Devil’s Darkes Possession Part 32


Part 32




Geet greeted her teeth as soon as she saw that girl cringing to maan, but then next sec she flew away from his arm. Maan pushed her so hard that she fell on the ground making herself a joke. Now it was confusing geet more n more. She saw those women giggling and some giving disgusting look to the girl.


‘she is Shefali, a rich businessman’s daughter and think MSK can be her new destination.’


Geet turn to see a well built man nearly 6.1” height, quite charming smile with specks on standing beside her. He gave her a sweet smile.


‘hi I m dev.’


‘hii, I m’


‘geet, Msk’s Fiancé’


‘well right, I guess everybody knows till now’


‘yeah. Umm I think u don’t know about that girl.’


Geet looked away giving a nervous smile and then nodded with smile ‘yes, I, I really don’t know her.’


‘well not to fear, she is another case of high obsession with herself mania.’ Geet couldn’t help but giggle hearing him saying so weird name. ‘actually in one of the party she and maan met and I m sure u know how is he emm Casanova.’ He pauses to get her reaction but she tried to conceal any emotion so he carried his words ‘Umm then after a night as usual MSK left her and she took a challenge to win him well which was futile. MSK kicked out the girl he had for one time, everyone knows that but this chick, she was hell bent on making him realize she is better than anyone and then started spreading rumor about her and maan, but it spread much her father who was associated with MSK got hold of her and send her to Scotland and today only she came hearing Maan is gonna come here. Such a psycho girl she is.’


Geet tried to show her calm face, just to apply she doesn’t care but deep inside something knotted in her stomach. She knew he isn’t a pure soul but screwed every single girl probably in the world and she is prepared for the nonchalant behavior about that but deep in her heart a small amount of her felt the urge to slap that girl right away. She took a deep breath before turning to face dev again. He showed a cool sweet smile plastering on his face. Something about him knocked her, how did he know so many thing about maan, but she pushed it aside knowing MSK is popular and everyone knows about it much more, she mentally made a note to check about maan on internet which will be much more juicy and spicy. She coughed to clear her burning throat. Dev swiftly took a glass of cold drink and offered her before she can refuse he shoved it on her hand saying its cold drink only and she can taste a sip to confirm it. His sweet gesture and charming smile can capture anyone’s attention and so did to geet. when longer maan didn’t showed up she felt relaxed in his company. She is not a bitch to felt attraction in every man but surely she can enjoy a good company in this high profile boring party. She will make a fool standing here alone and something about dev told her he is a frndly guy not like other hitting bastard. He was just making her comfortable by friendly talks about their society and various thing.


‘Do u mind a dance Pretty Lady. It will be embarrassing if I can’t have a pleasure to dance with a gorgeous lady like u at least for few min.’ Dev said with a wide grin making geet giggle a little. She gracefully accepted it but deep down she was nervous. Dev sensed that and held her hand firmly ‘I promise I won’t trip u or stump on your delicate feet.’


Geet laughed at his remark ‘I thought u won’t flirt with MSK’s fiancé.’


Dev winched ‘I m not please. Definitely I don’t want to come in his bad book.’ Geet saw the seriousness on his face.


‘dev I was just kidding. He won’t say anything I m sure and beside he is nowhere to be seen, maybe busy in business talk.’


She tried to shove the little uneasy feeling not finding maan anywhere. Dev lead her to dance floor and slowly swirl her then pulls her closer to him with a good amount of space between them. He deliberately change the subject.  


‘ok tell me what r u studying geet? or u have finished ur study?’


‘no, not yet. I m in last yr of architecture’


‘That’s great, then we can work together after u finish ur degree. And if u want u can work before finishing if MSK permit of course.’ Geet stared at him in confusion and dev sensed that was written on her face. Dev sensed that ‘U doesn’t know I worked in KC, or u doesn’t have any idea who am I do u?’ He asked in a bemused tone, he was surprised by the information, he doubted she doesn’t recognized him but certainly didn’t think still now she couldn’t recollect it. Maybe Maan never told her.


‘Should I know u?’ she asked in a meek embarrassing tone. He chuckled softly but before he can say a word someone pushed geet and she was going to make a fool of herself by tripping over her saree when dev caught her waist firmly to make her steady.



‘oh god, Are u ok?’ he said in a full of concern, she tried to take deep breath to calm her shuddering heart which she felt out of embarrassment. She smiled meekly and mumbled a ‘thanks’. She felt his grip loosen almost immediately and a blazing gaze maybe hollowing her back or so she thought. She looked at dev’s fear stricken face which was burring over her shoulder and then she looked over her back only to meet a pair of fierce eyes. She almost trembled to see the fury but failed to realize why the rage is there. She saw dev retreating several feet away from her and gently disappearing in the crowd. She stood there confuse as hell but couldn’t ask anything to the burning iron standing right in front of her ready to blaze her right now.


Next few moments were fuzzy for geet. She felt tremor going on her body. She tried not to show it but his coldness did nothing but to increase her anxiety. She was confuse and a part was hell fearful seeing the cold demon back again. But some part of her heart said He will not hurt her at least. Was she wrong thinking that? It certainly feels so when he dragged her in their living room and harshly pushed her in front of him. When he dragged her between the crowd and how they land in his house only god knows as it went as blurry image. None stopped them not even bother to greet them and 4 of his body guard surrounded them when they left the party. Car ride was silent beside he was racing with air and it frightened her hell.


‘Maan’ She tried to call him meekly, but he was pacing like a lion. He rubbed his nape then went towards the small bar. Geet stood there helplessly. She tried to call him but he showed her his index finger showing to keep numb. She did that. There was no one except them but she felt she is standing in burning fire alone where no one was there to protect her but everyone was standing and seeing her blazing to ashes. She tried to keep her composer not wanted to show her weakness but failed miserably as every passing second was increasing his heartbeat. She couldn’t understand why he is reacting like that and just then He turned to see her. the gaze froze her and suddenly she remember the time when she hugged yash and what he had done to him.


She seems to forget the devil in his sweet pretending nature that the real ruthless demon still exist, his gaze was making a hollow inside her. She gulps hard refusing to show him how much she fears that devil. He was looking at her with fire in his eyes while trying to sooth the burning sensation by alcohol which did nothing but to increase it.


Maan was in the bar when that shefali cringed to him, Suddenly he felt disgusted with her, and jerks so hard that she fell on floor making a show for herself. He didn’t bother to look at him but his eyes went on Geet. it was just a conscious that she may not feel good seeing it. Why he felt so much concern he was oblivious but wanted to confirm she is ok. When his eyes fell on her smiling face something stopped in him and he looked beside her to see her chatting happily with that bastard oops Dev son of a bi***. Rage was something he couldn’t control but still waited for her to see him rather than that person. But she was busy with that dev, He saw her giggling with him but time to time looking here and there. He sat in a dark corner just to observe her and right, like every bitchy girl she started showing her color and started dancing with dev. His fury was going higher and higher just to see their closeness and geet’s smiling at him. He had never felt something like that in his life time but his whole concentration was on her. For the first time He didn’t put his eyes on that man’s movement but only observed her. She was looking happy to dance with another man. His fury level broke when she tripped and dev grabbed her in his arm. He slammed the whiskey glass and headed towards the dance floor. He couldn’t hold her there knowing any moment his anger can break so he dragged her without uttering a word and she simply came with him. But when they are alone now, he is trying his best not to blast so soon but it isn’t helping. Her innocent look was burning him more.


‘just,l-listen to me.’ She said in low voice but it was enough o break his fury and he slammed the glass on the ground then a whole counter full of alcohol bottle came crashing down on the floor.


And he thundered ‘I TOLD U HUNDRED TIME U R MINE GEET,,, how can u dance with another guy ha bolo???’ He shouted making her jump back and falling on the shatter glass pieces… But he was there of course. Only he has the right to hurt her not any pieces of glass.


She flinched back seeing the violence but before she can take a step back on the glass he grabbed her waist squeezing harshly with enough intention to hurt her.


‘How did that bastard’s touch on geet? did u enjoyed? Or do u want some more?’ He hissed against her face dangerously. Geet looked at him feeling disgusted. She tried to wriggle in his arm but.


‘u r taking it all wrong, how can u think like,,’ She couldn’t complete her word when he again hissed in a ice cold low voice.


‘Don’t I satisfy You Geet that u want to seek another man’s warmth?’


She froze in her place to hear his disgusting words. She looked at him with anger and hurt. She never though he can humiliate her like this. Whatever he had done till now she had taken everything but today he had gone too far. The one thing she hated in her life is Betrayal with her for other woman and accusation of betraying him for other man. Whatever she did and wants to do was never so sham that she is feeling right now. When she said she will be loyal to him that mean she will be loyal to him physically and emotionally but this man doesn’t deserve that. Yes she want to destroy his dream but not like this. She can never fell so low to go with another man just to hurt him or ever want to betray him like that. But she forgot she is dealing with MSK who has the power to hurt her any time he want but will never take a bull shit on him.


‘I can’t believe u can say that Maan. How in the world I had believed u and gave my everything and still’


‘Didn’t u like his company geet? I thought u enjoyed really well’


‘maan u r not making sense here, let me explain it first’ Geet said feeling frustrated but he was having his scornful smirk again’

‘so Miss Geet Handa enjoyed that bast*** touches over u or u wanted some more. I m amazed after that appearances in his arms u still have anything to say to me? Tell me geet from how many days u r playing this behind my back huh? Sleeping with me was just a façade to hide your ugly motive right? Did u 2 slept behind my absence any time?’

She raises her hand to slap him but he was fast to hold the hand…

‘don’t u dare, sochne se pehle tumhari Dhadkan nikal dunga, meri hi galti thi…Girls are bitches and I forgot that in ur beautiful face, I forgot u r also a girl who are for pleasure only, body pleasure.’


Without knowing her eyes shredded those tears she tried to hold back, agony of trusting this man with her body and hearing his distraught words was enough to tear her soul apart. She had loathed him once and thought he can’t go beyond hurting her that night but again he only knows to tear her apart. In everything He just want to demolish her, She agree she did slept with him with her motive but never in her wildest dream she had think to ditch him for physical pleasure from another man, she hated herself for the thought she had last day that She had started FEELING for this arrogant devil now she loath herself for that.


‘I wish u had left me that day after quenching your thirst from my body, maybe then we wouldn’t have this conversation till now.’ He stared at her bewilder. His face was like someone had punched him straight on his face. She smirks cynically yet the hurt was still there ‘but I forgot u never just wanted my body. U wanted to marry me just to take that vineyard my Grandfather left me which will be transferring to Our name after the marriage. And U can hold that firm for ur business, a larger business with a lot of profit as it is coming in middle of your other land. Right Mr Maan Singh Khurana?’


And He left her feeling the ground slipping away with her harsh words and cold look. She looked at him with a haunted smile which only says her hatred for him.


Precap: well I m kind of blank what to write next. Can anyone help me with comment that what do u want to read further?


© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.






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  1. Posted by impoojaverma on June 5, 2013 at 6:06 pm

    brilliant update
    i can’t believe he said that all to her!!!!!!!!
    geet is deeply hurt this time
    is dev a part of maan’s family???


  2. brilliant part maan speaking to much


  3. great maan should apolagise to geet for misunderstanding her and try and win her over and geet should play hard to get with him otherwise fantastic update waiting for next


  4. my net is disturbing so can’t give long comment.but loved it.


  5. Posted by spicyartist10 on June 5, 2013 at 8:10 pm

    Just grt i think next geet should teach maan a lesson so that he can understamd his mistake


  6. im so shocked!! tich ur dis devil is can go to such villainous part end line ..
    my so powerful dialogues

    ‘Don’t I satisfy You Geet that u want to seek another man’s warmth?’
    so much of possessiveness … poor geet pity her my heart wrenched seeing her in this state
    and as she poured her pain out .
    though she know his all his master plan but some way she completely submitted her self to him physically and emotionally .


  7. awsem update


  8. Omg……cool update…
    Maan and geet both needs deep understanding of their relationship….pls dont separate them..
    Eagerly waiting for next update:-):-):-)


  9. Posted by neha74 on June 6, 2013 at 9:57 am

    Wonderful update…i think maan should apologize to geet for his disgusting words and I am eagerly waiting for maan’s reaction after knowing that geet knows his motive of marrying her…..waiting for more….


  10. maan is so weird. he accused geet. she was so hurt.
    oh my god geet already knows about maan’s intentions.
    she accepted that somewhere she was feeling something for maan.
    but maan ruined every thing.
    i think maan should feel sorry for his act.


  11. Posted by mmradhu97 on June 6, 2013 at 10:44 am

    Fabulous update


  12. Posted by angelickushi on June 6, 2013 at 10:57 am

    who is this dev and did he try to make friendship with geet deliberately to make maan mad
    is that the reason maan wants to marry geet


  13. Its really good. i cant belive he can say this thing to her. plz next pt update soon. waiting desperately


  14. nice update….would like know more abt maan’s past


  15. Soory for late comment my net is very slow.
    Awsum update dear.
    Omg geet feel jealous.
    I think geel feel something for maan but
    maan ruined everything.
    Next maan should be apologize to geet.
    Pls jaldi update dena.


  16. Posted by chahhat4eva on June 6, 2013 at 11:42 pm

    Fantastic dear❤🌺


  17. what maan want to marry geet for land


  18. please hurry waiting for next great track


  19. Posted by khwaishfan on June 10, 2013 at 11:12 am

    wonderful update! Maan after Geet cos of the land? update soon 🙂


  20. Hey… Tich i got time to read ur updates just now… I went to my grandmothers house and my phone balence got nil… So I replied late.


  21. Part 32 —

    So sorry for commenting late as i was not able to come online due to some reason in personal life

    Superb update

    Geet was having a jealousy while seeing Shefali cringing to Maan but was distracted by Dev

    superb Maan pushed tht Shefali from himself with disgust in his eyes for her n was searching for Geet to know the reaction

    Maan was very much angry on seeing Geet with Dev n smiling all the time n the last was when Maan see Geet happily dancing with Dev

    Finally the secret is out y Maan wanted to marry Geet

    continue soon dear….


  22. Jealousy once again knocks on the door of Geet & Maan…hope both survive or burn together in alienation of each other. Dev, Mystery man, relative of Maan or a friend?? or something else?? Reading little further Dev is not friendly person in eye of Maan…he despised him, so enemy for now.

    Can’t believe those words came out of his mouth, but then after all he is MSK, nothing shocks me, coming out of his mouth, these words shows he is jealous & possessive person. It will be matter of time both will realize of their feelings. I think internally he started feelings for her so he hates seeing her in someone’s arms. Though his intension from the beginning were wrong but then something change towards his plans that’s why he was worried knowing if Geet knew his true intension, will she forgive him. Now she knows…

    Wow! Sherni is back with her triumph card. So at some point she glance into the file which was hidden in the cupboard what MSK was after. Slap, oh! I tight slap on Maan’s face she gave to him. Tit-for-tat….

    Some thought on the next part ….

    I think there should be some declaration of love or more feelings towards each other. Him declaring and admitting his intentions & how all changed after she said ‘yes’ to him, (sleeping with him). Though there shouldn’t be declaration of love immediately from each side right away, but there should be a hint which would make both of them realize and search their heart what they feel about each other after their separation from each other.

    Geet shouldn’t forgive him immediately but she needs to ponder upon the thought will she able to live without him as a unknown mark he had made on her heart without her realizing it. She should also find out who Dev is? Her own investigation. She has the triumph card in her hand, use it wisely. To her advantage…so far he was dominating her, now table should turn on him.

    Joining his company, working for him, would know a lot about his business…his secret triumph card, In a way she would be useful to him, without him realizing it. She would be well wisher for him. Being & working in close vicinity of him she would learn why is he the way he is…DEVIL…why he despise his own family member, secret about his life.

    Let him beg a little in front of her & let her enjoy his torment…

    I hope you like the suggestions…something for you to ponder upon. Thanks a lot for this wonderful story. When I get chance will read others too…sorry due to work, not having enough time these days…wlll soon.


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