Kaise Kahen Ssn 2 (Part 2)




Here is Season 1 for them who didn’t read yet http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=2825220

Part 2


Zindagi me bahaut kuch dekha… bahaut kuch dekhna hai….

Har pal imtihaan liya… aur imtihaan dene hai…

Har pal maayusi mili… aur dard sehna hai…

Khud ko dur le gayi… aur dur jaana hai…

Galat hai ye sochna… fir bhi kuch aur nahi sochna…

Umide kabhi puri nahi huyi… fir bhi umid aaj bhi hai…

Itni sehem si gayi hu… fir bhi muskurana nahi bhuli hu…

Jane kya baandhe rakhta hai mujhe… do pal ke baad fir naya sawera dikhta hai mujhe…

Nikalna to chahti hu in sawalo ke gehre se… Fir koi mujhe dhakel deta hai un sawalo ke beech me…

Hasna khilkhilana to mein bhi chahti hu… Na jaane fir kyu mein khud ko dur usi jagah khadaa paati hu…

Wonderful poem by Rituja(@mishtiritu)




It was the Day of Holi and like every year Geet wanted to go to temple to do the puja but it wasn’t as easy as it seems like other yrs. From Last night she was feeling a bit weird. Her heart wasn’t at piece and she was restless. She tried to think other things but only maan’s thought was coming back. His pain filled eyes, how can she mistake in those deep dark eyes. She knew he is here and he is in pain but why didn’t he come to meet her then. She smiles painfully, because he doesn’t wanted to waste his time maybe.


She looked at the morning sky, its only 6.30 in the morning and she is all ready to leave the haveli to meet her Krishna ji. She knew everyone will be awake in one n half hour later so she has to come back before that as maha-arti will start from 8am. Last yr she couldn’t attend the temple because of veer and dadisa, they can’t allow her this yr also but She have to go, she always prefer to pray to that temple from her younger age. Though then it was Someone who was with her in every step but for years she is going alone. And this year also she will go there, anyone like it or not.


She draped her head with her dupatta, and then tiptoed from her room; she was going to take the stairs when the guard hovered the place. She looked at them bewilder but they just dipped their head to bow her.


Guard: Maaf kariye rajkumari, aap yeh jagah chodke nahi jasakti. (Sorry princess, U r not allowed to leave the place)


Geet: What?? R u out of ur mind, u can’t stop me from going anywhere. Hume kahi jaane k liye aapki izazat nahi chahiye. (I don’t need ur permission to go anywhere)


Guard: hume ranisa aur udayveer rajkumar ne hukum diya hain aur hum inke khilaf nahi jasakte. (Queen and prince Udayveer has ordered us, we can’t go against them.)


Geet: damn veer, I will kill u once I see u. this is ridiculous. She tried once more time to pressurize them but in vein.


Geet came back to the room fuming frantically; she took the cell to call veer but then dropped it. He is doing what is safe for her which he thinks. If she tell him or dadisa about going out now, they will throw a fit so it’s better to choose numb but she need to go and she has really less time. This temple is her 2nd home from childhood, she adored the place and every year somehow manages to go just not last year, because the reason veer is now overprotective.


Shrugging every thought she changed her dress into much sober and less princess style. It was a creamy off-white anarkali suit with some and zari work suited her personality yet very elegant and not very heavy.




Geet looked down from her balcony and gulp hard, she is staying at 2nd floor of the magnificent haveli and jump or crawling from here is nearly impossible. And then she took a deep breath before turning her gaze to the place which is forbidden for her still she need to go towards it. Her balcony was adjoined with Maan’s which is haveli’s Master bedroom. She has locked her room from inside so everyone will think she is inside and as no one dare to enter maan’s room so it’s will be good for her. She jumped in the adjoining balcony then in a flick turned the lock open of his room, She always had the keys of his room which is oblivious to everyone. Fhe familiar scent of him hit her nostril making her frozen in the place. It’s the same she had seen last time. She never gathered her wit to see this room after that incident, after his violently insulting her which had shook her mere existence. The room is same except the presence of him. Her eyes filled looking around the room, till now she had never crossed this room fearing herself only but today she has to break her own promise for him only.


Her eyes absorb every corner of the room which is surrounded with her and his memory. They together arranged everything for this room, how easily he had abandoned everything. How easily he had refused to acknowledge her in his room and his life. Taking a deep breath she ran towards a dark corner, it has a closed door which only she and he knew. She frantically opened it with her keys and took the stairs which took her straight towards the exit of this haveli from back. She draped her face and her long hair with the net dupatta. She looked back for a last glance and ran towards the alone path.



It took her 20 min of running to reach the temple, she pant frantically still went the 200 stairs as fast as she could, her bare feet was bleeding but she didn’t care, she always visit this place bare feet so it was natural for her not to wear her shoes when she left the haveli and she seems like least bother about the cut. A beautiful smile spreads her face as she saw the idol of Krishna ji. One small boy came towards her with the thali for her puja and she took after kissing his cheek. He gave her a toothy grin before leaving the place. It’s also natural like every year, she never manages to carry a plate for puja ingredient and the small boy always help her, in return she always help him with study and some chocolate whole year. It’s not natural for a princess of course still she manages to do it whole year.


Pandit ji: aap agayi GEETANJALI.


Geet: kaise nahi aati, mannat hain hamara.


Pandit ji: kitne saal tak ye wadah nibhayengi aap geet? aur phichle saal ke baad (how many years u will keep ur promise geet, and after last year,,)


Geet didn’t let him complete before giving her best smile.


Geet: jab tak sanse hain tab tak nibhayenge apna wadah pandit ji, Kanha ji ne itna sath diya aage bhi wohi dnege. (till I have last breath in me I will keep the promise, Krishna ji will help me)


Pandit couldn’t say anymore as it is routine like every years. She had never listen to anyone, going against every odds she had kept her promise every year to visit this place first. Pandit(preist) helped her in everything she need. She cleaned the place first abandoning his help. Then she took the small gold idol of Krishna ji to bath him, and changing his dress which she herself made with her hand. She never felt so peace in the whole year like she felt in this moment. Every year she waits for this time and this is the only reason she like holi so much. not only holi but Janmashtami which that happens in haveli too with larger event.


She took only half an hour to complete her work then did her arti.


Pandit: Aaj bhi usike naam ki puja karengi?


Geet blinked her lashes, then looked at the big idol: aur kiske naam ki karungi pandit ji. Jab se inki puja ki hain bas unke naam se ki hain, unke liye kiya hain. Vale hi wo dur hain lekin unke liye hi to puja hain. Maharaj se wadah kiya tha humne, hum Unke liye ye zaroor karenge.

(for whom I will do this pandit ji. From when I stated praying to him, I did for Him only. Maybe he is away from me but all this for him only, I have promised the King and I will keep this for Him.)


Pandit: Geetanjali. He said painfully but geet only looked at the idol painfully. Pata nahi kyun maharaj ne aapse hi ye wadah liya, sayad iss liye kyun unke bête ke liye aapka pyar sabse shuddh hain. Lekin wo kabhi samajh hi nahi paaye. Har saal aap MAAN ke naam ki puja karti hain Unki salamati ke liye, apni zindegi khatreme daal ke, lekin wo kabhi samajh hi nahi paaye.


(Don’t know why King has taken ur promise, maybe because he knew Ur love for his son was pure. But He never understood this. Every year u prayed for MAAN, for his Safety without fearing for your life and he never understood this’


Geet smiles painfully: I never did this to make him understand my love; I did this because it’s my duty. My love for him can never fade away and I will live my life through this duty that what he calls my love A duty.


She sat in front of the idol remembering the fateful day when she was 7 and he was 11, he had fallen from the 3rd floor of the haveli and broken his ribs, he had lost so much blood that it was nearly impossible to save him. She has taken an oath then, She will built a Krishna mandir and do the work on every janmastamhi and holi if maan came back to her in good health. It took maan 3 days to come back to conscious and nearly a month to recover. Once geet was crying not getting enough money to built a temple after breaking her all saving, when maan’s father saw her like that. His fav doll was crying and he couldn’t take it, he immediately made arrangement to built the Krishna mandir but he has taken promise from geet to help pandit ji in the work and to fulfill her oath which she take on her happily. From then she never missed a yr to come here except last yr.


She almost smiles remembering the time maan throw so much fit on her promise. He never liked her doing all work but she kept her promise, she was so small but still she never took anyone’s help and if by chance any one helped her without showing then she would turned her angry gaze on them and will never talk to them which was the ultimate punishment for not taking Princess Geetanjali’s order. Eventually everyone left it on her but observing from far, no one afford to make her angry but maan, he always showed his anger on her which she took smilingly. But however maan might get angry he never left her to her own, he always accompanied her to the temple on the special occasion. Some time she didn’t liked being watched all the time so he wouldn’t even inform her that he will be with her, he would observe her from far and took her home directly after her puja. He never liked her coming here so far from haveli without any protection which she had abandon saying she doesn’t need it. But he would come for her every year, well not few years she thought painfully.


She was oblivious to the fact today also she was not alone; her shadow like every year had reached her to cocoon every danger yet not revealing himself to her like few year. In worse situation also he never failed to come for this day. This year also he came for her and next day he will leave her to live her own, with her fiancé, with her true savior. He will again leave her without making her know, because he bound to to do that only so it doesn’t need to be known by her.


Dark chocolate brown eyes watched her serene face, the smile which adorned seeing the Krishna idol and her eyes which looked satisfied and then his eyes went on her feet, red blooded. He winched slightly causing the dirty shawl over him to slip a little drawing geet attention. He immediately straightens it on him to cover himself but her eyes went on his every movement. He needed a close watch on her and that’s why he took this getup to show himself a beggar, so no one will doubt him but it’s his mishty, he couldn’t help but to have a closer look which forced him to shift his place and now he regret it. Though she can’t see him as the large shawl was covering him full head to toe but she went towards him like a moth towards fire. Her face shows her vulnerability like she can sense him, like she knew it’s him. Her eyes pained him to the core. He curses himself under his breath but nothing stopped her.


Before she can touch his shoulder some men barged inside the temple causing geet to flinch away in fear.


From somewhere aadi and sonam dip out their face giving high five to each other. Aadi slightly flinched seeing the people holding geet’s hand dragging her out and she looking towards maan who was still in that position. they accompanied him for 3 yrs on this day and its usual to see maan watching her in different getup but from far, for the first time he went so close to her.


Aadi: I hope ur plan work out sonam or maan will kill us bare hand, but I see why they are dragging geet away? u said ur men will just tease her a little and maan being maan will show his face and possessive self on geet but here, Aadi turned to look at sonam who was pale insanely. Sonam kya huya, why u r so pale?


Sonam: aa—aadi bh-bhai, it-it’s not my men.


Aadi: what??????????


Sonam; I mean they just called me, knowing it princess geetanjali they took a u turn on the spot grrr, they back out from the plan but who are they now?


Aadi: god knows. He said fearfully.


They turned their attention towards the front scene and only saw geet being dragged the goons.



© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.








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    Nice part. please update this ff fast. i can’t wait to read this ff .


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    part 2
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  10. Beautiful story
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  12. Part 2–

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    Geet fulfilling the Mannat every year which she had taken n had promised Maan father tht she will fulfilled it every year

    Maan in disguise in Temple n watching Geet moves

    Adi n Sonam r too in Temple

    oh no Geet being dragged by goons, hope Maan will save Geet in time or u r going to become a devil n bring Veer over here………

    waiting dear………

    continue soon……….


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