’ She turned to leave but he caught her wrist, geet wriggle under his grip still pouting in anger.

He Chuckle ‘So Kitten got Tongue huh?’  at the moment he forgot his pain, he just wanted to eat her alive…

Then it hit her, what she had said to him, ohh god how much she had blabber.. she slapped her forehead ‘Jhalli kya karti hain tu? Now again he will shout.’ She murmur with little fear.  He felt bad hearing her fear, but how can he let her go so easily when she herself came to him, She cares for him and it shows in her gesture.

‘not so soon’ He jerks her to his broad chest.. her breath caught in her lungs, she tried to wriggle but soon stop hearing his words.

‘tum mujhse hamesha bhaagti kyun rehti ho geet, main  itna bura hu kya?’ He said softly, whispering in her ear but she felt the pain in those words. Without knowing she stares at his eyes which depict pool of emotion which he had concealed from everyone till now. Something in her told not to leave him now, and she only heard that..

‘aapko chot lagi hain please chalo medicine lagane.’ She said ever so softly dipping her hair low still fearing his reaction. Maan never felt so much connect with anyone in his life. Like for the first time God had given him the source to live. He just followed her when she took back stairs which straightly landed on her room.. he was dumbfounded to find the way but happy also that she didn’t took him to his family rather he is in her room..

‘I Will not go to doctor’ He said adamantly.

‘then how will ur wound will heal?’ she said worriedly.

‘U will heal it.’ he said facing her nervous state.

‘but how can I?’ she said twisting her dupatta.

He greeted his teeth ‘Ok then I m going, no need to worry for me’  he tried to take back step but geet stopped him holding his hand. her innocent touch gave a jolt to him…

‘aap yehi ruko, main aati hu’ She made him sit and ran towards the cupboard. She came in few sec with a first aid box.. she took the cotton dipped it in Detol then tried to touch his wound but he snapped his hand feeling the burning sensation of his wound and her touch… she felt helpless..

‘I need to clean it, Please.’ she said meekly still looking at the hand which is full of blood now.

He looked at her for some time and then pulled her close to him holding her waist with other hand and caging her between him and the wall… his face was dangerously close to her looking at the almond hazel…

‘I don’t want to feel any Pain, will u promise me for it?’ Though his meaning was different but the moment his eyes gaze into her she nodded her head in a trance.

‘Promise’ she whispered…

Precap: Maan hates holi what if geet spread the color in his life?

© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg


14 responses to this post.

  1. Me 1st to comment:) loved how geet cared for maan so love is in the air 😉


  2. superb update
    maans past is so emotional
    loved maaneet moments
    continue soon


  3. Posted by suzie on March 30, 2013 at 7:54 pm

    suprb update


  4. maan already addicted to geet he will not let yash have her


  5. maan in pain geet come for him


  6. Posted by monikaseth on March 31, 2013 at 2:33 am

    maan total gone by geet I love it hope he get his left behind love from her and she understood his pain…awesome


  7. Posted by ushankitvc on March 31, 2013 at 6:03 am

    awesum updt…sad maans past….geet concerned fr maan….hope maan make her his….continue sooon….


  8. Maan & his emotion, his nature, his attitude, his need everything is amazingly written.
    Geet cares for Maan.
    Annie would find this out soon.
    Hope yash is not hurt at the end badly.


  9. wow.. nice update.. i always want Geet to be with Maan & not with yash.. though he is good in nature.. but our Maan is aggreesive possessive.. hawwt.. which i loved most.. liked Geet taking care of Maan’s wound


  10. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on March 31, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    Poor Maan…he has always got only scoldings..tht’s why he thinks tht no one loves him…
    But hamari Geet hai na..awww..she came there to see tht whether Maan was fine or not…
    Awww…those rabits & thr guinea pig r cchhhooo cccuutteee….
    Geet was angry Maan frightened her frnds ..
    Hhhaayyyeee…the way Maan said”I don’t want to feel any pqin,will u promise me for it???” & then Geet confidently said ‘Promise’…i was toh totally dead di…
    Loved the way u wrote those lines…
    Eagerly waiting for nxt..


  11. wonderful update…i am simple in loving with this maan and also with this story and the way its turning up…very emotional,very passionate,very intense,painful yet soooooooooooooooooooooooo romantic….maan is in so much pain and its not his fault but his family’s because he is a neglected child and everything he does is only to gain attention and love….i really feel sad for him….hope gee will understand the real maan behind the mask of a rude and arrogant msk and give him the love and care he deserves….can’t wait for more continue soon…


  12. Posted by sleeping beauty on April 2, 2013 at 10:08 pm

    awsme update dear!maan se toh ab mujhe bhi darr lagne laga hai..babaji geetu ko shakti do ki woh APNI dusht danav ko sambal sake!very nice tichu di!aise hi maneet moment dediya karo,
    maan ke dard se mujhe vi takleef hone lagi hai..
    Yash ko nikalooo!
    Uska shakal tak mujhe accha nahi lagta!geet ke saath khak accha lagega?


  13. Loved the relationship that maaneet are carrying at this stage…. Geet concrnd for maan……. Luved d update… Continue soon di….


  14. feelling bad for maan that parnets sumtimes get whole attention to one and other feel negalected as its very bad for child… n i can see it in this maan… very well portrayed…
    aniee came.. uff bach gai geet…
    geet promise him. he himslef is child inside.. just need care n love…


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