Love For You Part 70


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Part 70

Geet’s eyes opened with the music which was coming from somewhere in the house but where that she doesn’t know yet. Her eyes went on the clock, it’s eleven in the morning and she was just working on her laptop when the music stirred her from the deep thoughts. She stood up in front of the French window looking at the backyard ground and the deep far end which is only green and greenery. The music grows as a sweet hum making her remember every past she hated now. Her eyes lids fell heavy but tear refused to shed remembering her every scare. Few days before she was happy in her own world. A yr before they were having fun with her family, rudra and angels and she supposed she doesn’t need anything more, but suddenly His appearance had stirred a need, a hollow in her. She tried to stop the music which was waking the pain inside again by putting her palm on her ear but it was growing strong like someone deliberately flowing all pain in the music but somewhere it was sweet like a memory lane was visualizing by someone in the music.

Just then it hit her, her heart shuddered remembering the music she had created. It was for rudra. She had composed the music and the only person knew about it is MAAN. She had worked day night on it to give a present to Rudra on his birthday but it delayed so Maan had helped her to compose it and they thought to give it on his engagement or any other occasion. So many occasion took place that she had forgotten about the music which Maan kept save to himself promising they will give him together. She was so happy to see finally Maan excepting Rudra not as brother so what at least as friend. But what was an irony his love was weaker in front of his hatred and accusation. But why he kept that safe till now? When he had so many uncertainties on their relation then why he still remembers the music?

Her legs were shaking still her heart lead the path when mind refused to go. Her knuckles where white as she was clutching her hand so tight that her nail dug her skin furiously. Still She walked in a trance just following the music and her heart. Soon they lead her to the alone corridor and next to a big room which was parted by only few curtains. White curtain and white wall she noticed. She wanted to stop there and returned to her place, her shell but couldn’t as the music turn in a melodious canvas.


Geet: What r u doing maan, it’s for Piano and u r trying it on Guitar? Her pouting face made him smirk. He extends his hand to say her come close to him but she was already annoyed. She tried to shove his hand but he grab her palm then pulls her closerer. He made her sit on his lap facing her back to his chest and nuzzling close to her neck. She bites her lips to control the tickling feeling. Maan She called him softly.

Maan: hmm, u always distracts me with ur sweet scent, u know that?

Geet smiles: accha?

He kissed her neck then her shoulder: hmmm.

Geet: Maan please be serious na. I want to complete this fast.


Maan: his birthday is next yr geet.

Geet: huh so what, We can give it on his and maahi’s engagement or better marriage. He shook his head on her childishness and then agreed.


Maan: ok baba thik hain, but relax for now.

Geet: I m stuck in this point maan, I don’t know what to write now. He smiles and kissed her cheek.

Maan: follow the heart, have patience and try to listen it. He held her hand and played little string and then she smiles, next both started together to make a tune for Rudra.


She jerked up from her memory when He stood in front of her after ending the music. She looked at the blank eyes; He is definitely awestruck to see her, but why? Didn’t he want to make her memorize this music? Doesn’t he wanted her to visualize each pain that brought by this tune? She turned her back towards him and started walking away from him till his voice stopped her.

Maan: get ready we need to go somewhere. She stood numb hearing his hard and clear voice. What she thought? He will shiver to see her or stutter to see her reaction to the tune. She is so wrong always to judge him. He doesn’t feel any sorry but he enjoys stirring the painful emotion in her which she wants to erase for eternity. She can’t believe till now which no one could do this man had done less than few hours. He made her cry after so many yrs. He made those emotions come on her face after so many yrs, he made her come towards him in the music which she thought can no other person do in this eternity.

She took some deep breath concealing the emotion back in her and turned to face him with same coldness and hatred.

Geet: I don’t think there is any clause in that contract that whatever u will say I will do on one foot. So close to wing of dream and let me do my work.

Maan smiles coming close to her: I think U should stop pretending it does affect u geet. You and I very well knew how it works on us. U can’t stop ur heart to beat Mithi.

Geet glared him: Mr Khurana, stop assuming things which can never happen. Neither u can awake any dead feeling nor I m interested in your any feelings. It will be better if u can come to straight point, what do u want from me?

Maan sighed: U r still so stubborn.

Geet: Thank u for the complement. Now can we get to the work back?

Maan: As u wish. If u still remember the contract says u have to go wherever I want for business purpose and this is business. We are going to office just to discuss further negotiation.

Geet: can I go after that? Umm I mean in another place.

Maan: NO. he said blankly looking at her face, she greeted her teeth and he made an amusing face.

Geet: then what is the need to go office. We can discuss the project here. He smirks at her words and leaned towards her, she took 2 steps back where her back touched the cold wall and next he trapped her placing the warm figure on her still not touching it.

Maan: I m better then fine to have u here in the house geet and close to me. She looked other ways not want to meet the teasing gaze, she felt hatred oozing out her vein for this man now. He smiles slyly pulling her chin towards him. But I thought u don’t want business with pleasure and this place only make it hard for me.


Geet pushed his hand and his body from her, he chuckle at her futile attempt them left her making a good gap between then still not leaving her fully.

Geet: Don’t u dare to touch me with ur filthy hand Mr Khurana, u will regret it next time.

Maan: really? He said rather amusing way.

Geet: I feel disgusted to take the air where u took ur breath. Just remember one thing, u can make me helpless but u can’t break me this time Maan, because this time the old geet had kill the love in her and u will only see poison in GR so better to make a distance between us or it will kill u.

Maan: and what if I say I m ready to take the sweet poison just to hold u close to me for a little while.

Geet: I hate these cheesy lines. He sighed and abruptly left her, it make her little taken a back, maybe she was expecting a little more which her brain refused fervently.

Maan stopped walking but didn’t turn to face her: Get ready we need to leave fast. She greeted her teeth but couldn’t say a word because somewhere she too wanted to get out of this place which has so many good memories that now hold pain her.


He pressed his back on the door slowly sliding on the floor, a smile tugged his lips and when he opened his eyes only her face flashed in front of him. But this time it was a contrast between her happiness and this numbness. He remember the first time he met her on those Hills, she was so happy and then in collage. Her every smile always used to stir some ticklish feeling in him that he never accepted in front of anyone but today he couldn’t suppress it. On top of that Her words which was straight needle in his heart still he was true on his words. He truly wanted to take all her poison thinking it as sweet as she was always, just to bring his old geet back to life. But the moment he met her eyes only blankness and dark emotion was there. He couldn’t see the numb geet anymore, not in his life anymore. If it will take his life to bring his Mithi he is ready for it. He will give his every happiness for it, but whom he is joking He doesn’t have any happiness to give her, but he need to woke up the emotion before it get too late.

He didn’t plan the event to take place; it’s his routine to play the piano just to get the essence of geet around him. The moment she left him he was empty and nothing had made the calmness in him for so long and then he found the piece of paper which has her composition, and from then he started play the song every morning or night some time hours just to make his heart a little peaceful. Today also he was following his daily routine when He felt her standing close to him. Only he knew how he had controlled himself to grab her and hug her querulously. He thought maybe she had forgotten their moment but whom he was kidding he had seen every emotion playing on her face when she recalled their moment.  It tore him to see the pain but soon she masked it with her coldness and he was forced to change his tone. Though he was dying but he has to control his feelings if he want to give her everything she lost in these yrs.

He looked at the picture of her, the large portrait which has her large smile and shy eyes, pink cheeks and mischievous smile, a small smile tugged his lips looking at the picture. It always gives him strength. A determination spread on his face thinking his next move, he knew it will be tough but he have to work on it. Just then his cell rang breaking his revere. The caller ID actually made him confuse and delight together. Why he will call him that too in this hour? But today is special day for him as well maybe that’s why.

Maan: Hello Karan.

Karan: R u coming to KM?

Maan: hmm. Are u there?

Karan: no, erm, umm wo actually I wanted to talk to u first.

Maan: from when u started stuttering Karan. He let out a small chuckle making him irritate further.

Karan: humor huh, well I m not in a mood. I am nervous.

Maan chuckle further: Why u r nervous, don’t tell me u r making arrangement to propose Her. There was a deep silence after it and it forced maan to sense the seriousness. His smile vanished and took a curve of tension. Don’t tell me.


Karan; well, umm. Yeah I, I was thinking that only.

Maan: you r telling me u are making arrangements to propose my sister. Are you out of your mind. How can u?

Karan: Shut the hell up, I m already nervous and Neha will kill me if I went wrong anywhere, it’s just started to take a shape in our relationship and I don’t want to lose her again.

Maan was silent for a moment, he knew it’s the only time which will help him and he want to see his baby sister happy.

Karan: u know she will not say no after this day, whatever u r doing it will help us and I m grateful to u.

Maan sighed: I owe u this karan, without Your help I couldn’t do anything.


Karan: ok, can u do me a favor for that?

Maan: anything.

Karan: Don’t tell misthy that I Helped u in anything.

Maan chuckle: Okay, but Karan…. Thanks for everything.


Karan: I m not doing this for u but for her and neha. Geet should be here long back but it took me time to realize. When I got to know the company belongs to u I was literally mad but after meeting u I know it’s time to bring back mishty in everyone’s life.

Maan: ok let cut it and come fast to KM

Karan: yeah first go with geet to meet her, she will be so happy to see her.

Maan smiles and nodded then cut the call.

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  1. Posted by mmradhu97 on May 30, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    Fabulous update


  2. Posted by ags on May 30, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    great update. Really waited desperately for the update. Thanks.


  3. Posted by chahhat4eva on May 30, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    Superb update dear….
    Loved it dear….
    Hope Maaneet sort-out everythings between them soon….
    Desperately waiting for next chapter….
    Continue soon dear😊😄🌺❤🌺


  4. Posted by life19 on May 30, 2013 at 3:20 pm

    cant see their pain dear

    though geet had rudra and her angels whom did maan have

    i dont say he is right as he himself destroyed everything but he was dead and living a life of corpse and now..

    geet being near to him he cant love her hug her .. i wonder where this will go..


  5. Posted by angelickushi on May 30, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    loved the update
    so he is taking her to km
    waiting for next


  6. awsemmmmm updae


  7. Nice update
    So it was karan n maan plan


  8. awesome update
    Maan playing music
    Geet remembering past
    Maaneet going somewhere
    But where?
    Karan preparing to propose neha
    Waiting for next


  9. Its to good. i love this story from beggining .and its really gng great. keep it up . update soon.


  10. Awesome he is fighting with his guilt and trying to bring happiness again hope he succeeded soon both in deep pain awesome dear


  11. Posted by neha74 on May 30, 2013 at 6:22 pm

    amazing update…maan is trying to bring back his mithi and is at the same time fighting with his guilt too…i know what maan did can’t be forgotten or forgiven so easily but he has repented every single minute in past 6 yrs and that is hell of a time…geet had her friend to support her and above all her children were her pillar of strength for her but maan was all alone,like a dead body….his own family was and is against him…now he too deserves some happiness at least he needs to know about his daughters…i think geet should soon discover what maan has gone through in these yrs and forgive him and start a fresh with him…..waiting for it to happen soon and also some romantic maaneet moments as i am missing them sooooooooooooooooooooooo badly….continue sooooooon…


  12. Posted by ahsaassingh9006 on May 31, 2013 at 3:10 am

    lovely update…………….sometimes mistake are so big that mending them takes tough time but love is stronger then everything and m sure it will sort everything in maaneets life. I am dying to know how will maan react when he will get to know about his angels…………babaji wish soon that phase also comes.


  13. superb update
    loved it
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    plz bring dem together again
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  14. Posted by mishty2 on May 31, 2013 at 3:42 am

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  15. awesome dear
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  16. wow what an emotional and lovely update ,maan playing the tune and melting geet heart with so much pain and hatered but also deep love between them , , still passion and intensity lies in thier heart for one another . poor maan repenting on his sins feeling guilty , to make geet so numb and cold … he will bring back the loving and chirpy geet back.
    thats so amazing !! karan helped maan wow , dont know wht going to happen when geet comes to know the truth . has karan told maan about the angels ?
    karan proposing neha finally


  17. Posted by sumny on May 31, 2013 at 11:18 am

    tich it was amazing. geet has suffered a lot thats why she is taking lots of time to express her self. maan is doing his best for monofying her mishi. it’s a shocking new that karan helped maan. hopefully maneet ke beech sab thik ho jaye. very exited for next.


  18. Nice one,howmuch pain maan is bearing hope geet wil forgive maan fast.waiting for nxt part


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  21. Part 70 —

    So sorry for commenting late as i was not able to come online due to some reason in personal life

    Superb update

    nice start

    Maan used to play the piano which Maaneet had composed in the past to gift it to Rudra

    the music still bring past happy memories in front of Maaneet

    Maan ordering Geet to get ready as they hv to go out

    Maan helping out Karan…

    Karan informing Maan tht he is going to propose Neha

    Karan helped Maan by not informing Rudra abt the owner of the music company n thereby Geet had to come back to India


  22. Finaly read from part 68 skipd past updates they sound to b ful of pain. .
    cmntd on i.f but i thnk u didnt chck nt evn the pic 😦 sob sob. . .
    I.F has made me dumb cudnt cmnt there,
    so me here
    frm the day i startd ff readng aftr jalpari it waz u whose ff’s i folowed n all were my favrts but LFU waz,is n evr wil b vry close to my heart. .
    Sory due to change of place i cudnt cntinue readng but LFU is my adiction i cant leave it ,
    i read updates aftr ages delibrately bcuz u alwaz left us on clif hanger n waitng for so long for an update would hav kiled me wth curiosity. . .
    I swear if i wod hav got super like option r power to take likes of ths ff to 1000 i wd hav did all by myself . . .
    Ahh enough of Bashan,
    way ths ff begnd wth Maaneets college life, wth bit of mithi aka mishti’,rudra n Msk’s childhood, how they falld for each other , how geet souly surendred herself to maan ,their budding love n the other gangs frnshp. . .
    Than their seperation, n now their cnfrontation ,
    how maan ploted to bring back geet
    everythng relatd to ths ff mesmerize me n i wont refrain my self sayng that the way u potray n pendown ur thoughts
    evrythng leave me speachless,
    . .
    Marvelous,poetic,creative piece of work. . .
    Keep up the gud work n thank ya for gvng us such a spectacular ff. .


    • Aweee thank sheenu, thanks a lot. these words means a lot, and i m glad u read them again. yeah i know life is hectic same here yaar. and i m trying to complete all work, but LFU will be always one of my fav and hardest ff to be pen down. u won’t blv when i started LFU i was thinking from this point, the entire story came to my mind reversed but i showed it like this. hehehhe glad ppl liked it.


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