Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 67

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I know many of u will be confuse as to what maan is hiding but trust me, wait for a few update. You will get to know everything..

Part 67

I know it’s easy to say but hard to apply. And whatever I did wasn’t appropriate on that stage but it wasn’t easy for me too. Now I curse my fate to distance myself from my love, when she needed me the most I was afraid to tell her truth. What if after knowing it she doesn’t understand me, what if she started doubting my love, I could never stand her question. Those forgotten past I don’t want to dig out, but now I know how important it was to let go of my inhabitation. She had shared everything with me, in every dark past we were together. In betrayal, hatred we were together then why when she needed me most, I wasn’t in a position to hold her to my embrace. I was so drown in my own insecurities that forgot her craving look, when I needed to support her, give her all love, I had abandon her from me which is more precious to her.

Now when I look at her peaceful face looking at me with utmost love but the hint of fear torment my heart. Last day when I had promised her to return myself I had promised with myself to give this time to her. but again my work which badly need to reconstruct came between us. Still this time I m not gonna leave her for all alone. I m doing my best to wrap up my work here so I can leave the branch on my assistance and go back to India fast. I know only that place can bring my geet to me, the old jovial bubbly and sexy geet. I almost smile on the picture of her seductress look which was always enough for me to have her right under me then and there.

Geet greeted her teeth seeing him coming at so late, he had promised her to come soon for dinner after his meeting but the meeting extended to 3 in the morning as the delicate was leaving country at early morning. A receptionist kept calling her after every 15 min to say He is in meeting and said her to have her food. Geet would just slammed the phn and once shouted on the poor receptionist to break her tape recorder and last maan himself called and tried to peruse her to eat something knowing how stubborn she is. She couldn’t hold her tears and hung the call next he couldn’t reach her line. When he entered the room found her still sitting on the dining table looking lost. Kids were in the hall soundly sleeping in their bed which is placed in a safe corner surrounded with toys and a tree beside with hanging chimpanzee and a artificial jungle look. Maan had specially designed it for the living room and another for their bedroom.

A sudden voice broke his revere. He turned to see his fuming wife now warming all dishes for him. He felt guilty to make her wait but it amused him as well to see her still awake. He kept his coat aside and loosened his Tie then undid his button. All the time looking at her face which she was trying hard not to show him but still he saw those fumbling hands over dishes. Her nervously chewing those plump lips. He was tired still somewhere deep his desire was waking up the demon. But then his gaze shifted how she was arranging the dinner for him, he was guilty but somewhere happy to cause it’s after 5 month she is showing her love to him.

Maan: Geet I told u not to wait but fir bhi? Geet didn’t said a word but he can see the irritated pout on her lips. A smile touched his lips and he thought to tease her a little.  Geet itna sara khaana banana ki kya jarurat thi? Waise bhi kitni late hogayi hain aur

Geet: huh jaise mujhe pata nahi kitna late hain, babaji I made this for this man and he is taunting me kyun maine itne sare cheese banaye. Meri mati maari gayi thi.

Maan: ha geet, I was telling because, u know business meeting so I trend to have my meals with them, mujhe to laga tum abb tak so chuki ho issi liye main unke sath khana kha liya.

Maan was in his own land to tease her, as he loosen few buttons of his shirt turning his back to her, he missed the lost look on her face. After so many days he will eat with her, the happiness had no bound so in excitement she made all his fav dishes. Those Italian foods which he like to the core and co-incidentally her fav too. She looked at the food with a sad mocking smile then started taking all dishes to the refrigerator. Maan heard the sound and instantly turned back. His face was full of confusion see geet taking all dishes away.

He held a lost geet’s hand. His heart shivered to see the same coldness and fear in those almond eyes. He cupped her face in his palm immediately.

Maan: kya kar rahi ho jaan? Why u r taking all the dishes away?

Geet: Main bhul gayi thi, jarurat se jayda khusi hamesha ansu leke aata hain. I m sorry I shouldn’t have waited for u. u, must be, busy with business.

She looked away and tried to take another step when he held her from waist. He looked at her eyes which are blank now. Till now it was jovial and he thought he got his wild cat back who will fight with him for his negligence towards her, and then he will ask her sorry in his naughty style but all came to halt seeing her painful eyes.

Maan: I m so sorry mishty. He whispered huskily. Geet instantly got the pain it, she looked at his eyes and realized what he is thinking. She tried to cover her fade face with lie.  He just gave their relation another beautiful chance and she is ruining it.

Geet: nahi maan, it wasn’t ur fault, I, just, expected much more from my fate. I, I had called u so many times still u patiently attended maybe that’s why u got more late in meeting and of course u maybe feel hungry so u have eaten and,,,

Maan put his finger on her pink lips: I m Hungry. Geet stares at him with innocent eyes. He sighed and removed his hand then touched her forehead with his. I m hungry, and I haven’t taken anything since evening. Meeting fetched too long so I came late but we didn’t opt for dinner, I was just teasing u. wanted to see my old geet but guess it need time to have old time back for both of us. And I m ready to give it.

Alone tear rolled down her eyes and she bite her lips to suppress the sob, he softly peck her lips and held her hand, guided her to dining table. She took her seat and he sat besides taking the food in one plate. They ate, shared the food with each other feeding each other in pure silence but it didn’t haunted anymore. They are slowly building the emotional bond as well as the love which seems to need extra attention.

After cleaning the table Geet went towards the crib but surprised to see Maan had already taken Rihana and trying to take rehan on other shoulder. She immediately came running to him.

Geet: nahi rehan ko nahi.

Maan looked at her with unknown pain; he saw her hurriedly coming towards rehan. She was worried but for what, can’t he take his both children together? Can’t he show his love on both of them together? Will she ever trust him with them?

Geet: Maan rehan feels cranky if anyone touches him in sleep and he throws his legs and hands so u won’t be able to take him n rihu together. I will take rehan and u takes rihana. Maan closed his eyes cursing himself again. What he thought about her, how he can think geet will behave like that. But geet read his expression, she immediately stared defending. No maan I m not saying anything about u holding him, it just rehan goes out of control if anyone other than me touch him in sleep.

Maan: will u be able to hold him then?

Geet smiles taking rehan who tried to throw his legs but soon snuggles close to his mother’s warmth.

Geet: He doesn’t do it with me. Once gracy tried to hold him in middle night as I was feeding rihu but he almost dug his sharp nails in her scalp.. He couldn’t hold his laugh to escape. She saw the glimpse of happiness on his face, a real happiness after so many days.

Maan felt a pain also to know he doesn’t know many things about their children, how will he retrieve the moment with them, his family. Now he knows why rehan doesn’t like his touch much, he is mumma’s boy. He loves his mumma a lot maybe because he was giving his father’s share of love to her as well.

Maan carefully put rihana in the crib and then geet too paced rehan closer to her. Both brother sister love to sleep together holding hand.. Maan admire their sleeping beauties for sometimes. He held rihana’s cute cubby hand then bring it to his lips placing soft kisses and same with rehan. Geet stares at his longing eyes, somewhere deep inside she is feeling the pain which he had surfaced. She knew he has some reason but what reason could be bigger than staying close to their kids. Maan saw her looking at him, there was question in her eyes which he couldn’t answer now. He lowered his lashes scanning other place, Geet too looked away. Maan took off his shirt and headed towards cupboard to take the night dress. Geet’s heart did a small flip flop to see his bare back. She was making the bed properly but her concentration was on him. Her hand fumbles when he stood behind her back. She held her heart with her hand so that he can’t hear the shuddering voice.

Maan: geet. She turned to see him but taking her own slow time. her vision came to contact with his torso, immediately she looked at his eyes. She tried to look here and there to avoid his gaze in a fear he might caught her desire. Sadly he already read that. He kissed her forehead. It’s late; u should take some sleep jaan. Geet’s face fell but she nodded knowing he is right, its almost 3.30 in the morning. He headed towards the washroom to get change first.

When he came out she was already asleep hugging the pillow tight, he smiles a little and covered her with the duvet, kissed her forehead and stayed there for some min looking at her serene face with utmost love. Just then a ringing caught his attention, He sighed looking at the reminder. He need to finish his work if he want to stay the next 2 day alone with his family. When geet’s operation took place he almost abandon his work for 5 month so now it taking a lot time to rectify everything and settle down here so that they can leave for India. When he left to study geet slowly opened her eyes only to let slip the tear she was holding. When will he shed the barrier between them and hold her in his embrace for which she is dying every moment.


It was 7 o’clock when maan finally managed to come in the room, he couldn’t take much sleep just an hour or so but he wanted to spend his morning with his wife and angels. As soon as he entered the room his eyes locate the crib for kids, their fav place which he designed to make the atmosphere as natural as he can, Geet loved it when she first saw it after their birth, and she knew kids will love the nature, butterflies and flower so they won’t cry to leave the place but now it is empty,


Then his vision met with a serene sight he can ever imagine. Geet was sitting in a sofa facing the window.  Rehan was hugging her neck while playing with her hair and Rihana was sitting on her stretch lap hugging her waist well trying to hug but her tiny hand can’t hold her, she was falling here and there as she can’t sit till now but He can say she is fast learner cause she didn’t gave up her trying. His eyes travels on Geet who was looking tired but a beautiful smile was playing seeing her kids playing and enjoying the sun so much. The glass window provided much sun light not the heat so they are playing taking turns.

Maan’s eyes fell on geet’s dress a white short and white top, last night also she was wearing these when she went to bed but he deliberately didn’t look at them knowing he may lose himself but today the morning beauty was adding the angelic serene to her beauty. He walked towards them still wearing white trouser and white vest. They are really looking like a happy serene family complementing each other.

Maan: they are up so early? Geet then noticed him entering, his sight somewhere stirs the emotion in her, she always wanted him to hold them when they open their eyes in the morning but he was always busy in work.

Geet: They always woke up early, it just u couldn’t see because of ur work.

She didn’t wanted to sound rude but again end up hurting him, Her frustration not finding him beside her and their kids made her like this. She is trying to give another chance to the love but it’s hard for a mother. She closed her eyes to calm her senses then looked at maan who was looking at her only. She can feel the pain her words cause him but he didn’t said or tried to show his defense just took her all rudeness to make her alive again.

Geet: Maan wo, He put his fingers on her lips and sat on his knees in front of her.

Precap: another part coming in Few HOUR. either late night or tom.


i m disappointed with the likes and comments, but don’t worry i will end this story first but how many part it will take i still don’t know….


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  2. Posted by sumsak on May 15, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    tich it was great part. what is he hiding from geet. every thing was going great. now maan has his full family then why he made lots of distances from geet and babies. i am feeling very bad for geet. i know some thing is very wrong which maan wants to hide. waiting for next dear.


  3. Posted by ashmaaneet on May 15, 2013 at 4:18 pm

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  5. Posted by impoojaverma on May 15, 2013 at 4:32 pm

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    Fabulous update… loved it…
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    Lovely update….full of emotions and pain but I still wonder what reason could be this strong that maan had to stay away from his love and kids for so long….i hope it’s not something like a short fling or a one night stand ,because it will break geet further…continue soooooooon….


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  28. Part 67 —

    Maan know tht it is his fault for distancing himself from Geet n angels and Geet had every right to be angry with him

    Geet had just small wish tht every morning when she and angels wake up they wanted to see themselves in Maan arms

    hope Maan fulfilled each n every dream of Geet n more of it


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