Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 93

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1st please don’t get mad for not using ur gift to maahi, I will definitely use it in future so pls have patient, and thanks to everyone for ur love and support.

2nd Don’t expect high from this update, I just wanted to show a friendly bond and teasing so used this update, marriage maybe take place at 100th update, but the length will not decrease. Its my style so sorry for making u wait but I can’t hurry up.


@Zariya I think u have a doubt about this ff’s future, so let me clear, dear I m not going to end this ff so soon. After this marriage stuff a big twist is coming soon. Hopefully my reader will support me till then.

I don’t know how K3 never push me end the ff, its has something in it. I had come up with more twist to drag this ff till 150 lol.

Part 93


Geet was worried for saanjh when she couldn’t locate her in the function just then she saw her frnds approaching them, meera hugged her and sujal congrats maan.

Meera: happy birthday once again. Sujal and meera gave her gifts which she took promptly and opened it in excitement, mehendi was already dry so she could do it but still she was careful not to merge it. Her mouth hunged open to see sujal’s gift. Sujal smiles knowing her reaction. Its 2 boxes of her fav chocolate and meera gave her collection of her favorite books new series. She was super happy and instantly hugged meera and sujal tight.

Sujal: Maan u should have called us to wish her at 12, we thought everyone is asleep so we didn’t bother, anyway the work was hectic so we gave up, it’s good that when I called her at morning she told me about the night.

Maan: I m sorry sujal, it was so sudden that we forgot to call u guys.

Meera: not fair jiju.

Maan: saali saheba I m really sorry.


Sujal: chalo iss bar rehne dete hain. Kyun meera.

Meera: ok only this time.

Geet: but where is jay’s gift?

Meera: Tu nahi sudhar sakti geet, u r a mother of one but behaves likes a kid. Still crib for gifts.

Geet: shut up, tell me where is Jay.

Jay: I m here geet. geet saw something was on his face, she eagerly waited for him as he sat in front of her. Today actually I have something else to gift u.


Geet: kya hain jay, jaldi bol na.

Jay: erm, actually meera and me decided to get married. Meera shied a little and geet only gaped at them, she was happy well surprised they finally took the decision but when, why so sudden.

Geet: I m so happy for u… she hugged meera.. but mujhe bataya kyun nahi?

Meera: geet we were waiting for this day when we can surprise u.

Jay: but there is some bad news as well. Geet feared for this only, from morning she had a thought something is gonna change. Taking a deep breath meera continued.

Meera: wo, we..

Geet: don’t scare me, jaldi bol meera. seeing them so nervous sujal finally step in.

Sujal: geet they have to settle in NY after marriage.

Geet: What? But why, when u decided it, and why NY. Can’t u guy stay here? Her reaction showed she isn’t happy with the news at all, maan held her shoulder squeezing it a little, she looked at him helplessly but he assured her with eyes.  I m sorry I overreacted.

Jay: no gudiya u didn’t. U always loved us a lot, more than we can imagine. And the thought of separation made u said that, actually it’s our fault we didn’t said it at first but,

Meera: we were afraid about ur health and the reaction geet.

Geet: but why NY so suddenly.

Meera: Geet mom’s business isn’t going well so she thought to sold her business here and settle in her native place means NY and jay’s father also want to expand his business in NY. Maan is also helping us with it. His NY branch can merger with Jay’s firm so it will be really a great opportunity for us.

Geet looked at maan, whose face was down, he is guilty, that clearly shown on his face. She closed her eyes taking a deep breath.

Geet: hmm I understand. I m happy for u guys, but do some after few month ok.


Jay laughed: we are not going now, marriage will be in 3 month and then all the other things, we are going after 8 month a lot of time I guess.

Meera: but we will miss maahi’s birthday. Her face was sad and this time maan assure her with a friendly hug.

Maan: I will manage something then. Everyone smiles at them. Maan said sorry with his eyes to geet who sighed loudly but hugged him too showing she is not angry but grateful that he handled everything.

Seeing the atmosphere abir jumped in, geet gave an angry look to him which he returned with sugary sweet smile making her irritate. He sat besides her leaning on her arms.

Abir: geetu u look so cute with that angry nose, and those cheeks become like apple, I wish I could have a knife.

Geet: motuuuuuuuuuu.. don’t irritate me, I have already enough of it.


Abir: that I can see. Anyway u r becoming older, le tu 1 saal aur badhi hogayi, buddhi hone ki taraf ek aur kadam. Geet was feeling like scratching his hair in her fist. Just then maan brought maahi towards them. Geet couldn’t take her because of mehendi so maan held her in his embrace. Well maahi is dada’s girl so she happily tagged with him.

Maan: abir how is saanjh’s therapy is going?


Abir: extremely good maan, if she continues in this speed she can talk fluently in one month.

Geet: that’s awesome news.


Just then shiv and saanjh entered the place, everyone saw them and few also started gossiping. Of course the hand in hand scene couldn’t go miss. Geet’s eyes went on their entangle hand, Maan followed her gaze and coughed to get attention from the 2. Shiv instantly understood what he wants to say but he couldn’t let go of her now. Could he? Saanjh’s eyes also met with geet who was staring at her questioningly. She smiles uncomfortably and slowly removed her hand from shiv. Shiv glared at saanjh but she made a puppy face which was enough for him to melt. Maan smirks seeing the scene in front but didn’t let other’s attention go on them.

Saanjh sat beside abir while shiv stood maan’s side. Abir saw the eyes lock between the 2, he greeted his teeth and held saanjh’s held making shiv burn in hell..

Abir: sanju I brought u mehendi and u haven’t applied yet.


Saanjh eyes popped out in delight: can I apply it, but u said. Chaddo.. jaldi de I want to apply right now.

Abir: relaz chill kar ye instantly hain, and it’s not actually mehendi but color so u will not have rashes. Saanjh smiles at him and snatched the design from him.

Geet: waha motu u really care for saanjh a lot. Shiv greeted his teeth and glared geet but she ignored him. Maan smiles at them but didn’t showed it.

Saanjh: motu u r too sweet..

Geet: ha too sweet for u not for me, see he gave u watch but nothing to me. She made a sad face but abir pulled something from his pocket and gave it to geet, she couldn’t take it because of mehendi as it was in a white envelop. Everyone looked at it curiously. Ye kya hain.  Saanjh opened it feeling excited.

Saanjh: Honeymoon ticket for Mauritius, wow. Geet gawked at him with mouth hung open. Abir closed it.

Abir: teri shaadi me main kuch nahi kar saka, so thought to give u this. Don’t say no to this geetu, I wanted to do something. Though maan is capable but I know u wanted to go there for a long time. abir hugged her sideway.

Geet: love u motu, that love was more like frndly gesture and weirdly maan didn’t felt bad neither any of them. Abir smiled and hugged her tight. To change the atmosphere abir changed the mood.

Abir: hmm so now tell me which gift u liked the most? And u have to answer. Now it was trapping her, maan looked at her curiously and a naughty glint was there, saanjh looked at her with wide eyes and so the rest.

Geet smiles and showed everyone the thing which maahi was wearing. 1st her dress which was utterly cute and the hat and shoes which all are gift and A small gold chain with kitty her favorite.


for maahi

 shiv's gift

Maan: geet it was ur birthday then who gave this for maahi. Geet showed her own chain which she was wearing from morning, a very sleek gold chain with kitty and a gold ring with same. The one person who know maahi’s obsession about kitty is SHIV. A smile tugged maan’s face knowing his frnd can be very sensitive at a time.

Geet: For a mother the most beautiful thing is if anyone give her child anything and Shiv gave me this. Saanjh looked at shiv who was looking away uninterestedly but she knew inside he was hoping from beginning that geet would like it.

Maan tugged shiv and he bent in front of him: so finally pehle saali ko mana ne ka socha hain? He whispered and shiv gave a smirk.

Shiv: ghar wali to pehle hi maan gayi. He winked at him and maan instantly looked at saanjh who was blushing. Maan was excited to ask further but controlled himself.

Abir: but why maahi, birthday tera n saanjh ka hain.

Maan: because he loved maahi before he met her, He saved her first so kind of he is her guardian angel. Shiv felt over whelmed with his trust.

Abir: ohho I thought a man can’t think of delicate thing but u proved me wrong shiv. I bet after ur marriage u will buy the home appliance also as u r so kind to think of a child then u can think like a woman also.

Geet chuckled at him knowing he want to irritate shiv and Shiv pouted and took maahi then sat in front of geet leg, then put his head on her lap, so that he was near saanjh also. It was so sudden that no one noticed anything apart from geet maan and saanjh, of course abir too saw that. Maan cursed him under his breath and nudge him but he was least bother while geet stopped maan doing that and let shiv lying like that, his face was showing how much irritated yet dreamy he is. It’s like natural, Frnd or shall say Saali aadhi ghar wali type.  Abir was beside geet so Maan held geet waist and pulled her closer to him without anyone notice. They all sat there having the greatest time.

Shiv: Jab shaadi hogi I will happily help my love in her all work, I was thinking to be a house husband so that I can take care of my dozen of children and my wife. Saanjh bite her lips to suppress the giggle and other were gaping at him like he had 2 head.

Shiv: what???

Sujal: nothing, waise saanjh what he gifted u? saanjh looked here and there in nervousness, but shiv held her leg and showed the ankle making saanjh gasp. It was so easy for him. Saanjh withdraw her leg instantly to which shiv chukled.


it’s a pair but showing each around.

Geet: beautiful choice, she murmured but heard by shiv and he gave a wide smile.

Shiv: thank u

Meera: Saanjh, now then all of us is settling down why don’t u also think about it.


Shiv was like statue while saanjh looked at them uncomfortably. Maahi was in her own land, she was sitting on shiv’s chest, with meera’s word none noticed when maahi tucked a hair pin on shiv’s hea.

Shiv: ouch,, maaahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.


Maahi: woobbbbbbb hhhulllloooooooooo.. she giggles seeing shiv with hair pin in front of his forehead. She wanted to decorate him maybe. Geet suppress her laugh while saanjh felt sorry for him. She tried to take maahi and in the process their hand touched giving a eye lock in them. Maan again coughed to get their attention.

Jay: kya yaar maan, if u have throat problem have some cough syrup.


Abir: he doesn’t have throat problem, u all have eye problem which doesn’t see anything. Sujal chuckled. Somewhere he got the picture clear while geet felt trapped to say a word so she kept numb.

Saanjh tried to take maahi but she was adamant on sitting over shiv, she slapped saanjh’s hand and shook her head.

Maahi: nannnnnnnnaaaa.

Shiv: let her be here, itne din baad apne fav punching bag mila hain isse.


Meera: koi meri baat nahi suntan, jao mujhe nahi baat karni.


Jay: arre jaan aisa nahi hain, tell us what u over heard cause without it u will not eat a thing than my brain.


Meera glared him but he gave sweet smile to her, she pouted and shift her gaze to maaneet.

Meera: actually I heard rituka aunty saying she want to marry saanjh soon, she want to see her happy with her own family like geet.

Geet: ha mumma bhi bol rahi thi, motu teri mom ka bhi call aaya tha, she want u to settle down also. That’s why maasi was worried for both of u and she was talking about both of ur marriage.

The place went numb. Maan cleared his throat, before jay can say anything he glared him so he sealed his lips with his finger. Rituka called abir saying his parents want to talk to him and his phn is not reachable, he hurriedly went from there. Soon sujal and jay also went to see the arrangement and meera went to help rano.

Shiv glared at geet, maan instantly took maahi from shiv seeing him so angry. For a moment geet also felt afraid.

Shiv: uuu,, u don’t have any feeling na? how could u, tell me how could u do this. Geet tried to hold saanjh but he snatched her and held her hand tightly. Saanjh looked at maan in fear while maan was pissed off with the over drama.

Geet: what have I done now?

Maan: shiv chodh saanjh ko, everyone is watching us.


Shiv: yeah leave her and ur wife will marry her off to that idiot.

Geet: huh? She asked in confusion.

Shiv: don’t show me ur innocent eyes, I know what is cooking. Don’t u dare thinking it.

Geet: but what have I done?


Maan: shiv leave saanjh first and calmed down.


Shiv: to hell with ur calmness


Saanjh: shiv don’t create a scene, stupid leave me first.


Shiv; shut up u billi. Dare u see any other man I will snatch ur eye balls.


Maan hit his forehead in frustration. Thanks god no was watching them, actually it all look so funny so everyone thought they are just pulling each other’s leg.

Saanjh hissed in his ear: leave me right now I will call mom, then she can definitely break ur balls, she is karate champion and doesn’t like anyone touching me.

Shiv registered her word and left her hand, then looked here and there. Saanjh sighed in relief and hurriedly went away from there.

Geet: what was that. Why u r behaving to touchy touchy with my sister.


Shiv: oye hello sister ki bacchi she was my best frnd I did touch her before.

Geet: but she is my sister and u can’t touch her like that.

Shiv: like that? What do u mean by like that huh?

Geet: wo, wo, I mean.

Shiv: bolo bolo.


Maan was an amusement spectator who couldn’t say much because either way they will use him in punching bag so he kept numb.

Geet: stay away from her okay and I thought after last night.


Shiv: What do u thought after last day I will sit in a corner away from ur sister and watch her like Devdas, sorry but I m not Devdas neither I m gonna sacrifice her, and nor I m gonna leave the chance to make u my saali… he wink and all she did was gaping at him with mouth hung open….

He went away leaving a flabbergasted geet with mouth hung open.

Maan: Mishty, Shiv proposed saanjh and she accepted I guess.

Geet: WHAT????

She felt her head was spinning and lastly she passed out. Saanjh ran towards her with water.

Maan: it’s all because of u. saanjh made a puppy face then started jerking water-drops on her face.

Precap: who is maahi’s fav target? Shiv or Abir?

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