Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 66

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Part 66



Morning ray hit her white skin, her eyes burned with the light and nose crunched in irritation.


Geet: gracy go away, and put the curtain down, I don’t want to wake up now. Just get out now. Not finding the response and the bright light still on her face she irritatingly woke up.. don’t u know I was awake the night because of rehan n rihana, uff I have to wake up after every one hour, and my head is arching. Please fetch me the tablets. Not finding any answer she looked up to see her handsome husband standing there in his black vest and tracks. She looked at him blankly and then babies who were enjoying the sun light with giggles.


Maan was amused first to find her irritated voice, then baby complaining face and then the headache, he felt sorry for her, in these 5 month she always managed their children alone and it must be so hectic. He saw her looking at him blankly, no emotion was there on her face but as soon as she saw babies a small smile touched her face. She bend down on their face and kissed on their nose, they seems like enjoying the attention and kicked their legs in excitement. She didn’t acknowledge his presence which hurt him again.


Without saying a word to him she put the curtain aide a little so that a little portion ray comes on them which they were enjoying, she made the bed fast then flew inside the washroom after giving a soft teddy to them which both tried to snatch. Maan smiles at them and bend down on them.


Maan: hey angels, Papa missed u… Rihana instantly left the teddy and gave a smile to maan, she can’t sit properly but as the cribe was big and with the help of cushion maan made her sit, she happily sat there and played with his hand… but rehan didn’t liked him and turned his back to him. Bilkul maa pe gaya hain ziddi and emotional. Maan felt them with his finger, he caresses their soft hand, rihana’s tiny palm which held maan’s hand then her cute face, he traced her face and kissed her forehead. Then tried to hold rehan who immediately cried on top of his lungs. Hearing his cry geet came out hurriedly forgetting the fact she was in her bath robe only..


Geet: maan what r u doing? Rehan doesn’t like to wake up so early, he will again sleep for an hour. Why u have to try to turn him, now see he is so irritated. Babaji jaane aaj pura din ye kitne nakhre karega, aur mere jeena mushkil karega.. she cutely cribbed forgetting everything and him.


He stood there mesmerized seeing her in the tiny bathrobe which came to her thighs and wet hair, water dripping from her hair to neck and silky smooth legs were proudly testing his patience. Then his eyes went on how she took rehan who cuddle close to her neck. After few sweet word and cradle he was finally asleep. Geet took a sigh relief. But as she turned all her breath caught in her throat finding him so close…


His eyes darken, the way his eyes moved on her face then her lips and the water drops on her cheek she knew what is going in his head, but does she read correct or it’s just her desire that was making her hallucinate. She tried to read his face but his jaw was tightening and hands were fist, she sighed maybe again a mistake. She tried to pass him but he suddenly grabbed her waist and in the haste she lost her balance making both of them fall on the bed. He was above her, crushing her petite form under his huge structure. Her curves rubbed with his half bare chest making the nipple go tight instantly. Her breath was uneasy and she was disturbed, she doesn’t want him to see her body reacting this way. If he doesn’t care for her in all those month then her heart also should give up feeling the carnal touch of passion. She doesn’t want to be week in front of him anymore. It’s not she doesn’t want him but the fact he will leave her after the moment is piercing her heart and she won’t be able to see that, till now as he was away from her she somehow made herself understand that maybe her body isn’t appealing for him anymore but after having touch by him and then if he abandon her she won’t be able to hold herself from breakdown.


She gathered herself and tried to push him, it was enough to bring maan to reality who was lost in his wife’s innocent beauty. Her Luscious lips which was begging attention and then her eyes which was captivate by his, her pink cheeks which looks like thin now, but still has the deviousness to taste it. He felt her softness pressing his hard chest, instantly his throat went dry, the heat his body was feeling is nothing less than her, but suddenly she started pushing him softly, her eyes down casted and trying to make space to run away. No away he is going to give the place.


She didn’t see the change of expression in his eyes but suddenly felt herself slammed on the bed, her hand pinned above her head on the pillow and the rough lips pressing her soft ones. Her eyes popped out seeing him looking at her eyes and kissing her so violently, she tried to understand the situation but nothing came and all just junked up in her mind. She tried to wriggle but he pressed his body above her. his lips mercilessly nipped her soft one, she tried not to react but all the separation, pain anger took a toll on her and she started kissing him more harshly.


He smiles in the kiss knowing her too well, but what he doesn’t know the amount of pain she had suppressed in her.. he left her hand and held her waist closely still kissing her and letting her teeth assault his lips. She chewed his lips drawing blood and then sucking the blood harshly, her rage was on a high level so she didn’t care what is she doing or is she hurting him or not. But her dominance was making him loose every control, he had craved for her as much as she did and today it just broke.


He opened the knot of her robe sliding his hand in her cold skin and that make her halt the aggressive kiss. She breathed hard but didn’t go further. She remember all the past month when she craved for him but he wasn’t there then what happen that today he came to her? finding her not responding the kiss anymore neither wriggling he opened his eyes. It can’t shook his world anymore or so he thought but the pain in her eyes tore him to the core.


Maan: jaan.


She closed her eyes letting the tears spilled but didn’t move an inch, he kissed the corner of her eyes and she couldn’t stopped herself questioning ‘WHY’


He felt her pain in that small word, but nothing came out from his lips, he just stares at her, finding no answer she sighed and sat up, collecting her left sanity she tied the robe and walked out from the bed to the cupboard to take out her dress.


But soon she felt his presence at her back. She closed her eyes holding the churidar tight to her chest.


Geet: please maan. She cried helplessly. Her cry made him worried and he instantly turned her, she closed her eyes not wanted to give in this time. her head touched the cupboard backward…


Maan cupped her cheek: I m Sorry Jaan. Please don’t do this.


Geet: You don’t do this maan please, I can’t take this anymore. Ek pal me mere pass aur dusre pal kho deti hu tumhe, mujhse ye nahi hoga maan.



Maan: it’s not like that, he said helplessly but making her frustrated. She jerks away his hand.


Geet: Why u r doing this maan? Why? I have accepted ur every behavior, I have accepted the fact that it’s all over, the love is over then why again n again u r making me so week. Kya chahte ho mujhse? Ek pal me pyar ka ehsaas dilaya dusre pal me sab kuch cheen loge. And again u will drift away from me then why u r coming closer again? Why u want me to see those dreams which will fade away just when I will open my eyes, why?


She cried sliding on the floor, maan couldn’t tolerate her pain and instantly hugged her, he cradle her on the floor and caresses her hair.


Maan: shhh jaan calm down, please jaan… See the love is still there ur maan is still there. Nothing is over and never it will be over.


Geet looked at him with tears: Maan why u have gone so far from us? Why u left me maan? Mujhse pyar nahi karte abb?


Maan cried her name: Geet,  but she wasn’t in a mood to hear anything.


Geet: tell me na don’t u love me anymore? Main aisa kya karu take mujhe mera maan wapis mil jaaye? I need my maan back to me, just get him for me, I will never ask anything again in my life just give me my maan back. She cried and with that his eyes bleed. He never thought he had pushed her so far, when he should have cleared her all insecurities, he was burning in his own insecurities. He wanted to save her from heart break and the truth but never saw the extent she is breaking inside. Maybe he has reason for his insecurities but why he never tried to talk to geet about that? Maybe fear to lose her but is she happy anymore? Is there the love anymore?


Yeah love is there but hindrance which he has to break or else this time he will lose her permanently.



He sat there holding her on his lap and she hide her face in the crook of his neck. After an hour or so she calmed herself and noticed where is she. She broke the hug and looked here and there not meeting his gaze, she never wanted to break down like this but it wasn’t in her hands. She made good gap between them and stood up, he too stands behind her. she was nervously clutching her dress..


Geet: I m sorry for that, I shouldn’t have done that. I, I should get change.


Maan: Geet, she stopped at her track holding the breath. She isn’t in a position to talk to him, not when she is so week emotionally. But his words startled her further. Geet Your maan was always yours and will be yours, it’s just he had forgotten himself just to protect his love. She held the knob of cupboard but he forced her to see his face, then cupped her cheek with one hand while other was on her waist bringing her closer. I m sorry jaan, but the love between us can never fade away especially when our angels are between us. Yes I agree I did a sin to make u like this but trust me, I love u a lot…


His simple words have the power to make any glass around her to break in to pieces. Tears slides down her cheek room the close lashes but he kissed it away, his voice has pain and love that she understood, her insecurity can only fly away if his love enters the door.


He kissed her forehead softly: I can never stop loving u or care for u its just my circumstances stopped me coming close to u.


Geet looked at him: but couldn’t u try to talk to me once? Itna paraya kyun kar diya mujhe?


Maan: I don’t wanted to hurt u. but I had hurt u the most by my indifference. I know I should talked to u but my insecurities came between, I m sorry but don’t leave me like this for my mistake. I promise I will tell u everything just don’t go far from me, I can’t, can’t survive without you.


She couldn’t let him say another word as it was piercing her heart too. She hugged him tight, as close as possible.


Geet: I m sorry, I should have waited for the right time, I was just insecure too… I know u love me..


It was more like assuring herself that he love her and maan understood it, he tighten his hold around her.


Maan: I love u, only you, I love you a lot….


Sometime love need to express before it too late….

precap: Rehan and Rihana‘s shower With Maaneet Together Wink


i know all of u have tons of question and confusion all will be solve just wait a little… thanks a lot for ur support..


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    Thank god missunderstanding clear ho gai
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  6. Posted by suzie on April 30, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    wow beautiful update


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  10. Posted by chahhat4eva on April 30, 2013 at 11:56 pm

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    jaldi update dena precap bahut cool hai….:-)


  14. Posted by nonabebu47 on May 1, 2013 at 3:51 am



  15. Posted by mmradhu97 on May 1, 2013 at 3:58 am

    fantastic update…
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  16. Posted by impoojaverma on May 1, 2013 at 5:23 am

    awesome update

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    precap is awesome
    now everything will be alright b/w maaneet
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  19. finally u united Maaneet once again, just cannot bear the misunderstanding between them , its was there love that created insecurity


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    maaneet’s romantic moment was beautiful.
    i am very happy for maneet. they have solved there all differences.
    but what is the reason behind all of this.
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  23. Posted by maneet4afrin on May 1, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    cute scene with rihana n uff nakhare rehan ke…. but wat went wrong wit maan wats reason of his indifference????


  24. Posted by angelickushi on May 2, 2013 at 9:09 am

    loved the update
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    Wht is Maan hiding from Geet ???, hope it doesn’t affect their relations


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