Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 65


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She didn’t turn to see him when he entered the room. Her mind was captivate by the sight but today it was making her feel an extreme jealousy and pain. She knew its baseless because he loves her right? Or maybe he doesn’t? The thought only makes her stiffen, no matter how much she try to give false hope to her heart but no woman can see her husband not loving her but having time with anyone else. It’s her insecurity and she is ready to admit but the question is, will it change anything? Will it change their relation?


Maan saw her looking outside and without uttering a word he went to washroom. In 30 min he came back to room only to see warm food waiting for him in the room and geet was nowhere to be seen. He sighed and sat on the couch to take the food, but with the 1st morsel he remember geet’s face, did she had her dinner. He waited for her to come back but she didn’t come after 10 min so he took the plate and started searching for her. Some kind of noise diverted his attention towards a particular room, he glanced back at the kids who was peacefully sleeping cuddling together.




Then exited the room in search for his wife who was doing some work in kitchen.  He saw her immersed in work, she was cleaning the kitchen but where is the servants, why she is doing it at this hour. Geet sensed his presence and instantly turn. Their gaze locked but none moved their tongue. It doesn’t like the old maan or geet, they never needed word to show their care but today none could read each other. Both has surrounded themselves in a glass shield. Both want to break that but can’t. Geet came back to senses and got worried about kids as they are alone and rushed out the kitchen.


Maan: Geet.


She stopped at her track, she so much wanted to hear her name from his lips but now a days he doesn’t call her for any necessary or anything it felt weird. She turned with a mix emotion, eagerness yet worry. Eagerness to hear him but worry for her children.


Geet: bacche, main.


Maan felt a pang to see her fumbling, the geet he knew, never ever had fumbled or felt awkward to say a word in front of him, does he went too far? Maybe yes. But he never wanted this still destiny played it’s game.


Maan: they are sleeping..


Geet: I should check them first. She tried to walk pass him but maan stopped her in track. She looked at his eyes which was penetrating her. for a moment she felt lost in those dark chocolate eyes. Its more than 5 month she had felt him so close and the sudden closeness made the situation awkward for her. He saw the repulsion and felt hurt deep inside but he himself had created this. But today something caught his attention, she seems so lost and fragile.. her pale face thin structure made him burn in guilt knowing very well maybe his indifference had made her like this.


Maan: they are secure with all the pillows around geet, we need to talk.


Geet’s eyes shot up hearing his words, yeah now he is deciding they can talk, but she wonder why those month wasn’t enough for him to TALK. She nodded and he put the plate on the table aside.


Maan: did u had ur dinner? A small smile tugged her lips but it doesn’t has the spark but a sad smile, she looked at him with knitted brow.


Geet: after so many month u want to talk about this maan?


Maan: geet… he called her in a helpless voice, she closed her eyes and remembers that time when she was running behind him to talk atlast for a sec but he was busy, he would just stare at her for a min then walk out. So many night she had slept on the dinner table and next found herself on bed in the morning but didn’t felt the warmth anymore.


Geet opened her eyes with determined face: it doesn’t matter maan, u should eat and take rest, must be having important meeting tom.


Maan: it isn’t my answer. Did u have ur dinner?


Geet smiles sadly: its doesn’t matter anymore.


Maan: Geettt,,, she can see he is losing his patience but in fraction he controlled his emotion, sadly she even felt the anger was better which brought him closer to her but now he had closed himself. Instead of arguing maan forced her to sit on the chair in kitchen and force a morsel in her mouth. She didn’t hesitate but in next bite she stopped him.


Geet: I will take my plate u finish ur.


Maan: u can eat from here geet.  Geet stares at him for few moment, a lump formed in her throat then she forces a smile on her pale face…


Geet: I don’t want to keep a fake picture in front of my eyes when I will eat alone tomorrow maan. Don’t spoil my habit. She stood up leaving a numb maan, he can see how extent she is pale, not only outside but inside also. He saw her taking 2 rotis and palak paneer, and took seat silently. Then it hit him how can the servant make the Indian dishes. And he tasted the food, she made this.


Maan: Why u were cleaning kitchen? Where are the servants? Why u made this? She was startle with so many question but keep her numb state.


Geet: they works till evening but after that I take care of everything anyway I have lots of time to spend alone and I feel bore, so better to do some work rather putting weight.


Maan: u look pale, doc said u should take rest.  Geet closed her eyes, the pain and lump she was suppressing was going out of control she needed to free herself before it too late but she doesn’t want to ruin his moment, it doesn’t matter to him anymore right? Then why there is pain in his voice. She opened her eyes and looked straight in his.


Geet: Doctor said a lot of things maan, we can’t take everything to living life, it has to move on.


Maan: but ur health.


Geet: I m fine maan, actually better than that. She finished her food and stood up.


Maan: won’t u give company to me geet?


Geet: its late maan and kids will wake up in few min, I need to be with them. Just dump the plate in sink I will take care of it and switch off the light. He couldn’t control the rage seeing her indifference. It was hurting him so badly.


Maan held her wrist: Why u r doing this damit? U didn’t even have ur proper meal and why the hell u r working when there is maid.


Geet jerks his hand: what is ur problem maan? Why u r behaving all concern for me? U have ur office and work then be happy with that na, why so suddenly thinking about me huh? She tried to wriggle but maan pulls her closer, her weak framed touched his hard one, she doesn’t has the strength to fight and maan can feel it… she felt weak both mentally and physically …. Please leave me, leave me and go away, I can’t take this anymore, I just can’t, he saw her sliding on the floor like jelly.


The deep pang he felt was unbearable, she is so week and fragile that was showing on her face. He tried to hold her but she was pushing his hand away. He closed his eyes and after 2 sec opened it with determination. He scooped her in his arm and headed towards the bedroom. She put her head on his chest not saying a word to him just lost in her own world. They entered the room and maan placed her on the bed beside their angels. Geet instantly hugged them hiding her face in them.


Maan: I know in these month I was busy but,


Geet: but I should have shown I m happy right maan? She couldn’t help but being a little rude, she sighed and looked at him. Please maan go and do ur work, u doesn’t need to see whether I m ok or dead.


Maan raised his voice finally: GEETTTT… just the voice was enough to wake rehan and he started crying throwing his hand in air. Geet calmed herself first then took rehan in her hand. She stood up from the bed and cradle him while pacing the room. In few min rehan was again in sleep, she put him in cribe but then saw rihana all wake up and looking with her with crying face, Maan instantly took her in his arm but rihana started crying loudly,, geet almost snatched her from him and took her to balcony. It was mildly cold so she put blanket on her.


Geet: rihu, see it cold, rihu like cold na, the breeze.. geet smiled and tickle her by touching her chin and she laughed, Maan looked at them from far and felt something is pricking his heart. Is he wrong in his path, just to safe geet from his heart he had made a glass wall between them and unknowing hurting her further. He saw geet putting rihana in cribe who was holding geet’s saree pallu, she replace her pallu with rehan’s hand and rihana hold it. Rehan seems love his sister’s touch so he cuddle close to her. Geet sat on the ground looking at them with a sad smile. The mist layer made its way unknowingly. See maan they complete each other. By the way do u remember when last rihana cried in front of u? her taunt pricked him like niddle, she sighed. U r too busy maan, when ur work will be complete then come back we will talk then.


She went towards her bed which is 2 feet away from the cribe. Put the comforter on her and hugged herself closely like hiding herself from the world. Maan left to his study without uttering a word. The tear she was holding slides down. She looked at her children with tears.


Geet: I wish I can give u the love of father that u deserves but I will give u all my love and life, I won’t let u feel abandon.





He sat on the arm chair thinking about past 5 month how it changed their life, he never wanted to drift away but needed little time to open his heart to her but it look like he has taken a lot time. he have to do something soon or else he will lose geet which he can’t afford. Today seeing her week yet fighting self only he knew how much pain he had faced, its seems like she is again going in the shell. He closed his eyes, why he has to hurt her so much every time. He had worked like machine in this past month only to complete his all pending work which left because of her treatment so that they can return to their life. He knew once they get back to India everything will be normal but whenever geet used to say she want to go India he couldn’t let her go because he can’t live without her or babies. Atleast here he can see them after coming home or before going back to office in morning but never realized in his selfishness he is pushing her so far where return will be very hard.


But not anymore today he had seen her, and the mere look of detachment tore him so think about geet he shudders now.


Maan: I m so sorry, I was selfish jaan, please come back to me.


Precap: none, tom I will update one more part, Because of this hot I m not feeling well so can’t stay here much time, sorry..

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  1. Awsum update, conti soon loved it.


  2. Posted by nitika20 on April 29, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    Waiting for d nxt part ….


  3. Posted by kriti31 on April 29, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    nice update


  4. Posted by impoojaverma on April 29, 2013 at 5:22 pm

    is it only his work due to which he neglect all d 3 or something else???

    whatever it is geet wants him to be close to him but in his selfishness he push her too far

    hope he will clear this distance b/w them ASAP


  5. Very nice update


  6. very nice update and good


  7. Sad update


  8. Posted by neha74 on April 29, 2013 at 6:39 pm

    Ohhhh!! Such a sad one….why are they both in so much pain….maan cares for geet then, what is the actual reason of his keeping distance from his family…eagerly waiting for more……


  9. Nice but don’t want maaneet to be part way plzzz


  10. Felt sad at Geet’s condition but sometimes I think its so natural to happen between couples.Husband after giving extra time to wife during pregnency,get busy when they think now everything is fine.And in this busyness(mother with baby and father with work) both of them drift away.

    Tho Maan was busy but he should have talked his differences out with Geet.

    Dont what u’ve in store for future,but I m waiting eagerly for that.



  11. Great why is everyone so sad lately hope they both realise what they have together as in a soulmate before its too late for them hanging in suspense to see how maan brings geet back to his side


  12. hope he will clear this distance b/w them ASAP
    but i want geet to teach a gud lesson to him fr this pain frm which she is suffering


  13. Posted by chahhat4eva on April 29, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    Superb update dear👏👏…. Loved it💐…. Pls make Maan open to Geet😕😕…. Continue soon dear🌺🌺


  14. Posted by maneet4afrin on April 29, 2013 at 8:50 pm

    but what happened in b/w secrete????? but both bro-sis holding each others hand while sleeping is tooo cute….

    saddy part but very nice… i liked d dialogues very much……


  15. nice update full with various emotions geet far from maan reach and maan guilty waiting for next


  16. sad update
    hope they solve their problems soon
    and hope their is no other reason for maans indifference
    waiting for next part
    continue soon


  17. Posted by mmradhu97 on April 30, 2013 at 3:27 am

    awesome update…
    eagerly waiting for next update…


  18. Posted by nonabebu47 on April 30, 2013 at 3:53 am

    awsum update tichu pls cont soon


  19. finally maan realized his mistake…


  20. Omg why so much distance n that too from Maan’s side when he loves geet so much. Why does he fear n why he thinks that he needed to save from his love. I have feeling that something has happened during the treatment period n that’s maan is scared n started distancing himself from his life n kids.


  21. Posted by angelickushi on April 30, 2013 at 5:45 am

    i was dreading to read the update bcoz the last one left me crying so i was very apprehensive to read this one
    then i had to read on y maan was doing this
    finally he realized his mistake and extent of hurt he has given her again
    waiting for next eagerly


  22. Emotional update. Both have their own pain bottled up for many months. It time now for them to have family moments as even the kids lack affection of their dad.


  23. tich it was great part. there is lots of differences between maneet.
    it is because maan was busy in his offece work or it’s reason is another.
    geet and maan both are unhappy with out each other. waiting for next dear.


  24. love it di!!!! awsome update i was silent reader but thought now i,ll comment on each update i mean try to do it
    thank god maaneet are back together
    update soooonnnn……..


  25. awesome update
    what happened to them
    is there anyone who trapping them?
    plz add some moments of rehan and rihhana.


  26. Waiting for next


  27. i thought u forget about this ff.whenever i think this will be closed u start new track nd every track is awesome.love this update also.plsssss update soon


  28. very nice update tichu , but very depressed the way geet is behaving with maan, she should realize that he is business man and has some commitments too and a wife should support her husband to make him strong with even sweet smile , like im always there with you , I know she has just recently gone through treatment andhse is not behaving normal but still I pity maan more then her aleast she has kids wit her what about maan he must be feeling so lonely wont he thinking of koining hi family but his depend work made him busy and away from family


  29. hope maan will solve everything…he hve to


  30. Part 65

    Geet had suffered so much pain due to Maan distancing from their life n dont have any more capacity in her to break down once more….

    i hope so Maan will manofy his Geet n give back her Maan soon who used to love, pamper n tease her to eternity along with his office work

    Kids too dont know their dada touch

    going to read next part


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