Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 31

Part 31

Geet closed her eyes and pushed the thing inside the place, then turned to face him. A little sweat bead trickle down her neck, maan was standing crossing his hand over the chest wearing his tracks only.

‘kya huya geet? what force u to check the cupboard at this time?’


‘wo,, wo, maan. Actually I was searching for something.’

‘what search cannot be done at day light geet? its nearly 1 o’clock and u r searching it now?’ he raised is one brow still standing at his position. She took a deep breath and brought it in front of him.

‘I was uncomfortable in my inners so I was searching for my shorts and top.’

It was a cute pink top loose fitter barely coming to her waist and a off white short. Maan couldn’t help but chuckle at her cuteness.. he tug her closer to him.

‘who said to wear this?’ he said pinching her inners to take out, she shoved his hands.

‘you, every time I move u start moving ur tongue so I thought to wear something and this was making me uncomfortable.’

‘ohhh ok, well u don’t need it now, now when ur searching noise made me wide awake I should to some constructive work.’ Saying this he lift her in his arms locking her lips with his and later kissing every inch of her body making her breathless yet again.


Maan was lost in his thought when geet told him she was going for shower, he nodded only and again went back to the time he met geet. the way she was dancing in rain with her creature, a smile touched his face. A smile that no one had ever seen. He knew he had begun to change but he never wanted this still he isn’t resisting either. He remember how cruelly he tried to force himself on her but how her cry had stopped him to cross the barrier. He thought geet will loath him after that but again she surprised him, trying to know him and finally giving herself. He cursed himself for losing his patience then, he could have win her with patience but he choose his anger. Actually his anger always makes him blind what can he think then.

Like previous day when he made love so aggressively yet she took his all wrath and didn’t accused him. He started to blv not every girl is bitchy and cunning. Girl like geet who is happy in small small thing can be a perfect example of strong personality and boldness.

He hated to admit but yes she is distracting him from his vision but he can’t complain, he doesn’t want. He felt complete to hold her in his arm every night and yet he doesn’t know the name of these feeling neither want to give any. He is happy like this but the moment this castle will break what will be the situation, will she ever forgive him. Will she be like this after that? Will she ever let herself to be close to him like this? No, probably no, or yes. Her heart has some feeling for him and he can see that. No matter she deny but she is not as stone and heartless like him. She still possesses feeling which he can never feel. He is afraid once she will know his game she will be broken. Though he never wanted to do that, the moment he had held her close he forgot about all his plans, it’s like some magnetic pull that made him want her more and leaving his every dream he just wanted her to be his, so close that no one will be beside it. He just want her now, he admits he did wrong, a lot of wrong things with her but he can’t control himself anymore, not after she gave herself to him willingly. But why she is so important that he is ready to leave his dream for her, No he can’t do that, it’s his last chance and he can’t walk out, but what will she do after knowing what he had planned.

He closed his eyes to stop all rational thinking; whatever it will be can be leave on time.

Just then his eyes fell on the innocent beauty, her wet form made him gulp hard. Muttering some profanes he reached towards her and stood behind her seeing her selecting or rather say arguing for dresses which to wear. He chuckled and placed his chin over her neck, then took out one dress and handed over to her, she made faces then asked ‘final?’ he nodded still kissing her neck she giggles..


‘Mr Khurana don’t u feel u r behaving like a romeo? i mean mere piche piche,,,’ ‘Hmm if u think so, then let me show how much rough romeo i m’ He said while gripping her bathrobe in his fist and in sec bringing her close to him, Her heartbeat shuddered violently seeing the dark eyes… He subsided the wet locks from her forehead then traces her face line with his fingers coming to her lips. He rubbed her lower lips harshly making her closed her eyes tighter… she can feel him pressing her body on the wardrobe… ‘we, are, getting late’ she said hoarsely but he was lost in her sweet essence.. he dipped his face in her neck biting her flesh softly while removing the robe.. she held his hand pleading not to go further,, he was furious with her denial… she knew it what can she do knowing how his touch is effecting her now a days…

‘we have enough time, world waits for MSK not the other way.’ And then he took her to the heaven of desire and passion oblivious to the storm heading towards their life.


Maan was invited to a business cum some of his partners’ daughter engagement party where he wanted to take geet and after a little sweet threatening torning her finally she got ready to accompany him, so he gave her a Maroon saree which has golden embroidery and a golden blouse to wear for the evening, She was quite uncomfortable in the saree but when MSK was beside her how can uneasiness touch her. They entered the party together making all head turns towards his direction. Maan held her waist possessively and she snuggle close to him, her backless blouse was giving a hint of her sexy back drawing a lot of men’s attention…

Neha Dalvi Bridal 13






Girls were envying geet and that clearly shown on their faces, she looked at their desiring object Mr Maan Singh Khurana and couldn’t help but agreed that he is looking extremely desirably hot and handsome in his black Armani tux. The client met maan and shook his hand and then his eyes went to the lady. Geet gave a warm smile and shook her hand, he welcomed the warmly. He was an old client of KC. In his late 50s, quite big fat stomach and bald with a few hair still had a good smile which shows his genuineness on his face and indeed a positive vibes was coming from him so geet didn’t hesitate.

‘Mr Khurana good to see u here, We thought u will not again not show up.’ Geet looked at maan in astonishment. She thought he is a party man but here the scene is different.

‘actually Mr Mehta, My Fiance is going to her maternal place in 2 days so thought to give her a look in my life style, u know to make her comfortable.’

Every eyes turned towards them, few literally gasped with the news and few almost fainted hearing finally the hot bachelor of country is getting married. But mr Mehta exclaimed in happiness…

‘wow, that’s great Mr Khurana. Congratulation miss,’


‘Geet’ maan completed.

‘ohh Congratulation miss Geet and mr Khurana, we hope an invitation of marriage.’ Mr Mehta smiles warmly.


‘yeah ofcourse Mr Mehta’

Geet gave a weak smile and excused herself, glaring maan who was smirking at her.

Geet ordered an orange juice to cool her mind when 2 strong pair of arms slides down her stomach.





‘What was that, u told me u will not disclose the fact in front of media then? Why u did that?’


‘to show those bastard, u r mine.’




‘don’t tell me u didn’t see those idiot staring at u, I hate it geet. I can’t stand anyone looking at u or think about u. I feel like ripping them there only. So I did that to make them understand, take away their eyes on my thing’

‘maan…. They were just watching not doing anything.’


‘what did u mean I should wait until they,, Geet get one thing straight. If anybody dare to touch u or u dare to let them touch u I will burn the place and this world of urs.’ His dangerous hiss gave a chill down to her spine. She saw everybody looking at them, not that anyone can hear their slow whisper. It was their curiosity to know her. She saw the rage in his eyes and sighed. She held his hand and brought herself close to him let him feel her and calm down.

‘I was saying because, because I don’t want attention. U know this high class society and ppl thinks about girl who is not from rich background and u know what they will think about me?’


‘I don’t care what they think neither u should. U r would be khurana so u r bound to know by face as well. And as far as press concern I won’t let anyone near u that’s my promise neither ur picture will be publish. Till u r in HP no will know u but as soon as u enter Delhi and the rest world know u r Mrs Geet MSK. So aadat daal lo insab ki.’

‘maan u r so stubborn.’

‘think what u want’ he walked away leaving an enraged and nervous geet.


‘sirrrrr,, wo file,, u said to make it, here it is.’

Maan looked at Aadi who was little hesitant, little apprehensive to give the file. He took it without any word but aadi didn’t leave before saying a few word.. probably for the first time he is thinking for someone else than His boss.

‘sir, r u sure it will be right?’ Maan’s glare made him fumble still he couldn’t shut his mouth this time. ‘I th-think, She is a good girl. U, u should told her about it before she get to know about it.’


Maan averted his gaze on geet who was talking with few ladies, his numb state said aadi to leave and he obliged.

Geet was feeling uncomfortable with these ladies who are older than her but still has no shame to flirt with younger boys. Some are rich businessman’s wife, some are daughter and sister but all their eyes were on maan and few also asked how did she trap him. She felt suffocated with the environment, she wanted to move from their but couldn’t as it would be rude. She smartly answered all of them and weirdly they liked her confidence saying maybe that clicked maan. They also said maan doesn’t attend much parties but he has known as a Casanova. He always selected girl for its beauty but none could make a place in his life, not even a girl can stay longer than few hour in his life. Maybe maan had fallen for her charismatic persona and confidence that’s why she is going to be mrs khurana.

Just then a girl entered the place catching everyone’s attention, geet heard them whispering something. She thought her to be maan’s ex as everyone was taking maan’s name but everyone said he never had a steady relationship then how came the new girl in picture. She saw a skinny girl entering the place wearing a pink dress showing more than required.


She saw her going straight to maan but he was least bothered about her. and next she hugged him tightly making everyone gasp.

I m extremely sorry for being so late in Update, i m little busy in my personal life and will be like this as my Study is cornering me every sec. Sorry about it a big and I Owe u all my thanks a BIG time for being there with me and supporting me, thanks a lot.


© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg


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  1. wow tich great read loving maans possesive attitude reminds me of the tailor scenes in geet can’t wait for next


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  3. Posted by impoojaverma on May 28, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    awesome update

    both r planning & plotting against each-other

    let see who will win


  4. Posted by mmradhu97 on May 28, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    Fabulous update… loved it…
    What geet was searching in maans wardrobe…
    Maan and geet both are plotting against each other…
    Maan said geet as fiance in party…
    What did adi gave maan???
    Who is this new entry???
    Continue soon…


  5. Posted by chahhat4eva on May 28, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    Wow awesome chapter… Like Maan’s possessive attitude 2ward Geet…. Ahhhh both Maan & Geet are plotting & planning against each-other…. Desperately waiting to see who will WIN…. What did Adi gave Maan & who is this new girl…. Loved the chapter soooo muchhhh…. Eagerly waiting for next part…. Update soon dear🌺🌺🌺🌺


  6. what was that in last????!!!!!!!!
    how dare that ***** hug maan….


  7. Awesome update. Cant wait 4 nxt update. Ab geet ka posesivenes bhi dekhne ko milega.


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  10. Posted by sanjanayadav92 on May 29, 2013 at 3:43 am

    now who is this new item
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  11. Posted by sumsak on May 29, 2013 at 5:16 am

    tich it was great part. maan is planning something against geet. what is going on in his mind. and now who is this weird women. i loved maneet romance. very exited for next.


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    loved the update
    wat r they both planning
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  15. very nice update , whats going on in maan;s mind , here even geet is trying to fool him but she hasnt realized yet that he is msk . who is dis new charcter maan’s ex ?? waiting curiously


  16. Posted by kruthikaved on May 29, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    fantastic…. a sincere request to maan… “dont break geet even if she is planning for your downfall….” 🙂 🙂 LOL 😛


  17. Awsum update loved it.
    Who is new entry
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  18. superb update
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  19. Posted by neha74 on May 29, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    Awesome update….both maaneet are planning and plotting against each other, yet are insanely in love with each other….it will be very interesting to see who will win over whom….hope their love wins in the end…continue soon…


  20. awesome update dono eak doosre ke peeche lage hai kya hoga dono ka pata nahi but dono hurt hone wale hai amazing dear


  21. Part 31 —

    So sorry for commenting late as i was not able to come online due to some reason in personal life

    awesome update

    Maan declaration in the party tht he is soon to be married to his fiancee Geet left Geet n everyone shocked

    now who is the new entry, will she create any problem between Maaneet, hope not..


  22. Maan becoming more and more possessive man. What secret is he hiding from her and what information is she hunting for? It Intrigue me. File?? File of what? property, her parent’s property, land etc. Is he marrying her to get the land for his future empire or what?

    Wow! him openly declaring and addressing as his fiance is the first…she too equally shocked, hoped he wants to have hush up relationship, but no that’s him declaring, she is his, don’t dare to look at her. She is his, & only his.

    Jealously from Geet is not too far behind. She too becoming possessive of her MAN. Both oblivious of each other’s possessiveness but soon will learn how both feel about each other.

    Mystery Girl in pink??? Her being there will make them realize their feeling, in a way blessing in disguise.

    Will go and read next chapter. Sorry for commenting later…work keeps me busy.


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