Kagaz Ki Kashthi luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 94

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Part 94

Urrgghh I hate it, hate it, hate it so much. That shiv what he thinks of himself. I can’t believe he challenged me to make me his Saali. And this saanjh is also ready for him, I mean how could she accept his offer so easily? Well I know maybe love is the answer but still doesn’t she think about me, asking me for once, arrghh leave it can’t she make him wait a little the way he did. SIGH. I don’t know what is upsetting me truly. The fact that Shiv proposed Saanjh and she didn’t even ask me before accepting it, Or the fact she forgave him so easily, or that Maan knew everything and I DON’T or, Shiv challenged me to make me his saali. OR that I weirdly feel happy for her.


I know I m being dramatic but u can’t blame me for my behavior. I m really angry with the fact that I couldn’t take out my frustration on shiv, he deserves that, every bit of it. He had made my sister cry for 5 yrs. And how could she easily forgive him. But I can’t blame her either, well Love can do wonders. But that idiot Shiv is making my life hell with his idiotic faces. He is teasing me like hell. From yesterday he is behaving extra sweet with my family and forgetting he is in groom’s side, he is helping my family well ofcourse to impress maasi and maasa.

And this stupid Saanjh will only blush at his stare. Some time I feel like strangling him, then my sister came between but Maahi took good care of that. She did her pants wet once on him and then did potty when no one was around. Actually I was there hiding behind a pillar and instruct everyone to be away and they obliged, I still remember his face when he smell that. It was hilarious the way he was running taking maahi here n there. At last saanjh went to help him. It was fun to make his life hell and when my own husband and sister ditched me my sweet maahi take my side and teach a good lesson to him.


I know I m being dramatic and it’s not necessary to be angry on Shiv because he had suffered a lot in this 5 yrs but frankly I m not angry on that matter. I m angry cause no one thinks me enough important to tell me anything. Yeah I m huffing about that only. And from morning all are giving me those puppy look which can melt me but nope, I m not gonna melt so soon. Samjhte kya hain mujhe, koi kadar hi nahi meri… (ok this particular dialogue is for my tanu. Chal khus hoja, tu hamesha yehi bolti hai)

Turning the right side  geet only faced her cute puppy faced sister saanjh, she just made a face and turned away. Saanjh sighed loudly.

Saanjh: Geet whats Your problem yaar. Main, jab roti hu tab prb-lem jab khus hu tab problem, tujhe chahiye kya meri khusi ya gam?

Geet made a weird face: no one loves me. Issi liye u didn’t even said it to me. Hain na? (Ok this one is for my sumi who is my crybaby and she actually loves to cry, khusi ho ya gam)

Saanjh: some time I feel like u r a pregnant woman, the way ur mood swings I feel like, erm. Umm.

Geet glared at her angrily and again then pouted angrily: U could have waited or at least took some time to return same ans to him.

Saanjh: and what would have changed in that? I still would have accepted then why not then after that sweet emotional proposal.

Geet: I wanted to see him desperate.

Saanjh:  u don’t have any idea how desperate he could be.

Geet raise her one eye brow: How much? She almost demand making saanjh shift her eyes on her.

Saanjh: ummm ahh wo kuch nahi.

Geet: huh? Don’t u dare hide it saanjh, ur face give up. And tell me in detail How much he is Desperate for u? and what he do in desperation. The evil smirk makes saanjh feel hell nervous. ( ok this was for one and only one person my Dry Leaf Samy. Well yeah u do that same)

Saanjh: Geet u have lost ur shame.

Geet: I m with u so sab chalta hain.

Saanjh: kuch anhi chalta and stop this, be ready fast its ur sangeet and u r late.

Geet: don’t try to change the topic saanjh, tell me in DETAIL.

Saanjh sighed: stop it geet, I told u nothing like that.

Geet: like what.

Saanjh: u have lost ur mind. I think ur girly hormones are taking a toll staying away from maan.

Geet: stop dragging him in our convo saanjh, I m not talking to him and not about him either.

Saanjh: that wasn’t his fault, shiv didn’t said him neither they planned it He told u.

Geet: but he always helped him but.

Saanjh: u r overreacting, u would have never helped him u know. Saanjh’s smirk was quite visible. Geet crunched her nose.

Geet: u r distracting me right?

Saanjh fumbles: no, no, of of-course no-not.

Geet: Liar. Maan ke sath rehte rehte sangat ka asar.

HUH, so now it’s my fault hmm.. both head turned towards the source and saanjh sighed in relief, she mouthed a thank u as soon as he came close to them. He smiled and winked at her.

Saanjh whisper: abb sambhalo apni jwallamukhi ko, I m going to get my change. She is behaving pathetic. She said last lines quite loudly and yes Geet heard it without effort. Before she can say anything saanjh ran away in her room. Geet pouted in anger looking at maan.

Geet: what r u doing here? Kisine dekh liya hota to. Instant maan pulled her towards him by waist. Just then maan heard a giggle and a hibru language.

Maahika: bbbbllllllllooooooowwoooo

Maan gave a cheeky smile to maahi who was throwing her leg and hand from the crib she was lying. Geet felt trapped in his iron grip so she tried to shove his hand but he kept it tighter.

Maan: abhi tak gussa ho? Geet nodded her head childishly. But maine kya kiya. She looked at him spitting venom. But didn’t said a word just continued her struggle. But soon felt exhausted, she left her weight on him and he very gently picked her from floor. She looked down didn’t dare to meet the desiring pair of eyes while his eyes were only on her.  Kyun gussa ho? She turned her face away.  Akhir maine kiya kya hain ye to bol do.

Geet: yehi problem hain, main vul gayi kya kiya tha. Maan felt like eating her right then, he placed her on the bed gently, she tried to move but he caught her ankle. She looked at the close door consciously. Aap jao pls koi agaya to?

Maan: aane do, I came to meet my wife and angel. She looked confuse. He kissed her red cheeks softly, everyone knows I m here. Her eyes widen like it can come out any moment.

Geet: what? But why? How could u, sab kya soch rahe honge. Abb kya kahenge hum niche, dadima aane wali hogi haye rabba abb main kaha jayu. She tried to stand up but maan pulled her on his lap. She looked at him angrily. Yelo main yaha tention ke mare mari ja rahi hu aur inhe masti sujh raha hain. Maan leave me or else someone will see us, main keh rahi hu.

And the next set of word lost in her mouth as he pulled her lips in him. His nibbled her lips in a gentle stroke and she was gasping for air, her frighten eyes only stare at the door. But he was lost in her sweet taste. Geet tried to say something but he groaned in her mouth, next she found herself pinned on the bed.

Geet gasp: maan door.

Maan: saanjh had locked it, and she will not let come anyone. He again took her lower lips in his.

Geet; but. She couldn’t go further as he bite her lips harshly

Maan: u shouldn’t have ignored me in the morning after that incident, u know how much I was craving to have u in my arms.

Geet: u deserves that. She tried to look away but he force her to meet his eyes

Maan: mishty. His voice was soft which was working a lot. She closed her eyes as he slides his tongue in her neck. She was wearing a kurti and patiyala without dupatta. Sangeet will start in few min and she was waiting for dadi to come as they have some custom that Maan’s family will give jewelry and dress to geet to wear. Mishty please trust me, I didn’t knew his plan and leave it na, if saanjh is happy what we need more? Is punishing Shiv is a solution? Will it give anything? She stopped struggle knowing his is right and maan sighed knowing she understood it. His hot headed wife learn thing slowly but she forgives very easily.

Geet: ok, but tell ur frnd if he cause one drop of tear to my sister I will chop him to pieces and and.

Maan; and?

Geet: crow ko khila dungi. Ha I will make crow eat his every piece. Chote chote pieces karungi. (well this horrifying thought can only come to a devil mind, Divz well is grandma of devil which resemblance this)

Maan: bohot khatarnak irade hain.

Geet: hmmm.

Maan; ok but mujhe kuch nahi hoga na? His voice and eyes was full of mischievousness, He looked at lost geet and slowly glided his hand on her waist pulling the kurti a little above. Bolo na geet will u do anything to me. His cold hand met her warm skin making her quiver. She looked at him helplessly.

Geet: maan. She wanted to sound angry but it only came as a moan which pushed him to edge.

He groans loudly hiding his face in the crook of her neck: I want u so badly. His kissed her jaw, nibbling her neck down and lingering his tongue for a quite time on her shoulder and neck joint. His breath was coming in rapid and so was geet. her hand involuntary went on his nape pulling him closer. He sucked her collarbone then other neck. It was an urgency for him to have her close and after her hours of silent treatment it felt like fresh air to breath. He doesn’t wanted to leave her for a second. His hand travels on her stomach and waist squeezing softly and then kneading her curves. She cried in pleasure but he couldn’t have enough. When he found her moaning a little loud he captured her lips in his. She scratched his neck and back with on the thin shirt as he still wasn’t dressed for the function.

His hand linger on the thread of her pant, his hand was itching to pull it when a loud thud on door broke their revere.  Maaneet jolt up on the bed together.

Maan whispered: Saanjh

Geet bête aap andar hain?

Hearing dadima’s voice geet panicked, she started straightening herself.

Geet: now what will we do, if dadima see me like this with u, oh god abb kya karu. U said saanjh will be there and where is she?

Maan murmured: must be with Shiv.

Geet heard that: What???

Maan: kuch nahi. Suno, He gave her a packet, it was large. Geet looked at it confuse. Wear this on sangeet and that set which I gifted u. ok. Bye now. Without waiting for a reply he straightens his shirt then make her stand up from bed. She was looking decent no worry, he hurriedly went towards maahika and took her in his arms.  Go open the door.

Geet: but.

Maan: u have keys, she just locked it with keys.

Geet: ok.

Next the entire family barked inside and saw maan playing with maahika, they gave a stern look specially dadima and nikita on the other side rituka only winked at him.

Maan: I just came to get maahika, main ja raha tha.

Rituka: ha ha to gaye kyun nahi?

Maan; I m going just

Rituka: ohh I think he didn’t said bye to geet, hum baad me aaye maan beta?

Maan; main ja raha hu.

Dadima: aap jayenge bhi? Maan looked at geet for last time and hurriedly went off. He met saanjh at the door cursing her, she said a sorry and hurriedly went to meet geet.

Precap: none, will update tom. It’s quite late now and I need sleep.

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