Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 26

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Part 26


Geet stood under the cold shower to calm her senses. How could she lose herself to that devil. She knew she isn’t saint neither angel. She can feel the lust coursing through her vein. She felt arouse, her breast was arching and nipples were taut, private part was moist. She let out a small groan and banged the wall in frustration.


‘how could I do this? I had swore I will never give in to this fire then why, I m feeling this fire inside. What he is doing to me that I forgot everything and this body. Why this ditching me… I know my heart can never acknowledge this feelings, its too numb to even think what feeling I have for maan, is it hatred which I suppose to have or its lust which I m experiencing. He was right, he made me a pervert like him. Why u did this, arrgghh… and now when I myself wanted to give in He just showed me my place. I was behaving like a paid sl**. Shit. What have I done. Now he will also think I m like other girls.. He just wanted me to beg in front of him and he had seen this today, his ego might be satisfied but how will I face him now. what have I done, why I couldn’t control my hormones. This person is driving me crazy,, urgghhh.’


For an hour or so geet relaxed in the bathtub, she felt her senses are calming down and she is ready to face maan with dignity. Though it will be difficult to look at him after her open invitation but it was him who walked away and now she will not give in to his lust anymore… with determination she stood up from the tub all naked, her white skin was glowing heavenly. She draped herself in the small bathrobe which was coming on her thighs. She wiped her hair with a towel then left her hair open… the flocks were teasing her cheeks and lips, water drop fell on her shoulder then going down finally soaking in the fluffy towel as she wiped her hair vigorously.. She entered the bedroom only to find it empty, maan has not returned yet. Good for her then.. She looked at her reflection in the mirror.. though she tried but the mark of the passion was still there in her eyes. she quickly closed her eyes not wanted to feel the heat again.. she applied some moisturizer on her bare parts then went to cupboard to pick another pair of night dress…


She was so lost in her own thought while touching those fabrics that she didn’t realized the presence of another person in the room.. Her breath hitched as she felt a pair of arms encircling her waist and next she found herself pinned on the other side of the wardrobe… She looked at the desiring pair of eyes, it is saying something but she had concealed herself to read it.. she tried to wriggle to free herself from his strong grip which was anyway futile..


‘leave me Maan, Don’t u dare come close to me, I’ Before she can complete her mouth felt captured by his scotching hot lips. She tried to hit his chest but he pinned her wrist over her head while deepened the kiss entering his tongue in her mouth.. she tried but felt weak on her knees. She was already high on her emotions and now this. she felt humiliated as whenever he want he can get her but he can leave her also, her own body isn’t supporting her, she felt helpless… before her tears can slip away he roughly wiped it and its then she realized she is shedding tear for this pleasure. she again tried to hit him and free herself but he broke the kiss and lifted her over his shoulder like a sag. She hit his back furiously…


‘stop it u woman’ Maan said chuckling feeling her moving so much which was only arousing him further.. she tried to scratch his back and that when she realized he is half bare.


‘for heaven sake, why he have to wear this vest which doesn’t hide anything’  she muttered only to feel him pulling her on other hand and now she is facing him,, he was heading towards the terrace still holding her in arms..


‘u can admire my bare chest later, its all urs.’ He whispered.. She greeted her teeth remembering he left her which made her angry.


‘I don’t want to.’


‘Ohh really and that’s why u were checking me out huh’


‘I m not in a mood now’ she said adamantly turning her head away.. maan smirks and left her, she was going to crash down but he hold her again and she draped her hand around his neck tightly. Her eyes were close and her lips were touching his neck…


‘that I can see.’ His husky voice was making her tummy scrunch. Geet saw their proximity and looked away immediately. He chuckled seeing her nervous face, he so love that scared geet. ‘Hmm only an hour and u were feeling so restless and humiliated, what about me huh. For past some month I was having this. now feel the burn inside u the way I was burning for u.’ geet couldn’t take his words which somewhere shows she has become like him, lusty predator.. she definitely doesn’t want to be a lusty sl**.  Maan sensed her uneasiness and tighten his hold. She was not sure why her own heart is betraying, she was never like this. she never believed in love or lust then. All her thoughts came to halt when they reached their destination which was the terrace.   


Her eyes popped out seeing the terrace and the decoration. It had a white curtain tent around it, Red and white candle everywhere, white orchids were pinned to the pillar and her path was decorated with pink rose petals, she held her breath as her eyes went on the bed which was in the middle, curtains were securely wrapped around the bed, white silky bed-sheet and the rose petals over the mattress made her throat dry. So he was here making arrangements for the night. She chewed her bottom lips while holding the edge of her robe between her sweaty palms.


Just then she felt his warm breath above her neck, she can feel him smirking seeing her reaction and she is hating it. Why he is affecting her so much she herself is unknown but for this moment she felt she can forget her every resolution and dived in the fire of ecstasy. Yes she can take this path, knowing it can burn her but not as much as the heat is rushing through her vein right now.


‘u thought I will leave this chance? Nah, I m not an idiot to refuse the dessert which is so delicious.’ He slightly nipped her earlobe. She hissed in pleasure but tightly sealed her lips so that it won’t betray her. But alas this devil know the way of her pleasure point. He rolled his tongue behind her ear making her gasp with the sudden pleasure. She tried to sound firm but it came as whisper as she leaned on his masculine feature.


‘stop’ she breathed in while maan ignored her protest and held her stomach securely.. his hands were sliding under her robe, she couldn’t stop herself showing her anger, because he can leave her any moment he want, and then come back to seduce her as well, on top of that her own body is ditching her. She held a growl which was coming through her throat and spins around to face him. ‘Why Now? U left few moment ago then why now, n what is all this?’


Her own voice betrayed as its shows desperation not anger of firmness, he looked at her eyes which has same desire like him, same fire like he is feeling, same need which was burning him from god knows how many days and hours. He tugged her close then sat on an arm chair, geet saw it in sheer frustration but before she can say a word he pulls her above him and she landed on his lap, hair scattered around her face and neck..


Maan held her cheek and force her look in his eyes, then with on finger tucked the loose n wet strand behind her ear, his thumb caresses her cheek, then chin and her lower lips making her heart shudder violently. She can feel he was going through the same desire, his throbbing hardness was quite visible, she bite her lips looking elsewhere but he forced her to meet his face as he took her lower lips softly, seducing her to an extent she can never refuse him. He rolled his tongue above her lips then sucking inside his mouth, a slight moan escaped from her throat. He chuckle to see his effect on her.


‘just few hour and Ur body has ditched u, u felt the need for me, think about me who was starving for like decades. How could u thing I will leave u and the moment I was waiting for so long.’ His soft voice was making her shudder inside out. This devil know how to melt her very well.. she groans as those words registered in her mind.


‘why all this?’ She asked softly, still not responding his soft strokes of those luscious lips.


‘because I want to know more about ur body.’ Confusion was clearly written over her face making him want her more than ever, she swallowed the saliva seeing her innocent beauty and the button nose crunching in anger and confusion. ‘Don’t u think u should start this journey with a small celebration?’ she looked at his face which is calm yet a tint of teasing was there, he brought his face closer, ‘I wanted to make ur 1st night as special as u r.’


Her heart pounded in its ribcage, shuddered violently to release, heat was already making way in her body. She tried to be calm but the raising chest, the heartbeats ditched her making him grin slyly. But for a weird moment she felt happy. He care for her more than she can think and that shows in his gesture. He is not a man of show off but his concern shows in his gesture. Yes he is ruthless but maybe somewhere the cold heart still beats.. but will it remain like this or it’s just an illusion to make her his? But for this moment Geet left everything behind. She want to enjoy her life, not caging in its shell with fear. And it’s the only way to overcome her fear from her demon.


She saw him leaned against her one shoulder, she tried not to react but couldn’t help holding his shoulder for support as she was feeling imbalance with his moving. He glanced at her face but she immediately looked away cursing him under her breath. He couldn’t stop himself from chuckling; her cute cribbing always makes him hard. He softly touched her warm cheeks with his soft lips.


‘I thought to celebrate this moment like this.’ He showed 2 glass and a wine bottle. Her eyes sparkled with the way of this man pleasuring his lady. Of course she loved it to the core but will she admit it in front of this arrogant devil? NEVER. Instead she cleared her throat and showed it doesn’t affect her.


‘And what make u think I will agree on these whole plan of celebration of urs? U Left and now wanted,,,’ her voice died in her throat as he sealed her lips with his which has the wine in it. She saw him taking the wine in his mouth and suddenly smashed his mouth on her.


His whole body was on fire the moment he saw her wet look, how he is controlling himself to tear her only he know and this girl is testing his last bit of patience.. right now her blabbering lips were assaulting him and forcing him to claim it in his way and he did. She gripped his shoulder digging her nails in his biceps. The liquor went inside her throat leaving a musky scent of him. She stares at his eyes as he left her lips abandon. He held the glass infront of her ‘if u want we can share that way but if,,’ She grasp the glass not wanted his tempting to effect her, he only smirks at her futile attempts. She took the first sip but it’s not tasted the same which she had from his mouth.. her face was worth watching for him.


 ‘I never thought u will like to have wine with me ever, leave me, girl like u I thought believes in traditions’


She chuckle at him ‘U don’t know a lot of thing about me.’


‘Right. Then start from tonight of knowing u well’


‘what u want to know about me maan?’ she look at his deep eyes searching for something she herself is unknown…


‘I want to know why tonight? Why u gave urself to me? Why u want to carry this relation which can engulf u in darkness? Why Now?’ his each word has some effect on her, she herself isn’t confident to ans it. What shall she say. That today her body is betraying her or somewhere her heart has accepted him to welcome in her body?


She stares at him ‘Do I have a choice maan?’


He shook his head ‘Atleast I expected a fight, an excited chase to have u under me.’


She stood up from his lap with a smile and went towards the edge of the terrace ‘life is too short maan, and I want to enjoy it on my terms. I always did and will always do. I can’t take command but I only follow my mind and heart.’ She tile her head to see him astonished with her words, he walked towards her.


‘I thought only I m the mystery but u can give competition.’ He chuckle and took a sip.


‘yep, u r mystery, still a mystery and I want to know the mystery. Maybe that has pulled me towards u.. I had always believed I will live on my own terms but u messed up everything.. its not like I worry too much about my family, I care for mumma n gulgule only, rest I care a damn but u made my life upside down and that’s why I denied everything u wanted.’


He guided his one hand inside her robe and slides in her stomach, he buried his face in her neck and whispered ‘Then what happen now that made u want the lust?’


She held his hand and spun around ‘I don’t know. I just feel to live in this moment and forget about future, atleast that my mind and body want for now.’


He smiles and accepted defeat, he took her glass and placed beside them,, he lifted her in his arms straightly headed towards the bed. Her heart pounded heavily. Seems like he heard it.


‘don’t worry, I will try not to rip u’


She chewed her bottom lips ‘urm maan, how u did the decoration n all in this short time and why?’


He stared at her hazels ‘it wasn’t big thing for MSK, and I wanted it to be special for u. but I feel honor that u liked it.’


A small smile tugged her lips ‘ hmm I wanted to taste wine so badly, but it was erm’


‘aweful?’ he offered.


She felt embarrassed ‘nooo’


He laughed at her face and she widen her eyes to see him laughing so openly that too for the first time. He caught her gaze, the soft fluffy bed clenched as he shifted her weight on it.


‘first time everything seems like weird but eventually u like it just like the thing we are going to do.’


Her face flushed but the wicked mind grinned at her and she blabbered ‘how do u know it’s my first? Beside I could have some fling and foreplay’


Her words died as his lips claimed her hungrily. He bite her lower lips harshly ‘I know better than u, what u r and what do u want.’


He claimed her full mouth before she can grasp some air. Her eyes become cloudy with lust as he started proving he was right. The lust that she never imagine exist in her seems like he knew his way to bring it on.. the mere kiss has passion which burnt her alive. But she also felt some kind of possession, obsession and madness in him. The way he claimed her and the sizzling kiss only shows his right on her body.. if she can live with this lust without the heart thing maybe it will be good for both.

Precap: the lust…. (ppl who are uncomfortable with intimacy please stay away from next part, I have crossed all limit of decency, yup I have already written the next part but will not post now. Work hard and force me to give next )



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