Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 28


Devil’s Darkest Possession


Part 28


Morning ray brought a new zeal in the atmosphere. Geet opened her eyes and again closed them feeling the light flashing right on her face, cool breeze touched her faced making her smile a little, but her whole body was arching in mild pain, specially lower abdomen, probably result of their continuous love making. She tried to stop the light coming on her face and for that she found something hard pressing her cheek, so she hide her face inside it. After few moment she heard a rapid beat sound and that’s when she opened her eyes, in the process her soft pink lips met with something. And a iron grip over her naked waist got tighten. Horror stuck as the hard manhood pressed her core. A gasp came out from her lips.




‘Ummm’ he groaned and next she found herself underneath him and him being hiding his face in the crook of her neck kissing it softly.


Her ni***** harden with the contact of his bare chest and a moan came out her lips making her go wild with desire. Her nails scratched his bare back taking a hiss from his lips as she touched the same place where the previous love making left her mark, her nails had pierced his skin marking him as her. She was wild and Maan also said it doesn’t look like it’s her first time. His hand went towards her breast cupping and squeezing it lightly.


She couldn’t help but bite his neck, that brought him to senses and he broke the contact of their skin, she was flushed, her whole state was messy. And body was red some place blue with the love making,, But all that was adding to her beauty. Not finding any further response she opened her eyes only to see him staring at her face. She gave a sweet smile to him, then touched his nose with her nose tips.


‘good Morning Mr Khurana.’


He smiles at her ‘Morning Would be Mrs Khurana’


She was surprised to see his this side, he was gentle and smiling maybe for the first time.


He gave her space to stood up but then she held her stomach in pain, as soon as she tried to take out her feet on floor she felt pain between her legs. Instantly he held her in his embrace.


‘did I said today u r not suppose to walk?’




‘yeah save yourself for toni8 cz I m gonna eat u whole.’


‘maannn,, shut, up, I have to meet principal of Delhi university. Remember I came here for my admission?’


He scooped her in his arms after slipping in his track only, no shirt and headed towards his room all the while keeping his eyes on her face and the half portion of her breast which was coming out from the duvet. He was drooling over it shamelessly to which geet wacked his arm for concentration.


‘ouch, Not Bad Miss Geet Handa, u have become quite daring, hitting MSK hmm,, but it can cost u at ni8 and I promise double one.’


‘ uhhh hmmm,, u r distracting me from my topic right?’


‘not at all.’ He said with a smirk.. geet saw that and again wacked his arm.


‘maan be serious, I need to meet him today only and,’


‘and He is already all set to take u in his collage so what is the need to meet him’


‘that mean u knew about it and,’


He kicked the bathroom door open and entered with her next shut down it with his leg, he gave a sweet smirk the held her tighter ‘No one can say No to MSK, What do u think I brought u here for this small work, Ur marks are good it was enough for him to take u. On top of that MSK name associated with u.’


‘but how did u manage to show him my mark sheet, I haven’t given u anything’


He chuckle ‘How can u talk so much geet, that too after the heavy love making.’


She glared him but he didn’t miss the pink hue on her cheek which she tried to hide. He bite her cheek softly then whispered huskily ‘It’s not a difficult task for MSK,, I know everything about u, even ur blood grp’


She smirks ‘you know everything?’


But he returned the favor and placed her in the water ‘everything’


She felt the warm water with rose petal and scented candle and then she saw the surrounding. It was the most sensual aura anyone can imagine yet so soothing and calm.


She bite her lips feeling the pain between her legs as she stretched her legs inside the tub. Maan noticed that and instantly pulls out her cover making her eyes widen, then joined her in the tub after releasing his track.. Her back touched his chest giving a shiver to both of them. Suddenly she felt his hand touching her inner thighs. She tried to move but he held her firmly in her place. She was in no position to take him again, the pain was slowly taking its place and the water was just soothing them. But knowing his wild love she knew she will probably faint this time, but all her thoughts came to halt when he started massaging her thighs softly.




‘shhh, rest.’ He said only 2 word but she had seen something in his eyes, he was looking at her body, tension was clearly visible in his eyes but he again masked it and started massaging her body which soon make her relax and she dosed off on him.. It was hard for him to control his desire for her but seeing the angelic beauty sleeping so soundly against his chest made him admire her, he kissed her cheek then neck very tenderly not to disturb her sleep. He was frustrated with the feeling his heart is surfacing. The Dead heart suppose to feel light after having her all for himself. He thought after marking her as his he will feel good and content but the desire the thirst still didn’t seems to quench. And now when he has her all naked against him he doesn’t feel like taking her right now, just to see her reddish and bluish body he knew she need rest.. All his desire turned to something he can’t explain.


He took her out form the tub, wiped all foam and water. She was fast asleep, Then headed towards the bed. Very softly he placed her on the bed still caressing her face with his thumb.  Just then geet’s eyes shot open ‘Maan I have to cal mumma, maine kal se unhe phn nahi kiya, she will be worried and Pari, ohh god my friends will be worried.’


Before she can say anything else he placed his finger on her lips ‘Don’t u think u remember them a little late.’ She pouted seeing his teasing gaze, ‘ahh did u get nightmare than suddenly remembered them?’


‘maan please give me my cell na?’


‘shhh, rest now, u can call them later.’


But she was stubborn as well and tried to grab the cell from beside table, he held her hand tightly, she winched in pain and then saw his eyes which clearly shows anger ‘Geet, u need to inform me, u need to care whether I m concern or not nor others.’  He hissed dangerously, his hold said about his possessiveness.


She winched in pain and let out a cry, he instantly left her hand and saw the red mark on her wrist, her eyes shed a little tear and her teeth mercilessly nipped her lips to suppress the pain, He instantly hugged her ‘why u made me do this geet, u know I don’t like u crying, I have informed ur family the moment we reached here and said them u need to take rest so they didn’t called u. But ur stubbornness made me angry, I want u to worry for me not for world. And I had hurt u.’


He broke the hug and saw her down casted lashes, he kissed her eyes one by one then her lips slowly sucking it, she closed her eyes with a small smile. He broke the kiss and kissed her wrsit where the red mark was forming, she hide her face in his neck, his hand engulfed her in his embrace.


Geet smiles at her victory ‘a little tear and it made u restless, very soon u will say sorry also Maan, rakshash ki jaan hamesha chiriya me hoti hain, and sadly I m the bird of ur life.’


She made a sad face looking at his eyes ‘And Gulgule? I, I missing him, he doesn’t like to eat without me.’ Genuine tears made her way and she wiped it instantly. He lifted her chin with his index finger.


‘He got ur full life with him, I asked just 5 days for me geet, and he has so many ppl there. Your mother loves him.’


‘but after marriage I won’t see him.’


‘Hmm, that’s a problem but u know I hate that creature.’


She glared at him but then he took her lips in a scorching passionate kiss ‘Think about Me in that time not him.’


She gave in and kissed him back…






She was sipping the coffee and surfing the net when something caught her attention, her smiles grew wider ‘Oops Mr khurana its bad thing not to log out from account.’


She remember how much she had cribbed to get his laptop because she was feeling bore and he was going to attend a meeting. She logged in the account and started looking for something. Then looked at the camera which she discovered on the wall right in front of bed. Her grin went wider and then she licked her lips seductively, biting and chewing between her teeth, then played with the strap of her small top. Her smooth legs stretched wider showing her creamy legs. All the while she was doing something on the laptop and showing seductive moves to the camera which she knew is operated by Maan because it’s in ‘their’ room. After his departure she had discovered where are the camera hiding and she got hold of every cameras. Suddenly something caught her attention and a small smile started playing on her lips, She laid down on her stomach placing the laptop on bed then swing her bare legs in air, half cleavage was showing out from her dress, and the short hide nothing to the imagination. Feeling satisfied with the content she took the laptop towards the printer and joined it,then took some print out but didn’t forgot to show her sexy hip which was swinging on some music, she was dancing and roaming throughout the room carelessly tripping over something, or anything.  


After the work she closed the laptop and laid down on bed over her back, crossing the bare legs above the camera and reading those printout. After few min she felt something crawling on her feet. She gulped hard and peeped from the papers. Her eyes widen to see Gugule licking her legs and snuggling close to her legs..




She exclaimed in happiness and hugged the puppy closely, she kissed him all over its face. Gulgule made some growling sound to show he is angery but that doesn’t stop her from tickling him with her nose and then squeeze it like pillow.


‘slowly jaan it’s very small, u will kill him in excitement.’


Maan’s husky voice made her eyes pop out, she turned to her right side to see maan almost half lying on the bed, 1st question came in her mind how did he came so soon. And then at gulgule? Chuckling at her face maan pulls her on his lap, then snuggle close to her neck.


‘u were making it impossible for me to concentrate on my work by ur seducing moves. Ur sexy hip, then those delicious curves and those legs were making me hard in my office.’ He bite her neck drawing a moan form her lips.


‘bow bow’ gulgule showed his angry eyes wanted attention from the 2 ppl. Geet giggle and brought him close to her heart. Then looked at maan ‘Who said to see me while in office. In this way u will soon be bankrupt.’


‘chalega as far as u r with me.’ He licked her earlobe, hands were making way inside the small top, his palm was squeezing her back curves.






‘leave me na, see gulgule is here.’


‘urrgghh I didn’t bring him to disturb us.’


‘but how did u manage to bring him here.’


‘nothing is impossible for me darling.’




‘one min.’


He took away gulgule from her hand and left him on floor, gulgule sat there making a sad face and geet only glared at maan, But in response he gave only chuckle making geet further irritated, but then He did something which made geet and gulgule to stare at him unbelievingly. He whistle loudly, geet’s jaw dropped open but then they heard a small growl seems like puppy sound, she looked at gulgule who was sniffing something. Soon they saw another white cotton ball type puppy peeping from the door. It showed full face and entered the room. Geet was gaping at the new creature and Gulgule seems like lost in that new member.


Maan chuckle ‘Gulgule she is ur new partner. Erm geet u can give her any name u want, but pls some decent name and gulgule will be busy with his new friend.’


Geet first gaped at him like he has 2 horn and then registered his word. Gulgule was gone till then to make that NEW member his friend. Well em FRIEND or Girlfriend. It’s his personal matter.


‘what did u mean buy decent name huh? U think gulgule is not good name?’ she tried to stood up but he pulled her on him and then in swift moment he flipped over the bed pinning her hand on the mattress.


‘And What was that u were doing huh? Making me hard in a work place.’


‘I didn’t said to watch me through cam in a working place, it’s ur idea to see me even in sleeping.’


He came dangerously close making her well aware of his desire ‘Don’t u think u have got ur tongue longer than it was in the first place.’


‘do u like a scared geet?’


‘nahh, I want my wild cat’


‘we are sidelining the main talk’


‘urrgg u r stubborn.’


‘thank u’




‘like this?’


He nuzzled in her neck traces his lips ‘Hmm, if u want to say anything say like this or forget it.’


‘u r really mean maan.’


‘hmm’ and again he kissed her throat then her collarbone rolling out the strap.


‘I, w-was saying,h-how did u, u manage to bring gulgule and why that new dogy is here?  u-u h-hate dogs.’


He nipped her skin above the breast then sucked it. His hand was already all over her thighs and waist.


‘Aadi informed me that creature wasn’t taking his meal and ur mother was busy so he didn’t ate the full day and no one even saw he was in the dark basement locked up because of ur father’s anger. Aadi heard his bark and with his little good heart he brought it out.’


Geet’s whole body was stiffen with the information, maan sighed knowing she is hell angry but he can’t ruin the moment. He started playing with her Short’s button.


‘umm, so he called me and as I know what he meant for u so I told aadi to bring him here and he did, don’t worry aadi made him eat food, I brought that new creature for ur creature cause I hate disturbance, He will be busy in the new found FRIEND.’


He winked at her and she only looked at him unblinkingly, he chuckle and kissed her nose ‘I know I m utterly irresistible but geet u can blink, I m all yours.’


‘uhhh,, umm’ she lowered her gaze don’t know why. ‘U did all this for me?’ she asked sincerely. He didn’t said anything just hide his face in the crook of his neck.


‘nah, for me, because u r in me.’


She closed her eyes feeling something unusual in her, something tearing in her. in no time maan took out her top and shorts leaving her in lacy inner garments..


‘umm camera, main.’


‘sshhh, the moment I have entered the house all cameras are off. I like my privacy’


With that he sealed her lips and this time she too locked every thought out of her mind and just enjoyed his warmth unknown to every reason, unknown to her heart. why it felt so warmth today?


She felt his hot and wet lips pressing kisses on every expose skin of her. she almost tore his shirt if he hadn’t taken out in time. her palms roamed freely on his masculine abs and chest, her teeth nipped her skin, then tongue tasted his abs marking him every way. She was drugged with him, she need him and being with him physically can be a game but it’s also true she felts pleasure which she never ever had in her life. In short this short time span it has become her need to have him close to her. maybe lust, maybe his desirable hotness what is attracting her towards him, or maybe……….


Maan held her nape then slammed his lips on her kissing her deeply and insanely. ‘I need you Right now’ she cried holding him tight. But he was in no mood to gave in so fast. He silenced her again with his kiss and placed her on the bed. Then took out her bra, squeezing her breast harshly but she was enjoying it. She tried to cup his length but he didn’t let her.


She was frustrated but he was busy in tasting her, he took out his trouser along with his boxer and her panty. She was arching her back and parted her legs but he came down on her feminine part, then touched her wet core with his finger. She whimpered helplessly, his fingers dipped in her wetness, she held his hair in her fist asking him to come to her face, but his lips touched her labia lips.


‘no maan, ahhh’


He rubbed her cl** with his thumb and entered his tongue inside making her cry out in pleasure.. he was hot and hard. He came to her face and kissed her lips hard, his hardness teased her, make her want him more. She wrapped her legs around his hip ‘Please’ she said in a hoarse voice and he slipped inside her making her bite her lips to control the painful moan.


‘u r so tight, umm’ he groaned and kissed her neck seducing her further, soon she felt comfortable and spread herself further for him. She kissed his neck then his chest sometime leaving her teeth marks.


After a long time finally both came together and he rolled down his side taking her on him. She was exhausted and all sweaty, he wiped her face then stared at her for a long time. she asked through her eyes but he just smiled.


‘I have never want a woman like I want u geet. something is changing and the more I have u I need more than that.’


His open confession left her speechless but soon she composed herself and sat on his stomach, he was startle with her move, his eyes roamed above her globes, she took the sheet and hide herself still sitting on his stomach.


‘so u r changing huh? Is that mean,, erm The Devil Khurana is becoming a saint Khurana?’ she giggle seeing his face but he was fast enough to stop the giggle, his palm press her back and she fell flat on him, her curves rubbed against his.


‘too bad for ur luck, this devil will be always a devil, with ur wish or without.’ He said looking at her eyes, there was something she couldn’t miss, his eyes has some other emotion held up in them but how can that be possible.


‘and the feelings?’


‘what feeling?’ He asked with knotted brow.


She came on his lips, breathing just above an inch of his face ‘Take care of ur heart Mr Khurana, it has started to beat and that too for ur Possession, Geet Handa.’ She smirks and made her way in his collarbone slightly nipping it, maan was lost in her words but didn’t got time to react as she was seducing him yet again. He warned her but this time she was in charge.


She licked his torso then on his chest, kissing and tracing her tongue on his bare chest, she licked the outline of his nipples making him groan inwardly. He tried to hold her but she pushed his hand and he was enjoying this dominate side of his wild cat, He never like anyone nominate neither his life nor his bed but weirdly this was giving him pleasure and satisfaction like never before.


She bite his nipple hard making him winched and then going down on his perfect abs, licking and placing wet and hot open mouth kiss. The knot of her sheet got lose and fell apart from her body giving a clear view to him. His hand pinched her hard nipples, and she bite his abs harshly. He was rubbing her back and squeezing slightly when she cupped his length in her hand softly stroking it and pushing him to the edge.


He groaned ‘Don’t, geet, don’t do that.’ She ignored his plea and kissed the head of his member. He held her hair wanted to jerk her but she took him in her mouth slowly sliding it and pleasuring him to an extent of madness. He felt like ripping her and travel inside and next moment he harshly took her face to his level and kissed her hard.


‘u don’t have to do that.’ He said panting.


‘I wanted to’ he kissed her neck madly in a feeling of ecstasy. She bite his ear lobe.


‘I want to ride u’ She said biting her lips.


His eyes widen but still managed to looked straight in her eyes ‘U will be uncomfortable, and boys want to pleasure girls nor the way around.’


‘who said? I want to do it. please’


He helped her to slide his hardness in her core when she sat on him and ride back n forth. He was supporting her holding her waist and she was leaning on him, he occasionally kiss her lips, deep intense and passionate kiss. After a very long time she came violently, she was still pumping hard on him so that he can come and he did, feeling the ecstasy he had never felt. He kissed her full mouth in a way to thank and she fell on his hard body feeling extremely exhausted…


He can’t blv the girl he had met few month before will come out like this, so hot passionate and love to experiment. He chuckled at his thoughts, she was sleeping beside him on her stomach, the sheet did nothing to hide anything but her hip. He knew she is exhausted. The entire love making flashed in front of him and he looked at her with something he couldn’t explain, her word ‘u r changing’ played in his mind.


He changed in his track and headed towards hall to his mini bar. He sat there drinking and thinking his days in hosiyarpur. He had gone for a motive and it looks like complete but still something came to him as bonus. Geet as a hot partner came as a Bonus. He knew it wasn’t easy to win her and he had gone to extent to make her his and he is successful. He can see something has changed in her, but he never thought it will cost him so much that he himself cannot recognize himself.


He looked at the 2 creature cuddling together and gulgule was literally drooling over the new puppy. He chuckle ‘BOYS’


Just then he remembered she was looking something in his laptop. ‘fish, what if she,,’ he ran to the room to search the print outs that she took from his laptop and saw what was that. He sighed in relief to see recipe of Pasta, Garlic Bread and Macaroni Pizza. She was taking out the recipe. He thanked his star and then looked at geet who was sleeping. He went out to make some dinner. He usually never make for himself alone but there is she, all for himself and he can do this for her. again he started thinking was she right. ‘Am I Changing?’



Precap: updating another part in few hour. but net is hell annoying so if  after few hour too i can’t,,  i will def update till morning..

© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg


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    Maan is thinking on Geet words — whether he is changing.


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