Devil’s Darkest Possession Part Part 29


Devil’s Darkest Possession


Part 29



Maan was finishing his work in kitchen when he felt her aroma around. Before he can move to see her she slides her hand around his torso. Her cheek pressed on his back making his heart jump. He can feel her bare curves through the thin material but what is she wearing. He brought her in front and got a sweet shock seeing her in his shirt only. She smiles and bite his nose playfully, His reaction was worth watching, He tried to grab her but she ran out taking a pizza cut out in her hand, unknowingly a smile touched his lips seeing her childishness, but soon his eyes roamed above her thighs.


‘gosh this girl will be my death’ and he ran towards her chasing in a speed. She laughed and showed her tongue.. She took a bite from her pizza and relished it still running.. he was amused with her behavior and the way she was licking her finger. He saw her mischievous smile. Without warning he again started running throwing all the cushions on her.


Gulgule looked at them quite excitedly but the ‘NEW’ person was fearful so as an instinct Gulgule felt protective and he took her behind the sofa. (ok cute love story, let’s leave them for privacy)


Soon maan hold her wrist pulling her close to him, she was slammed on his chest. Her open hair was disturbing his view of her beautiful face. He tucked away the hair from her face. He lowered his face on her and she smiled again mischievously. Before he can kiss her lips she pushed a small portion in his mouth making his eyes widen and again flew away..


‘geet come here or u r gonna pay high.’


‘catch me if u can maan.’ Before she complete her words he held her arms and tugged her closer.


‘never challenge MSK darling, u r gonna pay for it now’ he dragged her on the dinning table, she was giggling and again tried to run but this time he held her, then suddenly maan pushed something in her shirt. She shrieked in horror feeling the Cold as he had slipped few ice cubes inside her shirt.


‘maannnn’ she shouted in helpless, and jumped here and there to take out the ice. He laughed seeing her jumping like that, her all anger vanished the moment she saw him laughing like that, his face was like a baby who got his fav cartoon. She banged her head. great now she is imagining herself as cartoon. She pouted and sat down on the table giving him her back. He controlled his smile and came over her, she was not meeting his eyes and every time he try to touch her hand she jerks it. Not finding any way he just grabbed her nape and pulled her in a soul devasting kiss. He nibbled on her lips staring at her eyes. She tried to fight but she was weak and exhausted. Maan let her go but not form his arms. He served the food.


‘eat’ he demanded. She pulled a face and ignored him. He sighed u have become so stubborn’ She still ignored him and all he can do is to feed her. She tried to protest but he pushed the spoon of pasta in her mouth. eat it, u may need it later.’ His mischievous grin made her heart flutter. No wonder the time with him was great and so was the love making but she was amused on herself that how can she take him again n again without feeling tired. In fact her body reacts on his every breath. She fears this emotion but soon consoles it saying her girly hormones, and top of it he was her first, so maybe the hormones reacting this way. She shrugged off every thought and enjoyed his pampering.


She was relishing every bite of her food and maan was relishing her, the way she make those moans in delight he felt hard again. He cursed his body to react like this in front of her, he had never reacted like this ever in life and this girl less than a day of physical intimacy made him a despo.


‘why u r not eating?’ she pouted seeing him staring at her and she was gulping her food like pig. She felt offended.


‘i thought to save my stomach for night.’


She gaped at him like he had 2 head. he chuckle and pushed another bite in her mouth ‘Don’t stare like that, I may eat u now only, I m still hungry.’


Geet couldn’t say a word just looked away but suddenly something caught her tension, maan saw that and asked ‘what happen?’


‘maan we didn’t used protection, I, I m afraid if. Umm’


‘don’t worry I have brought pills, it’s beside ur drawer. But next time we have to use protection.’


‘hmm’ all she managed. Her face was little red don’t know why, angry because of her carelessness or shy to discuss this with him.


‘waise geet, I have brought 100 packets, so incase we doesn’t need to take pills.’His word made her confuse and after few mins she registered it.


‘maan u have become shameless’


He only brought her on his lap sealing her lips ‘All for you’







It’s been 2 days they are in delhi and all geet did was drowning in his passion. Sometime she too gets worried for herself, for losing her focus. She is not here to fall for him but break him to apart. To snatch his dream then how can she forget her motive, whatever he did with her, how can she forgot that. Her eyes become misty looking at the bed. Here she had lost her virginity to the man who made her like this, a stone and heartless monster who is thinking to tarnish a person’s dream. The geet who she was before meeting him can never think something like that but he made her like this. He had snatched her innocent and left a lusty woman who can’t control her hormones. She couldn’t deny she enjoys sharing Maan’s bed and weirdly she has no regret. She didn’t do it to take revenge on him, it’s something bigger than that but some corner of her innocent heart still fears when he will get to know about her plan what will he do with her, and her family?


She was never a person who will think morally, she hated all moral, and blah blah of generation respect, bull shit she never got to see love between her parents from the tender age, never got to see a sweet family who will care for each other’s choice, never spend a day with her family in a picnic, or any type of get together. There was never a time she felt love so how could she live in fairy tales and thinking her knight will love her more than anyone and will take her in the land of happiness. She never believes in Cinderella stories but realities. And in reality she have to make a stand of her own for herself and her mother cause in reality no one will take her responsibility like a princess. Like she wanted in her childhood, dreaming about her prince charming, while in reality there is no prince charming or Charles of Cinderella. 


Her chain of thought broke with a ring of cell. She saw the id and smiled.


‘ha pari bol? How r u and how is he?’

‘yash thik hain, main bhi but tell me about u? kar kya rahi hain tu geet? why u r with him? I know u don’t want to marry him then?


‘pari do I have a choice? Don’t worry I m fine and Maan.’


‘what about him geet? is he misbehaving, does he?


‘pari pari stop. Whatever is happening with my consent, He is not forcing me in anything any more.’


‘tu kyun kar rahi hain ye sab’


‘I don’t know but I want to. U take care of urself and yash. Bye we will meet in 2 days.’


She hung the phn and slummed down on the bed. Why she is doing this? She can’t tell her now, but its also right that maan is not forcing himself she is doing everything in her own terms, when he will get to know what will he do with her frnds.’


2 cold hand slides over her stomach from back, his fresh scent filled her nostril and the coldness of his body was soothing her burning heart, she leaned backward on his bare chest  which is wet due to the shower, soaking the coldness in her, he placed some soft kisses on her neck ‘Kiska phn tha?’


‘pari ka.’


‘what she was saying?’


She smilesThat what I m doing with u?’


‘I hate your friend.’


‘so did she’


‘if any time u need to choose me and ur frnd then?’


‘don’t make me choose maan, They are my life and I don’t want to hurt them.’


‘and me?’


‘u r something who will not take hurt, so either way I m trap’ she smiles but saw his eyes has something more to say, he was SAD. She couldn’t help herself asking ‘I thought our relation doesn’t have the base of expectation’


‘yes it doesn’t, just enjoy the togetherness no question no expectation.’


‘Hmm’ all she said and snuggle close to his body. He still seems lost, his fingers were threading her hair, she sighed and kissed his neck, then placing wet kisses on his chest.


‘stop geet, u r already sore.’


‘did I complain?’


‘no but?’


‘so Mr MSK is getting concern for a girl hmm, Maan check out ur heart, don’t u think u r falling in love with me?’


She giggled and tried to run away from but he held her wrist tight then brought her under him, she can feel the rage in his grip.


‘I hate the word Love, and I can never love anyone. Love only make u weak and cry bucket. This is the only relation which makes u helpless to kill urself and MSK doesn’t blv in weakness.’


‘maan’ she moans in pain but he was too much angry.


‘never geet, never say like this and never expect this word from me either, I hate love and I hate those who loves love’


She felt his grip going tighter, and in no time he started kissing her neck furiously, his anger came out in his love making, she was in real pain but he was way too angry to recognize it, the moment he entered her harshly she cried in pain and held him tighter.


‘never try to run away from me geet, u r just mine and u will be mine always. Just mine, I will never let any other relation touch us. ’


He came in her violently, he kissed her lips last time but she couldn’t respond him, she was already sore and his aggressive move made her exhausted and soon she pass out, He fell on her panting heavy, her body felt cold, and he tiles his head to see her sleeping, he touched her cheek and then realized what he did. She was already so weak.


‘Oh god what have I done’he felt pain maybe for the first time after ages to see her red body, somewhere blue and some even have cut from his teeth showing how aggressive he was and she didn’t said a word just took all of him. He cursed himself and kissed her forehead then face.


‘I Shouldn’t have done that’








I think I m clear now, she was virgin so Maan is her first. Another part tomorrow.


Thanks a lot for ur response






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  1. Posted by neha74 on May 3, 2013 at 6:30 pm

    yupiee!! i am the first one today….lovely update…getting more and more interesting and intense with every update…waiting for more…update sooooooooon….


  2. o god , y do I find he has some painful past that has made him full of aggression . poor geet has bear so much pain .


  3. over all brilliant update with intensity passion and aggression


  4. fabulous update geet is planning something big


  5. Nice update


  6. Lovely part


  7. nice….


  8. Possessiveness came through once more; his trademark can’t live it or without it, will lead to his destruction. What a bargain he has done with his heart…let’s see what happens next. One want to make her his and another want to ruin…let’s see in the battle of war/love who wins or both draw & fall for each other.


  9. Posted by mmradhu97 on May 4, 2013 at 1:32 am

    Awesome update… loved it…


  10. Posted by nitika20 on May 4, 2013 at 2:53 am

    Aaahhh!!!!!!!!!! Pata hai agar mare saamne ye wala msk aagaya toh main uska gala daba dungi…. Bahut gussa aa raha hai… Apne dono chote bhai behan ko hi thapad maar jar aati hu… Tum update do jaldi..


  11. awsem update hateness to love but love started its work


  12. Posted by nonabebu47 on May 4, 2013 at 4:33 am

    awsum part


  13. Lovely update.loved it muha……….
    Conti soooooooooon.


  14. superb update
    loved it
    why is geet doing this
    hope she doesn break maans heart
    continue soon


  15. Posted by impoojaverma on May 4, 2013 at 5:21 am

    superb update

    hardship of life made a person cold-hearted who doesn’t believe in any emotions

    same is with maan & geet

    geet had never seen a lovable family neither her parents r that close to her so how can she expect a lovable partner for herself

    & maan his past is still unknown to all of us except some small glimpses

    it will take time for both of them to realize the feeling b/w them called LOVE


  16. it was awesm


  17. Posted by sumsak on May 4, 2013 at 9:22 am

    it was awesome. very hot and very passionate update. both are in loved with each other but don’t want to accept. why maan hate love. waiting for next dear.


  18. awesome update


  19. loved it


  20. Idn’t want him to be cheated,coz whatever he never cheated Geet..


  21. Posted by angelickushi on May 7, 2013 at 11:13 am



  22. Part 29 —

    loved the update

    Maan hate the word love n in anger has hurt Geet

    waiting for Maan past to unfold… which had made Maan – The Devil


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