Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 95


My Master degree is getting higher up guys I will be less active ALWAYS. Its my career so u know how hard it. My result got out and I had ranked under 30 in 5000 student wopiee time to party.  But that mean more hard work for me to reach the top level as it will be my 2nd yr. BUT in all this I don’t want to stop my writing still I will wrap up few ff, (and I think my readers had gone already bore so less response made really sad) but for K3 my heart doesn’t want to end up. What should I do.


I did a big mistake, in part 55 I told Saanjh is 5 min older but in part 90 I said its 2 hour, Because I need it that way and yeah I forgot I told their age difference before. So my mistake. I can’t rectify as thrd 4 is locked and when mod opened the lock I was busy in my own hell lol so here I m rectifying it.

Tanuuuuuu loved it so much i can’t tell u. so cute card. love u jaan, u made it without my any word. love u a lot.

Part 95

The moment Everyone’s eyes turned towards the stairs I knew it must be my mishty. I was actually finding hard not to look at her as I know one look and she will melt right away. But I was curious to know what she will wear, My present or dadima’s selected dress. Well it must be hard for her to say no to her gift. I had forgotten the custom where the dress and jewelry comes from groom’s family for bride, in my excitement I just selected that dress for her, imagining her in that reddish pink and heavy working lahenga and green choli I m  feeling an urge to hold her instantly. But what if she couldn’t refuge dadima and rejected mine. SIGH. What I had become from an arrogant ruthless MSK. A small smile tugged My lips remembering the 1st time I met her. Those scared eyes, luscious shaky lips, deep hazels and rosy cheeks with curls dancing.. I named it as lust, yeah I never said it to her but I felt an unknown attraction first time meeting her, I didn’t remember she resemblance saanjh but just an urge to kiss her supple lips ran through Me.

I still remember her fumbling and her reason for the shrieking ‘cockroach.’ That time also I was on the edge on laughing but keep maintained My MSK attitude and it amazed me that she returned the favor of same attitude. She was no less than Me in attitude, confidence, anger. Last time when we met on our engagement it left a bitter taste but for me sweet somewhere, I couldn’t stop the urged to kiss her. I had  reasoned it with frightening her but it was urgent for me, I felt the air I was breathing was suffocating me and looking at her beauty I wanted her, but couldn’t. In rage I kissed her making her cry so much. I still regret to trap like that, threatening with her frnd’s career and life. And then daadima’s heart attack.

The way she cared for her I thought it was only false but then dadima was blindly in love with her, I see later why that was so? She was always an angel. Dusro ki dukh ko hamesha apna leti thi aur apne gum ko kisiko nahi batatai thi. Whatever happened she took everything with numb state and then whatever I did with her…… I know that has no forgiveness, I still shivered thinking about that night, I don’t know how she accepted me and my sinuous existence. When I was broken fully I returned to her, I had seen her fear, her resistance but still she never refused her wifely duty and then, risking her life bringing Maahi into this world. I never thought she will accept me like this. After all my negligence, my carelessness, hurting her, snatching maahi from her for 7 days was the most awful sin I had committed still she love me like always. How can be her love so selfless.   Sometime I fear Will I be able to return her same love, will she love me like this for eternity, Do I deserves this love?

I want to give this life for her, and to have her I can sacrifice anything, my life also. Now to see her as she is really close and I can hear her anklet my breath caught in my lungs. Yes She will love me eternity. And I will bring the earth on her feet just to see the smile that adored her face lightening it so much.

I m seeing the admiration in her eyes looking at me, well I m also wearing her choice, she must be delighted like the way I is seeing her in my color of love. She was wearing the same dress I had gifted her.


 I can’t stop roaming eyes on her ornaments, she never fails to amuse me with her love for him, how could she refuse dadima’s gift on the occasion just to see a smile on my face? Yes she wore everything I had chosen for her, everything that I wanted her to look like, wish I could have been stayed there. Wish I would have dressed her with my hand. I so much wanted to make her dress from head to toe but,, well I have her for lifetime so I will dress her after the marriage, umm sounds tough when my hand itched to have her milky white smooth skin under me. God Damn I m going on wrong path again.

But maybe he is not alone in that path someone else was feeling the same.

His attention went towards a gasping Shiv who was standing right beside him. His mouth was slightly open and he was gaping at geet’s direction well Saanjh was also there. Maan can sense the wild imagination he was forming because his pooping eyes were giving up. Maan’s eyes widen as Shiv’s eyes shifted somewhere else, he looked at the giggling object, shiv looked at his direction angrily, he hide his smile and patted maahi, then took out the hand she had injected in shiv’s mouth. Well while he was busy ogling on Saanjh’s innocent beauty and the shy smile Maahi was busy in tiling her head to inject her small hand in the wide mouth. She felt it amusing the way shiv was gaping at something with pop out eyes and so big open mouth. Maan was holding maahi close to his chest and She was playing with Shiv, well he was making funny faces and tickling her, just then she saw him stopping at his work and staring some direction. She tried to call him in her babyish language, even tried to go to his arms but neither maan left her or shiv extended his hand because both men was lost in their women. Maahi was on the verge of bursting when shiv open his mouth but never closed it so she pushed her full hand in his mouth, as her hand was so small and soft it went until he chocked a breath out.

Saanjh was giggling to see him, and it was enough to bring him back to reality. Shiv couldn’t help but ogle on her from close and the stare was making saanjh nervous. She still remembers how he intruded in her room which made her so late.



The moment Saanjh stepped in her room her eyes popped out hearing the rough manly voice that makes her weak every time she hear. Her lips automatically switched in pout.

Saanjh: Shiv? what the hell he is doing here in my room. She muttered under her breath but then saw his smiling face with waving hands. She didn’t answer it.

Shiv: see u soon, bye for now. We are waiting for u. he hung up the call and broke in to large grin seeing her. Hii. All he said.

Saanjh: What r u doing here? How the heck did u enter my room? If anybody had seen u do u realize what will they think? Why can’t u do one thing straight from brain shiv? Or u finally realize u don’t any brain? She said all that in one breath feeling frustrated and panic. All the time shiv only gaped at her with slight parted mouth and lastly he jerks his head in unbelief she can blabber so much no wonder the twin is Rajdhani and Satabdi Express. He marched towards her in long and fast step while she open her mouth to shoot another set of bombastic question.

Shiv: Stop right there, he said placing his palm over her mouth, she shoved his hand immediately glaring double. He sighed shaking her head in negative then handed her a packet, she was confuse and that clearly shows on her face. Saanjh I brought this for u. Her breath caught in her lungs hearing him, heart and body shivered as he placed the large packet in her delicate hand. She was shaking slightly when she opened the packet only to realize it was the same dress she selected in the boutique. And then the jewelry box. In no time she shoves that on his hand.

Saanjh: I, I can’t. its, just. Taking a deep breath saanjh looked away from him. U shouldn’t have brought this shiv. I, I have dozen of dress. U, u know, Maan have al-already gave so mu-much to geet and me-me also. U shouldn’t,

Before she can say more shiv grabbed her hand harshly and turned to see her eyes. She tried to look anywhere else that him. But he forced her to look at him but holding her face in his palm.

Shiv: u don’t want to take this because maan have given u enough or u still couldn’t forget my words saanjh. She closed her eyes feeling miserable to bring that. Yes his each word was so powerful that it always shiver her to think that way, she need time to get use to this, the love which was her dream now finally replacing as real and she doesn’t want to ruin that but somewhere those allegation still stir her. what if after sometime he again think she is with him for the money.  Fresh tear gathered her eyes, she tried to shove them by taking deep breath but he sensed her dilemma. Next she found his lips on her ever so softly like expressing his inner pain in that, like showing his care, love and authority in that simple somber kiss. He didn’t deepen the kiss but just tried to convey his love through this. She felt breathless in that small kiss and gasp to take the air, he didn’t break his lips while he spoke. I know I had done a lot mistake but I m trying to rectify and this is least I can do. It’s not the price saanjh but my love and I want to see it on u. Please accept it and forgive me, I know u need time but trust me all that will never come between us I promise.


And this time she captured his lips, how can she let him continue the pain, the dilemma, and the heart wrenching feel. She knew her fear is strong but wasn’t his love stronger than that. It’s only him that had vanished her fear without her own will and knowledge then why can’t she move from her past and accept him fully. She had seen how maan loved to give geet everything and the sister she knew never liked present now started cherishing thing which was from her love, she also want to feel the same excitement, same affection and he is fulfilling that then why she need to make him guilty again n again. Isn’t it enough he had suffered more than 5 yr without anything beside him?

After breaking the kiss she took the dress without saying anything and changed in it in the washroom, when she came out all she saw an anxious shiv waiting for her. He literally missed several beats. She was so hypnotized with his gaze that she forgot what she was doing, so straightly landed in front of him. His hand was itching to grab her and love her senseless but he stopped himself then turned her ever so slowly in front of the mirror. He took his time to make her wear the necklace while her heartbeat almost thumped out of her ribcage. He linger his hand a little more than needed on her nape. Her eyes were close when he clasped the hook then placed a wet kiss on top of the hook. She sensed his breath on her neck when he slowly came forward then pushed the earring slowly, his lips automatically draw over the lobe slightly licking the outline. A slow moan escaped her lips and she gripped her lahenga edge. He brought her wrist above and tied a simple bracelet.

Shiv whispered: I don’t want more accessories than these. She nodded slightly and he kissed her each finger tips slightly and lastly her knuckle. I should go before anyone come inside.


Saanjh opened her eyes instantly: careful.

Shiv kissed the top of her head: I will. He flew away from balcony without noticeable and she set her hair lose. After looking at herself several time and taking deep breaths she came out and rushed towards geet room.


Geet snapped her hand in front of saanjh’s eyes and she snap out from her dreamland. Her face was quite flushed. Saanjh tried to look here and there but only to meet maan’s smirking face, she felt really trap. She tried to glare shiv and make him understand his surrounding but seems like he is a lot busy in drooling on her perfect beauty. She is wearing a heavy working pink color lahenga of course Shiv’s present and with his gifted bangle and necklace.

She felt goose bump remembering how he made her the jewelry and beside the fear of her shuddering heart she gave up to his love and admiration, now seeing him still lost it boost her confidence more. Before their silence romance can increased more maahi again nudge shiv with quite angry eyes as she couldn’t get attention, and this time she plug out few hair of ABIR who was standing silently on other side of maan silently. He was also lost in the innocent beauties. Shiv muffled a laughter seeing abir shrieking.

He had seen Abir ogling at Saanjh’s direction and it of course burned him inside out. Geet and Saanjh ran towards abir and very gently geet took out maahi’s hand form his hair. Few ppl giggles few were staring at the girls in adoration. Well Geet was actually stealing the appreciation of ladies, few complimented rano on her beauty and few said they envied nikita that she has so beautiful daughter in law. And then few young guys who were equally ogling on saanjh and geet, well the beauty couldn’t be hidden. Few ladies saw saanjh’s comfortable and friendly behavior. They were observing her from morning the way she is everywhere helping her family and at the same time geet. how she mingle with every person from children to older, and guys to gals. They seems like flatter by beauty and partially the growth of her speech. Few older ladies who related to savitri devi even said if Geet wasn’t married she would have taken her for her grandson which actually picked maan’s ear and he efficiently glared dadima who pleaded with her eyes. He seems like controlling his rage but they are pushing him. And it wasn’t enough that his own younger cousins started ogling at his wife.

He glared his relatives and held geet hand who was busy with abir and maahi helping him. Maan took out maahi’s hand and kissed her palm. She happily obliged and cringed to him while his other hand went towards geet’s waist pulling her beside him.

One of his cousin who will be 2 yr older than geet sighed heavily, geet and saanjh stared at his dramatic need of attention.

Guy: hello gals, I think the bride is meeting me for the first time and same here so let me introduce myself. I m Raj. Maan’s bhai cousin.

Geet looked amused and astonished; she looked at maan while he greeted his teeth looking at over flirting raj. Shiv coughed to get maan’s anger under control which seems working. Maan took a deep breath claiming geet again by holding her more closer.

Maan: Geet Saanjh this Raj, my relative. Geet u couldn’t meet him on our wedding so he came to attend it now. And Raj this is ur BHABHI geet. Shiv broke into a loud chuckle. Geet bite her lips understanding his grip now. She just nodded a light hii and raj gave a nervous smile. He understood his possessive cousin brother doesn’t like harmless flirting so he diverted his attention on Saanjh when she took maahi from maan’s arm.

Raj: And who is this beautiful lady, umm Saanjh u called right?

And this time shiv made a fist to control himself from smashing his face. Raj is his cousin too. But Abir was fast enough to guard saanjh.

Abir: well u see ur BHABHI and saanjh quite a look alike so that definitely mean they are twin sister.


Raj: wo, 2 beauty of epitome under one roof. Hello my lady, my name is raj, well naam to suna hoga.


Raj extended his hand with a sly grin on his face, Saanjh looked at his hand and then his face.

Saanjh: Bohot purana Naam oops I mean dialogue hain. But anyway hii. She said without giving her hand just showing she has maahi in her both arms. Somewhere raj felt it as an insult when geet burst out laughing and shiv let out a chuckle. He left the place pretending to have an call leaving a laughing geet and saanjh who high fived with each other.

Abir: Maan tumhara har cousin aisa hi hain kya?

Maan made a confuse face: what?

Abir; I mean this chipku. Trying to throw himself everywhere. He said while looking at shiv who gave a murderous glare.

Shiv: well they are better than some ppl who try to poke his nose every matter.

Geet sighed in a dramatic way.  Glaring both of them, saanjh shook her head seeing their child play and then glare shiv to keep shut his mouth. He gave a puppy face showing he didn’t start. While abir gave a frustrated look.

Geet: motu, did uncle aunty arrived yet?

Abir: nope, but any min they will come, they missed u a lot.

Geet smiles: same here. And what about the marriage stuff, r u ready for the marriage? Saanjh looked at him curiously and abir looked at her little nervously. It was enough for shiv to burn but maan pressed his hand to keep calm.

Abir: I didn’t said anything, abhi to sanju bas thik hi hui hain and I wanted to talk to her about this, u know mom loves her so much that she will talk to her first then me. So I m waiting for her and I need to talk to sanju.

Saanjh: hold on, motu u didn’t tell aunty yet? He nodded in negative with head down. Saanjh let out a frustrating sigh.

Maan: but u should clear everything to her first. Why u r giving wrong hope to ur parents?


Abir snapped his face: why I will do that? And I m not giving false hope, I do want to get married and saanjh,

Before he can complete his word an older lady with her husband made her way towards geet.


Geet’s face lit up seeing the older woman.

Geet: damini aunty. Why u r so late, u know we missed u so much.


Damini: same here darling. She gave a squeezing hug to her and then turned towards maan. Hayee kitna sonda munda hain. Sach me geet tere to bhaag khul gaye, he is really handsome. Someone coughed to get her attention.

Geet: Mahesh uncle.

Mahesh: thank god at least someone gave her attention warna hum to abb buddhe ho chuke hain, khud ki biwi bhav nahi deti. Damini glared him and saanjh broke in to laughter.  Ohhoo saanjh bête how r u.

Saanjh: fit and fine BF. Shiv raised his one eyebrow on her word while maan looked at them confuse.

Damini: saanjh its u, I mean u can talk. I m so glad to see u smile baccha. We missed ur talk so much. She said feeling quit emotional. Saanjh hugged her wiping her own tears.

Saanjh: I m fine now aunty.

Mahesh: who is this cute kid. He said pinching maahi’s cheek softly, she gave a gumy smile to him and showed her hand to go to him, Mahesh and damini was dumbstruck to see so frndly nature kid, he took her immediately.

Saanjh: she is maahika, ur geet’s daughter.

Damini: such a lovely child, hum to bhul hi gaye the ye geet ki dusri baar shaadi hain, pehli baar aane ka mouka hi nahi mila.

Mahesh: really she is so adorable. He tickle her and maahi laughed at him.

Damini and Mahesh got busy with maahi soon. But then one voice broke their revere.

Abir: hello,  here is another person standing if u mind, and co incidentally he is ur son. U r meeting me after 5 month and no one even see me, just hug geetu and sanju, what about me?

Mahesh: 5 mahine baad hain aur 5 min rukega to duniya khatam nahi hojayegi. Let us love maahi first u can come later. Both of them went away leaving an pouted abir.

Abir: ye kya baat hui. He started walking towards his parents like a child bugging his mom’s who shoved his hand.

Maan was tense and so was shiv seeing maahi in an unknown person’s hand. Shiv gave a warning look to maan, and he was going to get maahi when geet held his hand.

Geet: Maan let her be with them, Mahesh uncle and damini aunty always craved for a girl and they love maahi like their own, we can leave her with them for few min. they will feel good.


Maan: geet I know they are good person and abir’s parents I trust them, it’s just, umm maahi. Wo sayas roh na de, u know she can feel hungry soon.


Geet shook her head in disbelief: stop being jealous. She is fine and quite enjoying the attention.


Shiv: geet stop being careless, she can need anything any moment, it’s better to have her closer to u. she is just few months.

Geet glared him angrily: stop commenting on my motherhood. U both are just jealous nothing else.


Maan: huh why we will be jealous in this small mater.


Saanjh: maan u forgot how u was jealous few min ago when raj were flirting with geet, so except it, men are freaking jealous when come to their close ppl.

Shiv: men are broad minded,

Geet: huh that’s why when he extended his hand towards saanjh u were ready to punch him.


Maan:  that wasn’t jealousy but for ur safety, Raj never had a good image in girl’s matter so we were protective.


Saanjh: u were hell possessive maan. And all men are only control freak, jealous moron.


Shiv: ohh yeah and u girls are so understandable. Never have a slight rage for ur husband and boyfrnd.


Saanjh: wait u were jealous on Mahesh uncle also as I called him BF, shiv u r so


Shiv: so what huh, u girls also feel insecure on silliest matter.


Maan: office se der aayo to shak and party me jao to muh fula ke bathegi


Geet: oye hello I never reacted that way, it just u guys are blind when a girl try to umm touch u.


Maan: that’s it, its proves u do get jealous.


Geet: we are not.


Maan: u are except it.


Saanjh: never.


Shiv: we will see.

Saanjh; go to hell, she dragged out geet from there who was herself fuming. Maan and shiv looked at each other.

Maan+shiv: mar gaye.

Precap: dance.

Guys Maaneet moment are coming in a few update and before marriage only, SHIVAANJH like moment will come for MAANEET also but in a more sensual way maybe. But for now I m nervous for shivaanjh, did I went over board?

Love you Sammy For the beautiful Card. it was a surprise for me as well


© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg.


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  3. Posted by sumsak on May 29, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    tich it was amazing. in first part you describes whole story of k3. i loved maan’s imagination for geet. and there is one more couple who is just like maneet. they are also very lovable. i loved their nok jhok and their romance. don’t know abir is blind. can’t he able to see how much saanjh loves shiv. i hope he don’t create any problem. last part was amazing. very exited for next.


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    Mind blowing update dear….
    Loved it soooo muchhhh…..
    Shiv select & gift dress, jewellery to Saanjh that’s soooo sweet….
    Awwww Maan & Shiv r Jealous of ppl who come near Geet, Saanjh & even Mahii….
    Is Abir blind or he can’t see or don’t want see how much Saanjh love Shiv & Shiv too….
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