Kagaz Ki Kashthi luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 88


Thanks to Everyone for giving all the lovely stuff to Maahi, seeing the thread and my Grp flooded with gifts for maahika is such a pleasuring sight. thanks gals. here i have used few. wanna thanks each n everyone who helped me to give them but sometime i forget all names, so please please please don’t mind. @lovesia thanks dear for flooding the thread with cute cute pic, @fabiya @simran @maahi @sana @Sahar @Rishina, @Nawshin @there are so many ppl whom right now i m forgetting sorry for it and My besties Sam, Sumi Tanu love u from my bottom of my heart. today Maahi is acceptable for all because of ur love gals. thanks for showing so much love.

Part 88


Maan eyes shifted to geet who was smiling whole heartily..he saw Maahika sitting on abir’s stomach and abir was tickling her.. maahika’sgiggles filled the room in a jovial and vibrant atmosphere…. The scene wasn’tpleasing for maan or shiv.. Shiv was boiling double as his all fav person aregiving abir their attention and maan was fuming seeing maahika smiling insomeone else’s arm….

The creeping sound made geet’s attention towards the doorand the sight of shiv and maan.  Sheknotted her eyes brow to which shiv and maan gave a sweet smile hiding the factthey were actually fuming in anger…


Geet: Maan what r u doing here? Saanjh and abir saw maan andabir entering the room, she immediately ran towards them which wasn’t pleasingfor abir but next min saanjh pushed shiv away then locked the door.

Saanjh: tum dono yaha kar kya rahe ho? Mumma ne dekh liyahota to tease kar kar maar daalti and maasi? Omg what will think maasi nmaasa?(geet’s parents, she never call them mum n dad either maasi or badhi maa)

Shiv: wo woo wo hold hold Satabdi express. U r going in jetspeed slow down.

Saanjh: 1st decide what do u wanna call satabdior jet express, u r too confusing.

Shiv: and u r too blabbering,

In all this no one saw what the cute little angel wasfeeling, abir was enjoying the fight while maaneet were worried for them andlooking saanjh to shiv and vice versa. In between the little devil tried togain their attention which was futile, she blabber and poked abir’s stomach buthe shoved her hand giggling and again concentrated on the cat rat fight thenmaahi did what no one expected. She slapped the oil bowl on abir’s head whichwas geet holding inch above his head. She was so lost in Shivanj’s fight thatshe forgot maahi was placed over abir’s stomach and abir was tiling his head alittle. Not getting enough attention the cute chubby nose crunched in anger andshe slapped geet’s hand which poured whole oil over abir’s head, abir wasdumbstruck with the event and keep mum as he was speechless but then maahiblabbered in her hibru language showing her anger.

Maahika: bbbbbb llllllooolllllloooommmmm woooooooooodddooooooooo…

Abir instantly let out a shriek in horror, Geet who waswatching all in amazement looked at maahi and then abir who’s face was on theverge of crying. Saanjh n Maan saw abir’s face which is drenched in coconut oiland making weird faces…  Saanjh crackedin to laughter instantly. Maan couldn’t hold himself and he burst out laughingdoing a high 5 with saanjh. In all the mess Shiv and Geet was the persons whowere looking like they had seen some alien. Shiv gave a look which say pity andlooked away in irritation. But then His eyes caught the sight of Saanjh who wasnow on floor still laughing and slapping the floor like a child, Maahi saw thatand instant like a devil horn something popped up in her head and she startedslapping Abir’s hand that was holding her away from him,, she scratches hishand and abir growled in pain still couldn’t let her slip away..

Geet instantly took maahi glaring her and maahi gave hermost cutest innocent face which makes geet frustrated as she can’t even scoldher now, then maahi snuggle close to geet’s neck. Geet made a sorry face…

Geet: Maahi that’s wasn’t funny, what u did see.

Maan control his laugh and walked towards geet: Geet u rsaying like she knows what she did? He took maahi from her and maahi instantlyshowed her eagerness by jumping in his hand.

Geet: Motu  I m sosorry, u know she is kid.

Abir glared at maahi then saanjh who was still laughingsitting on the same position. Then looked at geet.

Abir: Its ok geetu but I think I need to wash it before Ismell like coconut factory. Geet smiles and nodded..

Geet: maan maahi had become so naughty, she doesn’t hear meanytime. Geet cribbed to maan who was all lost in maahi, but can’t missed hiswife’s pouted face.. he slipped his hand in her waist making her eyes widen.

Maan: ohh only maahi I thought u have complaint from me as well…

Geet: Maannn..

Shiv chuckle: Geet maahi apne baap pe gayi hain, ek shararatnahi chod sakti and full on attention seeker like her dad and other one alwaysneed attention to romance. Shiv said with a smirk looking at maan’s hand. Maanfelt strangling him but he ignored still lingered his hand on her waist whichshe was trying to undo.

Saanjh: Geet reh-ne de, te-tera pati hain, padosi ka nahi.She stood up still smiling ear to ear.. aur waise bhi attention k liye ye motuhain na, see how entertainer he is.. She smiled brightly but next abir’s facechanged, muttering something under his breath he ran behind saanjh who was allready to run… saanjh flew away from the room undoing the lock and abir ran behindher leaving maaneet with shiv and maahika. Maan shook his head at theirchildishness but shiv was looking worriedly at saanjh’s retreat figure. Geetsaw the longing in his eyes. Though her heart is melting still somewhere thesister’s protectiveness raised in her. Shiv sighed and looked at geet, her eyessays the fear and shiv again felt guilty. Geet saw him looking away and theface said the pain he is trying to hide. She remember the time she spent withshiv, his care, childishness, fighting, protecting, supports everything, every timeflashed in front of her eyes. She is torn between friendship and relation.

Maan was the silent spectator between their emotionsexchanging from eyes situation. He understand the turmoil between the situationof both of them still helpless in his position. He decided to change theawkward silence. And maahi perfectly understand her dada’s plight she startedher blabbering saying or indicating something…

Maahika: uubbbbbb wwooollll,, mmmmmmmm, Geet saw maahikaindicating shiv and then at his hand. He was holding a big carry bag stuffedwith various things. She narrowed her eyes and maan cleared his voice.

Maan: wo geet main aur shiv ne thoda shopping kiya aaj, uknow maahi also need some change of dress. Geet eyes’s shifted on the packetshiv placed above the bed with a small smile. Geet saw the amount of theirshopping.

Geet: ‘THODA? Ye thoda hain to jayda kya hoga?’ She murmuredenough loud to hear by maan n shiv. They ignored her dazed look and shivsettled in the bed, excitedly taking out everything.. Maan chuckle to see hisenthusiasm. Maahi also saw her fav kitty and few new toys. She started jumpingfrom maan’s arm to go towards shiv. Maan narrow his eyes.

Maan: see my own daughter doesn’t have time for me, sometimeothers so sometime this idiot, but she loves her kitty more than her dada..Maan made a sad face which maahi couldn’t bare.. Geet saw maahi at awe when shesnuggles close to maan hugging his from neck with her tiny hand… Shiv’s jawfell to the ground seeing maan winking at them mischievously.

Shiv: how did she understand, she is only 2 n half month.

Geet shook her head on the drama: she is MAAHIKA MAAN SINGHKHURANA.

Shiv pouted: that’s not fair, she have time for everyone notfor me.. Maahhhhiii,, u forgot ur fav punching bag. Shiv pull a long face. Nowmaahi is torn between her dada and chachu. Geet smirks seeing the cute confuseface… maan was sitting on the other side of bed so maahi can see shiv’s facewhich is sad now. She looked at maan then shiv, her baby mind was confuse tosee sad faces.. next she found her kitty, and she ignored both dramebaz went inbetween all her stuff toys and started play hide and seek.

Geet couldn’t help but crack in to laughter seeing the bothgrown up men making an O shape.. maahi giggle seeing her mother laughing… shivgrowled while maan looked at geet with threatening glare. She sealed her mouththen sat down taking out the dresses they had brought. Maahi saw them but leastinterested in new dresses.. but then shiv brought something infornt of her.Beautiful cute woolen shoes..

She breamed in happiness as maahi likes softshoes which tingles her soft toe. Like other child she doesn’t hate shoes towear, she like them a lot.. she tried to hold it but shiv showed his cheek andshe happily kissed it with her gummy smile.

Whenever anyone give her anything she love to shower herlove on the person, and shiv knew it very well… maan groaned in anger whileshiv shows his cute happiness with a wide grin.

Shiv: score equal.

They always did whenever maahi shows love on them and tillnow maan was leading. But how can maahi let her dada lose, she saw him holdinga cute teddy. She instantly throws her hand and maan caught her as she can’tcrawl properly. Then maahi kissed his cheek and hugged him beaming maan withutmost happiness, making shiv pouting in anger.

Maan: me leading…

Geet: sometime I think who is the kid. She left a frustratedbreath.. Shiv u shouldn’t have brought all this, maahi is enough spoil and uknow u have shortage of place in KM also because maan had brought new shopsevery weekend. She said bit irritated…. But shiv grinned like a fool..

Shiv: abhi tumne new shop dekha hi kaha hain, we havearranged something for Maahi in ur room west side..

Maan: ha geet, jab tum chalogi na u will be surprise..

Geet murmur: surprise ya shock.. she ignored the look ofboth men face. Ok abhi aap dono jao,, if maasi aur mumma comes it will bringanother drama..

Maan walked towards geet while shiv was busy playing withmaahi…

Maan: Ha geet but I wanted to talk to u for something… Hecame close to her and geet looked at him with confusion… he came closer to herear. Her eyes looked at him in suspicion and yes he proved her suspicion byslipping his hand in her waist…  Wo mainraat ko tumhare room me aane hi wala hu so I was thinking, erm,, what about Istay like this and inform all I went to KM as I have work… Geet shook her headvigorously but nothing came from her mouth as he was caressing her waist. Geetgulp hard then looked over his shoulder to see shiv was playing with maahi whowas busy with her all stuff toys, and looking like she is sitting a smallmountain of stuff toys. Maan whispered in her ears knowing her weak point..Please geet,, I wanna stay with maahi, please do something… She gulp hardseeing the mischievous smile. She pleaded with eyes but he was giving cutepuppy face. Just then they heard coughing sound.

Shiv: ahmmm ahmm,, maaneet breaks apart and looked at him.Geet embarrassed and maan angry… shiv squeezed his eyes. Gosh u guys never feltbore romancing,,, atleast have some shame, mujhe nahi to maahi ko hi dekhlo..  atleast I m gonna keep maahi with me on ur SR,gosh pata nahi meri nanhi bacchi ko kya kya dekhna padhe…. Maan glared at shivwho just grinned, geet showed cute anger on maan, obviously can’t face shiv’steasing face.

Maan gave a look to shiv and mouther ‘Ur staying cancel’ Andshiv knew he is serious, he coughed and straighten himself.

Shiv: ok ok, I think we should leave before anyone come… andu keep ur hormones in check. He said looking straight to maan’s eyes. Geet sawmaan nodded and then headed towards bed kissing maahi’s cheek who flashed hergummy smile.

Maan: Dada gonna come soon. Geet just gaped at him and thenshiv who chuckle seeing her face.

Shiv: bye geet, he kissed maahi’s forehead and both mensneaked out leaving geet for pile of work…

Geet: uurrgghh I hate them…

Thank god she had changed her dress in to a simple saree, orelse it would have been hell tiring work, the bed was looking like a mess,first she took maahi and placed it on crib, then started her blabbering andcursing maan n shiv. In between she remember maan’s desiring eyes throughoutthe function.. with blushing face she continue her work. It took her one n halfhour to complete the work.. she forgot to meet her in laws, but then thoughtrano n rituka must have taken care of that. Geet looked at the crib to seemaahi was fast asleep but in sleep she was pouting then chewing her thumb. Shecursed herself to ignore her feeding time. She rushed towards maahi, well shehad her feed 2 hr back but she is hungry again, geet can say watching her face.She smiled and took maahi in her arm.

Geet saw the clock striking 11.30. maan wasn’t showing up.Did he changed his mind.. no maybe he will come after 12, he has to make up thefamily member and the devil aniee who is keeping safe watch on him. She saw herbaby sucking milk like hungry for ages. She remember maahi’s antics and smileautomatically touched her lips… some sound broke her revere. Turning towardsthe balcony door she saw some shadow, maahi was fast asleep, she placed her oncrib then started walking down the place. she found Saanjh fighting withsomeone in a lower tune, rolling her eyes balls she saw Maan standing beside herholding his head and then next person who turn to show his face. She gaspseeing shiv there.. Shiv saw geet and wave a hand. Maan caught the attentionand geet’s question filled eyes, he signaled he will say it later.

Saanjh: u-uuu, shouldn’t have, brought him here maan, kisikopata chala.

Shiv: when maan came u didn’t said that and seeing me u feltcactus on ur body great.

Saanjh: will u shut up..

Maan: shut up u both, and I don’t want to hear any nonsensetill morning, shiv don’t wait for me, u can go back to villa ok. Shiv noddedand maan entered geet’s room leaving shiv with saanjh and took a confuse geetwith him.

Precap: same.

Sorry I went with the flow, but next part will cover itpakka promise.. 2 days before was maahika’s official 1 yr bday, yeah back to thedate she was born but see I have kept her only 2 n half month still.. so thisis a little treat from me for u all on maahi’s bday full on maahi update.

K3 from sonali

© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg


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  1. loved the cute sweet romance n shiv’s teasing
    hope geet will understand shiv’s love for saanjh soon
    n after that this abir abir can go to hell for all i care ..:\
    shiv ko kitna tang karta hai ..but loves it when mahi avenges him for torturing her chachu … ehheehehe ..
    what bond of father daughter yrrr really lovely
    my brother too have a girl child in my house Zimal ..she is 6 months old n i can’t even imagine how she becomes when my bro is around like she doesn’t even recognize us when its only me my mom n bhabi all the day around her
    gosh … guess its natural for us daughter to be dad’s princess
    loved it tichy
    plss do update next seen

    luv ya


  2. awsem update mahi getting gifts maan shiv fight on mahi maan shiv reaching midnight sanjh shiv fighting


  3. Awesome update. Loved maahi a lot. Poor abir. Maaneet & their non stop romance!!!!


  4. Posted by suzie on April 14, 2013 at 3:59 am

    super duper update


  5. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on April 14, 2013 at 7:05 am

    Very cute update di..
    Poor Shiv…pata nahi bechar
    a kab Saanjh ke dil me apne liye trust paida kar payega…
    Hehehe…Maahi ne sahi kiya uss Abir ke sar par oil girake..
    Loved all the shopping of Shiv & Maan for Maahi..
    Gosh yeh Saanjh aur Shiv kab hagadna band karenge..
    Waiting for nxt di..


  6. Loved d update totally,as it was full of Maahi.All Maahi’s naughtiness and cuteness is superb.The oil incident and then her time with Maan and Shiv,and their scores,fabulous.

    Happy b’day to Maahi,now waiting for next.



  7. Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee update dear…..hayeeeeeeeeeeee maahi is a such jaanu baby muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh poor abir woto pura oily uncle bangaya :v :v :v :v us ne sb ka entertainment krvadia thnx to our little jaanu devil maahi ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ waiting for next part pulejjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj update soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


  8. awsm dear


  9. Posted by ushankitvc on April 15, 2013 at 4:15 am

    awesum updt…loved it…maan,shiv, geet and saanjh…..awesum foursum with our gr8 maahi…..her gifts so cute….continue sooon…..


  10. Posted by angelickushi on April 17, 2013 at 8:12 am

    loved it
    maahi is cute happy bday maahi
    waiting for their romance


  11. lovely. full of nok jhok n naughty update.. ye maan bhi na… hehehe mahi ne sara oil abir ope gira dala… =P
    maza muje to… =D

    raat baaki baat baki.. hona. hai jo ho jane do… haye.. waiting for next…


  12. it was freaking awesome……………loved maahi,maan,geet,abir n shiv n saanjh moments…………


  13. superb update…..loved maaeet maahika scene….hope geet realizes shiv’s feeling for saanjh and help him out rather than that bandar abir….do continue soon.


  14. Posted by anupamarathore01 on April 24, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    love it, the coolest story.,love story ,but need frequent ,quick updates


  15. Posted by mmradhu97 on April 25, 2013 at 8:24 am

    beautiful update…


  16. awsum update love maahi’s cute gifts


  17. Part 88 —

    awesome update

    poor abhir had taken bath in coconut oil

    Shiv Sanjh fight scene was too lovely

    loved the Maahi naughtiness to grab attention from everyone

    liked the way how u portray Maan understand the emotional turmoil of Geet n Shiv

    loved the scene when Maahi ignored both her Dada n Shiv n went to her new stuff toys

    awesome Maaneet, Maahi, Shiv n gifts scene where both Maan-Shiv r settling there scores as to whom the cutie pie Maahi love more n Geet was thinking who is the kids over there

    last scene was too gud


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