Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 90


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Part 90

Maan turned to Geet who was lost somewhere, he came close to her ear: Happy Birthday mishty… Geet turned to him surprised and smiled…

Geet: Thanks.

Shiv: Ohh I forgot aaj to tumhara bhi birthday hain,, Tumhare Parents ko ek ke upar ek muft mila tha.. Shiv teased her to make her happy which turned to be angry, she gave an annoyed look to shiv which made maan laughed but he covered it with a cough…

Maan: umm geet its ur birthday too so why no one wished u, and saanjh cut the cake alone, I thought twin came to world together and u should have cut the cake together.

Geet looked at them with nervous smile: umm wo, actually I m 2 hour younger than saanjh so everyone will come at 2 in the morning to wish me again… saanjh was born at 12:05 and I m at 2..

Maan+ Shiv: Whatttt????

Maan: but they knew that u know they will come.

Geet: hmm but they will change the cake and gifts for me, she giggle seeing his face.

Maan: that mean u will not join saanjh in her celebration.

Geet: actually I don’t want to spoil their surprise for me which they are going to arrange, not every year our all family come together but this yr they need to shower their love on saanjh and saanjh she will be busy making new cake and more exciting things for me. Mumma maybe busy with sweet dishes.. saanjh loves privacy when she does something for me and every yrs it’s like same.

Shiv: badhi ajeeb family hain tumhari…. Geet again glared him but he was least bothered. He brought a gift packet and shoved it to her hand, HAPPY BIRTHDAY….

Maan brought a cake which astonished geet as from where he brought it,,, maahi was already yawing…

Maan: cut the cake before maahi sleeps. Geet took the cake and placed it on table, then sat on her knees..

Shiv: and before that ask does he has any gift for u, Geet instantly looked at maan with suspicious eyes.

Maan: wo to main private me dunga.

Shiv narrowed his eyes: romance to public me karta hain, gift private me. He murmured but enough loud for maan to hear.

Geet: it still has 1 n half hour for my birthday…

Shiv: der ghanta aage cake katogi to buddhi nahi hojayogi… geet felt irritated and showed him her knife which was enough to shut shiv.

Geet: but saanjh.

Shiv: uske sath to 2 hr baad katogi, so don’t waste time now.

Without any option geet cut the cake after wishing happiness for her family and friends.. she fed the smallest portion to maahi which made shiv and maan pout because they missed the first chance which makes maahika giggles… shiv looked away smiling on the thought of her giving the cake to maan but utterly surprised shiv looked at geet who was holding the cake in front of his mouth…

Geet: hurry up I m not keeping this like an hour more ok. Shiv took the piece and after taking in mouth the last bit he fed her first then maan. Geet turned towards maan and give him cake but he took her fingers instead relishing it which made shiv chuckle and murmur something. Actually it was maan who indicate her to give the cake to shiv and she obliged…

Maahika burped again, she clutched maan’s neck hiding her face in his neck. Shiv narrowed his eyes seeing her droopy eyes.

Shiv: kitna soti hain yeh?

Maan glared at him: she is a baby and babies are bound to sleep more.


Shiv: whatever, maan saw geet looking somewhere at something. He eyes shiv to talk to her and shiv knew it will come. He have to talk to her about saanjh. He can’t live with the guilt anymore. He can seek saanjh’s forgiveness easily knowing she still feels for him but how will he face geet who had made a special place in his heart, how can he forget She was the first person who took his heart with the first sight and it wasn’t the fact she is maan’s wife or saanjh’s replica but the innocent eyes and nave face with sober n humble persona took his heart and force him to feel an protective instinct for her. and he can’t see his friend so much gloomy on her birthday atleast.

Maan: Geet maahi is feeling sleepy so I m taking her to room, before geet can register anything he was gone. Shiv saw geet looking at something beside saanjh’s bed.

Shiv: Geet.

Geet: uhh, ha?

Shiv: what r u looking for? Maan chala gaya aur tumhe pata bhi nahi chala.

Geet: ha wo kisi aur khayal me khoyi thi.. umm I should leave now.

Shiv: geet, I wanted to talk to u. geet saw his face which clearly shows trouble. He was hesitant; there was fear on his face.

Geet: as far as it’s not related to saanjh we can talk.

Shiv: hum kabse baat karne ke liye kisi aur relation ke mohtaj hogaye geet? geet can see the pain in his voice, he was looking at her with piercing eyes.

Geet: does we have any other topic atleast for now? Shiv sighed and walked towards her.

Shiv: Geet can’t we forget everything and start a new, ye tum bhi janti ho I take decision in haste but that doesn’t mean I don’t care for her. ha maine bina soche samjhe wo sab kiya but trust me I had repent for 5 yrs. I was alone, away from my only family.. after so long I got them and the best thing is I got new frnd and life, You and Maahi.

Geet: aur saanjh ka kya shiv? How can I trust u with my sister. Accha tum yehi chahte ho sab pehle jaisa hojaye, main tumhare sath pehle jaisi hojayu, tumhe trust karu, then stay away from saanjh. Dur raho usse, and let her move on in life.

Shiv clenched his fist trying to suppress the pain and anger, because least he wanted to scare or hurt Geet. He saw her looking straight to his eyes, there was something and he can’t miss the accusation.

Shiv: Geet maine bhi usse khoya tha, can’t u see the pain in my eyes, yes I admit I was heartless monster to ruin her every dream but that doesn’t mean I hated her. staying away from her for 5 yrs knowing she will never return to me had made me realized the feeling I always denied to admit. That time it was too much for me, I never liked relation other than friendship, girls were never an entertaining object for me and saanjh, she was my best friend.. then one day I got to know she loved me, my other mate started plotting my mind, kya karta main. I had seen my dad suffering after my mom’s departure. He was like a machine, I had never seen love or a proper family. I was scared. On top of that my friends started plotting saying she was playing, I had seen maan neglecting sam for saanjh whom I called sister. It was too much for me and I had had hurt saanjh in the worst way.

After that day there wasn’t a single moment I didn’t missed her or thought myself responsible for our dismay, I had lost everything. Maan broke our friendship and I didn’t get any clue about saanjh, I tried to search her but in vein. U can’t imagine how badly I repented. Bohot dard hota tha geet but kisko kehta, kisko dikhata, koi nahi tha mera, na maan na saanjh. Hamesha ki tarha firse tanha hogaya tha. Aur abb jab apne pyar ko samne dekhta hu tab bich me ek deewar nazar aati hain. Geet I can’t stay from her, ye dard abb nahi saha jata….

Tear spilled from geet’s eyes: Abb jana Dard kya hota hain? Her voice had mixture  of hurt and pain. Kabhi socha hain Saanjh pe kya guzri hain? What she had faced that made her commit that horrific event. Kabhi jaanne ki koshish ki what she feels about u now? Does she love u still or not… Geet watched him stiffen the moment she said that.. she smiles painfully. Bas khayal se dar jaate ho kabhi socha hain what happened to her when u humiliated her in front of everyone?  Did u ever think because of u she never thought about Us, her family and took that decision. Aaj wo zinda hain issiliye tum ye sab keh rahe ho agar wo sach me uss hadse me mar jaati to?

Shiv shouted: GEETTT…

Love is a game, love is a gamble

Heart is a sea, Heart is a darkness

Still remember those painful days

yet not forget the remorseful night

u were there like a few drop in sunlight

I depend on u and u took my shadow

Left me with a darkness to follow

Yet I screamed, shouted for u in alone mid-way

Turn to see where were u to hold me in the sorrow

U never came, never showed the love the care

I m feeling empty this life is curse,,

I m scare to follow….

I fear the path, I fear the emptiness,

But knowing the life I can only shallow

I have to leave now

I can’t borrow, this unshed tears made me hollow

Good bye wanna say for once

Knowing it will drown u, I m silent

Still wanna show this heart

I loved u all my heart…..


Geet read it loud then fell on her knees reading the last poem from the diary saanjh wrote,,, her eyes were becoming blur,, all pain was burying in her was now showing again, she couldn’t take it,,, how did she bear everything. It was showing how much pain she had buried in her heart…

Shiv hung his head in guilt and pain, and seeing geet like that it was increasing his anxiety more,, he wanted to held her and say he didn’t commit the sin intentionally, he can never break her heart intentionally when he knew breaking her innocent heart means breaking himself… he is at fault for everything but still he wanted to say her he can do anything to rectify his mistake, his sin…

Shiv sat on his knees infront of geet with joined hand: I m sorry..

Geet looked at him with tears and hatred, still hatred refuse to come in her for this man whom she had called friend…

Geet: u can never understand the pain being humiliated from the one person whom she loved from the core of her heart,, u can never understand the pain being so unwanted between her best frnd whom she had trusted more than god, u can never rectify the mistake u did because it was not mistake, it was sin…

Before she can break down more someone pulled her in his strong arms and the scent itself was enough to calm her exoteric heartbeat… she whimper in her love’s embrace and he held her in him firmly, soaking her all pain in him.

Maan: I m here na, mishty sshhh its not good… maahi will get worried if wake up and doesn’t see u,, come…

Geet: maan wo,

Maan: whatever it is, I m with u… please u should take care,  he eyes shiv who silently left the place and maan lift her in his arms, then made his way in the room…

He laid geet on the bed but as he was going she held his hand: Maan..

Maan: shhh,, I m not going just let me lock the door. She left him abruptly, maan came back in a moment then saw her lost in thought. She wasn’t lying fully but half back was touching the bed post. He glanced at maahi who was sleeping in her cribe soundlessly, then joined geet on bed. She was gloomy and he cursed himself for leaving the 2 alone to sort out the problem.

He spread his arms and she couldn’t miss the chance to find solace. She instantly hugged him hiding her face in his neck…. He didn’t said a word just caresses her hair softly, giving her time to hold on her emotion. But soon he felt something wetting his skin. He jerks and made her face him only to see face full of tears.. he instantly brought her closer.

Maan: ohhh mishty, I m really sorry. Sorry jaan. I shouldn’t have leave u alone there. What have I done. Please, look at me.

Geet: maan main bohot buri hu. Maan was dumbfounded with her words. Least he expected accusing herself. He cupped her face and wiped the tear marks.

Maan: aisa nahi hain, meri mishty kabhi buri ho hi nahi sakti.

Geet: but see I hurt him so badly, I knew it would have been hurting but still,

Maan: u were right at ur place, he should know the pain of a family mishty.  Stop crying please.

Geet: Maan I know it had hurt him a lot but main kya karti, saanjh ka dard samne agaya, I need time to accept the fact he loves saanjh.

Maan’s mind got stuck, he looked at her eyes which says the truth of her heart…

Maan: u know that he,

Geet: uske ankho me dikhta hain maan. But main, main kya karu, I fear about saanjh that,,

Maan: mishty, chup, bilkul chup. He said in a husky voice. She looked at him with tears in eyes which rolled down her cherry cheeks. Geet tumhe pata hain tum rote huye kitni cute lagti ho, more than maahi. u look like a baby with puff lips and red nose with that water. Geet eyes widen as she looked at his teasing smile. She wiped her tears and nose while maan chuckled seeing her cute red angry face. Thanks to his star she is not crying now, umm anger is not a big thing to manofy but tears were pricking his heart…

Geet: maan u r so mean, main yaha kuch baat bata rahi thi and all u see is my tears and nose, jao mujhe aapse baat nahi karni. She pushed him and laid on the bed giving her back to him.

Maan: arre mishty suno to..

Geet: mujhe aapse koi baat nahi karni, aap bohot bure ho….

Maan: accha?

Her breath caught in her throat as his toe touched her cold feet. She bite her lips so that it doesn’t betray. His fingers touched her neck just above her zipper..  she held her breath but didn’t move, a playful smile touched maan’s lips, he lowered his face close to her earlobe.

Maan: abhi bhi nahi baat karni?

Geet: umm,, all she can manage but brought back to reality when he nipped her lobe seductively… she realized what she is doing and immediately sat up, before she can run away he held her wrist then pulls her on him… her pouted lips and angry eyes were making him hard. She tried to wriggle but he held her wrist tighter then brought her closer to his chest. Her protest seems die soon. His hand held her nape and tucked those loose hairs behind her ear, then brought her face closer to his. His breath tickled her senses and raw desiring eyes kept her in cage. Soon she felt herself pinned on the mattress softly, and he was above her. a moan escaped from her lips without knowledge.

Maan: abi bhi baat nahi karni mishty? His voice was melting her inside. The huskiness burned her desire. She looked at him helplessly. Maan caresses her face softly. I like my mishty as angrybird,  pouting even wild cat but those pearls always pierced me jaan, I have promised myself not to bring any tear in ur eyes but see always I m failure..

Geet kept her palm on his lips preventing saying that. He kissed her palm with a smile then touched her forehead with his. She cuddles above him and he held her tighter. Her face was between his neck and cheek.

Geet: Do u think I have done a mistake by saying all that.

Maan: umm,, no, tumne jo kaha wo  ek behen banke kaha geet, but he have to earn ur and saanjh’s trust.

Geet: and u r not going to help him.

Maan: that’s mean.

Geet: I want to see his determination.

Maan: so that’s mean I have forgiven him?

Geet: ummm no,

Maan raised his brow but geet heard the chuckle, she hit his chest playfully while he pulls her closer if that possible.

Maan: so madam isn’t angry with the fact he loves ur sister, and u r ready to accept him for saanjh, hain na geet?

Geet draws a long breath then look at his eyes with a small smile: I know he loves her but I want him to prove that by HIMSELF and u will not help him. I know u helped him earlier.

Maan: hmm so meri biwi sach me smart hain. But geet u have to give some gift for that I mean I m dumping my frnd for u.

Geet: maannnn, u r so bad. But in one jerk he brought her under him. Her breath did a small flip flop.

Maan: hmm that I m but I can’t forget my condition. Without warning he stole her lips in his warm mouth. She tried to wriggle or say a word but he crushed between his lips and teeth. She can feel maan’s restless which increased with the mere touch of her lips. She saw the fight he had put against his desire. With a smile she wrapped her hand around his neck making it difficult for him to resist the passion…

Hs kissed her lips harshly nipping her plump skin and drawing a moan from her mouth… his tongue swirl above her lips then parted to invade in her secrets. She opened it thoroughly and let him swift her to the ecstasy. His hand folded her curves above the thin material,, while his tongue invade in her mouth deep, dancing or fighting a with her desire. His teeth chewed on her soft lips making her gasp. He left her lips coming n her neck kissing nibbling it vigorously. She cried in pleasure and he was not in a good position either. He unzipped her kurti clearly annoyed with the kurti. He pushed away her bra strap and nibbled her skin almost making it red. She was breathing hard and her feminine part was throbbing like volcano. Her palm was making a fist of his hair pulling him closer to her. his hand folded her curves and took out the material, it was slightly torn by the force he used.

Her hard bud poked against his partly bare chest and her cry filled the room as he took one hard bud. She was floating in air but holding him like a life supporter. The feeling of having him so close is utterly heaven and she doesn’t want to break it,  tough he wanted to make their sr special but for her every moment was special and every love making… but does he know what he is doing. In every move she can feel desperation, need for her… she tried to break the heavenly contact of their body but he was furious. He was loving each and every fiber of her body. She felt on the bed as he came down on her stomach. He kissed her naval, licking it with his tongue..

Before he can open the knot he heard a sharp cry,, he looked at the source and the source and their angel was crying and kicking her hand and leg. Maan panted heavily then looked at her worn out state.

Maan sighed: I m sorry misty I,,

Geet: I m still waiting for my gift…

Geet pecked his lips preventing any talk and signaled him to take maahi which he obliged…. Geet put her night dress and watched her hubby cradling maahi to sleep…

And just then her door being banged with loud thud. Ofcourse it 2 am now.

Precap: Mahendi sangeet….


What do u thought after last day I will sit in a corner away from ur sister and watch her like Devdas, sorry but I m not Devdas neither I m gonna sacrifice her, and nor I m gonna leave the chance to make u my saali… he wink and all she did was gaping at him with mouth hung open….

Sorry I m hell sleepy so divided this part to another part hehehhe work hard and fill the thread, once it reached 150 page I will update the next….

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  35. Awww nice part n plzzzz update love for u ff na plzzzz


  36. Posted by kriti31 on April 28, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    awesome updates




  38. emotional sad convo btw geet n shiv nice n love the naughty maaneet scene


  39. Posted by monikaseth on May 2, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    way to go shiv and you need to prove you love her if geet with you you wll win soon amazing


  40. Part 90 —

    Loved the update

    Maan n Shiv were shocked n surprised to know tht Geet is younger then Sanjh by 2 hours and the family celebrate their birthday in a different style

    Geet was feeling irritated by Shiv constant questioning n point a knife at him

    Maan left with Maahika inorder to give Shiv n Geet some space to talk and clear out

    Geet was going to break down totally remembering the pain of Sanjh which she had gone through in the past but Maan came n held her on time

    Geet taking promise from Maan tht he is not going to help Shiv

    let us see how Shiv will win Geet n Sanjh heart

    lovely MAANEET moment

    awesome teaser


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