Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 8


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Part 8

Maan was always a sensitive person, His anger, love possessiveness was always extreme and everyone knew about it still no one taken it serious thinking with time he will understand. But that time never came, it always went worse. With his age his insecurities also started building more, Yash always knew this because he was the closes person of maan, from childhood they were not like this specially Maan. He was outspoken to yash only and showered his love on him. Thing goes worse when they completed yr 8th and for the first time their father had scolded maan for yash.

‘yash I like your car more.’ A eight yr old maan said eying on the remote car of yash.

‘no maan, u have yours na? dad gifted it to me, I won’t give u.’


‘but I liked that one, he didn’t asked me whether I liked it or not but he gave u whatever u liked.’


‘that’s because when he asked u u were lost in other toys. Maan be happy with ur things.’ He tried to walk out but maan held his hand.

‘but I liked it, and u can take mine as u like everything.’

‘I would have taken it maan but dad gifted it to me so I can’t give it to u. please try to understand.’

‘u don’t love me, a toy is more important, be happy with ur car.’ He throws his car which scattered on the floor in many pieces drawing attention from his family, they ran upstairs and tried to talk to him but maan shoved everyone’s hand.

‘nobody loves me, u all only care for this yash.’

‘Enough of enough maan, we had tolerated ur temper till now and nobody said anything but this is the limit. Be happy what u have.’ Maan’s father said with raising his voice. Yash was a bit scared seeing all this and hide himself in her mother’s embrace who looked everything helplessly.  Maan saw his mother cringing yash in her, it angered him. Then he did something no one ever thought. He marched towards yash and snatch the car, then broke it into pieces. Yash saw it and started crying…

‘now be happy with ur car.’ He shouted. And then his father slapped him infornt of all family member and that was the 1st time it happened. Yash stopped crying looking at his father scared, their mother cried, others tried to stop him but aman dragged maan and locked him in the basement saying it will be his punishment, it’s not the 1st time maan did something like that but every time they tried to make him understand situation which always went in vein and maan becomes aggressive so his father thought punishment will make him realize his mistakes alas it all went wrong. Full one day no one heard one single cry from maan, all he did just stared at the blankness… and when he came out from the so called punishment he didn’t talk to anyone for one week. All he did was keeping himself away from all and took out his frustration in karate class.

And after that maan’s anger had increased only but no one ever tried to know why his anger is so extreme. All his family member loved him dearly but somewhere his anger had made a place when fear exist and love over shadowed. Maan thought no one really cares for him and he started living alone, soon his father sent him in boarding school when he was 13 and yash joined him there after 3 yrs. They met in std 11th. Maan avoided him but yash couldn’t he tried to be friendly with maan. Maan never liked yash presence around him cause he thought yash always over shadowed his place and soon his few frnds also joined yash because of his sweet and friendly nature but somewhere it was because of maan’s anger which unnecessarily fell on the poor fellows. Maan started keeping himself aloof and drifted to darkness until SANJANA walked in their lives.

But fate again played and this time something broke yet something bound together. Maan’s hatred for yash somewhere took another turn when sanjana came between them…


Its 1st day of collage for 1st and 2nd yr student, where Maan n yash were in 2nd yr Sanjana was in 1st yr.  A girl wearing off-white trouser and pink tank top off shoulder… fair complexion and sweet smile on pink lips, height comfortably like girl 5.4” very jovial nature. She was walking and bouncing in her walk while laughing with her mates who seems to crack some joke.


Maan was with his gang, supposedly BAD gang when he first saw her. It was lunch break and ragging time. He never indulged himself in these type of game, always prefer to sit behind and see everything as fun his frnds do, never interfere in anyone’s matter but strongly informed everyone not to hurt anyone. Though he was in 2nd yr but senior member also feared him because of his temper. Teachers were always pleased with his marks but he doesn’t care. No one know how he managed to crack 1st position without any studying, cause never a person saw him attending class with concentration neither he had ever seen him studying. Few thought maybe he buy question papers or teachers might be frighten so gives highest num. Ironically no one had ever seen he never slept at night cause he prepared his every chapter before the teacher can even look into this. And on top of that Yash who always prefer to make notes for him and delivered in his room. Maan knew about it but never said anything to yash. yash was glad he didn’t create a fuss.. it was such paranoid relation of them, both loved each other but never showed, yash with the fear maan can hurt himself in the process to show he is stronger and maan never wanted yash to think he is depended on him so both avoided showing love.. awkward but unexplainable love they shared.

Maan hear his gang member to call the new student which apparently have the new girl in it. Maan never gave second look to any girl while girl stay away with fear of his temper yet goes gaga over his hot looks.

1 senior: what is ur name.

‘Sanjana’ she said while flashing her cute smile.

One girl: ohkk sanjana u know the custom, umm ragging.. so,,

But sanjana cut her while getting excited ‘WOW, u mean u will do real RAGGING, but I thought in abroad they doesn’t do these things,’

‘but some of we Indians are here to lead our generation’s custom so u have to give ur test sweety’ one girl said rather bitter sweetly. Yet it was sanjana who was all excited.

‘wow I m so excited, u know I always saw that on film and tv shows and thought how it will really feel to be rag, and u know my frnds were saying it will be scary, but I don’t feel that. U guys really look so cuteeeee ragging other. Ohkk now tell me what I have to do, and pls boring sa dare mat dena. I m pissed off seeing girl or boys proposing to any senior and kissing wising… chiii I mean it’s so old fashion u know. Ye picture banana wale kuch naya idea sochte hi nahi, they are soo ummm OLD, hahahha…’

She said all this in so much enthusiasm that rest of the collage looked at her like she is alien. Not only that Maan also stared at her like she is some ghost.. Her smile faded looking a dead silent collage.

‘kya huya?’ She asked innocently breaking everyone’s revere.. now others were also excited to see what will senior say while seniors were quite uncomfortable for the first time. She seems like weird for them cause other 1st yr student fears ragging while she is so excited.

Some senior cleared his throat ‘okkk,, u have to slap a guy whoever will come first from that gate, and mind it if prof also come u have to do that.’ Sanjana bite her lips while seniors smirked. Maan was also very curious to see who will be that guy, a smile formed on his lips seeing sanjana giving a heartily smile, but seems like she haven’t seen him once.

‘ye kya hain?’

Ajeeb ladki hain’ everyone started gossiping while sanjana walked towards the guy.

She closed her eyes and blabbered something and then SLAP. Everyone gasp seeing the person standing hell shock with the slap and later the water jug falling on him drenching him head to toe. She had slapped the person with close eyes so she didn’t saw another person holding a jug beside and her hand hit that, throwing it on the fellow.

Sanjana opened her eyes to see a pair of dark eyes looking at her flabbergasted. She made an O and then looked down to see his drenched attire.

‘I m sorry. Mujhe bas slap marne ko kaha tha, but u just erm.’

‘Drenched’ Yash said in daze, it was yash who was coming with a boy who was holding a jug of water, it was a teenage boy who works in collage canteen and yash give him tuition. They were talking when sanjana came and slapped him and the water fell over his shoulder but drenched him fully.

Maan greeted his teeth and his knuckle turned white, everyone saw that and flew in sec. it was weird but he never liked anyone messing with yash, the extreme he hated to see yash getting all attention but more of it he hated to see him in trouble. He tried to be calm but saw yash nodding his head in acceptance of her apology might seems but he have to warn this girl not to mess with him or she have other motive?


Sanjana asked sorry and yash gave her nodding but as one teacher called him he ran out without saying a word. Saanjh felt bad but shrugged off saying it was part of ragging. Later that day someone said one teacher wants her in library. It was already closing time for collage still she went to library but no one was there. She walked inside, that’s when the light went off making her gulp hard. She tried to come out from the room but someone blocked her way, the small light gave a hint of his face. Though the stubble was thick and eyes were chocolate brown still she thought it was the same guy whom she slapped. Fear crept inside her seeing the anger.

‘see, I told u sorry, no need to scare like a ghost or vampire. Or unless u r one.’ She said last words under her breath. But seeing the stranger still walking towards her she gave a humorless laugh and walked back ‘Look mister I, I, I Don’t fe-fear u.’ Maan raised his one brow seeing her fumbling, a chuckle came out seeing her almost making a shrieking face. She continue her blabbering, ‘yeah u seems like creepy vampire with red eyes and white face and deep stubble but I think vampire doesn’t have stubble, or its new fashion?’ she asked with a confuse face. It was hard not to smile on her words. At time she fear and next min she talks all rubbish…

‘don’t mess with him.’ He said rather dangerously. But sanjana was confuse who he is talking about.

‘maine kya kiya? N whom u r talking about?’


‘don’t act smart.’


‘do u have a problem or ur record had stopped in one place DON’T DO that n that all etc. in morning I thought u r decent and I asked sorry but u r behaving weird psycho type. Don’t tell me u have split personality disorder.’ She was aghast on the mention of it. Her train of words came to halt when suddenly the door opened and yash came inside.


‘what r u doing here maan?’

‘giving peace of mind to her.’

Sanjana looked at  them clueless and blankly.. she looked at maan then at yash who seems like same. And then again to maan ‘Ye to sach me bhoot hain,, aahhhhhhhhh’


She shrieked in fear and ran out but yash held her hand then closed her mouth with his palm feeling irritated with her childish behavior but before he can say anything sanjana shoved his hand and again blabber ‘Sorry bhoot ji I will not cross ur path again, please forgive me pls pls pls. I don’t wanna die before marriage, atleast 5 6 bacche ot hone chahiye.’

Maan and yash widen their eyes ‘Kya?’ they both said in unison then sanjana looked at them weirdly.

‘bhoot chorus me baat karte hain. Mummaaa’ and she fainted with a thud on the floor.

For the first time yash and maan broke into laughter seeing her antics. Yash saw his brother’s mesmerized laugh. It was odd for maan as he never showed his emotion to anyone neither yash but today this girl had cracked a wall and gave a reason to both brother to smile together.

Maan cleared his throat and yash also didn’t said anything about that…

‘She is unique piece.’ Yash said chuckling.

‘master piece.’ Maan said and hide his smile.

Later when sanjana came to conscious she again shouted bhoot seeing yash alone. Then he explained they are twins and sanajana gave her silliest laugh.. how they spent 4 yrs together they themselves were doubtful. Sanjana was mediator of maan and yash but best friend of both. For the first time maan made someone his friend and  sanjana gave her friendship whole heartedly without thinking anything… maan started smiling, talking quite openly, shared his notes to sanjana and she was happy in her own land.

Things got changed when other emotions started keeping inside the friendship. Maan never had any objection sanjana being friendly with yash neither yash had but then the heart played it’s tricky feels. Things changed when sanjana started falling for yash. They started spending more time as maan had started his alone business. He was final yr MBA student and managing a whole new company without any support wasn’t cake walk. His father didn’t liked him going away from family business but maan wanted something only his own. He started building his own construction house while yash started showing interest in their Textile Industries and other import export business… but he never stopped interacting or guiding sanjana which created a great attraction in sanjana for yash.

But destiny played it’s game when sanjana excepted her feeling in KM in a dark room in front of maan thinking him as yash.

It was holika dahen, yash and maan’s friends came to KM, they came all the way to India just to attend the festival. Few days of absence made sanjana realized her love for Yash. She tried suppressing the feeling but it suffocated her and lastly she accepted her feeling.. She was walking alone in the corridor when she saw someone entering a room. Actually maan and yash’s dadima gifted same shirts to both of them and when they walked down wearing it everyone got a sweet shock seeing both of them wearing same shirt, then only maan realized yash and he was looking same. He hated it and immediately went to change and that’s when saanjh saw him, she thought its yash and went inside the room. (she came KM for the first time so she didn’t knew which room is yash’s)

‘I need to talk to u yash.’ Maan wanted to clarify her doubt but he thought something panicking in her voice so he didn’t turned and she carry on her voice.

‘yash these days aloofness made me realized something, please don’t think bad about me after hearing this. If u don’t have the same feeling we can be still friends but don’t hate me please. Yash, I, I Love u. I love u a lot, kab kyun kaise mujhe nahi pata bas hogaya. Kuch bolo na yash.’

As maan turned with blankness on his face she knew it’s not yash but maan. She gasp seeing the blank eyes. Something was hidden behind it. Sanjana could read his face and the worst fear proved right when she said a tear drop in the corner of his eyes.

‘maan’ she said painfully but he gave his back to her hiding every emotion. She turned to leave but only witnessed yash there. It was akward but none said anything. Sanjana left the place feeling strange pain. Maan didn’t said a word to yash for few min but then looked at him to search something.

 He smiles cruelly, yash understood the face ‘Maan, please. Listen to me, I don’t,,,’

‘don’t.. don’t u dare utter a lie. U have snatched her. Again the thing I wanted u snatched it. I was such a fool to think u finally cared for me but no u never liked me and that’s why snatched her.’


‘and u sanjana, u played with me na, why u did that?’

‘Maan I have only loved one person in my life and that is Yash, u r and will be my best friend but love, I m sorry I love Yash’ She said with tears in her eyes. He stumbled in his feet while looking at her.


‘then what was that u did to me, u gave me reason to live, why u showed me someone can love me also? Sab natak tha, khubsurat paheli tha tumhara. Hain na?’


She shook her head crying ‘Please maan try to understand, u r one friend I will cherish all life but pyar, wo to dil se hota hain. Koi dimag laga ke nahi kar sakta, wo bas ho jata hain. I m sorry maan if I have showed u any wrong signal, and any wrong hope. Please mujhe maaf kar do please.’


‘No, U played with me, U played so big time, I hate u, I hate u’

Yash cried holding his hand ‘listen to me once.’ But maan walked away leaving him alone…

Next day maan came back only to see sanjana’s pale face and yash’s absence.. he walked away from there, later in the afternoon he heard something, he followed the noise and saw sanjana and yash standing in front of each other sanjana tried to give color small amount but yash shoved her hand.

‘I told u sanjana, I don’t love u and will never, just stay away from me and get lost form here.’


Sanjana sobbed hard as yash walked away from her, she sat on the ground and cried. Her first love left her, she knew maan must be feeling same. She looked at maan who just entered the place couldn’t hold himself seeing her crying, she asked sorry with her eyes and maan knew she is feeling same like he felt. Yes he loved sanjana, but never he can get her. He took her hand and dragged her along with him to yash’s room almost breaking the door. Yash’s eyes were red and anyone can say he was crying. Maan pushed sanjana towards yash.

‘u r lucky to have her, don’t let her go or else u will only feel empty like I feel, u will see the pain which I want but still sanjana doesn’t deserved that, for her love u have to accept her.’

It was like ordering but sanjana kept her feet away from the room ‘Maan u can’t force anyone to love.’

Maan smiles mockingly ‘Who knows it better. Who is forcing, he also love u and I m not as heartless as it seems. See his eyes, larki jaise rota hain wo. If u can’t understand his love by eyes then read his diary. U will get to know.’ He walked out leaving them…


Next 2 yrs went like a storm doesn’t want to leave Khurana.. Maan kept himself away from his family. He came India and expanded his business while yash and his family stayed back. Everyone tried to contact maan he was like some machine working like robot. Day by day he aggression went it’s peak and things got tangle when maan entered textile business.. his construction business was at great peak of success in just 3 yrs and he started eyeing on garment business… Yash came back to india one yr back and take good care of Khurana Textile industries.. At first maan didn’t bother to look at him once but when sanjana came to india she met maan, he saw the closeness between sanjana and yash and felt an unshed frustration. Day by day he was becoming ruthless and seeing her with yash made him mad. He accepted the fact sanjana loved his brother but he didn’t knew what was making him the ruthless devil. He wanted to destroy yash and showed sanjana He was always better than him.

It wasn’t love anymore but the choice of yash ahead of him angered maan, sanjana wasn’t beside him to make the old maan, he was changed into shrewd businessman who only knows destruction… Maan started snatching yash’s project, In india maan had become so much powerful that his influence made everyone feared him. In next 1 yr Yash came to a place where he can be bankrupt. Maan loved the feel to see his brother helpless.. still yash never bothered him saying any bad thing it angered him most. And last thing he wanted to break yash finally with the last stroke…  well it never came, One day Maan got to know yash and sanjana broke up. It was weird for him, he thought it’s their plan to stop their destruction but never once Yash came or showed his grief.

One day in a land auction he met yash, his state was worn out, maan can feel the pain inside him but when he met him face to face all he saw a painful smile on his face.

Maan smirks ‘So she left u? hmm any girl will do same with a looser.’

Yash stared at him ‘r u happy maan?’

His question stirred inside somewhere ‘yes I m happy.’

Yash smiles ‘Then I m more than happy to let her go.’ He walked out leaving a flabbergasted maan.. something was wrong and maan understood that. He tried to contact yash in various place and showered bitter words nothing effected him but he only smiles seeing his brother talking to him finally. Maan felt frustrated and one day met sanjana who had started her own fashion house.

The meeting wasn’t that what though maan, Yes he couldn’t see the sadness in yash’s eyes whenever mentioned about sanjana, he went to meet her knowing only he can make them patch up. He was ready to face the girl his brother loved, yes he had forgotten his love for her but still a slight arch was there when he met her. She was more beautiful then he first met her but she was thinner which irritated maan to the core.

Sanjana saw maan and gave a warm smile ‘How r u maan?’

 ‘I should ask this question, how r u feeling leaving yash?’ his straight cut question didn’t make her flinch, but she smiled at him taking a seat.

‘u were right maan, yash wasn’t my cup of tea. He is such a bore’ she took a sip of her coffee but maan gritted the glass of wine in his hand. ‘and see how his company is crumbling down. Maan really I did a great mistake by choosing him not u, u were always right.’ She said without Any sadness… she smiles at him but maan lost his words…. ‘anyway maan leave all this, we can be friends again, right?’

He stood up with a jerk ‘How can u leave him sanjana. I thought u loved him.’


‘don’t tell me u came here for the person whom u hate the most. And to destroy him u went to such an extent u didn’t care anyone.’

‘that is between me n my brother. U took vow to be together, then what happen sanjana?’

‘love needs money also maan, it need luxury which yash was failing to give. He didn’t has any time for me like before, and in that alone time I get to know we never meant to be. He will get an innocent girl who will love him with no penny. So we moved on’ 

Maan looked at her for a brief moment but she had sealed herself, then he spoke ‘He thought the innocent girl was You.’ Sanjana looked away clearly cutting the conversation. ‘few yrs before I thought he is the luckiest guy and I m the unlucky but today I can proudly say, its vice versa. Good that u showed ur color and now I m warning u STAY AWAY from my BROTHER, next time I see u around him or making him sad I will kill u with my bare hand.’

Sanjana smile broadly ‘My Pleasure, u won’t see my shadow on him.’

He walked away to the door and looked back one last time ‘I regret to make u my friend but I won’t regret to demolish u if my brother shed anymore tears because of u. Truly sanjana u made me hate u today. I hate you to the extent I never did to anyone and this time not because u break my heart but u broke my brother.’


He walked away but not before seeing her smile. She smiles happily but there was sadness.. before he can know further she flew away from their life. And it was Holi when they met last and she left India. Where she went no one knew and he never bothered to know more. In all these years he gave tough competition to yash but made him stronger and secretly help him to stand his company with head high. After a yr maan sold his textile company and intestinally yash brought it under his name cause he didn’t wanted anyone else using it. Maan said he is bored in that business and left the matter. Next couple of yrs it went like that. Maan never gave chance to yash for mourning over his lost love and yash never mentioned it to maan. Maan moved  KM after everyone came back to India.

Precap: Back to present.

Maan with family picnic or to see yash and geet’s closeness?

© All Copy Rights reserved 2013. Tich Mg


19 responses to this post.

  1. nice] update the parents should make maan understand not to punish sometimes it happent siblings fight but it doesn’t mean they don’t love each other her maan parents preferred yash over maan they didn’t want to understand his feeling that was the turn which make maan bitter and sanjana case added fuel to that but yes i love maan answer to sanjh about yash and how he helped yash


  2. Posted by sumsak on May 8, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    tich it was really nice part. there is all past of maan and yash. they both love each other very much. but some where maan’s ego and his aggressiveness is now allowing him to be friendly with yash. i am feeling very very bad for yash. that saanjh was so cheep. geet ot maan ki hai. please tich yash ke liye koi dusri la do jaldi se. i can’t see him sad now. dear you make him very sweet and sober. no one wants to hurt him. waiting for next dear.


  3. Nice update. Maan has the peception that his family love this brother more than him. This has changed his attitude towards everyone. Although Maan is rude but still care for yash and both brothers are ready to bring happiness in each other life.


  4. great to see that maan does love yash just scared to ever admit it him as it would make him vulnerable and exposed to pai waiting for geet


  5. Posted by neha74 on May 8, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    Great update…thanks for such a long part on maan’s past but missed geet a lot in this update and also maan’s madness for her…i hope geet will fill the emptiness in maan’s life and heart with her love and care and take away all his pain…maan’s parents are responsible for him being like this…they always neglected him and chose hash over him…i feel bad for him…waiting for more continue soon…


  6. Nice one Di,i think yash left sanjana only for maan’s happiness now jb geet aaya he to shaayad maan hi usse vaapus le aaye


  7. good one thank god now past is clear


  8. Posted by mmradhu97 on May 8, 2013 at 7:49 pm

    Awesome update…
    Continue soon…


  9. hmm maan is an enzima…nice update….


  10. Posted by nonabebu47 on May 9, 2013 at 4:00 am

    nice update cont soon


  11. Posted by impoojaverma on May 9, 2013 at 5:41 am

    superb update

    now i understand y maan behave like that with his family n yash

    maan-yash parents never try to understand maan’s behavior his insecurity

    they always think that he will be f9 as d time passes but d reaction was opposite of that

    he became more harsh, ruthless & aloof from others

    d reason behind yash & sanjana’s break-up must be something else

    i don’t think so she leave yash coz he was at edge of bankruptcy. there must be some solid reason y they both part away


  12. nice update….do continue soon.


  13. Such an emotional update


  14. awesome update
    Painfull past
    No one understands maan
    So sanjana was a friend of maan and yash
    And both fell in love with her
    She was a master piece in collage
    Like that liabrary scene
    Maan unite sanjana and yash
    She ditched yash and maan warn her to stay away fron hs brother
    I think there is a mystery behind her leaving
    Intresting update
    Will wait for more


  15. Posted by angelickushi on May 9, 2013 at 7:49 am

    loved the update
    so thats their past
    did yash let go sanjana for maan or she really left him for money
    i think they took this decision to make maan happy
    waiting for next


  16. Awsum update.
    Pls conti soon…


  17. Posted by khwaishfan on May 10, 2013 at 6:11 am

    intense awesum update…blast into the past! YAsh n Maan were close bt Sanjana came! Sanjana love! So den she left YAsh cos of money! Maan warned her! Maan loves his bro! Wat happened after dat! well written! update soon…I did comment on IF! 🙂


  18. Very nice update. its 2 good to know abt past.


  19. Part 8 –

    Nice update

    Maan Past is painful

    Maan love was not reciprocated by Sanjana

    Yash n Sanjana loved each other

    Maan feels that Yash had snatched his love from him

    Sanjana leave Yash becoz of money but y i think there is more to it which is not yet full disclosed


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