Kaise Kahen Ssn2 (Part 1)


Extremely Sorry for the delay, I wasn’t in a flow to write this story bt for Ritu I had to write it cause I know how much she had waited for this ss. Thanks sweetheart for accepting and love K2 and now I hope u will like this season as well.

From now I will update it like other of my works, I m a bit slow cause of my study, assignment and not to forget my disaster health. So pls bear me for this.

PS: This is an entire new and fresh story with last season characters. A little change in few relations..


Part 1

‘I m sorry Mishty, I couldn’t made up my promise. Hume Maaf kar do Geet. Please come back’


He broke down completely sliding on the broken glass pieces hurting himself for hurting his mishty….


Kasien Kahen hume kitni mohabbat hai

Ruh me utar gaye ho itni chahat hai…

Dard me bhi bas tera dedar karti hu

Mushkil me bhi bas tujhe saamne paati hu…

Teri ek muskurahat dil ko chain de jati hai

Tu nahi hai fir bhi tu yahi mere dil me hai…

Tujhe bhulana to sadio tak namumkin hai

Teri yaadein jeene ke liye bahaut hai…

Hone ja rahi hu mein ab apne hi dost ki

Fir bhi uski na ban paungi jaise rukmini krishna ki…

Wo akhri saans tak mera saath dega

tumhari kami ka ehsaas fir bhi tadpaayega…

Kasien kahe ki ab ye dil kabhi kisi ke liye nahi dhadkega

Phir mohabbat ka naam shayad hi juba pe aayega…

Kaise kahe ki ye dard-e-dil usko bhi tadpata hai

Mujhe tadapta dekh wo bhi tut jaata hai…

Jaane kya hai mujhme jo mera dost saath hai

Kaise kahe bas wahi ab is dil ko samajhta hai…

Na kuch bole na kuch maange usne apna banaya

Kaise kahen Zindagi ko uski wo mere dard ke naam kar gaya…

By my sweet friend Rituja(mishtiritu)


Geet was restless from the moment the engagement took place. She had felt something is wrong, her heart is saying HE is in pain. She can’t hallucinate with those eyes. She had seen pain in them and it’s making her tremble to the core. She was searching him for the past 10 min but he is nowhere to be seen. Only she knew how difficult it was to leave the function like that, but thankfully Veer made an excuse and told her to go. He didn’t ask any question, neither try to know why she wants to go from there just supported her in every action.

At last she stood before the terrace door, their fav place. She can never forget each n every details of the place where she had spend the most beautiful 14yrs of life with HIM. She pushed the door open.


He looked up to see the person and instantly wiped his eyes and put a smile on his moist face. He had been crying for god knows how many hours. He smiles to see her ‘Hey SONAM’

Sonam: what the hell r u doing this maan, why u r doing this with u and her? don’t u understand dammit U needs her.

Maan smiles painfully ‘So did she but I neglected her in my anger,’

Sonam: that was past maan, come out from it and see her, hold her, tell her how much he love her.

Maan: she is not mine anymore sonam, she is someone else’s sonam and  I know my mishty. For her responsibility and promise is way ahead of love, Now she is not only my mishty but to be queen of Udaipur, Fiance of Prince Udayveer Singh Rathode.

She gasp: It can’t be true, she loves u.

Maan: I had seen it with my eyes, maybe she loves me maybe not but she is gone from maan.

He smiles at her, sonam helped him to stand up and take in the hall at His private house in Jaiselmer. They can’t stay in any hotel knowing maan’s reputation here.


One drop of tear makes it way from her thick lashes as she closed her eyes to soak the surrounding; she was searching him from hours now still he is nowhere. Standing right in front of the place they spent most of their childhood she is just praying for his safety now. She needs to see him right now. As she pushed the door ajar she came to face with the cold wind of memory. She doesn’t come to this place from so many hours, from the moment he walked out from her life to make his own. She felt suffocated standing here and remembering each and every corner reminding him. A small smile tugged her lips reminding the memory of their childhood.

‘Maan hum apko dhund lenge dekhna.’


‘kaha hain maan aap, its being hours and u r still hiding, dekho apki mishty thak gayi.’

A cute chubby 7 yr toddler sat on the swing which was in the right side of the terrace surrounded with flower plants. She pulled a long face not seeing maan there. A fear ran through and almost tears started threatening.

She whimper not finding him ‘Where r u maan, hume dar lag raha hain.’

Before she can burst out crying a pair of beautiful hand wiped her hand. A 11 yr old Maan stood before her with a scowl.

‘I told u not to cry mishty, then why u were crying?’


‘hume dar lag raha tha, ke aap bhi hume chodh ke chale gaye.’

He sat beside her and she hugged him hiding her face in his neck, he patted her head like a father and pulled her closer to him. They sat there comfortably for hours and when her sob subsided he cupped her face ‘Mishty ur maan can never leave u, and I will not let u cry anymore, samjhi?’ she nodded childishly and wiped the tear with back of her palm.. ‘Ok now give me a smile mishty, see ur maan will be sad if u wont smile’

She immediately flashed her toothy grin, well one teeth were missing and he broke in to laughter, she made a baby face ‘Jao hume aapse baat nahi karni. Aap hamesha aise karte ho.’ She marched towards the edge of railing.

‘nahi nahi mishty, hum to bas, see u also laughed when I lost my tooth na.’


‘so what, u can’t laugh at me, I m ur mishty na.’


‘ok baba, hum aur nahi hasenege, thik hain?’

Geet gave her cutest smile which made him smile. ‘maan aap kabhi hume chodh ke nahi jayenge na, not even u get more beautiful friends. Promise me.’

‘no one can be more beautiful than my Geet in the whole world, and I can never leave my mishty for anyone.’ She hugged him feeling content and he held her tight in his embrace.

Well that was childhood, maybe childhood promise meant to be broken. She sighed, this place has so many memories of them and that’s why she doesn’t come here. Don’t know why today she felt like coming here. She smiles painfully on the words from past.

Geet: Aapne hume bhula diya Maan.


Geet glanced for the last time to the empty terrace then turned to leave only to collide with Veer who was standing right behind her. She stumble but he helped her to stand properly.

Veer: Careful princess. She gave a small smile wiping the sadness from her face or so she thought.

Geet: what r u doing here veer?

Veer: how can u think I will let u go alone, apka chehra sab bata deta hain Geet.

Geet smiles sadly: sirf aapko batata hain yeh.

Veer: I don’t think so, Your face is like mirror to me but your Eyes are exact mirror of ur soul that can be seen by someone.

Geet looked at him guiltily knowing he knows how her heart feels for maan still he doesn’t care. He is happy to support her in all ways.

Geet: Veer wo,

Veer: no need to say anything geet, remember we are friends 1st and then this relation. I want u like this only. No hesitation or awkwardness has place in our relation. Geet smiles and he held her shoulder then make her exit the place. She glanced at it for the last time and walked out with him.

Veer made excuse that she isn’t feeling well so couldn’t come up so greet anyone but they are invited Holi that was next day and Jaiselmer celebrate the occasion whole heartily. Dadisa knew something must be wrong and veer is covering up Geet’s absence but she couldn’t leave the guest. She asked him what happen but he shrugged off saying he will take care of it. On the way of Geet’s room Veer called someone.

Veer: I want tight security for tom function and do one thing,, He took a great pause and then sighed. Search If Maan Singh Khurana had enter Jaiselmer, I need to know where His whereabouts and u have only time till today midnight that mean 4 hour. He hung the phn and entered the room only to see geet staring out her balcony. Staying at a lavish great haveli she opt out a simple yet elegant bedroom with modern and tradition mix. The whole room is her deign and she love her cozy room which gave a great view with the small attach balcony.



She is watching this and please assumes it to be night.

Her long silky strands were disturbing her eyes touching her cheeks. She didn’t care for it. She hadn’t change her dress yet, the same lahenga that she wore for the engagement but she took out all jewelry as it was making her suffocated.


her creamy skin was glowing with moon light. But the face which is lost somewhere can catch anyone’s attention. She is a beauty of epitome but her life is as colorless as the water,  She soaked any color that anyone gives her but in true sense she doesn’t have anything on her own will.

Veer knocked the door catching her attention. She tiled her head and smiles at veer.


Geet: From when u started having permission for entering my room veer.

Veer smiles back: Your highness u r still not my lawfully wedded wife so technically I need permission to enter Princess Geetanjali Handa’s room.

Geet: u never took permission in childhood, Though I felt annoyed still purposely u made my life hell, u never treated me as girl. She pouted childishly making veer laugh a loud. Geet also smiles but then made a straight face.

Veer: ok sorry for that, but u r still child. I loved to irritate u cause only that way I can pacify u with chocolate and ice cream that too in his absence, nahi to aap hume ghaas hi nahi daalti thi. Hamesha Maan maan and maan.

Geet felt guilty knowing how she never liked veer much neither took his effort to be frnds as good sense. She was always under maan’s charisma. Mano uski subah bhi maan se shuru hoti thi shaam bhi maan pe khatam. Veer saw the sadness on her face and cursed himself for it. He bends down to her level.

Veer: I m sorry princess I didn’t meant to hurt u.

Geet smiles sadly: but I did hurt u and never said sorry, can u ever forgive me veer.

Veer smiles: we were kids geet, and kids do thing unintentionally and it was not ur fault that ur heart only excepted him to ur frnd.

Geet: but u made place unknowingly.

Veer: maybe because he was not here.

Geet shook her head: Still. It was only effort to make me friend and always protected me from everything without letting me know. Veer can u live with a person who loved someone else maybe love still. Knowing she can never reciprocate ur same love will u still love her like always.

Veer: I do love u and will love u always but that doesn’t mean I need ur love back geet. I m happy with what I have. I m happy to be ur frnd and to have u as my best friend. I just want to protect u and u can’t stop me from that.

Geet sighed: I m fine and will be always with u.

Veer: not really. Geet looked away knowing he can read her eyes. U should take rest kal Maha arti hain and like very year u will do that. Geet nodded and veer stood up to leave just then she called him to stop.

Geet: Veer. Thanks for everything, for being with me and this state when we needed u the most.

Veer: I was with my frnd and family, I don’t think this thank u will count to protect my family right? Geet nodded and he left her room. She went to her cupboard and took her gown then headed towards the washroom thinking how life had changed in these yrs and how Veer had made his place in everyone’s life.


Sonam was cleaning his leg and taking out the glass pieces glaring him to umpteenth time.

Aadi chuckle: Stop giving those glare sonam. It will scare him. Maan gave a small smile to aadi who assured him with eyes he will take care. Sonam saw that exchange and scowl making them jump.

Sonam: What the heck u think u r Mr MSK. Honge kahike maharaja lekin how could u be so careless to step on the glass piece.

Maan: Sonam.

Sonam: u r not my senior here so don’t dare to glare at me maan.

Maan chuckle: u know u will be first person who glare MSK. Remember u r a trainee Miss Sonam Khanna.

Sonam: bullshit to ur training right now I m ur frnd. Ur one n only best frnd not ur junior.

It’s weird that Sonam being his 4 yr junior treat him as her age, she can call him by tu, tum whatever she like. She is his trainee but no one knows him better than her. she admires his dedication to his work. Adores him as her big brother and give lectures like a true frnd.

Though she behaves like a strong person but inside she is still a cat who fear anyone can snatch her milk. Maan noticed the tear threatening in the corner of her eyes.

Maan whispered: Sonam.

Sonam: why don’t u get her maan. I can’t see u like this.

Maan; I can’t. I deserved to be like this all my life.

Sonam wiped her eyes: I can’t blv this. World biggest Cardiologist cannot get his heart, his love on the terms. How ridiculous is this?

Maan cupped her face, she tried to shove wildly but he forced her to look at his eyes.

Maan: Hum uske kabil nahi hain sonam, aap samajhti kyun nahi? Aap to janti hain na. jo kuch bhi humne kiya uske baad wo sirf aur sirf apne state ke bare me sochegi. Uska pyar humne dafan kar diya, abb hum usse Kaise Kahen wo pyar firse loutane ke liye. Bohot der ho chuki han sonam. Geet abb kisi aur ki hogayi hain aur ye zindegi abb sirf uski khusiya ki duyaye mangti hain. Aur kuch nahi chhaiye hume.

(I m not adequate to her sonam, why don’t u understand this?U know it well. Whatever I had done with her after that she will only take care of her state. I killed her love , now how can I ask the love to return? It’s too late sonam. Geet is someone’s else fiancé now. Now this life only ask happiness for her. I will pray only that, nothing more than that I need. )

He walked out the room leaving a teary sonam to aadi who patted her head in return she hugged him.

Sonam: mujhse ye sab nahi dekha jata aadi bhai, kab tak wo aise rahenge. Ghut ghut ke mar jayenge.

Aadi: Maan is also right sonam, whatever he did with her was not easy to forget.

Sonam only looks at his retreating figure: nothing is impossible. Nothing is right and wrong in love and if u both are bound to be together I will alive the love between u two. Geet bohot hochuka. U have shed enough tears, enough sorrow for this adamant person not more. I know u still love him. I can’t forget the 18 yr geet who’s eyes said her love, but the idiot MSK couldn’t understand. Now He will and I promise u that. Sonam wiped her eyes with determination.

Sonam: Aadi bhai I need your help.

Aadi: for what?

Sonam: Maan and Geet ko milane me.


Aadi fumble: wh-wh-whatttt? R u out of ur mind. Jwalamukhi ko cherne ko keh rahi ho.

Sonam: soch lo bhai or else I m not gonna help u to unite with pinky di, she will marry another guy and u will only stare at her.

Adi: he-he-he-he

Sonam: r u smiling or crying? She asked seeing his crying face yet idiotic laugh. She knew Pinky is his weakness. He works in Khurana Hospital as cardiologist with maan. Pinky take cares of Children ward specialist of Cancer. Now when aadi loves pinky so much he is bound to help sonam or she will make his life hell.

Aadi: but what I have to do tell me first.


Sonam whispered in his ear that made aadi’s eyes widen in horror.

Aadi: That Udayveer Singh Rathode will kill me if he ever get to know this. He fumble hard making sonam smile wickedly.

Sonam: pata chalega so marega na, hum pata chalne hi nahi denge bhai.

Aadi: ek taraf kuya dusri taraf khai.

Sonam: Bich me Phase mere AADI BHAI. He sighed.

Precap: entering in to her life again.

© All Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg


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    Wonderful start…what happened between them,why did maaneet separate?? eagerly waiting for more….continue soon and congrats for this new story….


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  7. Awesome start dear with another twist. Both have feeling for each other and missing their love one. What did Maan do in the past that he still regret for hurting Geet?? Hope sonam’ plan works.


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    superb ud dr
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  20. Wonderful start…what happened between them,why did maaneet separate?? eagerly waiting for more
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    Aadi: ek taraf kuya dusri taraf khai.
    Sonam: Bich me Phase mere AADI BHAI.


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    Lovely ❤


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