Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 33


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Part 33



‘I wish u had left me that day after quenching your thirst from my body, maybe then we wouldn’t have this conversation till now.’ He stared at her bewilder. His face was like someone had punched him straight on his face. She smirks cynically yet the hurt was still there ‘but I forgot u never just wanted my body. U wanted to marry me just to take that vineyard my Grandfather left me which will be transferring to Our name after the marriage. And U can hold that firm for your business, a larger business with a lot of profit as it is coming in middle of your other land. Right Mr Maan Singh Khurana?’


And He left her feeling the ground slipping away with her harsh words and cold look. She looked at him with a haunted smile which only says her hatred for him.


‘Did the ground slipped from your feet MSK to hear that tour little pawn knew everything? Well doesn’t u want to know how I got to know about your so called perfect plan?’ Seeing him stood there frozen geet smiles in mocking way, but she didn’t stopped there. Maybe today is the chance to say everything. She knew it can be over if she says everything but she has to, she can’t play this game anymore. It’s not her and she can never be like him. ‘Well u and your hell told me everything maan, how foolish I was to believe that u wanted to give us a chance, I thought u really regretted but how utter dumb girl I was. It never occur to me why would billionaire MSK want to marry a simple girl like me, and then I thought it must be lust and ego which was badly hurt when a mere village girl refused to sleep with u, I might have hit a raw nerve by denying u and u did punished me by trying to force me.’ She stopped to get reaction from maan who was standing on the same position without any emotion. But she suddenly saw his clenched fist, her lips curved up in a amused smile but then she felt relax and content. She so wanted to hurt him badly.


‘and then u came apologizing and resisting a nude girl who was right underneath u. it might be hard for any man to leave his prey like u did but that was a master stroke. U did that to gain my trust and very efficiently u gained it. I started trusting a man knowing how he can crush it still I gave it.’ Her voice was helpless and strained, it dawned his attention. She understood by his shocking expression that he never thought she would blv him after that night but anyway she was foolish enough to blv him and gave a chance to their relation wanted to know the dark man. It was like she being a moth had attracted by the flames and now finally it ablaze her to ashes. She shook her head ‘I did the great mistake, the touch which should have frighten me, loath me I started relying on it, maybe because till now not a man has touched me, your soft touch started making me feel something I shouldn’t have felt. But again the dreamland had to break. And on right time it happened when u dumped me in this house and locked me, maybe so that I wouldn’t run out. Well anyway I didn’t have much option otherwise staying with u did I? And then guess what I discovered?’


Geet looked at maan who was clenching his jaw to the tightest, she can guess he is angry but this is her time and she will show him she is not so fragile anymore. ‘You shouldn’t have left the house on me maan, u should have more careful with your cupboard locker and computers.’ She chuckled, ‘well when I was arranging my stuff in the cupboard I found a yellow file just inside your cloth, well it was weird to have only one file in the entire cupboard that too inside piles of cloths and it got my attention. I don’t want to read it but guess my fate wanted.’


All color drained out from his face ‘u didn’t’ all he managed to say when she cut off.


‘yes I read the information u brought about me, and I was amazed to see every single thing which I never knew about myself u knew it on fingertips. There was a thin folder with the papers of that land, I read and re-read to clarify u didn’t want the land. U didn’t want to marry me for the land, u didn’t care for a piece of shit but I was wrong. Your camera couldn’t captured the moment as I was standing dipping my face inside the cupboard only. And then I had to call my grandfather’s lawyer and he confirmed the will which I just get to know because of u, I never thought my grandfather will leave anything on my name because he already had another family back in France. Well I didn’t knew about him till 2 yr back when he was ill and I had to run to see him, mumma still doesn’t know about it, she only confirms it was her father but never went to meet him as he ditched her mother, my grandmother. But I went and saw his other family. Waise manna parega, the past who not even my best frnd know u gets to hold about it, how?’


‘ohh by the way I still didn’t believed that, such a fool I was. But then the suspicion was deeper, I just knew you for a month so it bound to be, then u gave me your personal laptop and by chance I get to see your personal email where u had discussed about the land. I get to know u have all plans lined up to do something on your land, some resort huh. U knew it that land was on my name, and I would have never given to u or anyone because it was the last thing I had from my ancient. But then u get to know I don’t know about the will, so u played your card, by marrying me that land will automatically will be yours as a clause. I had talked to lawyer hours just to get a solution but that will has the clause whoever will marry me will have the land 40% share so u made a new power of attorney which will give u 100% power to decide whatever u want u can do, u needed just my sign. I suppose aadi had given u the paper. Well how did I find so much? not a big thing, hacking your personal computer & other documents wasn’t big thing.’


Maan looked at her like his fav puppy had bitten him. He had lost his color and it showing on his face but something more was there on it.


‘and after knowing u still slept with me’ he couldn’t stopped himself to say that.


Geet smiles ‘yeah I did, I went far beyond of my limit and moral u knows why?’ he looked at him in query. ‘Because u snatched that innocent geet by playing and plotting, u taught me betraying, u taught me lust and u taught me how to break a person. A man will be hurt the most if his possession will hurt him and I wanted that. I wanted u to remember there was a girl who didn’t give up in front of u but showed u real hell.’ She shouted on him looking straight in his eyes without flinching seeing the growing anger. ‘I wanted u to remember me when I would have left u on wedding day.’


Her last calm words made him look at her blankly, his legs were shaky and for the first time in life he felt panic, she was going to leave him. The fear he always had was true, she was going to dump him. The last control he lost and in 2 long step he covered her with his huge frame. His eyes were red lava wanted to burn her alive but weirdly she knew he can’t or maybe won’t do anything. Seeing him so much in rage today gave her to piece.


‘u r not serious, u weren’t going to leave me geet.’ there was an urgency and desperation in his voice. Weird. She had expected anger, rage accusation not this.


‘Do u think I can joke when u are holding me so tight to death’ she tried to jerk his hold but he held her more close to him, his eyes boring to her.


‘u can’t’


She smiles mockingly ‘why not?


‘u loved being with me, in my bed geet. u can’t fake those responses. U give your virginity to me just to see how hurt I will be when u will leave me? How I suppose I blv that?’


She jerks again and he left her abruptly, her anger flared on her face ‘well u did blv I had slept with dev behind your back so why I can’t do it huh? U did all sort of accusation, all those word, I, can’t, u just said those.’ She bite her lips to control the sob, she doesn’t know why suddenly he felt so emotional. No, he doesn’t deserve her emotion, not anymore.


She thought he will shout or even touch her brutally but he surprised her by holding her face making her confuse further ‘I said all that in rage, forget it please. Forget it geet. Just tell, tell me u aren’t suppose to leave me.’


No I didn’t.’ he breathed in relief, but before it make him happy she again spoke ‘not till I get to know about your real plan, u wanted to marry me because of that vineyard maan. What u expected I would still blv u after whatever u had done. I want to hurt u same the amount u did and after today I know u can never be a good human being to accept all that to me. U were playing, u were just jealous thinking if dev can charm me and take me to his bed.’


‘Shut up, just shut the hell up’ he shouted on her face still holding her shoulder. ‘u don’t know about him, let’s not talk about him. I did the silly thing, I had accused u because of my anger, please for hell sake forgets that. I have explanation about other thing just give me a chance’


‘I can’t, I can’t pretend I don’t care. I can’t pretend I can live with a person who will assault me whenever he will see me with any man, first it was yash. My frnd who is like a brother to me. U had beaten him and still like a mad I gave in to u thinking maybe I can change u. when I gave myself to your lust I thought I m playing with fire and I can take anything to destroy u. u assault my body I didn’t said anything but only thought u will get your punishment when I will leave u but then.’ She looked at his eyes. Expectant eyes and something that she had never seen, she hesitated a little to look at his eyes anymore ‘and then u did all those things for me. From making food to pampering me, to not to touch me in fear to hurt me again. That one day, changed my every aspect. I was confuse why u care for me. U did all those which maybe u won’t do even the last thing on earth u have to do. I still didn’t understand why made me feel so special in that one day. And unfortunately I started doubt my plan to leave. I thought to confront u about all this. And it wasn’t like u will get the land after marrying me. I had already transferred that land on my niece of my grandfather’s other family. Emily is 3 yrs and when she will be 21 then only she will get it, which is unknown to everyone including u. I thought hearing this maybe u will see clearly what do u want. I was sure u will not marry me after it but u announces our engagement in front of media in the party and left me. What did I supposed to do when u left me alone to handle everything and when I just talked with dev u accused me with all those bullshit. I don’t know what to expect from u anymore. The last thing is to be happen if u can kill me with your hand cause other things u had already done to me.’


‘I can’t, I can’t kill u, I can’t loose u. damit when I said u will be with me that means u will be. Damn with everything I just want u.’


She gasp and made some distance ‘I don’t understand u. after whatever happened’



‘damn I was frightened for this, U can’t leave me geet’ He almost shouted but the desperation over powered it. he tried to hold her but she took step back ‘I agree everything and yes I m damn angry that u did all this but my fault was there equally. I shouldn’t have plotted all those, but pls listen to me fully geet.’


Geet looked at him confuse ‘u won’t get the vineyard’


‘damn with the shit, just leave everything geet, just say u won’t leave me. I need u, I want u.’


She shook her head in confusion, she couldn’t understand him, and didn’t want to understand. She ran to her room, the other room not his, and slammed the door.  His each word echoed. Momentarily she forgot what she did and what he planned only the accusation was coming and it was tearing her apart. She doesn’t understand why she is feeling so bad on his words when he himself didn’t mean them, that what he said. Why this feeling is creeping inside she was so helpless. Tears fell and she let it. Gulgule and Monalisa which is the new companion of gulgule came towards her, they sat in front of her feet and guglule climbed up to her neck while monalisa tried but failed. Geet took her in her arm and both puppy snuggle close to her neck.



Precap: Geet back to HP what will Maan do?


Do anyone want to know maan’s side or just assume like geet? well did she assumed or was she right?




Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.



© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.



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  1. very nice update its nice to listen geet side want yo listen maan side


  2. awsem update


  3. Posted by mmradhu97 on June 18, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    Awesome update… loved it…
    Maan never wanted geet to leave him… he is really affected by her…
    Geet is so hurt… geet back to hp…
    Want to know Maans side…
    Continue soon…
    Waiting for the next part…


  4. why geet back to hp.want maaneet together.waiting for next


  5. Posted by monikaseth on June 18, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    geet didn’t listen maan he also have something to say hope she listen ..maan will go behind geet


  6. brilliant update well played geet , all those things maan had hidden from geet and accusing above all , Geet should make him realize that she thought about him to give chance to their rlation but after his accusations no woman would even have belief or trust on man after what he did behind her back … maan should now express his feelings and his internal views regarding geet ,,, he sold go beyond desperation and madness for Geet


  7. Posted by kruthikaved on June 19, 2013 at 1:33 am

    maan’s side toooooooooooo…. please give some glimpses of maan’s past.. how did he become devil…??? will love to read that side of story…


  8. Wah!! Maza aaya but maan ko thoda aur paresaan karo na….:-\


  9. Wow awsum update
    geet knows everything
    Geet isn’t taking any revenge
    maan is shoked
    i think maan realy love geet
    maan wants to explain his side hope
    geet listen.
    Why geet in hp.
    Cont soon…


  10. Posted by neha74 on June 19, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    Simply fantastic update 🙂 loved the way geet brought out the actual reason of maan marrying her, now waiting to hear maan’s reply…what will maan do when geet will go to hp…omg!! he will certainly go insane…waiting for more 🙂


  11. Very nice pt. really want to know maan side story. plz update soon.


  12. so he was all d while after that vineyard or there is more to know for us??? i guess yes

    but finally everything is front of them

    brilliant update

    P.S. sorry for late comment actually today was my last exam n day before yesterday i got my new phone so was busy with it


  13. Posted by angelickushi on June 20, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    loved the update
    so geet expressed her anger
    waiting for his response


  14. tich it was nice part. finally maan is in love. now he know about geet’s importance in her life. geet is feeling so much pain. very exited for next.


  15. Posted by khwaishfan on June 24, 2013 at 7:01 am

    itense update! Maan in love! well written


  16. superb update

    so Geet had come to know the entire plan of Maan

    but now Maan is badly affected by Geet n had deeply fallen in love with her but not yet realised his feeling

    awww gulgule n monalisa consoling Geet n sharing her pain n hurt


  17. Sorry for late response & comment; have been busy for a while. Wow…what a twist? Maan wanted her grandfather’s vineyard, which is in her name. So she did find the file she was looking for. What a shock to Maan? Perplex & bewilder at same time. So both were playing games with each other, but at what cost? Both had to lose something & have.
    So Maan found a way to acquire the land without marrying her, but he didn’t, & still want to marry her…wow…Geet is too smart too; she did a clean bowl to him…tit-for-that. Wow…360 degree flop for Maan. There you go, you can take it to the bank Maan.
    So Maan have fallen in love with Geet, but haven’t realized it, same goes for Geet. At least he knows or understands he can’t live without her. Fake emotions, desires, sex…Geet OMG…I bet she must be feeling too, something…not everything is pretend.
    Maan is really in shock. He wants her no matter what. So she was going to leave him…what a twist. He don’t care about land, so what’s the catch…now, there has to be, unless he fall in love with her. She too hasn’t realize her feeling for him, that’s why she ran away from him. I bet he will do everything in his power to keep her with him. Wherever she run he would be right behind her like a shadow.

    can’t wait to read next chapter.


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