Love For You part 71

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Part 71

After ending the call Karan drifted back to the day he came to know someone is trying to make geet come to India. Instantly his all guts were telling him its MSK, but he didn’t have any proves. He tried to track the company but MD’s name was confidential which make his doubt more strong and then he started keeping track of maan, and lastly he put a small microchip in his mobile to track his conversation and came to know it’s his company only. He wanted to tell it to rudra but something in him stopped him. And he they ought to meet maan. It would be the first time maan received a call from Karan and then they met up.
It was near the farmhouse, a deserted place where Karan was waiting for maan and he came exactly on the time, Maan was confuse why he called him here but somewhere he got the signal that karan may get to know the truth or the hint that he want geet here in india. His thoughts couldn’t precede much when Karan came face to face and the direct question landed on him.
Karan: why do u want her here maan?
Maan: what r u talking about? He said flatly. It only shows some blankness no emotion at all.
Karan instantly held his collar jerking him: Don’t play with me maan, it won’t be good this time? why the hell u made the New Dreams Music Company? Why u made Aditya Kashyap the CEO, why the man who was a person in finance department of KC. Why u r doing this?
Maan looked straight in his eyes, not bother to free his collar, just stared at his eyes which somewhere frightened karan because he can’t hide the emotion like an expert MSK.
Maa: I thought u know why.
Karan left his collar instantly and gave his back to him: Why? Why now? After so many years, His voice was mere whisper and he couldn’t manage to look at his eyes fearing he will snatch the ground from him. He can’t see his mishty hurting herself again but he can’t hurt this man also, his eyes possess some kind of pain which every time make karan numb.
Maan walked a little ahead: I had waited a lot karan and I didn’t know where was she, how was she. This time when I saw her video clip I just couldn’t stop myself karan. I can’t live without her anymore.
Karan laughed humorless: u think u can’t live without her now, c’mon maan its more than 6 yrs and u r realizing it now? Why don’t say, u can’t see her with rudra. U can’t see her happiness, u want to break her again, wait lemme guess u want her here to kill her finally, right?
He accused him looking at him straightly but maan didn’t refuse to look away from him. His eyes was determined, karan had seen the pain his words because of him but maan didn’t took a step behind neither tried justified his action.
Maan smiles a little but it doesn’t have happiness anymore: I had already killed her karan, how can I kill her more. U sees her with rudra, but can u say she is alive?
Karan looked away from him, yes he is right he had seen geet’s face in rudra’s concert or sometime when rudra had gave some clip of her without saying it to geet and all he had seen a dead pair of eyes and stone expression. He can’t see his mishty anymore.
Maan placed his hand on his shoulder: I don’t want her in my life; I want u all in her life, happiness in her life Karana. I know I have no place in her life but I can make some place for happiness in for her and for that if I need to make my life a hell I m ready for it but,, I need ur help karan. I need her here. Will u help me? Will u help ur misthy?
Karan sat on the ground sliding from his car, he dipped his face in his hand: Why now? Why after so many year, why didn’t u thought it few more years before maybe then, maybe,,,
Maan: she would have never accepted me then also karan. Yes I was afraid to meet her. but when I saw her just few month ago in a video clip I realized what great mistake I had done to wait to gather the courage. I can’t do that more and it’s late but not much I think.
He said in a defeated tone which forced karan looked at him but only pain and longing he can see there. He knew this man had does every wrong thing in their life still his heart arched for him maybe because now he knew how it feels to be away from his love. After spending so many years away from neha he knew how it felt and he want to help maan to bring back the happiness.
Karan had to inform about rudra’s all clients and other producer, companies and maan came to know about many ppl. Then he worked on his power and made sure no one sign rudra for few days which will make him free and the cop can come to arrest him, not that they would surely put him behind bar of course karan had made sure about that but to bring geet it was enough with the fear knowing how much she love rudra, her alone pillar.
But in all this Karan never said a word about kids to maan, he has his own reason. One he had promised geet about the kids and second he wanted maan to know from geet not from him or rudra, because it will change everything and maan need to be calm to make his own plan, if he disclose about kids now who know what maan will do.  So he chooses better choice not to say this to him at all. Somewhere he knew Geet would never come with kids and he wanted geet to believe and love maan before telling about kids. Yes he had accepted maan and had seen his repentance in these years which can melt any stone. But he couldn’t gather the courage to say all this to Rudra. Knowing how furious will be rudra knowing he still took chances and helpless maan.
Geet’s heart was throbbing so violently, every passing sec was making her nervous. She hates her situation more and more. She again glanced over him but he didn’t gave a look to her, the entire journey was in silent not that she complain but whatever he is doing she does have objection, she isn’t ready to face it yet.
Geet: Why did bring me here Mr Khurana.
Maan halt the car in front of KM and turn to look at her: 1st stop calling me Mr Khurana. And start with Maan. 2nd I need a file which arjun has with him and 3rd today is a special day. Maybe u had forgotten geet but I can’t.
She looked at him dumbfounded, from where he got so much enthusiasm to smile so genuinely and said so many things in one breath. She ignores 1st 2 lines but last line caught her attention. What is the special about today?
Geet: u could have leaved me on my own; I can wait for u in office.
Maan looked at her eyes briefly: ek baar chodh ke dekh liya geet, aur ek baar seh nahi paunga.
She looked away, from him; she couldn’t tolerate his words now days. Funny, till now whenever she thought what she will do when she will meet him again, this normal thing never came to her vision. She always thought either he will force her to give his children or accuse her with their identity. But maybe as she didn’t said about them till now is the difference.
Her thoughts came to halt when she heard a sweet cute baby voice. Her soul shivered seeing maan smiling and taking the small kid in the air, the kid giggle and maan tickled him more to make him laugh. A small corner of her stung seeing it. God know how many times she had imagined him taking their angel in his muscular shoulder and their laughing with him, playing with him. No matter how much she hate him as a lover but he is the father of her children and no mother can hate the person who gave her two beautiful gems to cherish. Seeing him so happy made her realize the aloneness in her and her children’s life. Maybe tamanna and mannat also crave for their father, maybe he also…..
She closed her eyes remembering his words, the way he called them so many profanes, no he doesn’t care it was her only, it will be her child for him, not his. He never accepted them as his. And what is the guarantee he will love them after knowing they are alive, what if he ask proof of their identity. She can’t push her heart and soul on the same path again. She heard the little boy saying something.
Rohan: badhe papa, u r late. Maine papa aur buya ko wish kal(kar) diya,(I had wished papa and aunty) 
Maan: accha? U already did it? Rohan shook his head with cute smile. Ok koi baat nahi, I will wish them later, but tell me, don’t u have school to go today?
Rohan shook his head: no scoool(school) today.
Maan: rohan.
Rohan: pleazzeee badhe papa.
Maan chuckle seeing the cute puppy face, rohan kissed his cheek for a little more butter and finally maan laughed loudly.
Geet skipped several beat as she calculates the days: today is neha and arjun’s birthday. And this boy must be arjun’s son. Mean arohi and arjun’s little rohan. Her eyes were misty seeing the cute chubby boy jumping on maan’s arm. Just then someone came from back and snatched the boy. Her eyes widen to see the saree clad feminine figure fuming in anger.
Arohi: Rohan, kitni baar mana kiya hain idhar udhar akaele jaane se.
Rohan: mumma badhe papa
Arohi: I m not interested seeing him rohan, and u have your school na, so get going now.
Rohan: but mumma
Arohi shouted on him: Rohannn.
Maan: if u r angry arohi then took out ur frustration on me, wo bechara baccha hain, uspe kyun
Arohi: aap baccho ke bare kuch na bole to hi accha hoga Maan veer ji. Jo insan apne khud ke bacche ko maar sakta hain wo mere bacche se dur rahe to hi accha hain.
Maan: arohi,
Arohi: sach bohot karwa lagta hain na? mujhe bhi lagta hain, kher aaj apko rokungi nahi, arjun andar hain, lekin pls stay away from my child. I don’t want him to be hurt running around u like her.
Maan: rohan is ur son, u have right on him arohi but I him uncle, i too love him.
Arohi looked at him numbly: I wish u could have love and trust ur own geet and ur child. Maybe then. Maan noticed the misty layer in her eyes but then she shrugged it. Jo insan apne bacche ko nahi pyar kar saka wo mere bacche ko kya pyar karega.
No matter how many time he hear it but every time it felt like piercing his heart. He admit he did a sin and no one has the right to say apart from geet but still always arohi made him realize how big was his sin. He maybe forces the world to fear him but he can never face the friend from whom he had snatched the only frnd who was her soul sister. Arohi hates him and will hate him always because he had snatched her only one frnd whom she loved more than her life and that is Geet, maybe today she can forgive him, maybe just maybe this can bring the old arohi who only knew to love and protect her love ones, maybe then she will start living her life as a happy soul which she had forgotten long before.
He looked back to see his car only to came face to face with a blank face of geet. she tried not to look hurt but she is and that shows on her face. He felt like laughing on his fate, the only person whose hatred he want is feeling the hurt for him, she can’t hide the pain from him anymore.
Maybe now every soul who is rotting in hell of pain now can resist the hurt, can heal those scare.
© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.

24 responses to this post.

  1. Love it amazing feel pain from heart …fantastic update thank you dear


  2. Posted by life19 on June 5, 2013 at 6:01 pm

    itna chotu update.. not fair i seriously wait for this update aur yeh ek minute mein khatam

    anyways… it hurts seeing tat he is bearing so much.. he fakes smiles but his heart and soul is dead.. he is being cursed for his big mistake but did not he live like a garbage.. why cant they just make him a bit smile if they cant love him.. but its hard for them

    he does not even know if his own blood is alive and wat if geet never tells him..

    sometimes i fear tat this pain will kill him one day and geet will loose everything once again


  3. nice update but update is small


  4. Posted by ags on June 5, 2013 at 6:26 pm

    great update. Thanks for the lovely update.


  5. superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb


  6. saddy update tha but I love it I hope maan geet n angels jaldi mil jaey aur sb happy happy hojaey 🙂


  7. much pain now will he bear..he is lonely n also don’t have anyone who loves him now..
    hey plzz bring some happiness in the story can’t see this broken lifeless n hurt Maan..
    want to see some happiness in his life too..
    karna helping him..a good sign..
    continue soon..Bt wid a greater update..its so small


  8. Posted by mmradhu97 on June 5, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    Awesome update…
    Its painful to see them like this…
    Both are suffering so much…
    Arohis words huts…
    Hope geet could realize his sufferings of all these years…
    Hope Maan ll win his Mithi back…
    Continue soon…
    Eagerly waiting for the next part…


  9. very painful update yet very beautifully written . karan dint tell him about their kids though told him about her and even helped him thanks alot karan very much hurt and pain when are all the sadness going to disappear from their lives
    dard yahan bhi hai
    dard wahan bhi hai
    ab aur dard saha nahi jata
    is dard ko hi mitta do beech mein se




  11. Posted by ahsaassingh9006 on June 6, 2013 at 7:53 am

    ohhhhhh god aur kitna dard sahne likha hai maan aur geet ki kismat mein. maan ne jo kiya vo bohout galat tha par ye bhi sach hai ki halat ne usse aise mod pe la ke khada kar diya tha jaha sab kuch geet ko galat sabit kar rahe thhey aur maan ka dil aur dimag unn jhote sabooton ko sach samjh baitha, vo kadvi baatein jo maan ne geet se kahi, apne hone wale bachon ke liye kahi vo uske tutte dil se nikli thi…………..par aaj jo sab usse itni chot de rahe hain kya vo ye nahi dekh paye ki jitna dard ussne geet ko diya usse bhi zyada ussne in 6 saalon mein khud saha hai aur abhi tak sah raha hai……………………….akelepan ka zehar, apno ki nafrat, sab kuch sah raha hai. Maan tho ye tak nahi janta ki issi duniya ke dusre kone mein uski do angels bhi rahti hai aur pata nahi geet usse kabhi ye baat khud batayegi bhi ki nahi…………………hey babaji……….ab sab kuch aap par hai, maan aur geet ek dusre ke bina adhure hai, angels ko apne ma-papa dono ki zaroorat hai………..please ab tho aap inn par apni mehar kar do.


  12. Posted by neha74 on June 6, 2013 at 9:23 am

    Nice update….hope geet will soon see for herself how much maan has suffered and is still suffering, geet had her friend and kids with her but maan had no one,not his family,not his friends and he doesn’t even know that he has two daughters…very painful….when will their pain go and maaneet will reunite….waiting for more….


  13. it was great part tich. i am feeling very very bad for maan. i think arohi is showing over rudeness. geet also felt pain. i liked the conversation of maan and armaan. finally one person is giving his support to maan. maan is not aware about his children. i hope maan gain geet’s trust again. waiting for next dear.


  14. Really its awesome update. plzz post soon. feeling really hurt and pain for maan. very heart touching update.


  15. nice update….do continue soon


  16. Very emotional update.
    Both are so much in pain
    bbut loved it botom of my heart
    thank u so much tichu.
    I hope maaneet jaldi mil jaye.
    Wating for next.


  17. Posted by rdhanya83 on June 6, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    nice update.please update soon. very emotional part.


  18. Posted by chahhat4eva on June 6, 2013 at 11:43 pm

    Simple Awesome dear….❤🌺❤


  19. emotional hai arohi is rude


  20. awesome part
    loved it
    feeling sad for maan 😦
    plz make maaneet together soon
    continue soon


  21. Posted by khwaishfan on June 10, 2013 at 11:13 am

    lovely emotional update! Both sad n in pain! update soon 🙂 well written


  22. THANKS FOR GIVING ACCESS TO ME…n i ll definitely give feedback for every update..


  23. lovely aww feeling so sad for maaneet they are so close yet so far


  24. Part 71 —

    So sorry for commenting late as i was not able to come online due to some reason in personal life

    nice update

    Karan too want Geet happiness and so helping out Maan

    Geet was nervous when they were approaching KM as she was not ready to face anyone at tht moment

    Geet is having tears of happiness as well as pain by seeing Maan so happy with Rohan

    Geet feel hurts n pain seeing Arohi behavior toward Maan

    Maan was hurt n it pain him to hear it again n again from their closed ones

    continue soon…


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