Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 9



Part 9



Few day later Handas and Khuranas were getting ready to go for the picnic together that they had planned long ago just to let the young generation know each other specially Geet and Yash. On the other hand Maan wasn’t aware of the program made by his family. So when he came down the stairs only to find everyone busy in themselves to prepare everything to leave, He was a little confuse to see everyone running here and there. He tried to ignore it but couldn’t. His heart felt flatter, are they going from here? Did they break the alliance? Though a tint of happiness woke up but again thinking about leaving geet doesn’t feel so great. Finally he stopped Nikhil but before he can ask anything they heard a honk.


‘Lagta hain wo log agaye.’ Dadima said panicking a little. Aman tried to make her relax and inform they are all set to leave, just then geet and brij walked inside. She was smiling ear to ear. Seeing geet in that tight fitted sky blue Sleeveless Churidar maan was a lost case. His eyes lingered on her smiling face, her hair was hanging up in a pony and no amount of makeup was there, her natural pink lips and cheeks and those kohl merge eyes were replica of rainbow that glistering like beautiful scenario after the rain only to lightening his life its seems. Maan comes out his lala land when a hand grasps his elbow, turning to see he found Roshni looking at him.


‘Maan u didn’t changed yet, we are leaving in less than 10 min’


Maan instantly tried to jerk her hand, while roshni showed her seductive pose holding his hand close to her chest rubbing it slightly. He felt disgusted still didn’t say anything as he didn’t wanted to make a scene. But then his brain played and he looked at geet who was looking at their adjoining hand. Some flash came on her face but she looked away when yash came to stand beside her. Maan found it amusing; she was looking them from the corner of her eyes. A small smile tugged the corner of his mouth but he didn’t say anything and neither heard anything from his family.


‘C’mon maan get ready fast, see Handas are already here so that mean u have less time. I m so excited about this picnic just hope they doesn’t choose any tacky place atleast u know anyway their taste is so down market.’


Geet greeted her teeth seeing roshni so close maan and almost rubbing herself on him, but she couldn’t understand is the rage for calling their means handa’s selected choice down market or the fact that she is holding him so close. She glared Maan which was more amusing to him but then something snapped at him. He looked at his family.


A cruel smile came on his lips while his family looked at him with confusion and fear. But then his smile only remained pain for them.


‘I guess I m not invited in the FAMILY picnic, because I didn’t get the invitation.’ A humorless laugh left his throat ‘So u were busy preparing to leave me for ur picnic, ouch am I so unkind and frightening that u all were planning to leave alone without me huh. Amazing family I got.’ He murmured the last line more to him. He shoved away roshni’s hand ‘Anyway carry on.’ He turned his eyes on Geet who was hell confuse but his angry eyes didn’t left her, more than his family he is hurt because she didn’t even told him about it. Leave asking she didn’t even inform they all are planning for picnic. It’s true that he never liked this family get together and picnic n all but was he so left part that no one even think to ask him for once.


Maan was leaving when dadima came in front of him ‘Maan hamari baat sun lijiye.’


‘u don’t need to give explanation dadima, I m not interested either and what can change in years. I was never for this kind of events so it’s not your fault. I need to work on my project so you can carry on with your plan without grudge which I doubt u have.’ He laughed making his grandmother flinch a little. His father tried to talk to him but he didn’t even looked at him but as he was passing his mother held his hand.


‘Maan we thought u don’t like picnic so,’


‘so u didn’t even care to say anything, wow MOM so kind of u to leave me in my privacy.’


‘Maan u never went with us for any event or any family get together neither any picnic we had.’ This time his father invented holding his wife only to draw a smirk from his son.


‘Did u ever stayed beside me when I had any exam of my life dad? NO, because u were too busy in your functions and parties. U can shift any function for Yash’s inter level competition but not my state level match. Leave it I don’t need ur sympathy anymore.’


Just then aniee came in the house; no happiness was on her face. Her eyes went to geet who was standing enough confuse and fearful seeing the family quarrel and brij holding geet quite irritated. Her eyes met brij who tried to hide his uneasiness. She took a deep breath coming beside Maan.


‘I m also not going, so u guys carry on and I will give company to my brother.’


‘Aniee’ anisha said in disbelief.


‘mom anyway I also get to know this today and I m not going without maan bhai whom u forgot to tell about it.’ Aniee said in purely disgust.


Just then yash intervene ‘I thought we don’t give invitation to family but guess I was so wrong, so now we have to send invitation to ask the son of this family to come for a picnic? Maan u were never there in any discussion and suddenly u r saying no one said anything to u.’


Geet looked at yash in confusion, she didn’t liked the way he was talking to maan, she is hell confuse with this family and specially the way everyone behaves with maan, she seems like always find a loophole in everyone’s behavior for maan but never saw the curt reply maan gave them, yeah sometime she felt angry for that but hearing the word from his mouth somewhere some pain stirs inside her always. Why? She is oblivious about that.


Brij coughed to get attention from everyone ‘I, I don’t think we should o for picnic in this circumstances. I mean.’


Aniee walked towards geet and looked towards brij ‘ohh so now another problem with another person. I guess he doesn’t like our family problem. But Brij I must tell u the family u r marrying off geet is quite pathetic in family discussion and u know this is something u will see often so beware before marrying an innocent soul like geet because I can see she isn’t ready for all this and neither she can take all this.’ She caresses geet’s face ‘I don’t want any other person getting mature fast than her age, losing her innocence.’


Brij can see the sadness on her face, her heart arched for her brother who stood there emotionless, for a weird reason he felt pathetic for this little girl who is only 19 yrs but talks more than her age.


Yash sighed ‘I m sorry brij for all this.’ Maan snarl and then left the place.





Everyone was num in their own thought, Brij saw Aniee looking dull, she took few step and stepped out form the place, for an unknown reason he felt like running to her, it’s the same innocence geet has which makes his heart quiver but he knew it’s not brotherly love at all. First time when he met her he felt her snobbish pampered spoil brat but now he know it’s not like that. He looked at geet who was standing close to yash and feeling some relief he went towards aniee without making anyone notice it.


Anisha broke down on her knees seeing her son drifting away from her, Aman tried to hold her but somewhere the thread is breaking.


‘it’s all my fault, I m not a good mother.’


Aman held her shoulder ‘If anyone should be to blame that’s only me. I should have understand him, understand his problem, but whenever I tried, I only failed.’ A drop of tear went out from his eyes but Yash hugged him and anisha who silently wiped holding him.


Geet couldn’t register anything but her eyes only roamed at maan’s direction. She saw everyone is busy in themselves so she silently slipped out from there.  




Geet never went Maan’s room much of times, just once in holi that too in haste so it was hard for her to find his room from so many rooms. She might have looked in every room just to see his one glimpse but far now she couldn’t see him.


‘kitna badha ghar hain aur wo kahi nahi, hey babaji, mujhe lagta hain main kho gayi hu, abb bahar kaise jayu, yaha to jaha murti hu koi karma nazar ajata hain.’ She sighed and turn to leave just then a room caught her eyes, the white curtain caught her eyes and involuntary she drawn towards it.


She popped her head between the doors to get a brief look of the room but it was partially dark so she couldn’t see much in the room. Darkness in the daylight weird combo and this is what attracted her to have a closer look. She tried to peep in the room silently but as soon as she entered something hit her leg making her bite her tongue.


‘kya karti hain geet tu, jaha jaati ya to kuch na kuch girati hain ye fir khud girti hain.’ Fumbling her step she somehow manage to hold the table which bumped her a few min ago. Correction she bumped it. She tried to look at the room closely but not much was visible just a bed and a cupboard was visible but not their color or shape. She sighed looking at the dark fantasy because it was drawing her closer. And in a fantasy she walked towards the thick curtain like she possesses every corner of the room, like she knew this room. Before she can expose the daylight in the room through the curtain a hard pair of hand clutched her arm spinning her towards something hard and she bumped it with force. Her eyes widen feeling something.



Her hand touched the curtain reveals the sunlight to the room and then the source which forced her to come close to the hardy thing. She tried to scream in the haste but something came on her mouth and her back slammed on the glass wall, she shivered feeling the cold wall beneath her back and something hot pressing her front. Her scream died in her throat as the slight light revealed the pair of eyes which always search her in the midst of darkness or brightness. Her heart swelled feeling the rage in the grip which was on her waist. She blink her eye lashes innocently, maybe to have a closer look of the angry eyes or rough features which always attracts her to the core and leave a sensation behind.



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  1. Posted by ags on June 4, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    great update.


  2. love it geet can’t see maan in pain and can’t leave him alone either and maan wants to get a reaction from her


  3. very nice update


  4. Posted by impoojaverma on June 4, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    maan aloofness shows how much his family ignore him. its their behavior which makes him to be like this

    awesome update


  5. Posted by spicyartist10 on June 4, 2013 at 6:03 pm

    nice 1


  6. Posted by mmradhu97 on June 4, 2013 at 6:20 pm



  7. Posted by neha74 on June 4, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    Great one dear…eagerly waiting for some maaneet moments in next part….update soooooooooon….


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  9. Posted by chahhat4eva on June 5, 2013 at 12:18 am

    Superb dear❤🌺❤


  10. awsem update


  11. superb update
    loved it
    geet searching for maan
    continue soon


  12. tich it was great part. maan was unaware of picnic plan. geet felt very bad when every one talking very rudely with maan. geet’s family was so confuse. waiting for next


  13. Posted by khwaishfan on June 5, 2013 at 6:15 am

    fab update! Annie is so mature! Maan nt aware of picnic n angry! Geet feelin bad 4 Maan n is worried abt him. Superbly written


  14. Its really good . i love it. please post soon next one.


  15. Posted by angelickushi on June 5, 2013 at 8:19 am

    loved it
    poor anniee


  16. yyyyyyaaaaaaaayyyyyy…….!!!!!!
    finally an update on my favourite fiction…..!!!!!!!!
    geet actually seems like a ray of. light in maan s life……..!!!!!…..very very very very nice update…..
    more Dan dat the next update keeps me waiting very badly…want to know Wat will geet tell maan. ….!!!!!!!!!
    plz plz plz plz plz plz update soon….:-):-):-):-):-)


  17. Smtimes dis is bcoming my favrt story.i don’t kno y bt whatever maan wil do i wil b always his side for us all other world wil be wrong bt never ever b maan. waiting for nxt part


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  21. Part 9 —

    So sorry for commenting late as i was not able to come online due to some reason in personal life

    coming to update

    nice update

    Geet was jealous seeing Roshni clinging to Maan n was giving glare to Maan

    no one informed Maan from the family about the picnic just assume everything Unhappy

    Maan feel that Geet too had deliberately not inform him of the upcoming picnic

    Geet is feeling the pain of Maan n wanted to sooth him with her words n searching for his room in the mansion

    Geet in Maan room….


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