Love For You Part 68

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I did a big blunder about time in LFU last update what should i do now. ironically Boston and India has 10-10:30 hr time gap and i actually made a blunder, wanted to make maaneet meeting and rudra concert on the same time, and now when geet is meeting maan at 7-8pm Boston time say its probably 10am (how can a concert start at morning weird) urrggghhh what should i do now? and none of my reader noticed it, i m amazed….


so I m taking writing liberty pls don’t throw chappal, ek baar hi mang rahi hu,, and forget about time just enjoy the moment.

Basically concert and maaneet meeting going together.

I think it’s a short one, will update another one day after tom if I get good response.

if u want to hear the song pls check IF post or go to this youtube link


Or Click this to only hear the Song it will open in another tab, please listen from PC or Lappy


Part 68



She didn’t want to enter the place which can make her weak so much that she feels suffocated. As she entered the hall all past came rushing down, each and every corner of this place carry a different time altogether and everything says about their love and passion. She looked at the couch where many time they had made love, the covers are still same, it smelled them. Her averted her gaze and it fell on the kitchen counter and dinning table. So many time she was waiting there for maan to come with her fav dishes. The scene maan cooking for her, his image with apron flashed in front of her eyes like a movie.


She looked away feeling nostalgic, she looked above to see the balcony where they danced once under the rain. The way he carried her to his room. She closed her eyes to stop those images. Just then she received a msg…


‘Mishty, my concert has started, will talk to u later, take care. Love u from angels, bye…’


Rudra msged her and hugged kids before going to stage with his guitar, weirdly he was not feeling good. Only Geet’s face was coming in his mind, he knew she needs him. She want him with her now but he is helpless. Taking her name for the last time he began his show.    


Meri kismat ke har ek panne pe
Mere jeete ji baad marne ke
Mere har ik kal har ik lamhe me
Tu likh de mera usey
Har kahaani me saare qisson me
Dil ki duniya ke sacche rishton me
Zindagani ke saare hisso mein
Tu likh de mera usey
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana



She thanked Rudra for saving her from the flowing emotion. He is truly her Friend who unconsciously knew what she is feeling. He is always there whenever she felt weak in front of the world and today also without being close to her he give his support with just the time she needed the most.


She masked herself again, the GR who world fear is back again. Her heal made a click sound as she entered the meeting area, Looking at the couch she hesitate a little to sit down. It’s easy to say we forget our memories but hard to maintain the lie. Till now she didn’t had to face this time but how will she avoid her past now.  Just then she heard footstep and there come her past face to face.


She doesn’t wanted to blv but alas again her heart betrayed. He came down wearing a white see through shirt and white trouser, the smell of after-shave hit her nostril, She looked away in a farce not to show him how he still effects her. The smirk on his face didn’t go unnoticed by her. she felt loath to see him still so cunning and heartless.. he tricked her to come here without any regret or tint of sorrow least she knew how he had spent those yrs in his hell and what he had to do to make her come here, it wasn’t easy for him either or this meeting. She couldn’t see the pain and happiness he felt seeing her and rejoiced it in his heart, she couldn’t see his crying alone under the shower like a baby just to control his emotion in front of her knowing she will not blv him so soon. She didn’t know the excitement he felt choosing his dress, it’s like the 24yrs maan getting ready for his date with his love. But the moment he saw her lost looking at everything, Past started haunting him again. He couldn’t express his pain, neither his happiness. Just masked himself again just to make his place again in her life which is as hard as to reach God.  


Uska hoon uss me hoon uss se hoon
Usi ka rehne de
Main toh pyaasa hoon hai
Dariya woh zariya woh jeene ka mere
Mujhe ghar de gali de shehar de
Usi ke naam ke
Kadam ye chale ya ruke ab usi ke vaaste
Dil mujhe de agar dard de uska par
Uski ho woh hasin goonje jo mera ghar
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana

Her eyes went on the 2 glass and red wine in his hand, she recalled the past where he used to bring red wine for her as she liked it. Her thought automatically reversed on the day they spent over night here celebrating their togetherness for the last time. A cruel smile came on her lips as she recollect those moment and the pain as a consequent what she had to face.


She jerks back from past as he stood in front of her mere few inches away.. Her eyes met with his, those Unsaid words were creating place to take yet she pushed them back, her eyes searched for something and He was hiding that.


Maan: itni saal me hair style change hui hain tumhari, lekin abb bhi wohi Geet ho jo collage ke first din me hi sabko clean bowled kar diya tha. Neither Your innocence changed nor ur Beauty.

For a moment she was lost in the 24 yr flirt maan, His structure has become more masculine and manly but the mischievousness still exist. Though she wanted to see the hurt in those deep eyes but it depict some spark… she hated it, she hated his happiness.. She never expected this meeting like be this.


She tried to make a distance and looked away but he extended the glass of wine in front of her face. Her knuckle became tighter as she was making a fist very tightly. Her clenched jaw only made him chuckle, she tried to move but he slipped his hands under her waist then pulled her closer. Her anger shoot up to its level but still holding it all together in her. He placed his wine along with her glass.. his eyes drank her every frown, like capturing the moment in his naked eyes, like feeling her so close to him. He wanted to captured this moment, soak her in him. His heart shuddered violently, his hand itched to touch her face just to make sure she is real not his imagine again. And the moment he touched her cheek with just the fingertip she pushed him with all her strength…


Geet: What the hell u think u r doing Mr Khurana?


Her words spitted venom and clearly show how disgusted she feels with his mere touch. He stumble a little and then looked at her with an unbearable expression. He knew it will bleed him to see her indifference but this was beyond the pain he is feeling now. He wanted to hold her and apologize his heart out but seeing the hatred nothing came to his mind, he just stares at her unblinkingly.


Geet calmed her anger, then in a moment sealed her emotion, and looked at him blankly: shall we start the meeting?


She was a changed persona, her face had no emotion and voice was cold. For a moment he falter on his step seeing the nonchalance but then he knew it’s his mithi who loved him beyond the limit so might hate him beyond anything.


Maan: U just arrived here mithi, thoda


Geet: stop the nonsense, if u r over with ur drama can we concentrate on the meeting for which I had to come all the way from England.  It is surely not the reason u arranged my visit to India. So can we come to the point? Before she can say more he pulled her closer to him, she was startle with his advancement. She looked at his eyes which shows anger. A smirk came to her face, he is too easy till now. But the next set of word swift her smirk away.


Maan: Kyun chali gayi thi Geet? why u left ur maan? Tum to usse janthi thi, ye nahi socha jab sach pata chalega tab wo marr jayega. Maine galat kiya tha, lekin saza apne aap ko kyun diya? Mujhe deti lekin samne reh ke, itni dur kyun chali gayi, kabhi loutne ka mann nahi huya mithi? Itna nafrat karne lagi ki ye tak nahi dekha Geet ka Maan zinda bhi ya nahi? Aur aaj jab mili ho tumhe laga I will show the different side suppressing all emotion like u, vale hi wo kitna mushkil kyun na ho?


Geet fell her head back closing her eyes tight, her body was stiffen and jaw tighten, her face said she was battling her life..


Mere hisse ki khushi ko hansi ko
Tu chaahe aadha kar
Chahe lele tu meri zindagi par
Ye mujhse vaada kar
Uske ashqon pe ghamon pe dukhon pe
Har uske zakhm par
Haq mera hi rahe har jagah har ghadi haan umr bhar
Ab faqat ho yahi woh rahe mujh me hi
Woh juda kehne ko bichhde na par kabhi
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana


We decides to move on and not to see the person again who had hurt us the most but we forget we ourselves had given them the strength to make us again see them, again feel the emotion we had decided to seal for lifetime. Only that person has the key of every lock of our heart….


Geet: Geet khud mar gayi tumhe dekhne kab aati.. Her words pricked him like niddles, but she didn’t flinched once. Seeing her expressionless face maan left her instantly and took a step back..


Now he can see what extent he had pushed her, his one accusation has snatched his mithi, his geet from him. Ironically today when he is ready to accept every pain, every punishment for his behavior She is too far too reach. She isn’t ready to recognize neither him nor his love anymore. But what should he do now? How will he bring her back? Not just for him but for her own family, friends who loves her madly. Maybe then his repents will be on right path.


Feeling her struggle again he pinned her to the wall slamming her back on the cold wall harshly. She looked at his hard face which has anger, and unknown pain. She smirked at him…


Geet whispered huskily: I think u have forgotten ur motive of our meeting Mr Khurana. Not for sex atleats u have called me from England that I can say clearly because u have many sl** for ur bed in ur fingertip right?


Maan hissed dangerously: Geet, You still think about my bed huh?


Geet greeted her teeth and tried to push him but he was way too strong for him: Move Mr Khurana before I call the cop and punishment for harassment is same in every country.


Maan: if u want to scream the whole world then also I won’t leave u. not every time I can commit mistake which cost me life. He said hoarsely…


Geet: why did u trap me in this deal? Atlast she came to her last weapon.


Maan: To get u again in my life.


Meri kismat ke har ek panne pe
Mere jeete ji baad marne ke
Mere har ik kal, har ik lamhe me
Tu likh de mera usey
Aye Khuda Aye khuda
Aye Khuda Aye khuda



For a moment she was silent, and then broke into fit of laughter.. Geet couldn’t stop herself from laughing hard. Her laugh echoed the bungalow like haunting cry, He just looked at her face then her eyes. He wish it could be a real smile, a real laugh. He can give his life to see her laugh like this but he himself had snatched it.


Geet: u cracked a joke Mr Maan Singh Khurana, but u know what? She stopped smiling,, and looked straight in his eyes. That was a bad joke. Meri zindegi me sirf tabahi hain, mujhe chahoge to tabahi milegi, barbaadi.


Maan: agar main kahu, main tabah hone ko bhi taiyar hoon.


Geet: kitabi baate bandh kariye Mr Khurana and leave me…


Maan: Kitabi baate mujhe karni hi kab aati thi mithi.


Geet: mar chuki hain mithi.


Maan: jab tak maan sanse leraha ho, tab tak mithi ko bhi zinda rehna parega.


Geet: Mr Khurana,


Maan: Maan, Ye kaan taras gaye hain geet, Maan sunne ko.


Geet: What do u want form me now, don’t u have taken enough? Great body, great sex, all properties. Sab to mil gaya, abb kya chhaiye?


Maan: TUM, mithi chahiye mujhe.


Geet: wok kho gayi hain kahi… She said lost in his words. She doesn’t wanted the heart she had sealed long back to open again cause this time only blood he will see nothing else but least she knew only he know how to see the love behind the blood.


Maan: ek baar mouka dedo mithi, Maan dhund layega usse.


Geet: ek baar deke dekha, apne to mujhe khudko pehchanne ka mouka bhi cheen liya, abb dusri baar kaise dedu..


Her words slits his heart still he didn’t gave up, his own tears made it’s way to see her so vulnerable still those eyes were numb. Seeing her lost look at her lost eyes, He slides down on his knees. He opened her shirt button softly, His lips touched her naval then went down her abdomen. His finger tips touch the scare of her stretch marks, and she let the tear flow from her hazels.


Maan: Nahi khone dunga abb, Sab kho diya hain maine, mere galti ne sab cheen liya mujhse. But I don’t want to lose u again.. bas ek bar yakeen karlo, trust me once.


A cruel smile touched her lips as she leans on the wall: Iss baar konsa bet lagaya hain Khurana sahab? Kahi firse dosto ko ye nahi dikhana hain na, ke Geet kitni acchi hain bed pe? ya fir ye proof karna chahte hain I m still hot for u or not Ya fir ,,, Before she can complete her word maan held her cheek squeezing it hard.


Maan: mujhe dard dena hain to dedo, say me anything about me but stop this nonsense…. She snapped his hand.


Geet: gussa aaya? Mr khurana ko gussa aya? But that what u said yrs back, ohh u wanted to know I m still sleeping behind ur back and how many abortion I had done till now right?


Maan couldn’t hold himself punching the glass frame beside her and scattering it to pieces, his knuckled bleeds but she didn’t winched. She isn’t the old Geet who cried for his one blood drop but this geet can make him cry blood.


Precap:  ?????????



© All Copy Right Reserved 2013. Tich Mg.


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    • dear 1st He is Maan in front of Geet, and MSK in front of the world.
      Whatever he did was his mistake and he can’t show his arrogant side while asking sorry atleast. he doesn’t have to show off his confidence in front of her, because all he need to hold her and ask sorry for his deed. we can not show our strong side while asking asking to the person whom we had hurt most..

      for geet yes she had become a lot strong, not the dependent one any more so it shows in her attitude plus she hates Maan so we can’t expect her to be timid still He many way is effecting her already.


      • tichu want ask you u geet knew about what is going down there in India through Karan but does she know that maan had gone through accident

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    • dear u have missed the quotation in that down picture…
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      An Embrace to hide, a Solace to pull all the hatred
      This is the Life that leads 2 RELATION splits it’s was’

      Its about love and friendship and Rudra personified friendship and undying faith…


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    I knw maan deserves all d punishment…but at d sametime we cant ignore dat every person has a right to get a second chance in deir life…wht he has done is unforgivable…but whn someone feel really guilty of wht he did also deserves a 2nd chance…with his child…
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