Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 89



Kagaz Ki Kashthi

This Part is specially for Shivaanjh, so whoever doesn’t like them ls stay away from this part, and Maanet part will be next, yup I m updating double…. Next part will be in an hour or 2. I still have to write some.

Part 89

Maan: shut up u both, and I don’t want to hear any nonsense till morning, shiv don’t wait for me, u can go back to villa ok. Shiv nodded and maan entered geet’s room leaving shiv with saanjh and took a confuse geet with him.


Geet: wo sab kyat ha?

Maan: kya?

Geet: what is shiv doing here maan? Please tell him to go now, if anyone see him with saanjh what will they think?

Maan: relax jaan, he will be with saanjh in her room for few min, he wanted to talk to her.

Geet: but what? Maan don’t u think it’s not right?

Maan: geet don’t u trust shiv? Maan said while looking straight in her eyes but geet looked away, he made her look in his eyes by holding her chin.

Geet: Maan I do, but as a friend not a sister. Maan saw the turmoil on her face. No sister can believe a person who had broken her dear sister to an extent she didn’t wanted to live.


Shiv: oye sun to, saanjh, please. But she was running inside her room where shiv was shouting her name to stop. She hit her forehead with her palm. Then gave a threatening glare to shiv. Her eyes roamed here and there to confirm if anyone heard them or not. Then held his wrist dragging him inside her room. Shiv was amused to see her dominating sight, but he was enjoying it very much, he let her lead him and saanjh was so frustrated that she didn’t realized what she was doing… she left his hand once they stepped in her room and then closed the door. She turned to look at shiv who was sitting on her bed comfortably making her further irritated.

Saanjh: what r u doing here shiv? Agar,, agar kisine dekh dekh liya to,, ohh god what will mum say if she see u here. What was the need to come with maan huh, bolo.

Shiv: break laga satabdi express,, how can u blabber so much,, and by the way when maan came u didn’t said anything, but seeing me u behaved like I have thrones on my body.

Saanjh: that because he was going in geet’s room and u came with him so naturally u can’t go to their room, u know privacy. Ohh tumhe to privacy naam ki cheese pata bhi nahi cause all u do is gatecrash in anyone’s room. And now if anyone see u they will make a scene and,

Before she can complete her nonstop chatter shiv came forward, he put his palm on her lips making her eyes widen. Her curly hair fell over her cheek, he removed his palm then touched the flocks.

Shiv: I thought u had stammering problem, but whenever we met u are absolutely fine by speech.

Saanjh took few step back and looked here n there:  wo, main, umm,, ac-actually.

Shiv: see its again back.. saanjh why don’t u let go of ur inhabitation. When u talk to me there I can see the old saanjh then why u r stopping her .  Why saanjh. He said while gripping her shoulder. Saanjh tried to loosen his grip.

Saanjh: let-let, go, off p-please.

Shiv: the saanjh I have known only knew to fight with me to do her any work, but this saanjh hardly look at my eyes. Please saanjh don’t bind yourself. Saanjh looked at his eyes, tears and anger both was in her dark eyes. She was struggling with his grip what was making him frustrated.  Shiv greeted his teeth. What is ur problem damit..

Saanjh: You,, you are my problem shiv. I don’t want to be the old saanjh whom u had destroyed, who’s happiness was only her frnds but u snatched that. You made me the girl I m today. You are my sole problem.. She cried feeling helpless and shiv left her hand instantly, guilt ate him and the pain he thought he will feel the moment saanjh will say those words is now much more worse than that. He knew how much damage he did, and it will take a lot time to heal those wounds. Saanjh turned her back trying to stop the tears. She rubbed her cheeks harshly with the back of her palm. But then shiv’s voice stopped her.

Shiv: Still u care for me. Why Saanjh? His voice was soft, but she can still hear the pain in the line.  Saanjh didn’t move from her place, this time shiv walked towards her and stood in front of her. Her eyes were down-casted to the floor.

Saanjh gasped as shiv slides his hand in her waist bringing her close to him, her hand landed on her chest trying to make a little space between them but he wasn’t in a mood to let her go, not today. He held her one cheek with his palm forcing her look at his eyes. The more she struggle more he brings her closer. Atlast she felt herself holding his jacket and her whole weight on him as he was holding very close that her body was touching his every fiber.

Saanjh: Shiv, she tried to protest but he brought his face closer to him.

Shiv: tell me saanjh why u worry for the person who destroyed u? why u care for the person who pushed u into darkness?

Saanjh: I don’t,, I do-don’t care… I,,,, She was breathless with the proximity of him, Shiv smiles a little kissed her forehead softly.

Shiv: yeah that’s why pulled me in ur room so that no one can think bad about me seeing here. U don’t care and that’s why never told anyone about my deed. U could have made me culprit when I did the sin still u never said a word to me not even to maan who is ur best friend. U always cared for me, always did and will do, bas apne is bandhan se bahar aayo. Come out from ur shell saanjh, don’t punish others for my deed. They loves you.

Saanjh cried: Shiv.

Shiv: I know I don’t deserve u, never I can, but I still hope to get u because You r the only best for me. She tried to push him but it was very weak and he tugged her closer. His thumb rubbed her cheek, he kissed her eyes one by one. I was blind not to see the love but I repented it for 5 yrs saanjh, I m sorry for it but trust me that time I was so lost in my own self, I didn’t realized my own feeling. Those changes in me was making me out of control and I blamed everything on u but never realized it was my heart which changed, it started having feeling for u like the way I never felt for anyone.

Saanjh looked at him numbly, she couldn’t understand him, nor his words. Because he couldn’t understand his feeling he blamed all on her, he thought she was characterless and snatching his friend. Saanjh couldn’t tolerate much and she wriggled to get free of his hold. Shiv was quick to understand her move and held her tighter. She cried but he didn’t left her but held her like that. Finally she looked at his eyes with a complaining face that he is much stronger. He smiles and kissed her nose.

Shiv: I was fool to do that, I was mad that didn’t saw the love but u punished me for that. Still u r mad saanjh? U know the moment I heard I will never see u again, I will never face u or touch u, tease u like before, the moment I knew u left us something left me that time. something was apart from me. Last 5 yrs was nightmare for me, not a single night I could slept peacefully. Just ur face was infront of me, I wanted to apologies, I wanted to tell u I was a big fool, but please come back to me. But u were nowhere to say anything. U didn’t punished me with words but my darkness punished me. I was so alone saanjh, If u want to make me suffer do that but be in front of me, don’t push me away because this time I won’t be able to save myself going in the darkness.

Saanjh looked at him with tears, her throat choked but nothing came out. Shiv looked at her deeply, those hidden emotion in her eyes has started reflecting again, he feared if he is reading same or its just his heart playing games. He saw her eyes were on his face, and then closing her eyes like submission herself. He couldn’t stop himself anymore and took her lips in his, like she was waiting for it, she didn’t resist or pushed him just wrapped her hand around his nape. He was so lost that didn’t cared for her response, he didn’t deepen the kiss just sucked her soft lips.

Saanjh felt butterflies dancing in her stomach, yes he didn’t only confess his love but she got to see his emotions completely which was enough for her but still the fear is there, can she trust him? Maybe.. Maybe its time to let go of her inhibition, or atleast let him break her shell.. she parted her lips and touched his lips with her tongue which  pushed him to the edge. He increased the pressure and his hand roamed all over her back , she moans and held him closer to her. Just then a bang on the door broke their moment. Saanjh looked at a lost shiv and pulled her lips away panting heavily, shiv groaned hiding his face in her neck. The bang on her door again came, saanjh tried to go but shiv stopped her, she heard her father calling her name softly. She looked at shiv worriedly but he was calm.

Saanjh: shiv papa. Shiv pulled her closer. Making her gasp, she was panicking which make her adorable. Shiv chuckle lightly. Then give her a packet she confusingly looked at him. He indicate to take it and she took it. Ye kya hain?

Shiv kissed her lips like a peck: Mere jaane ke baad kholna, Happy Birthday Prankstar.

Saanjh: u remembered it?

Shiv: I can never forget this day saanjh, open it only after I am gone ok? She closed her eyes nodding but the smile didn’t go unnoticed by him. He kissed her forehead one last time. When she opened her eyes shiv was not there, She sighed and hide the gift packet under pillow. After straighten her dress and hair she opened the door.


Everyone shouted Making her jump in fear and then excitement.. she took blessing from her lovable parents, and then 2nd parents. Rano and rituka both hugged her and felt nostalgic. Rituka hugged rano and cried, its their ritual for every birthday of saanjh while saanjh only rolled her eyes.

Ajay: Wiase tum kisse baat kar rahi thi, aur itni der kyun lagi darwaja kholne me?

It was then saanjh realized she was enough loud with shiv that maybe they have heard something or atleast.  She looked here and there and then someone coughed to get attention and then everyone looked at the person with confusion. Saanjh closed her eyes in fear. But then something caught her attention and she turned to see GEET standing there holding maahi and saanjh was like statue, what will she say to geet about shiv? But for now they have to see this.

Geet: hello everyone. u all r late we wished Saanjh already right saanjh? She looked at saanjh with a smile who gave a nervous node. Maahi threw her hand towards saanjh who caught her in her arm. Maahi wetted her cheek with saliva making everyone chuckle.

Saanjh: thanks angel..

Abir: ok now if everyone’s wish game is over can we cut the yummy cake?

Saanjh turned to cut the cake but not before wishing something for her family and friends and specially geet n maan’s happiness, she missed shiv n maan but then suddenly from nowhere they heard blast of balloon and more chaos, turning towards the door she saw maan n shiv standing there with gifts and balloons.

Maan+ Shiv: Happy Birthdayyyy… everyone saw them and gave a chuckle. Maahi was with geet but right now jumping on her arms seeing her dada and chachu so excited. Maan came forward and gave a frndly hug to saanjh, everyone adore their friendship, geet too hugged saanjh while maahi blabbered in her language.

Geet whispered: Happy Birthday..

Saanjh gave a smile and mouthed a thanks, and then shiv came forward, It was awkward for saanjh but shiv got his teasing time, so he gave a bear hug but still sliding his finger slightly on her spine, saanjh cursed him under breath but none noticed much, though rituka doesn’t liked their proximity but she choose to keep mum. Abir was boiling in anger seeing that and gave an annoyed look to saanjh who just smiled nervously and hung her head down.

Ajay: ok now cut the cake. They brought the cake in front of her.

Saanjh: ye sab,, karne ki kya,, jarurart thi papa? She said calmly,, but the warmth was present in her eyes. Her father hugged her sideway.

Ajay: my sleeping beauty is with me after whole 5 yrs, we should celebrate it like before na? saanjh smiles through tears, mohindar hugged her other side, every yr of her birthday the 2 family always had spent together. Its 5yrs that they lost the happiness to be together but again it came back. Saanjh cut the cake, then fed 1st pieces dividing in to mohindar and ajay. Rano and Rituka pouted seeing the fathers enjoying their cake which make everyone giggle. Saanjh did same with her both mothers who hugged her with tears. They missed this day.

Saanjh turned towards her frnd and sister, geet was waiting patiently for her turn, but when saanjh came close to her She saw her looking at her side and noticed maan was standing there holing maahika, expecting the cake.

Maan: saanjh I m ur best friend so that’s for me right?

Geet: dare u saanjh. I m ur sister, so it’s my turn.

Maan: excuse me in that way I m her brother in law so I come first.

Geet: no its mine. Everyone laughed to see fight for cake where shiv looked at them in amusement. Frustration was clearly evident on saanjh’s face, well one more person was there to feel the same like saanjh. Saanjh looked at maahika who was looking at her parents fighting over a cake. And then saanjh took a small portion of cream and dipped in maahika’s mouth who laughed with the feeling of sweetness, she was very small so can’t even take a proper cake but one few portion of cream was better so saanjh fed her that. Maaneet felt embarrassed behaving like children.

Saanjh: tum dono,,, 1 bacche ke Parents ho,,, ya kindergarden ke bacche?

After feeding them she turn towards shiv, who was patiently waiting for her, but she couldn’t feed the cake to him when abir came infront giving a bear hug.

Abir: many many many happy returns of the day sanju, he kissed her forehead and saanjh gave a smile. Its normal between them like every year. Shiv looked away clearly annoyed…

Saanjh’s parents left the place because all young ppl were in a mood of celebration and few are downstairs.

Brij: ok saanjh lets go down, few more ppl want to wish u but they were busy in decoration in the hall.

Saanjh looked flabbergasted: kya?

Geet chuckle: saanjh everyone missed this day for 5 long years, we couldn’t leave this chance. She hugged her from back while saying that, and saanjh felt her tear can come out very soon.. geet pinched her cheek.. Aaahhh u have become like me, tears in every 2 sec, u used to say tears shop to me but see now what happen to my prankstar huh? Saanjh shook her head and then hugged her saying a thank u.

Abir: tum logo ka bharat milap hojaye to niche ajana, but before that he gave a gift wrapped packet to saanjh who seems really excited about it, she literally snatched it. It was diamond studded watch… in excitement saanjh hugged abir.

Saanjh: thank u thank u thankuuuuu…. Abir laughed seeing her so much excited. When they broke the hug saanjh’s eyes met with the fierce eyes of shiv. She pulled out the hug with a safe gap. Abir saw that and held saanjh’s hand in his grip.

Abir: ok lets go now, everyone is waiting for u.

He dragged her out from the room, saanjh glanced at shiv’s last time who was clearly hurt. She wanted to go to him but couldn’t as she will be obvious then. Shiv looked the piece of cake lying there with a sad smile…

Maaneet watched him standing there in an awkward silence.

© All CopyRights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg.


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  1. Posted by neha74 on April 25, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    wow i am the first one to comment and like this update…simply awesome…eagerly waiting for more…


  2. Nice update
    Waise confusion hai geet & sanjh toh twins hai toh birthday sirf sanjh
    Ka hi kaise?
    Waise sanjh & shiv part is so sweet


  3. wow !! sanjh ans shiv finally patched up again , they make really cool couple … thier romance was the most fav part….. very very fun full of enjoyment update , I really hate this abir to depth , he is so annoying always coming between shiv and sanjh … poor shiv left alone without being fed the cake . loved the update … please post the next update soon eagerly waiitng


  4. i never thought i will enjoy some other couple’s romance as much as i did maaneet’s .. 😀
    loved the update finally siv-saanjh getting close …
    but thr are many obstacles …lets c how will they manage ..

    update next soon 🙂


  5. loved this update….finally saanjh decidedvto give chance to shiv….really hate that idiot-monkey -donkey abir….always interfering.


  6. Posted by blossomsunshine on April 25, 2013 at 11:40 pm

    Finally Shiv expressed his feelings. liked the birthday celebration and the cute fights over cake


  7. Awsum update, but hate this abir love sanj shiv romance.wating for maaneet moment.


  8. Posted by chahhat4eva on April 26, 2013 at 12:49 am

    Awwwww sooooo sweet update dear….. Loved it….. Oooooo poor Shiv, Saanjh didn’t feed him bday cake….. Soooo sad…. Well done dear….❤❤❤


  9. chapter 89

    awsem updateshiv confessing hin feeling and sanjh trying to give chance surprise birthday sanjh older than geet everyone wishing sanjh shiv annoyed with abir sanjh closeness


  10. Yeh abir bhi na chado loved it


  11. Finally confessed his love. Much needed confrontation. Abir kab kabab me haddi ban na chode ga. Mahi got to taste the cake icing. Dada ki excited baby.


  12. Posted by mmradhu97 on April 26, 2013 at 3:49 am

    Awesome update…
    Loved it…


  13. nice update but miss maaneet


  14. Posted by monikaseth on April 26, 2013 at 7:40 am

    amazing well describe geet and her anger towards Shiv he need to prove his love towards Sanjh i am with geet …loved whole update awesome maan and his support make geet more strong …loved shiv and his teasing comments


  15. Posted by monikaseth on April 26, 2013 at 7:43 am

    Glad to see Shiv and Saajh Changing their fight and hate in to love i want to bang this abir dear i know one day shiv and maan going to teach him good lesson awesome sorry for 2 part comment accidentally kicked enter


  16. Saanjh and shiv r sweet thy always fight wth each other bt they love each other to pyaaar mein ye nok jhok jhagda wagda hota rehta hain


  17. thanks tich for accepting my request. it was awesome. i loved shiv and saanjh’s nok jhok and their loving moment. whole family part was very emotional. after five year they all are celebrating. i felt bad for shiv. but he has to do something special.


  18. Ek baat samaj nahi aayi agar they both r tewins to no celebration for geet’s birthday?7v?


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  21. Posted by anupamarathore01 on April 27, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    only sanjh birthday…….i mean geet n sanjh are twins , so little confuse


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  26. Part 89

    awesome update

    Maaneet moment were too gud

    Geet trust shiv as a friend but still she had fear tht he dont her sister

    Shiv – Sanjh confrontation was much needed, finally Shiv confessed his heart to Sanjh n Sanjh let the wall to break n Shiv kissed Sanjh

    everyone is celebrating Sanjh birthday

    Maaneet fighting for a piece of cake like a kid

    Shiv is hurt n very much annoyed as Sanjh was not able to fed cake to him


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