Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 6

Part 6

main tere ishq main

pagal ho jaauga
kyoki jo ab tak
jaanta nahi tha rab ko
woh ab 
maang raha hai uss rab se
tujhe ko
main ab bhul raha hu khud ko
yaad rakhta hu
har us pal ko
jo baandh gaya tha

Thanks nishu(@9n9i9s9h9u9) for the wonderful poem…. perfectly depicted from maan’s heart.


She placed him on the bed and started cleaninghis wound. She winched whenever the cotton stuck in his wound, it’s a reallybad cut and she was feeling scare, but he won’t go to a doc and she can’t leaveit like this. She gulps hard seeing the oozing blood. One thing Geet can’t takeis blood. She is a girl who can cry if her pets got hurt in a small amount. Butnever had she done something like this. If this had happen to anyone else shewould have fainted the moment that blood dripped out from his hand. And hereshe is dressing his wound; she would occasionally blow air on his cut so thathe feels some relief.

On the other hand maan was an amuse spectator.Never in life he had seen someone worrying about his wound. Well he never givesa chance to it. He doesn’t like sympathy, its shows he is weak which he hatesabsolutely, but something about geet had pulled him to her. He doesn’t hesitatenor feared. His life was always in boundaries, now he fears to go close toanyone. He believes with whoever he will be close they will go away from him.From childhood he had experienced that only which had turned him a living stonewith no emotion and the little bit secure in his heart, he won’t show it toanyone.

Here he is watching himself getting drown inher innocence. He saw her shivering the moment she touched his blood traced hand.Her eyes showed pain. She winched with time but he never felt the pain. She hadabsorbed all his pain inside her. Her gestures were treating to his eyes. Sheoccasionally blows the place to sooth his pain but never once met his eyes. Hewas restless to see her face but she kept it low and concentrated on her work..After doing the bandage she tried to get up only to be forcefully pulled by himand next sec she found herself on his lap. Her innocent eyes looked at hisrestless eyes, some kind of strange pull was in that deep chocolate eyes. Ithas anger which can shiver her soul but with it some kind of desperation was there.He tucked the loose hair strands behind her ear.

‘Itnijaldi hain mujhse dur jaane ki? U also think I m not worthy for,,,,’  he couldn’t complete when geet snapped hereyes. Geet was never a girl who can console others, though she is 22 but herheart is immature and innocent than a teenage girl. Her hazel eyes looked athim deeply.

‘aap aisakyun sochte ho? Why u talk to everyone so rudely, sab aapse pyar karte hain.’ She saidinnocently.. a sudden flutter felt his heart and he gripped her waist softly,she seems like lost in him and didn’t mind his touch. But he can feel a slightshudder in her, he smiles seeing his effect. He brought her face close to him.

‘kon pyarkarta hain mujhse?’


‘Dadi,uncle-aunty, aniee, apke cousin,aur’ she stopped her blabbering and then gulp hardseeing his gaze on her only, she tried to look anywhere but him.

Maan’sheart did a small summersault. He arched his eye ‘Aur?’

‘Yash’ she saidabsent mindedly.

His grip over her delicate waist increased, hebrought her face closer to him ‘aur tum?What u feel for me geet?’ His raw words made her shiver. She tried to getout of his grip only to increase his anger.

‘main, wo,I, don’t, umm mera matlab’ she fumble her words seeing the anger in hiseyes. He jerks her on the bed harshly and stood up to leave..

Next he heard her winching in pain as thebroken glass piece she had removed from his hand pierced her skin. His jerkmade her foot slipped on the ground while body was on bed. When she saw himleaving the room, she stood up hurriedly and stepped on the small glass piecewhich was on the floor.

‘aahhh’ she criedin pain which was enough for maan to turn. He rushed towards geet who wassitting on the bed holding her feet. Tears were flowing freely..

He held her face ‘Geet,, what happen? Why u r crying?’ he said in concern and thenhis eyes fell on her feet, small amount of blood fell on the floor. Heinstantly held her feet, she tried to shove his hand but he held it tighter. Hiseyes were full red in fury. He saw the small piece stuck in her skin. His eyescaged her hazels while fingers touch her feet.


‘nahi,don’tdo it, it will hurt more.’

‘but Ihave to remove it before it’s too late.’


‘dard tonahi hoga na?’


‘hoga,thodha sa.’

She looked at him with baby angry face ‘ye sab apke wajah se, aapka gussa uff’


‘meragussa kya geet? Tell me what do u feel seeing my anger?’ he saidsoftly caressing her toe. The pain didn’t matter but the sensation he wascreating was enough for her to shudder.

‘wo, aap,main’


‘can’t ucomplete one sentence without this additional broken words?’ his eyeswere teasing her and she was pouting in anger, and then a small tug felt in herfeet, she saw his hand which has the glass piece.

‘nikalgaya? Dhuka bhi nahi.’ She said rather amusingly. Maan didn’t saidanything but cleaned it like she did then applied anticipative.. she looked athim in awe. After the work he looked at her only to see admiration. It’s weirdto see admiration for him in anyone’s eyes. Till now he only had his family’svashan(lecture) about how good is yash and how bad he is. Not only his familybut his staff and other business partners also FEARS him but never anyone saida word of aspiration. He looked away breaking her gaze. She straightens her legon the floor but maan kept her legs on bed above a cushion.

Geet felt uncomfortable and maan saw that, buthe wasn’t sure why she is so hesitant.. Finally her control gave up and shepulled out her leg from his clutch ‘Aappls aise mat kijiye’ she said softly but it sounded like she is feelingrepulsive of his touch or so he thought. He jerks her towards him holding hershoulder.

‘why? Whenyash touched u, u never jerked him away like the way u did to me, was my touchrepulse u so much? Then why did u came to bandage my wound huh?’ he sawher flinching in pain and left her hand immediately.. he was feeling frustrated,but why this feeling is creeping inside him he himself is unknown. Maybe thefact again yash got the best while he nothing. He saw her rubbing her arms tosooth the pain, then his eyes went on her feet which has bandage. It’s betterfor her to stay away from him cause whenever she came close to him he had onlyhurt her. She had only cried till the moment he came in her live. His anger wasincreasing feeling the pain deep inside.. in less than a month time she will beyash’s wife. She will go away from him, and his relation with her will changeforever. Why the only mention make a hollow in his heart. He couldn’t do anythingto reduce the pain, so the best thing was to hurt himself. He banged his handon the right side lamp. It was full glass piece. The force was so strong thathis hand again started bleeding making geet shift herself away from him. Theviolent is really new for her.. he again cursed himself and started walkingaway from her…

‘dur rahomujhse geet, stay away if u doesn’t want to be burn in my cursed hell.’ He spunaround, he wanted to look at her but can’t.

In the mean time geet saw his hand againdripping in red, bandage was already wet with his blood, a cry came out fromher lips and she ran towards him grabbing his hand and holding him tight ‘Aisa nahi hain, main to bas.. wo its notgood to touch a girl’s feet by a man who is elder to her. And u were again nagain touching so I just,,’ geet panted but didn’t left his blooded hand.Her cry became a little loud and he can see panic in her eyes. ‘u need to do another dressing, itna khoonaraha hain, dard horaha hain? Mujhe pata hain, please don’t do this to urself.’

Maan stares at her blankly and then said withthe same expression ‘Kya farak padhtahain geet? No one cares for this blood. Probably everyone will feel happy theday the last ounce of blood will retain from this body.’

His words couldn’t go further as she placedher hand on his lips, both shudder but didn’t break the eye lock. She againdressed it with care ‘I don’t know aboutanyone, but I do care. Why? I still don’t know. But please aise apne aapkotaqleef mat dijiye. The person who is in ur heart will feel the pain with it.’

She said all this in a trance, his each wordonly stabbed her heart. She didn’t realized the depth and meaning of hersentence, she just followed her heart and said that but it had a great impact onmaan. He brought her face close to him, her eyes were close but his breath gavea zeal to her body. Without saying anything Maan kissed her forehead. It wasknew for both of them, they didn’t said anything for few mins and then maanbroke the silence.

‘I need togo now. Good night.’


Before he can go geet asked from back ‘Holika dahen k liye nahi rukenge?’It’s a ritual where ppl do a small puja and then take round circle around abornfire, then throw popcorn in it. It says the evilness dies with the fire.And next day is holi. Maan’s bitter memory came rushing down and he left theplace immediately feeling suffocated. Geet made a face not getting any answer.

‘chodhgeet, kal to unhe khud hi wish kar dena aur rang bhi laga dena. I will applyall colors on him.’ She love holi from her childhood. It’s such avibrant festival..


The bitter liquid couldn’t stop the burningsensation in his throat,, he gulped another glass of whiskey only to increasethe pain he had buried deep inside. He was swinging in the arm-chair looking atthe ceiling in the dark room, apparently his life was like this pitch dark tillNow. He hates the light after HER leaving him to sulk. The moment he closed hiseyes those chocolate eyes started haunting him. The smile which used to makehis dead heart flutter, that melodious laugh which now only haunts his night.He still remembers her childish talks and immature behavior. She loved Holi,Diwali, Christmas and what not, She taught him to love life and again snatchedthe life so brutally. Its 7 yrs, when he was a 19 yr boy, his silent heart dida small flip-flop for the first time seeing her beauty. But then her betrayalor rather says ignorance was buried deep inside in these years. Then whathappen that today the old wound started to haunt him again… maybe Geet’sinnocent filled smile, talks only resemble HER.

Maan jerked out from his revere and broke themini bar in his room in thousand pieces, it was all mess and he smiled bitterly‘u made my life this, and again cameback to haunt me in the form of GEET.’ He looked at the mirror, 1stsaw his reflection but it disappeared leaving an innocent smile and cute stare,cribbing lips and angry red nose. A smile formed on maan’s lips remembering howhe saw geet 1st time in her darji’s embrace. He had missed a beatlike never before. He saw the reflection of geet pouting in anger when he hadscared her pets. Then his Smiles vanished as he saw HER reflection.. the smilewhich set a fire in him, the innocent eyes that makes him disgusted on himselfthat it believed her, the smile which irritates him to the core now.

Then It called him ‘Maan’ but the pain in her voice he couldn’t bear and broke themirror with his hurt hand….

‘Maan Ihave only loved one person in my life and that is Yash, u r and will be my bestfriend but love, I m sorry I love Yash’ She said with tears in her eyes. Hestumbled in his feet while looking at her.


‘then whatwas that u did to me, u gave me reason to live, why u showed me someone can loveme also? Sab natak tha, khubsurat paheli tha tumhara. Hain na?’


She shookher head crying ‘Please maan try to understand, u r one friend I will cherishall life but pyar, wo to dil se hota hain. Koi dimag laga ke nahi kar sakta, wobas ho jata hain. I m sorry maan if I have showed u any wrong signal, and anywrong hope. Please mujhe maaf kar do please.’


‘No, Uplayed with me, U played so big time, I hate u, I hate u’

He shouted ‘I Hate You, I hate u, hate u the most, Get out of my Life Sanjana. Ihate u SANJANA.’ He felt suffocated, exhausted. Already the alcohol hadstarted working and he was stumbling, then in sec he felt everything blurringand fainted,, but before his body can touch the ground someone held himsecurely, still in semi conscious mind he recognized the touch and smile, moreof a mocking smile ‘because of I hateher, I hate you too.’ He blabbered in his druken voice while the figuretook him to his room, maan was still blabbering and it still the person’s heartwhen he said all his pain… ‘it’s becauseof u YASH, I, every,, time loose my,, everything. U r curse,, for me. Everyoneloves, YOU but not me, even SHE (geet) now likes u, but not me, main itna burahu kya? Main, main usse bohot bohot….’ And he passed out finally.

‘you arethe best thing in my life Maan, how can u be bad, tum to bure ho hi nahi sakte.Bura to main hu, yes I m curse for u. But I don’t know what can bring mybrother to me so that he will show the hidden love for me. I m sorry bhai, I mreally sorry.’ Yash cried holding his brother like a baby,he made him sleep on his lap while he himself sat there in a uncomfortableposition. His mind drifted to the past when he saw his brother being happy andtalking to him nicely for the first time but fate didn’t liked it and itsnatched his brother, his half soul from him..

a poem from @mishtiritu, depicts Geet’s emotion and later it will show the turmoil of her heart

Saanson ke sang meine to teri hona chaha
In dhadkano main bas tera naam gunjta raha…
Lamha har wo hasin tha jo tere sang beeta
Chehre ko tere is dil main basa ke rakha…
Dil pyaar main tere kab se pagal tha
Deewangi main teri khud ko khona chaha…
Khawb har pal tere yuh sanjote gayi
Ki haqiqat aur khawb ko pehchan na paayi…
Har saans tere naam se hi chalti hai
Aankhein bas tera hi deedar karti hai…
Meine kabhi izhaar karna chaha nahi
Tumse wahi pyaar kabhi maanga nahi…
Jaanti hu Ankhein meri tum padh lete ho
Bina kahe meri har baat samajh jaate ho…
Labzo ki jarurat hume kabhi mehsus nahi huyi
pyaar har lamha jataya ke kehne ki jarurat nahi…
Log kehte hai mein to deewani hu teri
Jaan jo chidke mujhpe kyu na banu mein uski…
Har janam main Tujhe paane ki zidd ki hai
Tere ishq ke sajde main ye ruh bhi jhuk jaati hai…

thanks a lot ritu



Samy i loveeee the banner.. lubb u jaan..



© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg




13 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by suzie on April 18, 2013 at 8:26 pm

    awesome update


  2. awsem update geet naive maan pov totally in pain sanja bi….. maan yash scene awsem


  3. wonderful update….geet is so cute and innocent and maan being such an arrogant bad guy but still i love him…he is in sooooooooooooo much pain and craves for attention and true love…i hope he gets that from geet soon and i liked yash’s concern for his brother…i really hope he gets maaneet married instead of him marrying geet, because only geet’s innocence and true love can bring the real maan out… he maybe ruthless, rude and arrogant but i feel he is not at fault here…he is a neglected child, who only craves for attention and love…. eagerly waiting for more…..update soooooooooooooooooon….


  4. Can’t c both Maan & yash getting hurt.
    Pity on Geet not able to understand anything around her.


  5. ab kya hoga………..mai maan ya yash dono ko hurt hote dek nahi sakti………..bich me geet bhi phas gayi…………ab kya hoga………kya aisa nahi hosakta hai ki aarti ko intro karke yash aur aarti ka luv story suru hojai aur yaha mannet ka bhi…………


  6. Posted by ushankitvc on April 19, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    awesum updt…a touching one…naive geet cant understand hr feeling fr maan,….maan in pain bcoz of yash…loved the end part of maan-yash…continue soon….


  7. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on April 20, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    Superbbb update di..
    So Maan loved the girl sanjana but she loved yash..
    Tht’s why Maan hates yash..
    Then where is sanjana???


  8. God … is main bhi past.. yash k latto ksafi hai zamane main…
    kooi tou sbko samjho k Maan bure nhi hain….

    uff unjaan pyar ki shuruwat ki pheľi choot.. maan k hath pe tou geet k peyr pe….

    sanjana maan yash ka past…


  9. brilliant update !! geet is so innocent ‘Aisa nahi hain, main to bas.. wo its notgood to touch a girl’s feet by a man who is elder to her.” she has much of respect for maan as her brother inlaw side by side she is getting more attached to maan than yash . hope maan is not taking revenge from yash by using geet just like sanjana left him for yash . Mystery is yet to be solved.


  10. Posted by mmradhu97 on April 25, 2013 at 8:26 am

    awesome update… loved it…


  11. hey i hv cmmntd on this part bfor also wid another name bt now that cmnt is not here…:(


  12. love the holi celebration maaneet coming closer bt feeling bad 4 yash


  13. Part 6

    awesome update

    Geet taking care of Maan hurt by banding his wound

    Maan bandaged in same way to Geet n Geet was admiring Maan

    Geet one question had made Maan to travel in his past which is painful to him

    Maan loved Sanjana but she loved Yash then wht had happened tht Yash had agreed to marry Geet

    Maaneet having attraction to each other but both have failed to realised tht they have fallen in love


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