Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 7

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“Once,, God wrote a story
that shook the heaven to the very core.
Love was the only language used;
You and I
were the only characters

Part 7



Maan stirred in his sleep, feeling the headache he held his head tight in his palm. Someone brought a tablet and lemonade infornt of him and he grabbed it then gulped like hungry child. After few min his headache was going slowly, he looked up to see the person smiling at him. Maan greeted his teeth.


‘u brought me here?’


Yash smiled and walked towards the window, removed the curtain letting the bright light entered his room with cool breeze ‘Well I don’t see any alien doing that. And if dad would have seen he would have felt angry.’


‘what new about it. He always prefers ur mahatma type behavior and I m the evil one for him.’


‘Shut up maan, lets go everyone waiting for u downstairs.’


‘u know I don’t like to celebrate this day, its idiotic rituals, I hate it. And beside no one needs me. Everyone is happy because u r with them. So go and enjoy Ur Holi, I hate it.’


‘Why u hate it so much maan? yash asked in a soft tone.


Maan looked away ‘I Just hate it.


Yash started walking towards the door but then stopped ‘Bhul jao use maan, sab kuch beet gaya. That was past and its ur future. Leave that behind and moved on.’


‘Can you yash?’


‘I have already maan, now its ur turn.’


He walked out leaving the conversation there only.. maan walked into washroom and did his morning chores. He couldn’t go to gym today as everyone is waiting at every corner of the house with color. Though no one has the gut to give color on him still he doesn’t want to blast on anyone today. The more he thinks about this day he only felt geet’s cute eyes with hope. Till today this day was bitter for him in every aspect but not today. What is special about this day he himself in unknown but he felt elated. He felt excited to go down and meet those innocent eyes which always make him melt.




Whole Handa family was invited to Khurana bungalow. Few of Khurana’s relative also joined them in the festival. Geet was excited yet nervous. Her foot was ok now and the rest pain went away when she got to know they are going to Khurana’s. At door step Yash with his father and sister welcomed them. Brij wasn’t a guy of festival but still for his sister’s happiness he went with them. Geet met with elders and applied holi on their feet as taking blessing and face but they didn’t get opportunity to give her color as she flew away like butterfly.. her parents specially rano felt embarrassed.


‘jii wo aise hi hain, She always runs away and everyone have to chase her to apply color, ye ladki kuch samjhti hi nahi,, geet idhar aayo. Maine kaha idhar aayo.’ Geet pouted and showed her thumb down.


‘pakar ke dikhao.’ She giggle and fly away leaving rano red in anger and embarrassment while elders only laughed at the scene. Brij came between to save his little sister.


maa rehne dijiye, Gudiya always do that so why u want to change her?’


‘brij she is going to marry in few days, aisa nahi chalta beta.’


Anisha intervein in the matter ‘Why bhabhi ji? When I had called her my daughter then she is Khurana’s daughter, and after marriage she will stay like that only. Bahu nahi beti banake rakhne ka wadha kiya hain humne. So let her be what she is from inside.’


Amar also seconded her words, dadima also appreciated and handa took a sigh of relief. Soon elders turn to see younger generation playing with various color.


Geet applied color on everyone but whenever someone tried to touch her she flew like moth. Suddenly her eyes fell on yash who was standing alone, away from everyone. She couldn’t understand why but there was some kind of pain on his face, some kind of regret.  She tapped his shoulder. Yash gave a small smile seeing her with the cute confuse face.


‘what r u doing here alone?’ geet asked


‘bas sabko holi khelte huye dekh raha hu?’


‘Erm u don’t like colors?’ she said worriedly…


‘nothing like that. Someone told me colors brings happiness in life so how can u hate colors that make the life beautiful?’,


‘wohi to. Thank god I thought I m talking to that khaddos.. u know standing like this was making u right replica of that robot who doesn’t say any word  aur jab bhi bolta hain karela jaisa hota hain.’


‘why do u hate him so much him.’ Yash asked with a funny amused face, geet’s every talk resemblance her innocence which can make any man fall for her. He saw her looking at him then biting her lips.


‘oops I forgot I was talking to his brother only, main bhi na kitni pagal hu, I m sorry please don’t think like that.’


‘it’s ok geet, when u think me as ur friend u can share anything with me and it will be our little secret.’






‘pakka wala promise?’


‘ha baba pakka wala promise.’


‘hmm then I can share it. Actually na, main unse nafrat nahi karti. Ha he is like ravan, dus sar wala but itne bhi bure nahi hain. He doesn’t show his care for anyone but he has emotion like every human being, I think thoda jayda hain. Issi liye itna gussa karte hain but u know what?’ Yash looked at her. She smiles ‘He loves u a lot and he can kill anyone if the person hurt u.’


Yash was flabbergasted to hear her, he just in a trance said ‘How do u know him that u said all this?’


Geet get lost in those moment spent with him ‘I don’t know him but pata nahi kyun lagta hain hamesha se unhe janti hu. Unke gusse me bhi pyar chupa hain bas wo jatate nahi aur koi unhe samjhne ki koshish hi nahi karta.’


Yash stares at her lost face, he can see the sudden admiration mix of confusion all over her face, he smiles seeing the nose crunching in anger, then suddenly she blasted ‘Waise where is he? From morning he didn’t showed up his face, itna rang laga liya kya?’ she said slightly disturbed. Don’t know what is making her angry, the fact he didn’t came up to see her or apply color on her or that maybe someone had already applied color on him.


‘geet, Maan doesn’t like holi, neither he play holi.’ Yash said with a sudden pain.


‘kyun?’ now how can anyone answer her innocent question. Yash shrugged his shoulder feeling helpless. Geet saw the pain on his face, she doesn’t understand the reason but she didn’t like the sadness, so decided to make him happy.


She took the full plate of green color and then emptied over yash’s head who was as shocked as happy she is.. geet laughed seeing his face, one side shock expression and another angry…


‘happy Holiii’ she ran away from him while yash greeted his teeth.


‘ruk, Geet ki bacchi, abhi dikhata hu. He started chasing her which was nothing in front of her speed.


Whole family praised their cute pair, while geet giggle and ran among everyone flawlessly yash blabbered and huffed to hold her. Still she was ahead… There was one person who was numb with all that was standing far away from everyone. He saw yash chasing his possession but nothing came out from him, not even hatred or anger. He recalled what geet had said to yash..


‘I don’t know him but pata nahi kyun lagta hain hamesha se unhe janti hu. Unke gusse me bhi pyar chupa hain bas wo jatate nahi aur koi unhe samjhne ki koshish hi nahi karta.’


So innocently she said all her heart still so nave was her words. Wo chahkar bhi kaise gussa kare is nadan pe. He remembers how she made yash happy and he forgot his pain. Yes he knew this day was a curse for him as well as yash. This day SHE left them forever to sulk.. Sometime he hold himself responsible for yash’s pain. Maybe if he wouldn’t have poked his nose here probably it won’t happen. He jerked out from his revere when geet came in front of him. Yash also came to him.. all family member saw maan there.. it was shock for everyone to see maan there present but next moment was a hell shocking moment and the whole crowd went silent.


Yash didn’t saw maan as he was too busy to chase geet and planning how to throw color on her, he was carrying a bucket of water color which frightens geet. When they reached maan geet was a little away and yash was in front of maan(yash’s back facing maan).. he threw the color but geet dodged it laughing on his face whole heartedly. She was clapping and laughing showing him her tongue and then took the full plate of red color and threw it on yash, he sat down to save himself from more color as it was huge plate but accidently all color fell on maan’s white kurta and small amount of color on his face. It had touched his one cheek because he was looking side away, it was so instant that everyone in the hall went numb. Yash felt that and geet too….


Geet’s eyes went widen when someone said from behind of her ‘Abb to ye gayi, last time when I tried to apply color on maan he had blasted on me and dragged me out form here. Don’t know what will happen to her.’


Yash shook his head in disbelieve and with sympathy towards geet which was enough to make the poor soul frighten.


Anisha tried to intervene ‘it was unintentional maan, uski galti nahi hain.’


By now geet understood he really dislike holy, tear was making way in her hazel.. the anger in maan’s eyes were the shivering point and she ran out from the place. But she failed to see the reason of maan’s anger, he hated when other started defending geet as it was frightening her and next her tears which pricked his heart to the extent he felt like burning the whole place. He gave a annoyed look to anisha who gulp hard then he walked away. No one had the gut to stop him and geet’s family got worried for geet.


Yash came to them Don’t worry, aap log enjoy karo, I will see geet, she must be in KM only.’


‘ha wo handa haveli akeli nahi japayegi’ brij supported, ‘main dekhta hu gudiya ko’ he wanted to see her safe but yash stopped him.


‘brij bhaiya main dekhta hoon, its not a big thing she will cry on it.’


Rano stopped brij and let yash meet geet, though none handa men liked that but rano managed it.






Geet was panting with the run; her back touched the marvel pillar. The run had made her exhausted. She closed her eyes and all she can see was his anger filled eyes that made her cry.. she doesn’t know why she cried but his anger always pained her ‘yeh maine kya kar diya babaji, wo kitna gussa hogaye. Abb main kya karu?’ she cried closing her eyes tight, squeezing it to get the image of his anger wash out from her image.


Her tear drop reached her cheek but then something soft replaced it… Her body jolted with the sensation. Her breath become shallow feeling the cologne around her. Its him, only him, she fears to open her eyes but the harshness she had expected was nowhere to be found. She felt the soft touch descending down and unknown to the feeling she likes it. Her breath was heavier and palm clutched the pillar tightly. The lips trailed down on her chin placing peak softly. She bites her lips stopping the moan which want to escape her lips badly. His breath fell on her lips but he didn’t touch it. Her throat went dry with the unknown crave.


She felt his rough palm touching her bare stomach, and something was there in his hand, shock ran through as she opened her eyes. His dark eyes show something hidden. She tried to move but he captured her body with his by pressing it on the pillar. They were in alone deserted corridor and during the celebration none come here so maan can take full chance of the place. He saw her restless face and trying to free herself but he wasn’t in a mood to let her go so easily.


He held some color and rubbed her arm softly, She saw him so close to her only to shiver. Then he applied same color on other hand. She tried to push him but he held her waist then rubbed color there, her back everywhere, she was like Maan ke rang me rangili. He held her fighting wrist in one grip and pinned above her head. Her half saree was giving clear hint of her cleavage and bare stomach colored in red color. He brought her closer to him. Their face was mere inches away giving a clear view of both faces to each other. He touched her cheeks with his thumb and color adorned her face. Her heart cried for unknown feeling like it wanted to clutch something closer to her. but what?? She herself is oblivious. She stares at him with helpless eyes, breath was heavier than usual and maan rubbed his rough cheek with her soft rose petal cheek.


‘punishment for running away from me.’ He whispered in her ears. His lips touched her other cheek trailing wet kisses on it.


She cried in unknown ecstasy ‘Maan.’


He so badly wanted to kiss her eternal. It was painful for him to stay away from her. it was a magnetic pull that was attracting both towards each other. He held her palm which has color still in it then placed it on his own cheek ‘Mujhe rang nahi dogi geet?’ he said huskily nibbling her earlobe. Her hand shivered but he rubbed it on his cheeks. Stubble pricked her soft palm making a tingling sensation inside her.


‘happy holi’ He said while kissing her nose then biting it softly.


Natural blush came on her face, though her cheek was covered with red color still he saw that, the way she was looking at him he felt like ripping her there and dipped himself deep inside her. instead he rubbed his hand on her waist sensually making her fall on his chest. He squeezed her flesh then kissed her neck softly. But then some voice broke his thought. He have to control his urges… he can’t have her now, not like this.


Before geet can registered what is happening he peck her forehead ‘I will see u later, go back down.’ She nodded and in sec he flew away. It came like natural in them, his command and her acceptance, the way he was pleasuring her it all seems so right but the moment her eyes fell on a worried yash something jerked inside her. she have basic knowledge of man n woman’s relation and she knew it’s not right to be close to another man than her husband. Guilt ate her seeing yash inquiring worriedly what had happen. And who applied color on her. she couldn’t answer anything just stared at him. Yash saw her dazed expression and didn’t asked anything more. He thought if she want she will tell him herself..


Rest of the day geet was quite but yash didn’t left her side, occasionally holding her hand to sooth her fear. She didn’t said anything but looked here n there numbly like sensing his gaze on her.


Maan had seen her looking for him but yash’s hold on her hand wasn’t unknown to his gaze, the burning sensation was so much he gulp the glass placing infornt of him, it was thandai mixed with vaang.. he took a lot of glass but nothing sooth his mind.. Geet saw him sitting in the deserted corner but didn’t met her gaze, her heart arched to go to stop him but couldn’t as the guilt was eating her and with that some unknown feeling creeping inside making it impossible for her to react anything.   Yash saw geet looking somewhere and next he found maan gulping down thandai glass after glass. It was strong than whiskey and he can pass out any moment.


‘geet please u go inside and meet ur family, I will take care of maan. Dad ko pata chala to bawal hojayega.’


Geet doesn’t like anyone scolding maan for any reason she nodded her head urgently and then saw yash making his way towards maan.


Yash walked towards maan and stopped the glass he was about to take. Maan looked at him with blood shot eyes which was enough to convey he is totally drunk and some kind of anger was there in him. Yash choose to be mum and handle it with silent. He took away the glass and gave his hand to maan who jerks it, then grabbed the glass….


‘u r enough drunk maan.’


‘it’s bhang not drink.’ He blabbered with tipsy voice. Yash shook his head and snatched the glass then held his hand to make him stand which was futile. He was stumbling. Yash supported him with his hand on his back and front.


‘leave me yash, I,,, caaann t-take cccare of myself. U go from here.’


‘I know u can, but for now lets go to ur room first then we can talk.’ 


‘I don’t want to talk to u, I hate u.’


Yash took a deep breath ‘Yes I know,’






‘why u r behavinggg like a robboott? Like nooo emotion. U hate me too right? Then why don’t u tell that?’


‘I don’t hate u bhai.’ Yash said painfully, they were walking towards maan’s room and maan keep talking.


‘why u don’t hate me when I do.’


‘u don’t, I know.’


‘No I dooo. I hate u the most. Because of I lost everything.’


‘I m sorry.’


‘u know what? U r too good and that’s why I hate u.’


‘u r also good but u don’t show it.’


‘nahhh,, everyone knows I m evil. Only yash is good. No maan, nope.’


‘bhaiii. Yash said in a painful voice and made him sit on the bed, then himself sat on the ground in fornt of him. Maan saw the pain in his eyes and smiles. It depicted his own pain.


‘why don’t u hate me yash? Because of me u lost everything? I always wanted to make u fee loser then why?’


‘because I m the reason for u being like this. I have snatched ur everything, ur love ur only light, ur best friend.’


Maan laughed ‘So do i. hain na?’


He fell on the bed still blabbering ‘yes I hate u, I hate u, I hate sanja,,,,,,’ and maan passed out.


Yash closed his eyes in pain then laid him on bed properly. He sat there without uttering a word.


Both were oblivious to the pair of innocent eyes watching them in confusion. Geet  had followed them but their words didn’t made any place in her dumb head. Still she understand only one thing Maan has lost his love. He loved someone else. The small information made her numb. She doesn’t know why but she felt pain deep inside and without uttering she left KM and went Handa villa.



Precap: who was/is sanjana.






(C) All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg


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  2. wonderful update…this story is full of passion, love,hate, pain, insecurity, obsession and possessiveness and i am loving every part of this ss… eagerly waiting for maaneet to get married and geet bringing happiness in maan’s life and taking away maan’s pain in her own way…hope this happens soon…..continue soon….waiting for next…..


  3. Posted by sush on April 20, 2013 at 9:34 am

    so touching update… i felt every lines…so deep thoughts…


  4. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on April 20, 2013 at 12:44 pm

    Lovelyyy update di….
    Loved the way Geet said tht Maan loves everyone but he doesn’t show it & nobody tries to understand him…
    Hhhaaayyyeee…Maaneet ne ek doosre ko apne rang me rang diya…
    Loved it..


  5. Wow amazing brilliant but please don’t let yash marry geet she should only be maans hope yash gets some one else please hurry waiting to read next


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    uff kia sensous maan ne ranga geet ko apne rang main…
    then geet’s guilt to be with man other thn would be hubby.. sad sad…

    geet learned about sanjana… uff… she was also j or just pain she feeled…
    waiting for next…


  7. awesome update dear…………………..


  8. so much waited holi update , guess so geet has already fallen for maan, her concern for maan’s happiness and his seems to proir for her. The way both applied color on when another was quite sensational though maan’s way of applying was very possessive and passionate , even at the time when he ordered or commanded she gave in so willingly like she cant refuse his command it will be sin.


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    Awww Holi scene were so beautiful …loved it
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  15. Part 7 —

    nice update

    it was too painful to see Maan like that

    Geet overhear Maan n Yash convo n is numb to know tht Maan had lost his love n is feeling pain of Maan


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