Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 27



Warning strictly 18+

I don’t want any bashing here, if u aren’t comfortable with intimate scene please stay away from this ff cz it meant to be dark and intimate….

Part 27

She responded the kiss with equal urgency and wildness somewhere making him lose the last control over his aggressiveness. He ran his tongue over her plump curves of lips, their tongue dance while hands indulged in the desire to feel each other. He was wearing a black vest which was showing his hard muscles and biceps. Her hand roamed on his nape then entangles her fingers in his hair pulling him closer unconsciously. He bite her lips harshly that force her to break the revere and look at him. He spoke in the kiss.

‘don’t make it difficult for me to control my wild desire baby.’


‘who told u to be gentle huh?’ she whispered back, he shook his head knowing she doesn’t have the slightest hint what her mere presence brought in him.. Only he knows how he is controlling himself to be gentle enough not to hurt her or scare her.

A wicked grin came on her lips as some fantasy came back to her mind. She straighten her legs, his legs were parted either side of her entangle legs,, she held her knees a little above and touch his soft spot slowly rubbing it… He stopped kissing her and looked at the mischievous smile tucked lips. Her bare legs tingle his hard manhood, he greeted his teeth but she was hell bent on making him loose. He grasp her wrist and pinned her to the soft mattress… A low gasp escaped from her lips.


‘u Asked This’ he said at last and hovered her body with his huge frame.. interestingly it fitted fully.. His wild lips claimed her harshly sucking the juice from her plump lips and one hand held both her wrist above her head… Chill ran through her spine as realization dawn in her, he undone her knot and the robe slides either side revealing her glorious skin naked in front of his eyes. She felt the rock hardness on her thighs; the thin material of his track didn’t suppress the hard poke. She let out a low moan as his finger touched her torso, he slowly guided it towards her collar bone, then the hollow of her neck.. the tip of his finger went towards the valley of her breast,, he went between the twin globe but didn’t touched the hard bud once.. he just love to tease her skin and hear the low groan from her lips.

She greeted her teeth tried to be calm and lay, but he had been locking her legs with his thighs, and hand with his one hand. Color drained from her body and rushed towards her cheek as his hungry eyes roamed over her body. Her chest heaved up and down.

‘Leave my hand’

He chuckle ‘U should have thought before teasing me.’

‘maannnnn’ she whined loudly but he gave a damn. He continue his assault now watching her nude state with his eyes and making her flush fully… his finger went towards her naval then moved in a circular motion, his mouth went dry as he saw her feminine part, she closed her eyes seeing him watching her like that..  please stop it’ she said with eyes close and face flushed with his heated gaze.

Geet felt the hot skin mingling her soft and cold skin, the warmth spread and she snuggle close to hide her naked self but it just ingested his desire for her more. She tried to pass away him and go out from his grip but alas she still doesn’t know his speed, he caught her waist as she sat up pushing him with force, she hoped for an angry glare but he too sat up bringing her on his lap and pulls out the robe fully. He held her cheek then force her to look at him.. words aren’t enough to show the emotion and they doesn’t needed the words also.

She met his gaze,, her eyes roamed over his half dressed, he guided her shaking hand towards his vest and she obeyed like a good student by removing it rolling above his head… his hand reached towards her waist and tucked her closer. He dipped his face in the neck, the scent of her shampoo hit his nostril making him mad in desire… her hand roamed above his shoulder and he rubbed her back with his rough palm, his wet lips started placing furious kisses around her neck, her nails dug in his flesh but he care damn.. all he want is her closer to him if that anyway possible.

He parted her legs and made her sit close to him, his throbbing manhood fit her bare core making it dripping wet. He placed kisses on her torso, chest and held the globe in his hand slightly squeezing it.. she threw her head backward arching for more while letting out small low moans… but he wasn’t satisfied, he wanted to hear her cry in pleasure… his hot wet mouth couldn’t controlled and took her one hard bud in,, his other hand rubbed her other breast quite harshly, she bite her lips but he increased his pressure on sucking.. his hardness rubbed against her core making her cry for more.. automatically her hand reached his pant to thread the last barrier but he held her hand and in swift motion pinned her on the bed then clasped her with his hard frame.


not now’ he hissed cruelly.. She gripped his hair in a harsh grip but it only gave sweet pain with more pleasure to him as he dive in her 2nd globe and give same attention.. he squeezed it then pinched the other one,,, his teeth mercilessly placed few soft bites on her browning nipples. His hand squeezed her thighs then wrapped on with his waist,, his hand slides in her inner thighs, she tried to stop him but futile…


‘it’s not fare I m fully bare but u r only half’ she panted under his spell but didn’t lose the command,, she held his hand which was begging to dive in her heat. He groaned at her stubbornness and sat up to open his pants. But she stopped him, her hand tremble but he let her do anything, it shows her security and unknown happiness… She opened the trouser and he kicked it out form his legs. He again claimed her lips in a hungry kiss while his finger found it’s place inside the labia lips. She hissed in panic, He saw her eyes flew open, though they share intimacy but that night still somewhere haunt her… it’s something which fades away but still coming with the slight touch of his finger on her core. He saw the fear and left it…

He held her finger and guided towards his boxer. She was nervous, never in life she felt this kind of intimacy, yes she had watched all kind of X rated films with her friends but seeing on Laptop and now a living sex god then touching him is something so different.. she slowly removed his boxer and cupped his huge length in her hand, the hot and hard manhood throbbed to release and she stroked it gently making him mad… he growl and attacked on her breast nibbling it harshly…. His mouth feasted above her flesh. He teethed and sucked her waist navel and held her hand which was touching his hardness.. Then his lips touched her belly button. With that something cold touched her skin, she saw him playing with ice cube on her skin.  She curled and pushed her head back on the pillow and he came above.  Maan pressed his wet lips on her bare stomach placing few soft kisses… Her toe curled as the ice came down between his thighs.


But what made her moan louder was his lips on her womanly lips down. A low growl came out of his lips as he tasted the salty sweet essence of her. She cried in pleasure and held his hair in a tight fist.


‘No, Maan please.’ He ignored her plea and dipped his face between her legs. His hand still massaged her weak point, under the thighs. She couldn’t help but hold the pillow tight in her fist. His warm breath fell on her core making it wetter. The ice melt long back and now only his warm lips met her hidden secret. She let out a cry as his tongue flicked over the nub, his finger touched the lips and apart them. He kissed sucked and flipped his tongue over and over again on her cl** and all she did was moan louder.. fear has long forgotten and pleasure was the only thing left behind. But he wanted more. Satisfaction on her face and he increased his pressure. With a loud cry she came violently and he left her legs to calm her erotic heartbeat. Sweat curls away from her neck and forehead as she limp on the soft mattress and he came back to her face kissing her temple and murmuring soothing words.


‘It’s ok, look at me jaan.’ She opened her half close lid to stare at his dark passionate eyes. There was nothing she can hate or fear anymore. In fact the dark desire he had ingested in her is giving a strange pleasure.


‘it was hell tiring, I don’t think I can come more.’ She said panting while he chuckle at her. Just then his fingers did magic.

his longs finger traces the valley of her stomach to her collarbone, rested on the alley of her br****… his finger replaced by his lips, as Geet moans his name he gave his devilish smirk showing she lost it….

‘u can. He nipped her earlobe, He was amazed at the sight how her body effected by his one breath, and he is loving this like no one before. Never in life he thought about pleasuring anyone than him but suddenly her satisfaction value more. The close eyes, brushed lips, swell breast, arching back all just turn him on. He touched her wet core with his finger making it wetter.. she held his biceps tight as he dipped his face in her breast slightly wetting them with his saliva. The tip of his tongue was making circular motion around her hard peak. His finger dipped inside the throbbing core and thumb pressed the clit. She couldn’t hold self more and bite his shoulder to suppress the scream.


‘p-pl-ease.’ Her voice came as hoarse and he knew she is ready for him like never before. He straightly took her command and the throbbing hard manhood’s head touched the wet v***** entrance. She shuddered with it. He stopped his track and commanded at her.

‘open ur eyes Geet, I want u to remember this time ur entire life, look at me.’She couldn’t do anything but accept defeat and looked at his eyes. He controlled himself not to be harsh. He slowly entered her making her cry slightly. He was huge and her petite form just released few inch with the foreplay. He thrust few more inch and she cried louder. Her sob had a strange control over him and for the first time he thought does it hurting her. Probably for the first time thinking for someone’s pain.

He lowered his face and gave a soft kiss to her lips but that doesn’t stop her cry as he fitted her fully.


‘we can stop if u,,’ His words died in his throat as she sealed his lips in a hungry kiss and he lost his control, he thrust in her deeply violently but this time pleasure took charge and she moved her hip to welcome him deep. Truly soulfully she belongs to him today, her devil’s, she become his possession today, Darkest Possession.

He rocked back n fro continuously not letting her come, going to edge and pushing her back.. she bite his neck sucked, scratched his back, dug her nail that draw blood but he didn’t stop his assault.


‘maan  ohhh’ She cried his name and it felt ecstasy for him.. he keep thrust deeper touching her soul and she hugged him which touch his soul. ‘stop teasing will u?’ She groaned and he gave a smirk looking at her frustrated face.


‘First say U r MINE, and will be mine FOREVER.’

‘Maan’ she greeted her teeth but his strokes were making her vulnerable.. she cried louder.

say it Jaan’ he said huskily thrusting slower.

‘I m Yours, forever will be YOURS Maan.’ She cried in pleasure as he kissed her lips and paced up his speed with powerful thrust both came violently . he rolled over the bed taking her above him. The sweat drenched hair locks disturbed his view and he tucked it away.


‘u r mine, just mine’ he repeated panting and kissing her forehead, rubbing her back. She stares at his beautiful face which seems calm, she never saw the contentment ever she met him and yes its the first time he felt so complete… after several minute she tried to shift on her side only to be pinned on the bed by his huge body, she was startle with his behavior but the poking hard manhood cleared his intention.. he groaned dipping his face in the curve of her neck. ‘how can u make me want u again in this short time.’

She giggle but not far as he slides inside his length in her without warning, she gasp at the advancement but he kept his pace low and sensuous ‘U shouldn’t laughed, it turns me on.’ He massaged her breast drawing a moan from her lips indicating she is also ready for him.. he bite her lips softly ‘Not bad, u r not so fragile as I thought, good it will keep me going.’

Her eyes widen ‘Maan’ she winched  but he nipped her skin sensually and dipped himself deep inside her again n again till she cry for mercy.

Later she woke up from his arm fully exhausted. She looked at the surrounding, then him. His face has a strange satisfaction. She looked at the surrounding to see melted candle, crushed flower, wine bottle n glass lying on floor. She looked at the sky, its dawn still she can see stars and the bright moon, but her eyes roamed on the darkness..


‘today I had consumed darkness in my n Ur life Maan, till now u played and now I will play, lets see who’s darkness has bigger possession to make the world darkest. For that if I have to be destroy I will but u will be finish with me Mr Maan Singh Khurana.’She looked at the sky thinking her words, a painful smile played. She lost her everything but she can’t lost her possession for which she sacrificed her dignity.

Precap: finally the teaser.

I TOLD U HUNDRED TIME U R MINE GEET,,, how can u dance with another guy ha bolo??? He shouted making her jump back and falling on the shatter glass pieces…

How is the sweet jhatka??? Well I m waiting for comment, and next part after lotssss of comment and likes.

© Al Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg.


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  1. Posted by ushankitvc on April 13, 2013 at 7:23 pm

    awesumly hawt updt….loved it…loved their lovemaking….omg she is hell bent on taking revenge frm him even if she is going to be destroyed in the processs…continue sooon….


  2. Posted by monikaseth on April 13, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    Omg what a part love it great hot and Passion full with revenge wowowowo amazing dear


  3. bravo …claps tich di
    yet again a twist thr is a reason for geet to give in his passion n lust ..!!
    lets c what in thr with geet’s possession …i am just wanting to know what is gonna happen next ..
    loved the update ..too hot ..n sensuous ..;)
    update next soon

    luv ya


  4. Posted by NajmaDG on April 13, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    PHEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! It was damn hawwwwwtttt full of teasing and passionate love making 😀 …fantastic ..


  5. Posted by neha on April 13, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    Omg!! That was such a sizzling hot and passionate update….very well written it was sooooooo sensual and romantic but what a twist, it is definitely not a sweet jhatka….i hope geet knows what she is doing because what she doesn’t know is that she is playing with fire and dealing with a devil here, who. can become very ruthless also…..who has already warned her of the destruction he can cause, if she even tries to go away from him….what will happen now?? i really hope geet will not ditch maan after this beautiful night….. eagerly waiting for next….continue soooooooooooooooooooooooon……..


  6. Posted by ayesha komal on April 13, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    grrrrrrrrrr maan ab itna pyar karta hai ab yeh geeet kia karny wali hai wowowowowowowowowow awesome update p


  7. awsem update geet wowing to destroy maan


  8. Posted by sleeping beauty on April 14, 2013 at 6:09 am

    lovely,hot,awesome update..
    I m so so so happy..i was waiting for ths update frm yesterday..
    Oh maan is such a tease!
    I jst fell in love with ths teasing maan..
    Bt wht did geet say in last,i cn’t understand..
    Teaser is good..
    Thnks fr ths amazing ddp ff..


  9. Uff,super hotttt update,loved it. Completely,the whole love-making part was superbly written.

    But Geet’s revenge willbe dangerous for both Maaneet.

    Eagerly waiting for next.


  10. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on April 14, 2013 at 6:45 am

    Superrrrrrr Duperrrrr hhhaaawwwttttt update di..
    The way Maan was teasing Geet..the way Geet was responding to Maan’s ws damn sensuous & passionate…
    Gosh has surrendered herself to Maan but tht’s purposely..wht’s going in Geet’s mind???
    Precap…jhatka..waiting for it di…


  11. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on April 14, 2013 at 6:46 am

    Superrrrrrr Duperrrrr hhhaaawwwttttt update di..
    The way Maan was teasing Geet..the way Geet was responding to Maan’s ws damn sensuous & passionate…
    Gosh Geet has surrendered herself to Maan but tht’s purposely..wht’s going in Geet’s mind???
    Precap…jhatka..waiting for it di…


  12. omg!! that was such a hooooooot and passionate update…so sensual and romantic….beautifully written…but the jhatka is definitely not sweet…geet wants to seek revenge from maan…i hope she knows what she is doing because she is playing with fire here and dealing with a ruthless devil here,who can destroy everything that comes his way or in between him and geet and he has already warned geet about this…i really hope geet will understand soon that maan may be a devil with his behavior but is madly and insanely in love with her and he can go to any extend ti get her…eagerly waiting for more…continue soooooooooooooon……


  13. Posted by menaka on April 14, 2013 at 7:52 am

    sooper update.. .continue soon pls


  14. Posted by Dhwani on April 14, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    Awesome update!!!!!


  15. awesome yaar


  16. Posted by angeldream14 on April 14, 2013 at 7:50 pm

    loved it

    if u play with fire u also burn along

    if she hurts him will she be able to live with the guilt of being like him


  17. Posted by angelickushi on April 17, 2013 at 8:00 am

    omg that was a passionate update
    but seems like geet did it for some reasons is it to get back on him
    waiting for next eagerly


  18. me blushing blushing…………..


  19. me sharam se pani pani… its too hot tich…
    after this super sexy update i gulp down a whole 2 glass of water… 😉

    and this jhatka like earthquke… geet ne tabahi ko tabah karne klye khud tabah hogai…
    wese i except this jhatka on that maan’s word when he take her words with she is his and till she is with him without dagahbaazi.. here she is planning dhoka…

    Geet to gai ab when he knew about that as she will face worse devil then…

    awesum twist… is story main sweet sweet acha nhi lagta… want twisty devil 😉

    waiting for next…


  20. lovely update … at last maan n geet did of everything………


  21. such a steamy and hawt hawt update !! very sensusous lovemaking.. maan being so much caring and believing Geet’s pleasure and satisfaction more important than his own.Geet revenge to be taken for the torture wll lead him to realization both cannot live without one another .
    overall beautifully penned down the each single scenne mindblowing update . waiting desperately for next


  22. Posted by mmradhu97 on April 25, 2013 at 8:23 am

    hot hot update… loved it…


  23. Posted by kruthikaved on April 29, 2013 at 1:05 pm

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  25. luvd their closeness…but geet’s attitude is scary…


  26. Part 27 —

    it was a totally passionate update…

    Maan was taking care tht Geet is not hurt during their passion

    loved this two line in this part,
    ‘I m Yours, forever will be YOURS Maan.’
    ‘u r mine, just mine’

    hope Maaneet understand their relation

    ‘today I had consumed darkness in my n Ur life Maan, till now u played and now I will play, lets see who’s darkness has bigger possession to make the world darkest. For that if I have to be destroy I will but u will be finish with me Mr Maan Singh Khurana.’ it sounded like Geet had planned something against Maan


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