Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 91


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Kagaz Ki Kashthi


Announcement: i was thinking for some contest.. Can my reader give me a story so far for this ff?? the best i will put in next post and winner can ask me any plot/scene/song to put in my near future update of K3, fair enough? U have one weak time… U can put ur analysis here on this thread only no need to PM as i hardly get time to see my PMS… contest will end on next SUNDAY…

and I will choose the winner without being biased, whichever analysis will touch my heart i will give that STORY SO FAR in next post so please take part if u truly love K3…

u can give a short Story so far using any terms, from beginning to now or simple with few lines, but it should touch my heart. so fasttt…

And i think i asked too much, probably No one has the time or maybe lost the interest in it.

Part 91


Geet headed towards the door looking at maan, he was cradling maahi in his arms, He assured her with his eyes to open the door and as soon as she opened everybody shouted in Unison.


Happy Birthday….


Maan slapped his forehead knowing how delicate maahi is, Geet instantly made them quite showing maahi who was in maan’s arm and little annoyed with the sounds. Rituka looked at Saanjh.


Rituka: that’s why u were stopping us to call geet huh? And Maan was there in the celebration.


Saanjh: stop it mom, they, are,, married. Geet, cut the cake. Rituka still looked at geet with teasing eyes. Rano nudged her but she looked at maan who was avoiding all gaze.


Rano and rituka was always poles apart in behavior, where Rano is soft, yet firm with value and respect there Rituka was always mischievous and fun loving. So she didn’t mind age-gap in fun and teasing. Ajay cleared his throat and warned rituka who pouted in anger.


Mohindar asked maan to join them.


Rituka: ohh Maan dear, u already wished ur beloved wife hmm?


Maan smiles slyly: yeah maasi, how can I miss the opportunity to wish her first? Rituka liked maan’s behavior very much. He can be teasing and mischievous with those who like that. Respectful with his father in law and his own father. Protective towards his sister and friends. Down to earth to the mothers and extremely in love and devoted to his wife and love. Well least she know it’s all because of geet who found him and made him express himself in various ways.


They cut the cake, saanjh was looking here and there, rano asked her what she need but she just shrugged it. Saanjh then looked at maan who was shaking his head and looked at the balcony saying he had gone. Saanjh felt sad and that shows on her face. Rituka saw the little conversation between them but didn’t said anything. Geet after feeding her parents came to rituka and saw her lost in saanjh and maan’s eyes conversation. She tugged her elbow.


Geet: Maasi, leave them, they are like this. Always forgets other in their idiotic plans and talks.


Rituka: I think she is searching for that boy.


Geet cringed her eye brow: Shiv?


Rituka: ha Shiv. Geet tell me is there something between them.. geet looked here and there. Tell me the truth geet.


Geet: sorry maasi. Actually, erm. Wo


Rituka: stop stammering and tell me geet.


Geet: Shiv is the person whom saanjh loved from collage. Rituka gasped hearing it, she knew saanjh had loved someone, but she didn’t said the name and they had conclude it’s because of him she tried to commit suicide. Please maasi don’t react like that. Saanjh loves him still…


Rituka: and he?


Geet: I think he also.


Rituka: u think? R u not sure?


Geet: yeah I m sure but I want to see him proving his love for saanjh.


Rituka: I want my child happy geet for that I can do anything and if that shiv make her cry again I swear I will make him bald and and and,, geet chuckle knowing her maasi too well


Geet: u will make his life hell and even impotent.


Rituka grinned cheekily: yeah good idea. Geet shook her head in disbelieve just then she noticed saanjh and maan looked at her in suspicion, she and rituka both straighten themselves.


Geet fed maan a cake which he took from her finger relishing dipping in his mouth and stay a bit longer. She then fed saanjh who was a little sad.


Geet: U didn’t fed him, r u upset on that? Saanjh instantly shook her head in denial but her eyes said truth to her which geet sighed only. Saanjh gave a gift to geet and in return geet took out her gift to give her, then both hugged tighter.


Happy birthday sister.



They opened the gift, well saanjh opened the gift wrapper first on the insistence and there was a key dangling with a craft topping it with ‘Prankstar’ Saanjh ran towards balcony and saw a bike there, she was so happy and literally hugged her tight but rano and rituka wasn’t happy with it so she promised them she will not use it in crowded place. Then maan gave a gift to saanjh which made her eyes widen, Her eyes got teary with the item in it. It was a digital photo frame with their photos in it, her childhood picture with geet. Geet too got emotional seeing it, geet notice there was too many picture of shiv, she glared at maan who showed saanjh’s face which was red due to embarrassment.


But geet can say saanjh liked it. And she was happy for it, saanjh told she will open rest of gift later, abir gave a gift wrapped to both of them. So they opened it. Abir ran out before they throw the cactus on him which he gave them as gift.. both were annoyed and geet was frustrated a little more. Maan came from back and hugged her, her all anger flew out the balcony and she looked conscious. Everyone whistle at them and she was sharam se pani pani.


Maan gave her a small box, she took it excitedly. Her eyes grew wide seeing a bangle. Her happiness shows from her eyes, In excitement she hugged him jumping like kid. Everyone chuckled at them and rituka cleared her throat.


Rituka: hum jaa hi rahe hain. U continue. Geet comes out from the hug.. Maan saw her face red in embarrassment so He changed the topic.


Maan: Umm show us saanjh’s gift..


Geet opened the opened the smallest pack, she gave a non-approval look to saanjh who seems like giving a sweetest smile ever. Geet unwrapped the packet and got a sweet shock, her eyes instantly roamed around the room and there lying her gift, Maan was startle to see her running and grabbing a large packet. In no time she tore the wrapper and a loud gasp covered her lips. Maan’s eyes widen see a Red Guitar and geet caressing it with so much affectionate.


Maan: Guitar for her? Saanjh looked at him in astonishment. Geet was all lost in the beauty of her guitar.


Saanjh: Maan don’t u know she loves guitars and music instrument? Whatever we sang in our collage those composition was created by her only. Infact the master piece which u and shiv loved so much was her creation. Other was always made by me and her but that was something she made all for herself alone.


Maaneet’s eyes met together, geet’s was sparkling her composition took his heart, a little excitement a little shyness.. and Maan was surprised to know she actually took his heart without meeting him, not only he but shiv also fell in love with that song. He missed shiv here, his face have to be worth watching.


Geet: saanjh it’s beautiful.


Saanjh saw maaneet in admiration as they talks through their eyes. So she made everyone go to their room and leave maaneet in privacy though rano and rituka took promise he will not stay in her room before marriage, saanjh almost laughed but maan glare her to stop there.


Saanjh: ohk, I think maan want to give u his gift privately u know, so I should get going.


Maan: yeah like u got urs, he winked making saanjh red in shyness remembering her moment with shiv.


Geet looked at them in confusion but saanjh went out hurriedly.


Geet: but maan u already showed ur gift.


Maan chuckled at his innocent wife then took out a packet handed over her, she took it in excitement thinking another gift for her but as soon as she opened it her eyes went wide and hand shivered. With 2 finger she took out the tiny miny material then saw his teasing gaze. Instantly she left it in the box.


Geet: ye, ye kya?, ye main nahi le sakti.


Maan: kyunnnnn


Geet: Bas le nahi lesakti, she placed it on the bed not looking at it.


Maan chuckled at her response: geet I had seen u without anything, so stop feeling shy, I m ur husband.


Geet: right, then how can u think I will wear such revealing nighty. Chiii,,


Maan: u have to jaan, u don’t have choice. Either wear this or nothing, choice is yours.


Geet: maan but.


Maan: I m not saying u to wear this now, but on our official suhagraat jaan.


She was becoming red to redder don’t know for why? Anger or embarrassment.


Geet knotted her brow: Saanjh was talking about this? Maan nodded, she made a horror filled eyes. How did she know?


Maan: geet she was and is my closest friend, she knows everything and I took her suggestion in choosing gifts. And she knows u better, we selected it together. He said shrugging his shoulder making her head spin..


Geet: this is ridiculous, u r shameless maan.


Maan: so to main hu and u can’t do anything.. before she can say any other word he sealed her lips in sudden advancement.


Happy birthday mishty and I don’t have more stronger way to shut u up. He smirked in the kiss and claimed her lips again. She sighed and gave in to his passion happily.






Saanjh entered the room and locked it, she was exhausted with all the event, she threw away her dupatta on the bed and headed towards her fridge, then took out a bottle and gulp down. But then something stopped her way..


‘ohhh easy, u seems like tornado was chasing u. and by the way look around before unrevealing yourself,


Saanjh(st): Shiv?


She looked around and saw shiv was lying on her bed, she choked the water and he ran towards her to make her calm down.


Shiv: easy easy, I m not a ghost at least.


Saanjh: ghost would have been better.


                                              Shiv: what did u said?    


Saanjh: umm, no-nothing. What r u doing here? Tum to chale gaye the fir?


Shiv: hmm chala gaya tha fir socha, Maine tumhare liye gift liya, itna risk leke yaha aaya and wished u first but what u did for me huh?


Saanjh: what? Tum iss liye wapis aaye?


Shiv: yeah u didn’t even gave me cake, as a punishment u have to do whatever I say, remember the collage time deal.


She cursed herself for making the deal, it was her who invents this deal as if anyone of their gang do something for others and in return she or he can ask anything to the person, but only one thing.  It was her childish way to ask anything from maan and shiv, she was happy as he still remember the deal but sad she is not gonna follow it. Shiv was grinning seeing her shock face. Then she walked towards the fridge and took out a large plate of black forest cake which she saved for him.


Saanjh gave him the plate: for u, and walked away humming random song. Shiv cursed her and felt like banging his head on her skull. Then a smile tugged in the corner. rather a mischievous grin.


Shiv: U saved it for me? Kyun? His question made her heart shuddered, she saw the mischievous smile and looked other way. He sensed her hesitation and placed the cake beside. Then held her arms, then placed her on bed. He took out the packet and wrapper. She was mesmerized seeing the anklet; He sat down in front of her taking her legs on his lap then tied it.


Saanjh: u remembered it?


She had seen this pair of anklet in a show room but as her image will tarnish with it so she left it there but for an unknown reason shiv brought it and kept it safe.


Shiv: it’s 6 yrs old. He said smilingly. Saanjh took the cake and fed him which he took cutely. After a long she is seeing him happy from heart. She doesn’t know about the other feeling but he is still her best friend whom she can’t see sad.


Precap: none.



© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg



23 responses to this post.

  1. awesome update.n ow i love shiv also like maan


  2. superb update….loved it…..thank god saanjh’s mom doesn’t have problem with shiv….instead shiv is in grave danger from geet-saanjh-rituka….poor him


  3. tremendous update , birthday celebration was bit funny and un wrapping gifts was awesome especially naughty maan’s lingerie for geet and deal was very much hilarious sisd by side exciting too , I know you are gona their sr every special one . Sanjh and shiv are surely very cute and loving couple… hate abir :s


  4. love all of it but maaneet moments more waiting for next


  5. nice update kekin maaneet kam tha


  6. Awesome update


  7. Posted by mmradhu97 on May 2, 2013 at 9:10 pm

    Fabulous update… loved it…
    Geet has interest in music also interesting…
    Loved maans gift to geet…
    Best part was maaneet moments…
    Continue soon…


  8. awsem update everyone wishing geet teasing maan shiv left sanjh sad cake cutting ritika knowing from geet about sanjh shiv gift exchange scenes fab maneet little romance everyone teasing sanjh supporting maan fullymaan gift geet chi chi bababji sanjh in room shiv there shoked her return gift but cake mil gaya and paya waiting eagerly for next


  9. awsome…..
    sanjh nd geet knows eachother bttr than anyone….
    sanjh ki toh nikal pari…
    wow geet nd guiter!!!!!!!!
    well thats a shocking surprise….
    hay maan toh hamare geet pe pahle se lattu huye rakha tha….
    rituka is just like sanjh…
    abir beta bachke…
    teri toh shamat ane wali hain….
    that abir is such a ********……
    maan is sooo naughty….
    haww he choosed that gift wid sanjhh!!! how could he…..
    bilkul besharam bangaya hain ladka…..
    i love the gift of shiv…..
    awww he kept it for 6 yrs….
    choooo chweett…..l
    oved the whole update…..


  10. Posted by nonabebu47 on May 3, 2013 at 2:16 am

    awsum update pls give us shiv sanjh more moments


  11. Hey its a nice one…..now how about an idea Maan & Geet Singing and playing guitar and Shiv and Sanj dancing 🙂


  12. Posted by angelickushi on May 3, 2013 at 6:16 am

    their gifts to each other was very thoughtful
    loving maan-saanjh friendship
    rithuka is very easy going type for her age like that
    i knew shiv wud come back
    maan besharam hotha jaa raha hain but loving it
    i hv read this ff 3-4 times i wud hv loved to write the story so far unfortunately i will b travelling this wkend so cant do it but wud b eagerly waiting for others to post it


  13. Lovely update,bday celebration is nice.
    Maaneet moment kam tha ,hope next part more maaneet moment.wating for next.
    Love u dear.


  14. Posted by sumsak on May 3, 2013 at 9:33 am

    tich it was great part. geet’s birthday’s celebration and lots of gifts. this part is the best part of birthday. it’s a great news that our geet is a great singer and composer too. i loved geet and rituka’s conversation. maaneet are the best as usual.


  15. Posted by neha74 on May 3, 2013 at 10:27 am

    Awesome part….eagerly waiting for more….missing mahika and her naughty moments with her dada and other family members…..


  16. Posted by impoojaverma on May 3, 2013 at 11:25 am

    lovely update


  17. Missing mahi
    good update
    i want a big sorry from shiv for sanjh.


  18. Lovely update,bday celebration is nice.


  19. awesome update
    loved it
    maan gifting geet a tiny miny night
    continue soon


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  21. Posted by anupamarathore01 on May 4, 2013 at 3:10 pm

    loved it, but a little short…..waiting for longggggggggggggg one


  22. Posted by purnimajyotika on May 6, 2013 at 4:45 pm

    Awesome i hv read all on india forums but could comment but it’s fabulous . Waiting for nxt update plssssss jaldi karo


  23. Part 91

    awesome update dear

    loved Geet’s Maasi character

    loved the Gift unwrapping Scene, Maan was shocked n surprise to know tht the song he had sung was actually geet word’s n her composition

    Maan gifting Geet privately a very small revealing nighty n Geet was too much embarrassed to wear it n was surprised n shocked to know tht Maan had taken advice from Sanjh n both had gone shopping together for it

    loved the way how Shiv remember the longing in Sanjh eyes for the anklet and Shiv purchased the same without any reason at tht time n now had gifted her on birthday


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