Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 10

love TIKS 2

Part 10




Her eyes widen to see Maan so close to her, his hard body was pressing almost too close to her breast and it was giving a tingling sensation to her stomach. The light came to the room. He removed his hand from her mouth after confirming she will not scream at least.


‘aap?’ Her hoarse voice didn’t help him either; his body pressed her more firmly while he towed his face closer to her making her breath hitch. Her eyes were drooping like he is a drug and coming closer means she will lose her sense for him.


‘I should ask question as u r in my room geet? What r u doing here?’ he whispered in her neck close to her ear lobe. His breath touched her ear and neck making her quiver a little.


‘wo, main, ye aap, mujhe, mera matlab hain.’ She closed her eyes feeling nervous. He chuckle softly before taking her lobe in his mouth slightly nipping between his teeth.


‘Couldn’t u complete one sentence without stammering?’ He smiles hiding his face in her neck and involuntary her hand went on his shoulder to stand steady. ‘tum yaha mere liye aayi thi? Mujhe dhundte huye? Kyun?’


Now she fell trapped, she tried to think some reason but his proximity isn’t helping. She doesn’t know how to say him his anger and pain affects her so much. Her dupatta (scarf) slides down showing the milky white skin of her neck. Maan’s mouth became dry as he looked at her eyes to her lips then her bare bosom. She shivered feeling his gaze on her, she tried to hide herself but he was pinning her hand above her head now and half body on her, he slowly dipped his face in her neck sliding his nose on her smooth skin drawing her to the edge of insanity. He held her both wrists in one hand and other started tracing a line across her arms to her neck.


‘maan’ her lips couldn’t suppress the moan, he placed his hungry mouth on the side of her neck with a wet hot kiss with a groan.


‘Tell me u came for me geet.’


‘umm’ all she manage to sound like. He groaned in her neck furiously and kissed her neck with his wet lips and tongue. She tried to hold her breath but he was creating a fire work. He squeezed her waist then bite her collarbone a bit harshly with her each breath increasing his pulse. But it was enough to jerk her from the sensuous surroundings. She opened her eyes to see the place. Her hazy gaze stopped on the door. Panic started crawling in her finding their position reflecting on large mirror opposite the wall. She tried to make a little gap weakly but he was lost in her scent.


‘Maan, k-koi ag-agaya to, pl-please.’ Her panic stuck voice hit him he made an inch gap between them just to see her eyes but it was full of panic, full of concern for her status maybe, he thought bitterly. Maybe she is thinking what their family will think if they find them together or what will Yash think. A cruel smile came on his lips.


‘let them come.’ He said flatly making her eyes widen.


‘aise kaise. What will they think seeing us? What if?’


She couldn’t complete her sentence with the fear if anyone see them like this they will accuse him for all this, no one will understand their feeling, well she herself is confuse with all this. With his closeness which felt sinfully beautiful. Her stomach crunch and a red hue came on her cheeks but maan thought it as embarrassment to be seen with him. He left her instantly and the chill air touched her making her shiver. She looked at him with blank eyes.


‘so u r afraid what will ppl think about this huh? U r afraid of your status and what will that yash think about u right’


‘nahi maan, it’s not like that. Aap’


‘geet, I thought at least u will care for ME only but no, I guess I was so wrong. Actually I m wrong to think u care, if u had ever cared u could have said about that picnic which u all organized without telling me for once.’


She looked confuse, hell confuse. Her head was shaking in denial but lips were shivering.


‘aap galat samjh rahe hain, dadima ne to,’


‘don’t u dare to give me false excuse geet, if u don’t care for me a little bit then why u came here to search me huh? Bolo? Ya fir ye bhi sirf mujhe dikhane ke liye? Taake yash k sath main bhi tumhare khoobsurat chehre me sab kuch bhula du, maybe u want to play with both of us.’


His jealousy seeing her with yash so close, yash holding her hand and she smiling at him flashed in front of him, his rage was taking a new toll and he turn his back to her refusing to acknowledge the pain which her eyes posses. She tried to say something but nothing came to her mouth, she care for him. A lot than anyone can think, she can ever think and that’s why she came here just to see he is ok but never expected him to say all that.  Her sob came as a prick in his heart. He looked at her and the rage took another level realizing the tears are because of him.


‘abb fir se ye naya natak. U girls only know how to melt a man through tears, can’t u get tired of these drama. Can’t u face a problem without this water showing your weakness? Well I forget u need these tears to get the sympathy so that,’


Before he can complete his word she tried running towards the door. In a fraction he held her arm harshly, she tried to wriggle but he stood their motionless holding her hand. Her sob broke free but she couldn’t say anything, her eyes looked straight in his eyes accusing her heart but pain was only thing that reflect in her hazels.


‘chodiye’ her lips quivered in pain and hurt. She heard someone footstep and panic started raising in her. ‘please leave me, someone might come here, please’


‘let them come, let them see us.’


‘aise kaise, it’s not, it’s not right. Wo galat samjhenge’


‘samajhne do.’


‘nahi, aise nahi hosakta.’




She was numb, trying to release his strong grip but he was holding her eyes captivate, he was standing too close to her, tear rolled down feeling something burning in her. she can’t see him so hurt. Yes she knows he is hurt but she is unknown to the reason. His eyes depicted the depth of an unknown emotion and the rage shows the pain she know. He pulls her closer.


‘kyun geet? kyun dur jana chahti ho?’


She closed her eyes hearing the foot step coming closer ‘Kyun ke mujhe accha nahi lagta koi apko galat samjhe. I can’t stand anyone pointing fingers to u.’ she said with a loud sob enough to break his grip and his confidence on his emotion. All the time she was thinking about him but what he gave just hurt her with his harsh words, his eyes went on the red hand she was rubbing, tear of pain washing her cheeks, he blankly looked at her face before she ran away from there and he stood motionless.





He was lost in the thoughts she had created. Why will she care for him, why she thinks about his status in front of the family? Why didn’t she accuse him like other members? Why can’t she say he is a heartless monster who only knows how to hurt a person? But if she had cared for him so much then why couldn’t she ask him to join the picnic or ever said about it? No she only care for Yash and her family, Yash who supports her, talks sweet little think to make her smile. How can she ever feel for a heartless ruthless monster who only make her cry, who only wants her for him, who only feels for her, who only want to hold her just to protect her from the world. But he can’t, she is not his and he can never have her, she is yash’s to be fiancé, and he can’t have her even in dreams, but why it hurt him so much? Why the mere thought she can’t be his tore him from inside? Why he felt betrayed when she didn’t inform about today? He never felt so much hurt when his family neglected him, it was always anger and frustration but today it was pain, for not being with her for the day. Maybe she didn’t feel like to join him, to stay close him. Does she repulse his touch, his presence then why today she came after him? Then why she let him to be close to her? Why she reacted like that? Was that just a moment of weakness? Does she feel same with yash’s touch and react the same?


The mere thought make him burn. He closed his eyes shaking every thought away. No she doesn’t care for him, how can she care for him who only hurts her every time. She probably wanted to spend her time with yash who is always so sweet.  The mere thought like mocking him. He heard his door being open with a thud. His cruel self come back to see the person. Well she maybe said her little protector how he had behaved with her, maybe he came to give a lecture about respecting his relation.



‘What was that maan?’ Yash said feeling frustrated.


Maan made a mocking innocent face ‘What r u talking about?’ well he was curious what geet had said to yash.


Yash fumed more ‘What the hell stunt was in the hall maan, what was the need to create so much in front of geet, u know she doesn’t face all this.’ Maan left a breath, so she didn’t complain to her savior.


Maan only looked with his smirk ‘Don’t tell me ur little kitten to be fiancé is afraid of this drama and u r worried for her.’


Yash looked at his eye straight ‘Don’t u care maan?’ his question wiped the smirk of his face and he looked at him blankly. Then gave his back to him


‘u r there for her to care, who am I to care for her?’


Yash let out a small chuckle ‘Ohh really.’


‘What do u mean yash?’


‘Nothing. Ok leave it.. u know very well why I brought u here. Why u always get a way to detach yourselves maan, u know very well everyone loves u’


‘I don’t need your pity yash, go and have fun with your family.’


‘It’s our family maan.’


‘ohh really, well I never saw that.’


Yash sighed feeling defeated ‘I don’t know how to make u understand that, I and our family loves u equally, just try to see once.’


‘and that’s why none have the tendency to inform me right?


Yash was quite for few moment before looking at him ‘Well dadima informed but u were too much busy in other thought that u missed it.’ Maan looked confused. Yash nodded ‘she said 2 day before Holi when Handa’s were here for lunch and u were also there but u didn’t seem like there maan, u were lost somewhere. And when brij started telling about the place and I took interest and started telling about my plan suddenly u left the place, so we thought u r busy then and u will be ready by the time we will leave but no one knew u didn’t hear a word maan. Maybe u was too much absolvent in other thoughts.’



He remember dadi saying something about picnic and he barely acknowledged it because he was lost in geet, her cutely pouting face while talking with aniee, her excitement which shows in her eyes reflected in front of his eyes. He remembers she expecting some answer while everyone was saying some arrangements. She thought He knew about this arrangement and she was excited because she thought he is also going that’s why she was smiling to him so widely and then he remember the way she was looking at roshni’s hand on him, was she jealous? Did she feel same like him? An excitement ran through his vein feeling her gaze on him but then something flashed in front of his eyes. Her tearful face come to his vision and her words ‘Kyun ke mujhe accha nahi lagta koi apko galat samjhe. I can’t stand anyone pointing fingers at u.’ She was always protecting him,


He closed his eyes, what had he done in his rage again. She was just worried for him and he gave her a reason to be sad again. He need to go to her, see her, is she ok not. He felt his heart will swell to blast if he didn’t see her. He need to make up to her, he need to see her apologise to her. for the first time MSK didn’t feel disgust with the word ‘sorry’ maybe. He heard yash asking him something.




‘Maan where r u lost? We thought u r coming as u were there when it was planned but’


Yash couldn’t complete as maan rushed towards the washroom but before that he said something which made yash widen ‘Wait 5 min, I m coming. Go downstairs and prepare everything, we are leaving in 10 mins.’


This will be the first time he phrase it as WE, never he considerate his family as we, it was always yash’s family, and I but for the first time he said as it’s his family. He beamed in a large grin then headed towards the family informing maan is coming. Everyone was dumbfounded but happy; they didn’t want to give another reason to maan to think they don’t want him in the picnic when they crave for their son to be with them.


Yash saw geet sitting in the bus alone while her family was helping khurana’s to settle in the bus. Her head was resting in the window pain and her face was gloomy, he immediately went towards her, stood outside the bus in front of her but she was lost somewhere.


‘Geet, why u r looking so pale? Geet, geet?’


‘huh?’ she startle drawing everyone’s attention, but quickly averted her gaze, what if they see her red eyes ‘No-nothing, just headache.’


Yash didn’t question her much but he felt something wrong in her behavior. Just then he noticed her looking behind him, he turned to see Maan standing there in his casual tee shirt and denim looking at her with lost expression. Yash didn’t ask anything just left from the place to help his father.


Maan stared at her stain face though she didn’t looked at him much, and he can feel she was controlling herself so that she couldn’t break down but how can she hide the moist eyes from him. He sighed and clutched the bottle in his hand, then headed towards the bus.



Precap: How about some Mushy moment between Maaneet. And yeah yash’s closeness with geet still pending.


Tich showing devilish grin.


© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.



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    Awesome update


  2. awsem update


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  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww geet want to save him so sweet she love him but not realize maan please take care of geet ..awesome dear


  5. Posted by impoojaverma on June 5, 2013 at 5:40 pm

    awesome update

    geet was all d way worried about maan n he in his rage hurt her

    did yash know about their maan-geet liking towards each-other???


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  7. Posted by ags on June 5, 2013 at 5:51 pm

    great update. This story also picking up my interest now. loving it. waiting for love for you updation


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    i totally loved the update…..
    i totally love the chemistry of maaneet in dis ff and specially in dis update…..!!!!
    want to know ow is maan goin to manofy geet…..considering his nature and character. …!!!!!!:-):-):-):-):-):-):-)


  10. Awesome update. Poor Maan, his childhood just made him more depressed n acted more aggressive. Now eager to know how Maan will say sorry to Geet.


  11. Posted by neha74 on June 6, 2013 at 7:34 am

    Awesome update…..i am head over heels for maan….i just love him…yes eagerly waiting for maaneet close moments but noooooooooooo close moments between yash and geet pleaseeee….a little bit of closeness to make maan jealous will be fine but not more than that….eagerly waiting for more…update soooooooon…..


  12. tich it was great part.. maan is so possessive for geet. unintentionally he hurt geet again. i loved yash’s calmness. i think he knows about geet and maan’s closeness. feeling bad for yash. very very exited for next.


  13. Posted by angelickushi on June 6, 2013 at 10:49 am

    awesome update
    budhu maan finally understood that y geet was scared
    wondering how he is gonna make it up to her in the picnic with everyone around


  14. Its awesome tich. finally he realised. waiting for next one. plz post soon.


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    Wow geet worried for maan
    Hate maan family
    maaneet moment are very nice.
    I love this story very much.


  17. Posted by chahhat4eva on June 6, 2013 at 11:46 pm

    Lovely update dear…. Good that Maan realise his mistake… Continue soon dear…. Eagerly waiting….❤🌺❤🌺❤


  18. i think yash knows something is going on between maaneet so maybe he will bow out of the way for maan as he realises that geet is attracted to maan not him love it waiting for next


  19. superb update
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  20. Posted by khwaishfan on June 10, 2013 at 11:11 am

    fab update! Maan realises! Well written..update soon 🙂


  21. Part 10 —

    awesome update

    loved the line said by Geet to Maan —

    ‘Kyun ke mujhe accha nahi lagta koi apko galat samjhe. I can’t stand anyone pointing fingers to u.’

    finally Maan came to know tht he had not heard the picnic plan when they were discussing at the dinning table n made Yash confused n shocked with his declaration Wait 5 min, I m coming. Go downstairs and prepare everything, we are leaving in 10 mins.’

    continue soon dear…

    waiting to know how Maan will manofy Geet


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