Kagaz Ki Kashthi luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 92

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Part 92

The morning was pleasant, both the house KM and Handa’s were really busy and so was saanjh and abir. Geet felt alone, no one gave her any work, unfortunately maahika also didn’t bother her much, she was happily watching everyone working and time to time travelling in everyone’s arms. No one could deny the happy child to hold in their arms. Geet was amused to see how maahika goes to everyone and obediently watch them working and didn’t even make a fuss. Last night maan went away as he promised, She still feels shy remembering his naughty look over the small nighty. Her face become red with the image of it.


Just then she heard some ppl smiling and giggling, only then her eyes went on NT and Nikita who entered the place with shagun ki mehendi. Geet searched for Maan but neither he was there nor shiv. Aniee was also there, and she ran towards her hugging slightly. And whispering something.

Aniee: bhai will come in a few hour, he got an emergency call. Geet sighed in relief and just then everyone started signing and dhollak to lighten the atmosphere. Aniee saw geet and again exclaimed in excitement. Bhabhi this bangles are from bhai na on ur birthday. geet nodded, they are so pretty bhabhi.. and u r looking ravishing. Ye bhi bhai ki choice hain na? geet nodded and smiles.


Neha Dalvi Bridal 2

Geet’s dress

Mehndi Hai Rachnewaali, Haathon Mein Gehri Laali

kahe Sakhiyaan, Ab Kaliyaan

haathon Mein Khilnewaali Hain

tere Mann Ko, Jeevan Ko

nayi Khushiyaan Milnewaali Hai

mehndi Hai Rachnewaali, Haathon Mein Gehri Laali

kahe Sakhiyaan, Ab Kaliyaan

haathon Mein Khilnewaali Hain

tere Mann Ko, Jeevan Ko

nayi Khushiyaan Milnewaali Hai


Function started with dancing few girls in the middle and geet settle in a corner with family and frnds.Nikita Applied a small amount of mehendi in the center. Geet shyly looked down with the teasing from her cousin. Maahika was in rituka’s arms so she didn’t trouble her mother at all.. Nt came and applied a design in geet’s hand saying the color will become very dark.

Aniee: aree wo to mujhe inke shaadi ke pehle se pata tha. Everyone looked at her with amusement, geet was confuse with her words. Bhabhi u remember before going to temple me and Naina bhabhi escorted u to temple in car, where I told u about her mahendi and bhabhi said your mehendi is so dark maan bhai will love u a  lot.

o Hariyali Banno

le Jaana Tujhko Guiyyaan Aane Waale Hai Saiyyaan

thaamenge Aake Baiyyaan, Goonjegi Shehnaayi

angnaayi, Angnaayi

mehndi Hai Rachnewaali, Haathon Mein Gehri Laali

kahe Sakhiyaan, Ab Kaliyaan

haathon Mein Khilnewaali Hain

tere Mann Ko, Jeevan Ko

nayi Khushiyaan Milnewaali Hai

Just then maan entered the hall with abhinash and shiv. Shiv and Maan truly looking Brothers in same color sherwani still the pattern is different giving a raw look of their nature.

Maan's wear

Maan’s wear


Shiv’s sherwani

dadima stayed back in mansion because they need to see preparation there. Geet was lost in the past. Everything is repeating itself though there was no happiness then but this time she is happy from her heart. She remember aniee’s word, that time she thought it was Sujal’s love which darken her mehendi but destiny had already written and that was maan’s name mehendi which colored so much.

Sujal meera also entered the place while jay was already there. Sujal met maan and they hugged warmly. Sujal congratulated him and meera was teasing a little. Geet saw everything and her gaze locked with maan. He was looking extremely handsome in that sherwani. Glow was naturally written on his face.

gaaye Maiya Aur Mausi, Gaaye Behna Aur Bhabhi

ke Mehndi Khil Jaaye, Rang Laaye Hariyaali Banni

gaaye Phoofi Aur Chaachi, Gaaye Naani Aur Daadi

ke Mehndi Mann Bhaaye, Saj Jaaye Hariyaali Banni

mehndi Roop Sanwaare, O Mehndi Rang Nikhaare, Ho

hariyaali Banni Ke Aanchal Mein Utrenge Taarein

mehndi Hai Rachnewaali, Haathon Mein Gehri Laali

kahe Sakhiyaan, Ab Kaliyaan

haathon Mein Khilnewaali Hain

tere Mann Ko, Jeevan Ko

nayi Khushiyaan Milnewaali Hai


It’s all so wonderful, like a dream. She never thought her life will see this happiness and maan again prove her wrong. It’s true she hated maan for whatever he had done but he was the only person who gave himself to rectify his all mistakes just to turn the horrific days in to pleasantly a dream. Meera dragged Maan towards geet and forced him to sit beside her.

Rituka applied mehendi of Geet’s name in his palm as shagun which maan happily took. Just then their eyes went saanjh who went to dance floor with their cousin.

She draped her dupatta over one shoulder and waist, then started dancing happily. Her hands and legs moves accordingly to the lyrics and in happiness she sang making everyone gaped at her. her Red suit gave an angelic sight and the smile took everyone’s heart.


saanjh's dress

saanjh’s dress

gaaje, Baaje, Baraati, Ghoda, Gaadi Aur Haathi Ko

laayenge Saajan Tere Aangan, Hariyaali Banni

She sat infront of geet’s leg and teased showing maan’s eager eyes on her mehendi. She admired their love, she put geet’s mehendi adorned hand on maan’s who took it not to destroy the design. He held it very delicately like a feather.


teri Mehndi Woh Dekhenge

to Apna Dil Rakhdenge Woh

pairon Mein Tere Chupke Se, Hariyaali Banni

she walked out from them and showed her back towards shiv who was still now gaping at her in realization. She is also a girl with dreams, probably she was dreaming about a beautiful marriage like this, and what he gave her? so many scare, so many haunted memory. Will he be able to make her believe in his love? Can he give her this beautiful memory to cherish? Can he fulfill her dream like this? He is afraid, he never had a family so how will he give her a family? Will she be happy being with him only? Will she accept him again the way he is? Just then his gaze went on her ankle, she was wearing the same anklet which he gifted her. a sudden rush of happiness washed over him.

mehndi Roop Sanwaare, O Mehndi Rang Nikhaare, Ho

hariyaali Banni Ke Aanchal Mein Utrenge Taarein



She came around geet hugging her sideway and touched her cheek with her, they smiles together and saanjh again went on the floor finishing the dance.


mehndi Hai Rachnewaali, Haathon Mein Gehri Laali

kahe Sakhiyaan, Ab Kaliyaan

haathon Mein Khilnewaali Hain

tere Mann Ko, Jeevan Ko

nayi Khushiyaan Milnewaali Hai

Everyone clapped for her and saanjh was feeling shy, so ran out from the place. Shiv saw that and decided to follow her. he slipped out from the crowd without anyone notice.

Maan was busy in searching his name from her palm but it was quite difficult. Actually maan was busy in doing some mischief so his whole concentration on that, geet gulp hard as he held her hand closely to him and another hand went toward her bare waist. His fingertips were making pattern on her waist and then held the waist chain, drawing a line on them. Geet pleaded with eyes but he ignored it highly. He licked his dry lips showing a little hint of desire in him. Her face was flushed; red hue can clearly be shown on her face. Maan loved to watch her so much blushy blushy, his hands travel her almost backless blouse and a gasp came out from her. He coughed to make the sound vanish but it caught his devil’s attention. Maan instantly removed his hand though none can see it because of geet’s heavy dupatta but aniee knew her brother can’t take his hands off from his beautiful wife so she looked at them suspiciously. Maan immediately give his all concentration on the mehendi which has his name in it but where, that he still don’t know.

Maan: geet it’s not fair, it’s so difficult design, can’t u put some simple design or atleast the name should be in middle. Just then prem ran towards them and sat in geet’s lap making a good distance between Maaneet. Maan looked at him feeling irritated and geet only smiles broadly, prem sat glued to her still not messing the mehendi because his aniee aunty told him. Geet couldn’t help but laughed at Maan’s angry face, He was literally glaring aniee who was giving him evil smile. Sometime I feel after birth she was changed in hospital, my own sister can’t be so cruel. Geet giggles further making maan glare her even more. Maan towered his face towards her making her gasp in surprise. Geet don’t forget only a day and u will be in my arms, save your laugh for then. U will need them. Geet felt trickle down her stomach with his husky voice.

Prem: Badhe Papa can’t go close to badhi maa, Aniee aunty said. He pushed him a little, Maan again glared aniee who was laughing her head off..

Maan: I just wish I can get her head now.

Geet glared at him: Maan

Maan: U always take her side, that’s why she is so out of control.. aniee only showed her tongue knowing very well what is going in his head. Prem baby, can u ask mom where is your dad. Prem looked at maan confuse.

Prem: Office, U only said he will be back at evening. Geet giggles seeing her cute confusing face and Maan greeted his teeth, he knew it but needed an excuse. Yet he isn’t getting one.

Maan: prem did u see Maahi? Where is she?

Prem become worried for her: Maahi kaha hain?

Maan smiles and showed rituka and ajay playing with her whom prem thought geet’s mom: See she is with stranger, what if anything happen to her, u know na stranger se baat nahi karte..

Geet gave angry glare to maan to stop but he was least bothered. Just then prem tugged his shirt making him come closer.

Prem: badhe papa your eye sight has become poor, see she is maahi’s nani so how can she be with stranger. Aap bhi na, u need specks like dad.

Maan: teri to, ruk, prem giggled and flew away from them, maan murmured something under breath and geet laughed at his face whole heartedly. Maan saw that and automatically a smile reached his lips seeing her so happy. Just then geet noticed him looking at her, she raised her eyes brow. Maan shrugged and gave his back to her making a grumpy face. Geet shook her head on his childishness.

She brought her hand in front of him from back slightly hugging him, she rest her chin on his shoulder then showed his name in her both palm joining them together. Maan smiles slightly but still put a straight face. She saw that.

Geet: where is my fault now? Those designer made this and about prem, umm apne badhe papa pe gaya hain, extremely intelligent.

Maan faced her: accha?

Geet: bilkul. She giggles and maan too smiles, he held her hand and started analyzing her design oblivious to the world where their whole family admire their cute love from far. They were thanking god for giving the 2 each other. They are perfect for each other and maybe God is also having proud on himself to make the Jodi.


Saanjh was sitting in the garden backward of the house, It can be seen from geet and saanjh’s balcony only, not much ppl know about the beautiful place. It’s always geet and her father who planted flowers various kind of plants. Saanjh loves this place and whenever she feels sad or happy she comes to this place which only geet knows.  Well so she thought.

Saanjh was gripping her heart with the unknown feeling scrambling under her. she doesn’t know how to react or how to say what she is feeling. She is happy confuse sad. Happy because her sister is getting her desire wedding, sad because she cannot see it for herself. Marriage stuff is thousand miles away from her but which girl doesn’t like to dream about a beautiful marriage and family. She too wanted it but those confusion about shiv and his feeling was creeping inside her. Does he really loves her the way he claims. Unknown tears made her way thinking how he said his heart out to her.  she knew he didn’t get a family’s love and neither a good childhood. And she wanted to give it but the fear he had surged in her is so deep she fears this love will fade away with time.

She didn’t realized when a hand wiped her moist cheek and cupped them in a pair of manly palm. Her eyes were close but heart gave up as the shudder seems too loud. She opened her eyes only to met 2 guilty eyes looking at her with pain and something stronger. LOVE?

Saanjh tried to look away but shiv forced her to meet his gaze, he wiped the last traces of tears with his thumb. He was sitting in front of her on his knees.

Shiv: U know more than anyone’s word or Your accusation, what pricked my heart most is your tears. It felt thousand stab to see u cry saanjh. I know my sin is big a lot big than I can think or anyone can say but trust me I had repent all those 5yrs being away from u and maan. Right now I don’t have anything apart from him geet and one wish. One wish to have u with me in my every path. Every path of life saanjh. I don’t know I can give u this dream wedding or a life so large but I can assure I will love u always and give u my life. I want to grow old with u, seeing ur face every morning. I want to be a father of a child like maahi who will make my life hell and I will complain to u see this devil had made me like this, but still your one smile will take away all those nagging. I want u to hold me the moment I leave my last breath.

Saanjh couldn’t stop herself from placing her palm on his mouth, her eyes were teary, the tears rolled down her cheek still she looked deep in his eyes, there is only love and regret for those yrs, but she hated it to see there, she only want love to be there and this moment she knew He loves her a lot. And she cannot even imagine if she deny what will he do, but more than that is she capable to refusing him now? The slight mention of him leaving his breath caught something in her lungs, like she couldn’t breathe anymore with those words, how will she live her life without him then?

He removed her hand and cupped her teary face, placed his forehead on her, she was sobbing hard but he didn’t stopped her either.

Shiv: Saanjh,, will u Marry me?

Saanjh looked at him: only then if u promise to be with me everywhere, every time, every moment, and u will never leave me alone ever again not even on death bed.

Shiv whispered huskily: I promise, I promise to fulfill this promise and ur every dream. I love you saanjh, he hugged her instantly and she too reciprocate.

Saanjh: I love you too.

Shiv broke the hug and looked at her face with wide eyes: come again. Say what u said.

Saanjh bite her lips nervously then met his eyes: I love you too, she said softly but he sealed her mouth in a wild kiss. She couldn’t resist it either.

Precap: none

© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg.



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