Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 68

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Part  68

Geet: Maan wo, He put his fingers on her lips and sat on his knees in front of her.

Maan: You have the right to say. I won’t lie geet, bura laga but I can’t even compare your pain not finding the father of ur children beside u every morning, I know it much more pain to feel that and I m ready to have ur pain if it help u to reduce them. I just want my family back and for that I m doing my level best. Geet tried to suppress the pain but still the pain come out as tear, he pressed his forehead on her, tracing her cheek with his thumb he stares at her face. Can I tell u something? He whispered against her face, she just meekly nodded. Rihu was balancing herself between her parents happily and rehan was stirring feeling sleepy. Maan smiles to see them and then again looked at her eyes. U know why last night I left u alone to sleep? Geet’s face fell on the mention, she nodded her face indicating No. He sighed. SO that I can stay with u and my kids full 2 day alone without any work. And seeing u like that only makes me grab u and make love to u senseless. She was flushed with the open sentence. A smile touched his lips seeing her blushing so hard. He pressed his lips on her temple. I can never have enough of you trust me. She pressed her cheek more in his palm showing she trusts him unbelievingly.



Maan took Rihu in his arms and played with her, tickling her with his nose in her tummy, she giggles hard and gripped his face in his small chubby hand. Maan kissed her tummy then her chin and nose. She place a gummy kiss on his nose making it all wet, well she was just imitating him, she doesn’t know how to give proper kiss. Maan closed his eyes as she started showering her new found Kiss. She felt it amusing and started placing gummy kiss on his full face. After it she clapped her hand in excitement. Geet couldn’t hold her giggle seeing maan’s face and she broke into fit of laughter. Rehan looked at maan who was making faces he fumed feeling irritated with so much noise, well rehan never had so much noise in the early morning. They always relax in the warm light in silence but today his family is together though he doesn’t like maan much but then his face was funny and then he saw rihana who was clapping her hand after it his eyes went on Geet who was laughing by now.

A wide grin broke on his lips seeing geet smiling whole heartily, Rehan jump in geet’s embrace to show his enthusiasm.

Rehan: bubbbbbbbhhhhhhlllllghgggggg

Geet looked at him amused, rehan doesn’t show his happiness much but today he is exceptionally happy and joyful, if anything other had breaks his sleep he would have make nuisance but here he is jumping. Maan wiped his face with hand.

Maan: Angel ye kaisa kissy tha? Rihu only showed her full gum and broke in wide grin seeing his funny face and then maan’s eyes went of rehan who was giving his best gummy smile. He crunched his nose and again smiled. Maan shook his head. tu ruk beta thoda badha hoja fir see what I will do with u.

Geet giggle: Maan he is a kid only. Just then maan’s eyes went on geet who was all the way laughing her heart out. His whole world felt content.

Maan felt like his teasing his old geet but careful with words: Ok wo baccha hain, I can do whatever I want with his mummy then.

The naughty glint made geet shivered, she didn’t want to think about it but her color was badly betraying her. The desire both had buried deep inside now is open and need a lot attention. Their kashish was stirring up and he is ready to take the 1st step. He held her nape in his palm, her hair was lose so he can thread his hand with it and smashed his lips on her. She was so astonished that couldn’t do anything other than staring. Maan held rihu safe in his chest with other hand and support rehan with his arms closing the gap between them. Geet held rehan tight.

He didn’t deepen the kiss just strokes her soft lips with his tongue. He nibbles softly over her lips making her quiver for more. He chewed her upper lips between his lips and teeth then sucked her lower lips. He was making her weak by every second. Geet felt relax and started responding slowly. Her heart was volcano, suppressing a lot of emotion inside so she wants to take it slow. Just then maan felt a kick on his chest. He didn’t leave her lips so again the kick came hard, this time geet understood, she tried to come out but maan groaned and sucked her lips in urgency.

Geet moans in the kiss: maan. Again a kicked for maan. Groaning he left her.

Maan glared rehan who was kicking him to leave his mother maybe glaring back: What I will do with him, can’t he see I m busy with his mummy.

Geet bite her lips and blushed: He is possessive.

Maan: yeah and that’s why doesn’t like me coming close to u. I think,,, He hates me. He sighed, I had never shared good moment with him in this 5 month and I thought he is kid he will not realize it. I guess I was so wrong.

Suddenly his voice was reflecting pain and anguish.

Geet: Kids learn faster than us maan. He doesn’t hate u, he is just angry with u. in all those month he couldn’t find u when he needed him and suddenly if u shows so much attention to him, he will feel cranky and insecure. Maan looked at her with pain and guilt. He knew he had lost a good and beautiful moment from their life. Geet cupped his cheek with one hand. He needs time but soon he will accept u. He is just like u. angry young man. She teased him with a smile and he too smiled.

Maan: I know I had lost a lot but promise I will make it up to you.

Geet: for now let’s start with their shower. It’s hard to shower them together when u r alone.

Maan: not anymore. Geet eyes him to take rehan, he gulp a little knowing how irritate he felts when maan take him but for the 1st time rehan didn’t showed crankiness and went to maan. He took both his children on either shoulder then headed towards bathroom. As soon as he entered rehan started crawling backwards, maan was finding problem to hold him steadily. Champ what u r doing, champ, pls, champ. But he started throwing his legs and hand. Geet rushed towards him to take rehan but maan showed rihu to take and she tensely took her.

Geet: maan wo

Maan: why he is doing this?

Geet: he doesn’t like to shower.


Maan: what?

Geet hide her smile: Maan he doesn’t like to have shower. He hates water.

Maan: that’s ridiculous. He held rehan more firmly and started going towards their tub. And then splashed him in the tub between full of water. Geet hide her face while rihu think of it as amusement so she laughed clapping her hand. Rehan puffed his lips ready to burst.  Ohh so cry baby will cry now. Geet u made ur son exactly like u cry baby. Hamesha rota rehta hain.

Geet’s mouth opened wide as she started at him with fierce eyes: excuse me u called me crying baby?


Maan: well yeah I didn’t see rihu crying at all. So it must be u always crying machine.

Geet winched: Do me a favor, once cut the onion without shedding tears I will understand u don’t cry at all.

Maan: huh big deal.

Rehan stopped his cry and diverted his attention towards his parents. Rihana shook her head seeing them fighting.

Rihana: wobbbbllloooo three head turned to see a sad rihu trying to go to tub. Geet immediately freed her from her dress and she joined her brother splashing the water in same tub. Maan instantly got to know Rihu loves waters. He looked at rehan’s fuming and crying face but rihu couldn’t compromise with her fun she was enjoying it. Geet sat beside rehan and rubbed his back with soft hand with baby soap, he puffed his lips more, maan found it amusing. He nudged geet who was confuse and then glared at him seeing the smirk on the edge on his lips. He wants to shower rehan to irritate him. What a father he is? But geet have to go to rihana before she catch cold, she is really sensitive. She always prefers showering one at a time but today she has her husband to help her, well hope he help her .

Maan took the baby soap and gently strokes rehan’s back making him quiver, well he is extremely ticklish and maan was gliding the soap over his waist. He slapped maan’s hand hard which made the soap fall beside the tub. Rehan giggle in happiness and geet shook her head seeing the childishness of both. She massage shampoo on rihana’s little hair very gently. Rihu was annoyed with her brother as he was splashing water on her in excitement but then she saw the mischievous of her brother. She signaled the slippery soap with her small chubby hand but no one noticed and THUD. The soap came between maan’s feet as he was kneeling on his feet and then his bump met the hard cold floor. His hand met rihu’s shampoo and it bounced back then fell straight on his head soaking the whole content on his head then shoulder, he tried to lift himself again the soap came under him palm so again THUD.

Maan looked blankly at rehan who was showing his full gum maybe with a devilish grin, maan glared him but he highly ignored. Well MSK ka beta hain. Maybe rihana was feeling pity as she was staring at her father with tight eyes making a puff of her lips. But then her and maan’s head snapped towards the loud laughter. Geet couldn’t hold herself from bursting in to laughter. She sat on the floor beside rihana’s tub and laughed seeing maan’s plight. He made a baby face looking at rihu who was looking at her mummy with angry eyes and then SPLASH. She splashed the water so hard then it fell on geet and rehan shutting their laugh and grin closely and this time maan laughed seeing geet’s wide O shape mouth.

Geet greeted her teeth: Maannn.

Maan splashed a little water towards geet: that what u deserves messing with MSK and daughter of MSK. He kissed rihu’s forehead who giggles happily like she understood his plight. Next there was a water fight as geet emptied full bucket water on him. Maan wanted to chase her but then saw their children, and they can’t stay there for much time. Thank god the water was warm. Geet thanked her star for saving her. Maan took out rihu and geet rehan. They wrapped them in 2 white towel after soaking the water with other and headed towards room, maan seems forgetting his body is full drenched.

Maan watched geet making rehan wear diapers then spread baby lotion and rehan was throwing his legs in excitement. Maan wasn’t sure what should he do first, but then he followed his instincts and laid rihu on bed then applied some baby lotion as it was dry weather and changed her dress somehow. But difficult part was diaper as he doesn’t know from which point he should open it all look same angel. Geet slowly handed one different diaper which is a small pant. He slowly slipped rihu in it and kissed her tummy softly. She giggles and held his face in her chubby palm, he kissed her palm and then nose tickling her with his finger, and she laughed loudly. Geet stood besides watching the father daughter duo, Maan forcefully kissed rehan who wiped his cheek in an instinct. He doesn’t like anyone kissing his chubby cheek. He does the same with geet when she over showed her love on him but he never felt jelouse when anyone shower love on rihana, he always felt happy on that just he felt irritate when geet neglect him because of rihana and he will slap her making her cry. He is possessiveness about geet mostly and now getting her all attention he is probably very happy.

Maan took rihu in his hand seeing her yawning, he looked at geet with confuse eyes.

Geet: she woke up early in the morning so she will sleep for few hours now, it’s her routine. He looked at Rehan and was rolling on the bed, geet took him and placed in his fav small cot full of cotton spread. He hide behind the fluffy material and then held a red long cap, geet helped him to wear this and he happily played with it. She gave him few soft toys, the cot was enough big to have him rolling on it still nothing will happen to make him cry. It was down on the floor for precaution.

Geet: He will play for few hour and he doesn’t like to get disturb.



Maan looked at rihu’s sleeping figure covered in a soft fluffy duvet and serene smile was there. Unknowingly a sigh comes out from his lips.

Maan: I missed So much. Geet can see the pain in his voice. No matter how calm he tried to stay the regret can’t be replace with anything. It’s right she is angry, hurt but if she start to think from his POV, he is also a father. It was not easy for him to stay away from his kids then what happen which made him like that, maybe some reason, maybe he will say when he will overcome it. She decided to have patience till then. He turned to hide the tear, Geet I think I should take the shower, it’s ruining the room. He walked in the bathroom without seeing her.

He stood under the cold water trying to make his body freeze cold. His muscles tighten feeling the cold water slipping through it. He faced the shower so that it can press the niddles to his face. The pain his body was feeling nothing an ounce to compare with the emotional pain he was feeling. Maybe his face was covered with the water but it can’t hide the pain that was shedding through tears. Just then 2 soft hand slipped around his torso. He held his fist tight on the wall but the grip around him tighten. He felt her soft cheek pressing on his bare back, his heartbeat raise like thunder. But still he controlled himself holding the tight grip on his chest of her with his hand.

Maan whisper: I fear to go close to them, what if I hurt them? A tear drop fell on his back, he can feel the warm drop in middle of thousand freezing droplets. GEET.

Geet: U can never hurt them I know.

Maan: I had hurt u, I hurt u every time.


Geet: still u love me, them. But maan what is stopping u to come closer to us? Why u r going so far? Why? She whispered back still feeling him closer.

Maan: because I fear my Sin.

Geet: why u punishing us for that? What is the sin please tell me. She said a desperate cry. He broke her grip and she let the tear fall freely, but next he spun around grabbing her wait closer to  him tiling her face so closer that she can see every drop of water clearly.

Maan: will u always stand beside me knowing my sin?

Geet; yes. She said in a daze.

Maan: promise me u will not leave me after knowing my sin.

Geet: I had never left u neither I can, its always u who left me.

Maan whispered: I m sorry. I was lost in myself; and forgot one more life start with me. She gripped his shoulder.

Geet: I will wait for u to say me what was going on ur mind.

He pressed his forehead: thank u.

Geet: for what. For this? U shouldn’t be.

Maan: For coming in my life. She smiles a little, he pressed a tight kiss on her hair then the corner of her mouth.. Her breath become uneasy and then he notice she is as naked as he is. His breath came in a rapid. Kids are alone in the room? His voice was full of tension and panic. She shook her head and then pressed a button which opens a small Monitor showing their room activity, and he saw rehan was playing with his teddy well slapping it and rihu was sleeping soundly. A small smile tugged his lips. Hmm so Mrs Khurana is very smart. He said in a teasing husky voice. She smiles looking at him.

Geet: hona hi tha, Msk ki biwi hu. 


Maan flicked her locks with his thumb; geet can see the same desire, madness in his eyes as well. She tiptoed to reach his face and slightly nipped his bottom lips.

Geet: will u love me today? She ask in a hoarse voice, still shaking with the coldness, He instantly took her lips in his mouth. His one hand went to close the water.

Maan; yes, I want to love u. he said before deepen the kiss.

Precap: none.

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything match it will be only coincident.

© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg.


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