Love For You Part 67


Part 67

Rudra watched his hot headed friend to be calm and seeing outside. 4 empty cups and a laptop abandon on the table in the balcony. She was lost somewhere, shaking his head on the thoughts she must be pondering he took the seat beside her.

Rudra: Hmm so what is GR thinking? Geet looked at him blankly; Rudra took out a chocolate bar and started nibbling it still giving sweet sugary smile to her.

Geet: aren’t u tensed?

Rudra shrugged his shoulder: why? Should I be worried? He carried with his chocolate like a baby wiping his face with his sleeves and giving sweet smile making geet frustrated.

Geet: stop doing that rudra, and be serious.

Rudra: u know sometime I doubt r u a girl? I mean if there was any other girl on your place she would have snatched the chocolate as its girl’s favorite possession and

Geet: and sometime I feel like r u a man? Eating chocolate that too like that.. She said making a yucky face.

Rudra: u forgot your gender that’s doesn’t mean I will also. Huh. He took a large bite of chocolate and chewed showing her.

Tammy: u guys changed your gender and didn’t inform us. Geet looked at her 6 yrs toddlers who came there suddenly and then the question. She felt like banging her head on the wall.

Rudra looked at the devil offended: no I m safe, ask your mommy if she had changed her sex. Actually I doubt that after your birth because she had forgotten all her girly stuff. He made a thoughtful face.

Mann: mommy did u really changed your sex? But u has your boobs there then? She said pointing her finger towards geet’s chest.

Now seriously geet felt like banging rudra’s head on the wall.. Till now she was thinking on a serious note and her mad family made the situation frustrating and hilarious. She looked at rudra who was trying to hide his laugh with cough but nothing hides that teasing eyes. Geet gave a threatening look all 3 and cursed then under breath.

Tammy: mann that mean next time we have to set mommy with a girl not boy. She said worriedly and geet couldn’t help but bite her lips to stop the chuckle but rudra couldn’t help but broke into fit of laughter. Mann also giggles and then geet too broke into laughter. Tammy scoffed but soon joined the giggle. Geet sat down on the bean bag and tammy mann on the swing. Rudra sat down on the couch with a smile. Just then geet heard her cell ring she went out from the balcony to take the cell.. Mannat and Tamanna high fived with rudra together. He looks at geet’s back with a smile, He missed his mishty but there in a corner she still exists. Only mannat and tamanna can bring that out from her hard shell with their innocent demands and question.

A Worried Geet came out in the balcony, He knew the matter is serious and need attention.

Rudra: ok tammy mann please go back to your room and prepare your study, I will join u in a while for now me n mommy need to talk about something.

Tammy & Mann: okkk. They ran away holding each other’s hand.

Geet came and sat down beside rudra all worried..

Rudra: so what happened geet?

Geet: as if u doesn’t know. Rudra looked away.. rudra I know very well before any event reach me u get to know it. So stop drama and be serious. It’s important.

Rudra: ohhkk.. hmm so Mr. Kashyap had filled a case against me for fraud and police are coming to arrest me. Right? Geet gave a look saying –when-u-knows-why to repeat?- rudra smiles, But GR had already solution, U already took anticipate bail so why to bother about it?

Geet: rudra that’s because u have concert tom ni8 and Mr. Gill was helping me as the concert for him, but after the concert the police will arrest him.

Rudra: ask them to give another one behalf of next week concert.

Geet: not till we or I visit aditya, that jerk is only saying I have to meet MD. Bull shit why I had to sign the deal.

Rudra: ok calm down first,  what is our lawyer saying.

Geet: he said as they had filled the case 1st obviously it favors them. And the papers were correct so we are at fault and only the MD can help us who is in India. How that possible, I checked it but,

Rudra: did there any blank place?

Geet: no but somewhere half page and

Rudra: u signed at the end, they typed after your sign.

Geet: whattt?

Rudra chuckle: they are smarter than u darling.

Geet: holly shit. That bastard, he will pay high.

Rudra: but we have to tackle it first.

Geet: how? She rubbed her temple with her finger. Then looked at a serious rudra who was looking somewhere blank. Rudra. She whispered. Rudra looked at her, then came close. Holding her cheek in his palm he gave a small smile which always gives her strength.

Rudra: Mishty ye rudra apni family k liye kuch bhi kar sakta hain, u don’t need to go there, I don’t want to see u in trouble again. That country always had snatched something or else. We will take this together but this time I m not going to let u go there.

Geet sighed and closed her eyes, their forehead touched but nothing can sooth her worry. Nothing matter to her more than her best friend. She missed Naina and her crook brain now. She was always sharp to tackle law but she can’t seek help from her. she gave a smile to rudra nodding.  But He knew his friend who will not sit quietly. So Time to back in action he thought.


Rudra: Karan i need information about New Dreams Music Company. It is new to the market but very influential financial supportive in the market.. I want to know the owner in India. And I need the name karan anyhow.

Karan: ok bhai give me few hours.

Rudra: I don’t have much, so be fast. They hung up. Karan started his work but no information about the owner. Really weird, It seems like from nowhere it came with a huge financial support.  Only one name came to vision was Aditya Kashyap CEO of company nothing else so many ppl thought he is the owner and rest has share holder. He got to know none of the stsff know much about the MD, those who had signed contract with the company always deal with aditya and one more person who was MD’s P.A but he had never said a word about MD. But there was never a failure or any bad mouthing about the company.

After few hour karan called rudra saying nothing can be found except the name aditya and the P.A Yash who is really loyal to MD and after even death threat he didn’t said the name.

Rudra was feeling something is going to occur in their live which will change everything but he wasn’t ready to accept the change nor after fighting with every storm and setting a family here. He called his P.A and informed them to shift his concerts in this week but that wasn’t possible as the event manager will blast on them. He asked to shift his shoots in that week but it will take time for few days to change every schedule. Lastly he asked his lawyer to ask bail showing his busy shoot but for that he have to go to court which can ruin their reputation.

Rudra : Mr Dixit.

Dixit: yeah mr rudra tell me, what bring u to call me.

Rudra: actually I wanted to ask u something, It would be really grateful to u if u can arrange our shooting schedule day after tom.

Dixit: OMG that mean u r ready for the video.

Rudra: yeah that offer was alluring. he greeted his teeth while saying it but didn’t showed the bitterness.

Dixit: but mr rudra it’s a very short time how will u manage, u have concert tom and day after that u have to go for recording then, how will u and u manage.

Rudra: that none of your concern, just be ready with lyrics and studio I will come and do the recording. We can sign the contract there only.

Dixit: yeah sure mr Rudra. Thank u very much.

Geet fumed in anger seeing him all calm: What the hell was that, she blasted as he expected. Rudra u know their song and album isn’t standard for us, and u can’t sign for them, it’s going beyond your taste and position.

Rudra held her arm and made her sit: Geet do we have any choice now? Only that a****** can tackle those cops cause we both know how bas**** he is to get out his work.

Geet: that’s what I m saying it will ruin your reputation by associating urself with them.

Rudra: that will anyway happen if I go to jail.

Geet: no,, still your fan will support u.

Rudra: yeah sometime they can be blind with love and I respect that so I don’t want to use that and beside,,, I can’t see u so worried. U will get enough time to tackle this right?

Geet sighed: hmm… rudra smiles and pinched geet’s nose which irked her.

Geet: arrgghh don’t do that. Rudra only laughed aloud making her smile.


A crook smile broke on the handsome face, he closed his eyes and her face flashed in front of him. He wanted to see the angry red face now. But he has to wait. Maybe another 24 hour or a little more than that, she will come, she have to come to him. A smile that had lost in the darkness suddenly started forming. She will be hell angry to see him, or she will remember their time together. How will he face her? Will she cry or show her anger on him? What if she showed him her cold side, her numbness then what will he do. He is preparing for any accusation, any hurt any word that will slight his heart but he doesn’t have the strength to fight with her numbness. He had suffered in these 6 n half yrs, not enough then he is ready to take her any anger but he is afraid to think about her pain. Will he be able to face the pain which her eyes will show? He was always dreaded to this day always but somehow his heart convinces him to take the chance and he can’t back out now.

Maan: I know mithi u have become stronger, enough to face MSK but will u be able to see the maan in him? Your Maan. Will u be as strong as u show to the world when u will finally see your maan, same maan who had broken u? will u be able to see the broken maan who was dead after your departure. Will u see the love in his eyes mithi? will u be able to face your past once again?

Numerous thought crept his mind while remembering the last day she left him to sulk in darkness. The pain in her eyes. The hold on the glass show piece tighten and in no time his hand was bleeding but there wasn’t a pin of pain on his face rather he is habituated of this small pain now. The more he remember her pain more his clutch on the piece tighten. Just then his cell ring.

‘maan, I love u jaan’ the ringtone soothed his arching heart so much. In this 6 yrs it was the only thing that kept him alive, her few words. He had recorded in their beautiful moment and thanks to god in his wildness only he could never broke the cell.. but he hadn’t given this num to anyone apart from Aadi and Yash, his trusted employee as he doesn’t wanted any attention towards the ringtone in front of all his stuff.

Maan: ha yash.


Maan greeted his teeth, his hold on the phone tighten, but before he can crush it someone tapped his shoulder. He looked above to see his mithi smiling at him more like teasing one.

Geet: kya huya maan? Something serious? She whispered in front of his face, the smile couldn’t go bigger as he stood up holding her hand.

Maan: I m doing my best to bring u back mithi but see what u have done. Till when u will run away from your maan. She smiles at him then led him towards the balcony. She was facing the sky while he held her waist from behind. Her white saree cringing to her body while his white shirt complimenting it. Just one problem was there wish it was real not his imagine. But that doesn’t stop maan to love her.

He placed his chin on her neck, her back was pressing on his chest: Maan aaj kal na u gets angry too soon, what will happen when I will be here, will u shout at me like your staff? She pouted making maan smile a bit, he kissed her neck.

Maan: I m waiting for my mithi who can erase the volcano with her one smile.

Geet: what if I have changed? What if I make u angrier?

Maan: only geet has the tendency to make maan his real self. I know I will get myself once I get u.

Geet: itna confidence hmm?

Maan: yakeen tumhare pyar pe.

Geet: what if Geet has changed now, what if she hurt u?

Maan: she has the right, I m not expecting her happiness or love either, I have hurt her friend who was always beside her, and whatever I m doing next will make her mad at me. She will probably kill me with first sight. He chuckle and geet giggles. Hmm but I want to see the sight when u will see the person behind the misery. What will be the reaction? Ohh mithi I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Geet: but maan once she comes here I will be gone.

Maan: who said? U will be always in my heart, in her.

Geet: maan what if geet again leave u and,

Maan: maan will die if his geet leave him this time.

She spins around and placed her palm on his lips: I want my maan to be with me, make me yours maan. She hugged him and he welcomed her to soaked inside him.

The shadow erased and all he had spread his arms under the cold night. But the smile didn’t leave his lips. Excitement and anxiety spreads upon him, Eyes were close and the sweet time together flashed infront of his eyes.


Geet broke the flower vase in anger: no it can’ happen. Rudra didn’t said a word but looked outside, in less than 2 month time span someone had played so big time. But why the person want her in India, his heart was saying something but mind ignored. He heard geet fuming in anger but he doesn’t have any answer for now. He is not worried about for himself, but her. Once she landed in India her all wound will be fresh and he is afraid, the wall she had built around her in these years will break away leaving a vulnerable geet.

Geet: how is that possible, how can he back out. He was behind us for more than 3 month for this video shoot and now he backed out after giving his promise yesterday.

Rudra: that doesn’t mean anything in this business geet. So now we are back to square 1 then I think we have only one option.

Geet: what?

Rudra: break the contract.

Geet: Rudra we have to give them 250 crore as alimony.

Rudra closed his eyes, it will be huge, after selling everything also they can’t afford the amount right now. And the clause says they have to give money under 5 days. Gosh what made him think they should do the contract. He saw geet deeply in thought and he knew what must be she thinking, he sat on his knees infront of her.

Rudra: U really don’t need to do that. He said softly. She can see the old rudra in him, behind the mask of happy rudra there was always a vulnerable rudra who always want to protect her be the cost of sacrificing his everything.. and here also she knew he doesn’t fear for himself but her.

Geet: I will be alright.

Rudra: no mishty please.

Geet: think about angels rudra, I have to do this or else we will be on road and this stupidity is made by me so I have to rectify it.

Rudra: I told u to do so

Geet smiles: so u r repenting na? and now be a good guy and take care of angels. I will be back soon, till then u have to see them.

Rudra: did u arranged visa and tickets.

Geet: aditya already did that.

Rudra: seems likes he knew u have no option to follow his choice.

Geet: seems like that.  Ok I have to pack my things now.

Rudra: when is your flight?

Geet: aditya had sent a mail about all that and flight is in 3 hour.

Rudra: whattt? That mean u won’t be there in concert.

Geet: that’s why I m worrying, how will u manage kids?

Rudra: Lora(their nanny)will handle them. But be careful, if anything wrong u feel just come back or call me, I will be with u there.

Geet smiles a little and stood up, but rudra held her hand, he took her palm on his.

Rudra: promise me something.

Geet: hmm?

Rudra: U will be strong. Geet felt her eyes becoming misty with the unshed layer. She hugged him hiding herself in the safest corner of the world.

Geet: I will miss u and kids.

Rudra: we too..


Managing Kids were not a big task unexpectedly. They were actually happy her being going to india which draws a suspicion line on geet’s forehead. Before boarding the flight she looked at her small n crazy family one last time, something told her everything is gonna change. This trip will change something in her which she fears the most. The strong wall has already started shaking, she remember the time she came back to England. She was lifeless and in every corner she expected Him to be with her, ran madly to her and hug as tight as possible. It always shattered in front of reality but again why her heart started takes the leap she is unknown, why the same feeling is creeping inside her again when she landed INDIA. The one place she had ran away years before, the same place which gives her everything and snatched her everything. She missed kids and her only support. Yes today she is feeling same vulnerable that she felt when she left the place.

She looked around to see something but nothing catch her attention, but the air was filled with unknown smell, like inviting her to engulf it in her. her heart raised with an unknown sensation. She tried to be indifferent, hard as she had made herself in these years but something is cracking the wall. Maybe this country’s air also know how to melt her. Her breath caught in her throat when someone tugged her waist. She turned in a sec but was awestruck to see a 8 9 yrs old boy holding  a bunch of red and white rose. She raised her brow questioning but he gave the flower to her then said ‘Welcome back’ then ran away. It was so sudden that she didn’t realized she had missed few beats. She looked at the flowers. She hated it now but still couldn’t throw it..

Soon the driver came to her, she was again surprised as she haven’t hired any and then the driver informed my Aditya kashyap had arranged.

Driver: mam, I m taking u to hotel first u can take rest then,

Geet: no, I want to meet your MD right now.

Driver: but mam.

Geet: if u can take me to the company then good or I m taking a cab. Her threatening worked as the driver moved the car to the company direction. She barked inside the building. Staff tried to stop her but one glare from her was enough anyone to stop at their track. Everyone was aghast to see a mere woman had the audacity to barked inside the company.

Geet: I want to meet the MD now.

Rec: Mam sir had gone for meeting, he won’t come so soon.

Geet : ok I will wait in his cabin, tell him when he come.

Rec: I m sorry mam, no one has the permission to enter his cabin, u can wait in lobby.  Geet nodded her head. it was already 7 o’clock, and everyone was leaving, she is waiting here for more than an hour but the boss haven’t shown up his face. Though the staff was offering her tea snack but all she want to see the MD. She had informed rudra who was busy in backstage for the performance. In few hour he will be live so she won’t be able to talk to him then, she talked to kids for few min when someone tapped her shoulder. She cut the call and turned to see a man in his mid thirties standing in front of her in a black suit. She thought it to be the MD but he cleared her doubt.

Yash: I m yash khanna, MD’S assistance and u r GR right?

Geet: I m waiting for him for more than an hour now.

Yash: but the staff had informed u about his meeting, didn’t they, u should have gone to hotel to take some rest.

Geet: I need to talk to him now, and that mean now. Tell me where he is I will meet him by my own.

Yash: Relax Miss Geet. He is in his farm house, will u be able to meet him there?

Her heart dipped with his words but no matter what happen today she will meet the person who is behind her misery for 2 month now. She nodded her head indicating she can.

Yash: ok, driver will take u to him, then u can go back to your hotel.

Holding her heart she moved her feet, then sat down in the car which moved smoothly. Yash smiles to himself and called his master.

Yash: she is on the way sir. Ok I m leaving now.


It can’t be true, it can never become true. She never imagined this will happen that too so sudden. Yes she knew something will happen once she landed India but this sudden, it was unexpected as well as horrifying her.  the unexpected turn of event made her shiver. She wanted to say stop the car but nothing came out just the pounding heart beat that’s seems can blast any moment. No it can’t be.

The car stopped in front of the beautiful  bungalow but she was lost, so lost that couldn’t heard the chuffer’s word that they had reached the place. Geet came out from her thought when the driver open the door. She looked at him then came out. Her eyes wondering every place. It’s like yesterday she left the place abandon and again it called her to show how empty it felt without her.  her mind said it can never happen. the only person who is the sole reason for her to run away from everything is the reason for her coming back here again.

She tried to take breath but seems like it doesn’t reached her lungs, she gasp loudly then realized she had stopped taking her breath the moment she reached here… the place where she was HIS, the place which give her most sweetest memory and most painful too is in front of her and she couldn’t dare to take a step ahead.

Then she heard a shriek, without seeing she knew one more person knows about her coming, she saw ppl trying to bind the black horse who was madly running on the big ground. A smile formed on her lips as she saw her coming towards her and everyone trying to hold it but it was wild. He wild SUNSHINE.

Everyone shrieked as the horse dashed just in front of her when someone hold Her.  The bare muscle cringed around the black vest. Golden skin glowing with sweat, she saw his physic, which had improved a lot. His hair is shorter than she saw last time, neatly trimmed from back. she saw him holding the rope and trying to control sunshine which was hard. Sunshine was behaving like mad and if he leave the rope maybe she will jump on Geet. Without thinking a chuckle came out from her lips making Him amused, he glanced side way just showing his eyes to her.. Her heart shudder so was His.

They thought the spark had vanished, they thought the meeting will be not less than a bitterness of air, but it amused them both that none felt the tension of past just busy in absorbing their present. The appearances of both which had changed tremendously. She thought in past whenever she had the imagination to see him again maybe she will blast on him or show her anger, disgust and hatred but nothing came out. Just the eyes looked at each other’s depth. Pain, aloneness, bitterness, emptiness, regret, remorse, helplessness everything was there but words never reached the lips…

Next min Maan felt a strong pull that sunshine gave which was enough to knock him on ground but then She was there to stop his fall out. She held the rope and command sunshine to stop..

Geet: Stop Sunshine. She pulls the rope and in one shriek the horse stood still bowing her head in front of her master. Geet looked at her. Eyes refused to shed the tears her heart was wiping. She caresses her smoothly, Sunshine also showed her love by nodding her head making geet smile. Everyone was amazed with the scene but none said a word. It was a little while when geet absorb the place and then saw maan going inside the house and in that moment she knew it’s time for confrontation. Some bitter memories to be open and her heart will again bleed. But this time she is a stronger geet. GEET RATHODE…..


He pinned her to the wall slamming her back on the cold wall harshly.

His lips touched her naval then went down her abdomen. His finger tips touch the scare of her stretch marks, and she let the tear flow from her hazels.

Expected the unexpected???

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