Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 30



It’s a Dark FF so please restrain urself to read this ff if u aren’t comfortable with intimacy and Violence. I will not change my story neither my writing style and I m not sorry for that, If u are uncomfortable then please don’t read it.



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This chapter also has some intimacy.



Part 30




Geet opened her eyes hazily; her body was arching so badly. Her sleeping position didn’t help her either. she felt her head is heavy, she held it between her palm and tried to sat up but only to fall back on the hard thing due to pain, and then only she realized she is not sleeping on mattress but his warmth. She tiles her head to see where is she, only then met a piercing pair of eyes looking at her with utmost care and Something else which she can’t formulate, Pain? Guilt? Why?



She felt him rolling her on the bed and coming on top, her naked breast pressed his bare chest making it impossible for him to hold back, she can sense it with his stiffness. He desires her so much, but she wasn’t in condition to take him again, her whole body was arching and legs were numb. Last night played in her mind. The way he made love to her, it was aggressive, something in him said not to stop him and she gave in. don’t know why she wanted to take out his pain. Well irony the person who is planning to break him to the extent now worries for him.



She tried to move her legs but soon the pain shot in her body leaving a pair of teary closed eyes and biting lips to suppress the sob from her lips. She felt him touching her sore lips with his fingertip, She looked away and let the tear rolled down her eyes. He pressed his forehead on her neck.



‘I was angry, I shouldn’t have been so rough.’



She didn’t said anything neither tried to wriggle, he kissed her neck softly sucking it ever so gently to sooth the pain. She closed her eyes feeling his tongue rolling on the spot. His fingers were tracing a path from her collarbone to her alley of breast then replacing it with his wet lips slowly kissing every red part of her body. She felt her breath going heavy. She tried to push him little. But he didn’t budge an inch still he didn’t pressed his weight on her fragile one. After much struggle she gave up.



‘I hate you’ she mumble,



He kissed her cheek ‘That’s better.’




He scooped her in his arms and headed towards washroom, as he made her stand in the bathroom tiles.




She instantly tripped over her feet finding it difficult to walk. He instantly held her and shouted ‘I told u to stand in a place not to roam on ur own.’



She pouted in anger and pushed his hand away, he sighed seeing her stubbornness, he tried to hold her but she again pushed him ‘I don’t need your help, u have done enough’ Her bitter words made him flinch still he didn’t showed it. He scooped her again and placed her in the warm water, he sat beside her on the tub, she thought he will join her but he did opposite, He held her hand and sat outside the tub letting her relax.



His palm held her face ‘I don’t trust myself, and it will take a second to lose my patient around u.’



His soft voice made her cheek warm up, she tried to fight but he kissed her forehead ‘I know in my rage I become a devil but I didn’t wanted to hurt u. and I can do anything to rectify this’ She was startle with his confession. The time she think she knew him well he turns to be another. Why he is so hard to recognize. He is an enigma and she is dying to know him full. She saw him standing on his feet and taking few step back.



‘for now I think I should keep myself away from u to give u little space. I, I don’t know what will I do if I chose to stay close to u right the moment.’



She felt him slipping away the room, her eyes was heavy and the new behavior was making her so confuse that her brains seems like freeze. She gave up to her exhaustion andslipped in to slumber.



After an hour or so she felt herself floating in air, she opened her eyes to see a worried maan carrying her in the room.



He looked at her with concern ‘I left u to take rest and what u did? Staying there for an hour? If anything happened to u?’



She smiled ‘I thought u chose to keep urself away from me’



He made a hard face ‘Seems like u don’t want it.’



He placed her naked self on the bed.



‘maan I m all wet, ur bed will ruin with the water.’ He glared at her which made her smile wider. He pulled her towards him then wiped her body and hair all the time keeping his gaze locked with her. She was full naked and he didn’t even see her body just her face, how become he is saint today.




‘I m not behaving like saint but I don’t want to make u more weak by staring at ur naked places’ his husky voice made her jerks from her revere. He covered her with the blanket and then left the bed. He took out few simple lose shirt and then choose a white one. He made her wear it without giving her a chance to talk. She saw the soup beside bed post, she hates soup and seems like maan knew it. He sat right in front of her and forced her to take the soup. She couldn’t say a word just stare at him like a kid.



Whole day maan was in home operating his work through his laptop and making geet irritated with his over flowing concern. He didn’t let her walk for a sec, even if she wanted to go washroom he will carry her. sometime she felt like she is 9 month pregnant that he is worrying for her so much, she banged her head for thinking so. She tried to go kitchen to make some hot chocolate there also he accompanied her and make that for her while she sat on the counter top, and not finding anyway she tried to seduce him by licking the chocolate or tripping some on her chest, some spilling from the corner of her lips which went down her neck, but he was like all unaware, and lastly he just wiped her neck with a wet tissue making her gape at him with mouth hung open. And he would walk out from there.




‘urrgghhhh Am I not appealing anymore?’ she said checking herself in mirror. Then a wicked idea popped out in her devil brain. ‘let’s see how Baba Maan Singh Khurana restrain himself anymore’




And here she is sitting in front of him licking a ice cream with the tip of her tongue and making moaning sound which was quite distracting for maan. Geet complained to him that she is feeling bore and wanted to eat icecream so he ordered it for her and now it has become his biggest mistake. For past 15 min she was licking the chocolate ice cream then wiped the cream from her lips swing her tongue over it. And those sound oh gosh he was throbbing hard.



From morning she is doing something or else to make it difficult for him to stay near her. He is not a saint, he too have desire and frankly its quite strong, He knew the longer he stays close to her his resistance will break and he will again hurt her. she is sore and need rest but this girl always upto something. Sometime she will start jumping with gulgule some time she will start running to kitchen and when she was spilling the liquid, gosh he felt dry at throat. His manhood was throbbing painfully hard and his teeth were glues to each other. He wanted to taste her every place then and there but still managed to show indifference and wiped her neck so that it doesn’t distract him more. Knowing her she will probably roam whole house like that. But then he needed cold shower to calm his wild need. And now she is making it so hard to control.



He slammed his laptop on the bed pulling her on his lap and sealing her cold lips in a wild desiring hot kiss,,, She was startle with his kiss and the moves. She tried to think some rational but all seems façade the moment his tongue tasted her heavenly soft lips. Each stroke of his tongue made her stomach crunch, her eyes were blurring, the intense scotching kiss doesn’t help either. Her hand gripped his shoulder, and his hand went inside her shirt to caresses her creamy flesh, she moaned in his mouth and the ice cream fell on his chest making him jerk a little. She couldn’t help but giggle seeing his flinching with the coldness of icecream, he glared her, she stood up form bed and tried run away but he held her and then pinned her to the nearest wall.



‘what do u think of me geet? I m a man with desire which is really strong for u, till now I was restraining myself to save u only and you, what were u doing huh? Seducing me with moves? But geet do u really thinks u need to do all this when ur one look is enough for me to feel hard? Hmm?’



His tone was so intense that she couldn’t help but relief a sigh, She hung her head playing with his shirt button but didn’t said anything. He removed his shirt making her confuse, but then she couldn’t miss the perfect structure which can melt any goddess of heaven. She looked at his eyes then chest, he chuckled at her.



‘I thought u want to talk to it rather than me.’



Her face become red and she pushed his arms but he didn’t budge.



‘maan’ a whisper came out from her lips. He pressed his body on her further.



‘Tell me geet, do u desire me like I do? Tell me don’t u hated me when I was harsh on u so much that u fainted, tell me what do u think of our closeness, is it just to showing me that u belongs to me or u really enjoys our togetherness? Just tell me.’



She put her palm on his mouth to stop him further.. she placed her hand on his shoulder and closed the gap between them kissing him hard. He can feel the same desire in her which was burning him till now.



After breaking the kiss she looked straight in his eyes, he was panting yet his eyes were searching something in her.



‘I think that was my answer maan, Yes I do desire u the amount u do, u were right. U have surged the lust in me to an extent that I feel helpless in this desire, I need u as much as u do and I don’t know why? I can’t control my body any more, all I want to be with u. as far as ur harshness, I too went beyond extent maybe, but u didn’t hurt me, it’s just I was sad because u couldn’t controlled ur anger and vent it out on me but when I realized u feel content to be with me that’s why u expressed ur desire in that way. I don’t held u guilty for being harsh cause any way I had to give in as I wanted to’



She finished looking at him and a small smile touched his lips, he kissed her carnally nibbling her lips and swaying deep inside. They broke the kiss and he dipped his head in her neck kissing it softly.



He groaned ‘I can’t control myself around u’



‘who said u to control, I m fine now after ur whole day care’ she giggles making him insane for her and he started kissing her furiously on her neck. She moans feeling his wet tongue rolling on her skin. She hide her face in his neck tasting the cream from his chest and pushing him  the edge, in no time they were lying on bed naked, he was already inside her pushing himself hard and drawing loud moans from her lips. His lips flicked her hard bud and hand was busy with the other breast squeezing and rolling the nipped between fingers. She dug her toe on his hip, he pushed deep inside her till she felt her orgasm followed by her…





It was midnight when geet opened her eyes and followed the path of cupboard. She entangle his hand from her waist and made her way to the cupboard, she had seen him placing it here, but where, she search it frantically and atlast got hold of it, she looked back to see maan but he was soulfully sleep. A smile tugged her lips. ‘I won’t let u to fulfill ur dream MSK,’ she said in her brain.



‘what made u come here to search in this hour jaan?’




Geet’s step halt with the sudden voice of maan and she closed her eyes preparing for the worst.




© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg





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    curious i am loving this hot n passionate updates …. revealing so much of thr actually feelings apart from lust n desires …
    the concern geet some whr deep feels for him ..
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    luv ya

    P.S : whn r u planning to resume Kurbaan plzz at least give it an end …:)


  8. great MSK is the devil and devil knows very well wats going in your mind evil , and that makes him the strongest of all , geet cannot come to his level of evilness


  9. Posted by mmradhu97 on May 6, 2013 at 1:32 am

    Awesome update… loved it…
    Eagerly waiting for next update…
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    awesome is a small word for this… wat is geet upto??? and i love the maan’s last dialogue… ‘what made u come here to search in this hour jaan?’ he says it ever so lovingly… and soo sweetly… as if he doesnt her intentions…. but maan is maan.. the devil in human form…


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  29. Sorry just had a chance to catch up. Nice update, lust, pleasure, and may be love (both hasn’t realized) are playing factors with them. Maan can’t stop himself, he desire her so much. She is up to something to ruin him; knowing her is her plan going to back fire as he is & always two to three steps ahead of hers. Will wait what his and her next move is.


  30. Part 30 —

    Maan is in guilt for hurting Geet in anger and now want to rectify his mistake…

    Maan is total enigma for Geet, the more she try to understand him the more mystery he became

    loved the way how Maan take care of Geet the whole day n worked from home n suppressed his desire for her as her health matter to him first

    Geet is on the mission to seduce Maan with her innocent act to break the wall of Maan which he had created for Geet well being but Geet being Geet, she is hell bent on breaking the wall

    Last part is something which i m curious to know…. wht Geet had got…

    waiting for the next part


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