Love For You Part 69


Part 69



Maan couldn’t hold himself punching the glass frame beside her and scattering it to pieces, his knuckled bleeds but she didn’t winched. She isn’t the old Geet who cried for his one blood drop but this geet can make him cry blood.


He soften his gaze on her still pressing her body with him. His clean thumb pressed her chin then traces the outline of her jaw. She took a deep breath but he didn’t stop his assault.  His thumbs went down on her stomach. His eyes lingered on her face but that was expressionless. He caresses the lower abdomen precisely on her stretch marks.


Maan pressed his forehead on her: our baby. His voice was cracking and she can see the vulnerable Maan again in front of her. Though she had closed the door that feels pain for this man still somewhere he is stirring the emotion back from the corner. She held her breath not wanted to show her mirror anymore, she had have enough of him not anymore. He can’t fool her anymore, neither with his so called love nor with his pain, So called….


Geet jerks him from her body, again the cold mask back on her: Not OUR, it’s mine only. Dare u utter a single word about it. 6yrs back I heard everything not anymore, not a single bullshit about MY,,, she couldn’t complete when maan pulls her close to him holding her arms.


Maan: Mithi can u ever forgive me for those words? His voice has the weird kind of desperation, pain that geet didn’t want to see. Till now she was a stone because he made her so, now suddenly he has started cracking it and she hated it to admit that he still has the power.


Geet looked away: something is better to leave the way they are. Sometime Past is so strong that no present can erase those scare.


Maan: who knows it better than me, those scare is the only scrap in my life, only air that I m breathing in.


Geet: don’t try to manipulate situation, I m not the old geet who will forget everything just to have her maan.


Her last set of words were only a whisper. But he heard it.


Maan: so tell me what should I do to bring back my geet?


Geet smirks: she is not urs, she is Rudra’s. Remember u said that.


Maan: She is Rudra’s but as a best frnd.


Geet: badhi jaldi yaad agayi.


Maan: atleast yaad to aayi. I couldn’t afford to loose those beautiful memory for life long, the childhood and my brother.


Geet froze in her track, did he remembered those lost one yr? did he recognized rudra as his brother and childhood companion or he is buying only.


Geet: its late, I, I should leave now. We will continue BUSINESS from ur office tom.


Maan: we are not over yet.


Geet sternly: We are.


Maan sighed and took a napkin to wrap around his bloody hand. Geet saw that now, her knuckles turned white as she clenched the fist digging the nails in her flesh. He took the glass of wine and headed towards the couch. A mysterious smirk came over his lips making her heart shudder.


Maan: rudra’s concert will be over now, and cops will be waiting for him any moment if u want.


Geet’s eyes widen: wh-what?


Maan: IF U WANT.


Geet: why u r doing this Mr Khurana?


Maan sighed: because u still care for ur frnd than ur love geet, u care for him and only this way I can have u close to me.


Geet: I care for him because unlike someone he doesn’t blv other’s bullshit. He trust me, his best frnd and sacrificed everything for ME.


Maan: I know. He was never like me, selfish, neither like his father, a bastard. And I don’t want to create trouble for him. But,,, He looked straight in her eyes. You are forcing me geet. I told u only u can save him.


Geet: And for that what I have to do?


Maan: stay with me.


Geet: is it the price Mr Khurana? Staying with u the night and u will leave the contract? She can see the hidden meaning of her words piercing straight to him and his eyes flickered. From pain to anger and then blank.


Maan: I didn’t said the night or day or hour, I said stay with me.


Geet: till when.


Maan shrug off his shoulder: I don’t know. Umm maybe for eternity.


Geet scoffed: Nice joke.


Maan: Geet, I don’t have time for joke.


Geet: I don’t have time for this Passing pass game anymore. I m leaving do whatever u want.


As she took a step to leave the room his voice echoed in her ear.


Maan: Aadi take the cop there right now. Geet looked back unbelievingly. He looked at her straight still with no emotion. And record a film when he will be behind bars then publish it online.


Geet: u can’t do this. She found her voice shaky, again in front of this man. Yes only He has the power to bring out the vulnerable geet in front of the world.


Maan: u forgot u r dealing with MSK not maan sweetheart.


Geet greeted her teeth in agony, anguish, how can this man be change.


Geet: u r still a selfish man, u can never change, it’s all a lie and façade of urs. U never felt guilty. I was right, u only knew how to break Geet.  Maan didn’t said a word to justify him. Just an unpredictable, unsaid mask was there.


Maan: I m waiting for your answer. R u in or u want to see him behind bars.


Geet: why u r doing this?


Maan: I think I told u I need u.


Geet: u don’t need me, u just want to prove u can break me again, but let me tell u. u r living in an illusion. U can never have me again.


Maan: let’s see Geet, right now say ur answer pls.


Geet: fine, I m staying with u but u have to take back all charges.


Maan gave a meaningful smile: I will,,, on right time. She knew he is shrewd but didn’t expected him to play his tactics with her. Your room upstairs right 2nd bedroom. Her heart flipped with the mention. It was her bedroom from childhood. She never shared her room with anyone, neither her di nor Him. But His room was adjoined with her and their balcony attached. She still doubts he got his 1 yr memory back but how?


Geet: I need my luggage.


Maan: they will be in your room shortly. Geet didn’t say another word and walked the stairs with high head. Maan leaned on his couch eyes closed, a painful smile playing over the luscious lips. I wanted to apology, wanted to ask one last chance. But your shell will never accept me mithi. I need to know those 6 n half yrs of ur life but can’t ask u. I need to know about our child. What happen to it but didn’t gather the courage knowing how shallow was my trust that broke with a brick but how I could make u see I still crave for our child. This heart pains to think about it whether it was a she or he. Did u really abort it knowing it will resemblance me, or it something happened that I don’t know? How should I ask u mithi, pls help me. I can’t show u how weak I feel around u but still contentment was there whenever I breathe seeing u in front of me.





Geet tried to call rudra but his phn was switched off, must be busy with ppl or kids. She cursed maan under her breath again tried to call rudra still bad luck. Frustratingly she left her mobile on bed and walked in to shower to cool her senses. As she step under the water closing her eyes all she could see his blooded hand.  She held the glass wall trying to support her body but all the exhaustion mentally and physically was taking a toll.


Just then she felt a pair of manly hand sliding towards her naked waist pulling it close. She didn’t need to open her eyes to know who it is. She tried to close her eyes as tight as possible but the bare chest that touched her back was making it impossible for her to concentrate on one thing. His warm lips touched her neck kissing the smooth skin and drinking the water from it, unknowingly she tiles her head to give him access. He nipped her skin ever so lightly. Her hard bud begged for attention and he gave it. His palm squeezed her heavy breast slowly massaging the bud. Lips couldn’t leave the glowing skin of her shoulder. She tried to hold herself together but he was making it impossible for her and in swift he turned her slamming her back to the glass and marking her lips as his.


Geet cried: Maannn….


Her eyes flew open as she snap back and then stares at her surroundings. What she was imagining. How can she imagine such things? How can she again crave for this man? She looked at her reflection in the mirror. The naked body only showed the weak geet inside it. She can’t imagine the wall she had built in those 6 yrs getting a crack in just few hour of his meeting. How can that be possible? She knows the love she possessed for him was much stronger than anyone can even think but it is dead now, right? Then how can it feel fresh around him again? She jerked her head then rubbed her face with her palm.


Geet: I need to get out of this trap soon.


She slipped into the bathrobe, then went in her room. She checked the adjoined door which is safely locked, she sighed in relief. Exhaustion from the journey and the turn of event was taking its place and soon she drifted to sleep in her bathrobe only.



Maan got to know Geet didn’t come down for diner neither ask for it and when servant tried to knock her door she didn’t answered it. He sighed knowing how stubborn she can be. So taking the food tray upstairs he unlocked the room with his keys. His vision came to the most beautiful scene after so many years in his life. So many night he had dreamt of her, so many morning he wished to see her like this cuddling close to him, but today when finally he got her he knew there is a thick wall around her which he need to break soon to save his sanity.


He placed the food tray over the table and walked towards geet who was sleeping curling in a ball on the edge of the bed. Her wet hair scattered on her face and shoulder. Some curls were floating over her temple. He was tempted to tuck those loose strands behind her ear, but the thought of disturbing her make him halt in his track. He sat down beside her for several min staring at her angelic face. But soon he realized she needs to be feed. She haven’t eaten an bite from morning and maybe tiredness took over her senses.


Geet felt someone jerking her softly, she tried to push off the hand but again it came down.


Geet: shoo rudra, leave I don’t want to have food now, just leave.


The jerk came to halt and a beautiful smile spread on lips thinking he will go away and leave her in piece. But instead she felt herself floating in air. Her eyes flew open and then came to contact with a hard face, jaw clenched and eyes straight. She wonder did he heard her murmuring. For a moment she wanted to curse rudra for this behavior of her.


Whenever she fell exhausted after her work she will take bath and drifted to sleep. No one has the power to wake her up neither rudra or kids because she becomes really cranky and hot headed so they always left some food in fridge so that if she feels hungry she can have it at night which she prefers. Now seeing Maan carrying her while she was conscious left her ponder what he is doing with her.


He placed her on the couch in front of the food. She immediately became conscious and looked at her dress, she was still in her bathrobe. Anger flushed through her seeing him all calm and taking the single couch beside. She stood up and tried to leave only to be caught by him. He held her wrist firmly still dipping his face looking at food.


Maan: have the food before u go.


Geet snapped her wrist but he didn’t leave it: Ye bhi contract me likkha hain?


Maan gave an amused smile: do u want me to feed u, I won’t mind though. Knowing him it isn’t fascinating that he won’t hesitate to make her sit on his lap then force the morsel in her mouth. She tried to wriggle but he kept it firm, not hurting but not so soft either. Finally giving up she sat there.


Geet: I don’t want to eat where I have to see your face. She waited for the reaction on his face but it was unreadable. A mask that only he knew how to hide his real face in it.


Maan: then close ur eyes and eat. She felt frustrated and ate in silence. She finished her food half of his time, and tried to leave. Maan noticed her apatite had decreased a lot. Or maybe she is feeling tired of jetlag still she need to have food more than this. He jerks her towards him and in no time she fell on his lap. Her furious eyes met his cold one and he pushed the juice glass in front of her. she refused thoroughly.  Have it if u don’t want me to use my other trick. She gulp her saliva knowing he meant it. She hates this but still his demanding voice made her weak. Why? She is still unknown.


After that he left her and she hurriedly flew to her room leaving a satisfied maan. He was dying to have her again in his arm and that short moment was enough to make his day. He informed the servants to clean it and headed towards his room. On the way he heard her cursing, he couldn’t help but stop by her door fearing what if she told rudra about him. Rudra will not take hour to decide to come here breaking every rule. Sadly now he knew how much strong their frndship is, and it didn’t bothered him but when he needed to know he was blind in her insecurities.



Geet: Rudra how was ur concert, where were u till now? U know I have a important thing to say?


Rudra: hold on geet. let me breath first. Concert was good. I m fine so are angels and I was busy with some fans backstage but,


Geet: But.


Rudra: umm, Geet there was a cop.


Geet: whatttt?


Rudra: I think I saw Aaditya kashyap with him. I don’t know why he was with him, if he wasn’t there I would have think it’s for security but it didn’t looked like.


Geet: so he was right? Geet’s voice was so low still both t he men heard it.


Rudra: what happen geet? and leave it, u tell me, did u met the owner. What he said? What he want.


Geet(st): what should I say to him now? If I say its maan then he will not hesitate to cancel everything and come here by next flight and then? What will happen  then? Either maan will get him arrest or come to know about kids, what will I say to him. What should I do now.


She dipped her face in her palm but then heard rudra speaking again.


Rudra: Geet r u there? Kya huya? Bol kyun nahi rahi hain?


Geet: Umm nothing rudra. Actually I haven’t met him today. He, is gone for some meeting. I will call u tomorrow ok?


Rudra: hmm ok but u take care.


Geet: umm how are devils? She asked with a light smile.


Rudra: as usual making everyone’s life hell.


Geet: missing them. She said with a sigh. Rudra took a pause.


Rudra: they are missing u too. I promise to take care of them.


Geet: I trust u more than myself. Apna kheyal rakhna.


Rudra: call me if u need anything ok.


Geet: hmm.


They hung up the call. Geet was closed her eyes remembering her both kid’s face, mannat and tamanna is her strangeness as well as weakness.. till now having conversation with maan she get to know he doesn’t knew anything about them. One side of her felt relief that he doesn’t know anything bt other side was sad that he is oblivious to the fact of his one part existence in this world. She remember the craving in his eyes but then whatever he said that day. Unknown tears made its way. Why life have to be so complicated, no matter what he did still he gave her a reason to live and she knew it’s unfair to hide the truth from him. But her motherly instinct know it’s her protectiveness towards her children and her fear. Fear from him. What if he again misjudge her and accuse her or their children. What if he thinks them as….. she closed her ear and eyes to close the thoughts coming again.


He closed his room door leaning on it. In these yrs he had suffered thinking what will be her reaction, how is she looking and what will she say meeting him and their child. he still craves to know about it but nothing come to conclusion. His heart felt content seeing her but not happy to see her destructed self which is his fault. He want his old mithi to be back but how. Whatever he did wasn’t any forgivable but he is trying. At least his repent will be right if she comes back to her life to her family. And their baby. He closed his eyes as the tears pours out. He looked at the portrait; he doesn’t know why he had made a portrait by artist with his imagination. 2 angels cute chubby really small and full of life. Maybe his dreams that always gave a light to him have a life in them. It was purely his imagination and the artist’s strokes that made a beautiful painting of twin girl in the middle of flowers with hand extent towards him. He had often this dream in these yrs and having the painting close to him he felt content in life. The girls will be merely 3 yrs still the happiness will long for lifetime for him. He doesn’t want anything else.


Precap: A Look into the past.


(C) All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg



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