Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 69

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Part 69




Warning: some part are only for 18+




Geet: will you love me today? She ask in a hoarse voice, still shaking with the coldness, He instantly took her lips in his mouth. His one hand went to close the water tab.


Maan; yes, I want to love u. he said before deepen the kiss.


He dropped his hand on her waist bringing her close to him; his mouth claimed her awaiting moist mouth. He nibbled her lower lips while she took charge of his upper lips biting and chewing it. He groans in the kiss and deepen again, it was almost a tongue fight, a fight to show who more desperate to have the other in the arms which none won yet both needed more. His hand struggled with her top as he wanted to have the direct contact of her skin. She almost smiled in the kiss seeing his fumbling, he groaned in a warning but she couldn’t stop the small giggle left her lips. He bites her lips, sucking hard and making it red plump. She moans in that kiss clutching his shoulder blades expressing her need to have him more, his hand traveled under her top. He almost gasp feeling her bare back, she wasn’t wearing anything under the thin top.


He broke the kiss, just for a fraction of second, she tried to see what he is doing but she didn’t have much time as he peeled off the thin top above her head and she was as bare as he, both their shorts were on. He again claimed her mouth almost urgently while his rough palm was squeezing her bare flesh. She was short of air and as she tore her mouth from him to gulp the air he went on her bare neck kissing her hungrily. Her back touched the tinted glass wall as he slammed on her. His mouth didn’t leave an inch to worship her body and then captured her taut nipples. Her mounds were curvier than before and it was attracting him more to it. He sucked hard to push her on the edge and she cried in pleasure when his hand went under her shorts, tearing it from her body.


Geet gasp: maan. He kissed her lips and pinched her nipples which made her mad in need. Her nails were digging in his biceps but he least care. He took other breast in his mouth giving the same treatment, then coming down her belly bottom. He kissed, licked, smooched her skin, before going on her thighs he looked at her eyes, it was clouded with desire. He held her ankle and placed it on his shoulder, she cried in pleasure as he dipped his face in her inner thighs. He trailed kissed along from her calf to her mid thigh and then inner thighs to her folds.


He breathed in her moist core blowing a little. Her hand clutched in his hair showing her desperation, he again kissed her fold, the touched her c*** in a circle with his tongue, it was enough to push her to edge, she was calling his name madly and it was making him hard. He pushed his tongue inside her, then again in a deep thrust; his finger found the playing spot of her nub and flicker it to torture her.


Geet: urrggh, I need u, now


Maan ignored her plea then dipped his finger inside her core making her cry hoarse.. His tongue still lapped on her c*** and she was moaning high. He joined his middle finger with the index and pushed hard again n again till she cried her release hard again n again. Her knees were jelly and she was going to be shattered on the tiled floor if he wasn’t supporting her with his weight. He left his short with her panties and his proud member stood firmly, large, hot, throbbing in need of her. He looked at her eyes as a need of permission, her chest swelled in love and admiration. She stroked him with her finger but he held her wrist bringing it above her head, she tried to release it but he held it firmly. She parted her legs and wrapped around his waist. In one push he was deep inside her. Both were groaning in the warmth, she needed to hold him, to have him close but he wasn’t going to let her. She tried to protest but he kissed her thoroughly swallowing all her cry in his throat.


He repeated his movement in fast pace, some slow till she cried and begged for more. Atleast he left her hand so that she can held him tight against her, his lips and tongue found her and kissed her mouth carnally while thrusting hard and fast. She squeezed her eyes, and dug her nails finding her release and he came with her so hard that both nearly felt they are in heaven.


Both gulp the huge amount of oxygen to somber the heartbeat, she was panting hard resting her head back on the wall when he held her waist and looked at her eyes, his forehead was on her.


Maan: I love you, only you. Never leave me geet. I really love you a lot.


Geet hugged him placing her cheeks on his shoulder: Love you more. Her breath came in a heavy sigh, after so long she felt this content. His strong arms were placed on her waist and her breast pressing on his chest giving a support to stand steady close to him. He kissed her head mumbling sweet words.


They cleaned up again and maan affectionately wrapped her in a fluffy bathrobe then himself in a towel before going towards their room, Geet only watched him in pure contentment and happiness. This thing she had missed the most, their kashish which bound them in the pure ecstasy of love. She let him do whatever he wanted and he took her to their room where they watched their kids sleeping happily.





It’s being a week since their confrontation and geet now felt his relaxation around her that she missed in 5 month, he is behaving like their early marriage now. They made love every often but an emotional detach was still between them or so geet think. She is waiting for him to say what is the big mater bothering him, what is so big that had detached him from his family but she had promised him his time, till then she let him pampering her and children. He had showed his desire to wrap up his pending business as soon as possible then both will head to India to their family together which geet accepted gladly. Arman, ridz abhay called her very often now and implied their unhappiness of her and kids staying so far. They couldn’t come London much because of work and they knew geet is feeling bored so it made them angrier. Geet was happy to know ridz is now helping abhay in work and as soon as she and maan came back to India Abhay will announce his marriage. She felt her life finally is going on right track.


She was so busy in her own world that couldn’t realized her husband was standing behind her from some moment observing her. She was too lost in her thoughts.


Maan: what attracted my beautiful wife towards it that she couldn’t realize her hubby’s presence hmm? He asked in a husky voice, his hand was on her abdomen and face nuzzles in her neck tracing her earlobe with his soft lips.


A moan escaped geet’s lips: Maan….


Maan kissed her neck: umm I missed this. But you were too lost in thoughts. Kya huya?


Geet: I was thinking about our time, just in time span of 2 yrs everything is changed.


Maan: changed for good.


Geet: maan, do you regret marrying me? Her question startled him, and in swift sec he turned her, there wasn’t hurt or pain but some curiousness steadied on her face.


Maan: no geet, I can never regret marrying u, in fact I felt bless to have you in my life. What happen jaan? Aisi baat ekyun kar rahi ho?


Geet shook her head: maan I was just thinking, it’s not I deliberately said it to hurt you please. It’s just my consciousness that maybe you could have deserved more.


Maan let out a sigh: nothing is better than you geet. You r the best thing happened to me. You don’t even know the worst could have happened to me if you were not there.


Geet looked confuse but Maan startled her with an urgent kiss & words: never say something likes that, I love you got that.


Geet smiles in the kiss and pulled him close to her by holding his nape, she kissed him back with love and pure need. He growl in the kiss and started throwing her dupatta to kiss her neck. She giggles seeing him so impatient but before he can tear her dress away they heard the bell. Maan groaned in her neck.


Maan: that better be good reason to disturb.


Geet: I forgot to tell you Raghav and Sia are coming toni8 for dinner.


In excitement geet didn’t bother to look at maan’s white face. He withdrew himself from her. geet saw the indifference, before she can ask anything maan smiles tightly.


Maan: I will be coming after getting freshens up, ok? Geet nodded and he kissed her forehead softly. His lips glued to the place a bit more time than she can think. Then he hurried away from the place.


Geet opened the door only to find Sia standing at door with an incapable smile on her face. Sia Rajput Raghav’s fiancé, well he is still not present but geet welcomed sia with a sweet smile. She was holding a big bouquet of white lily and a box of chocolate which geet found can’t be ignorable. It had become her fav the moment she met sia in hospital. Throughout her treatment and later pregnancy sia had helped her, She was first amazed that Maan and sia didn’t met earlier, It was after Rehan and Rihana’s birth the two met. And later found they knew each other from collage, Geet didn’t knew anything about maan’s collage life so didn’t fuzzed as it was personal to him, the years he cherished. She still remembers the way Sia had hugged maan and it burnt her alive, but then she got to know how inseparable they were in collage. She was his junior still both were best buddy but some reason break their relation and both moved away. Well geet didn’t feel great about it because if they were so close then what might have stopped her coming to his wedding. But still leaving everything aside she had welcomed sia as her friend and truly she met her expectation. When maan couldn’t give her time much in these months only raghav and sia had took care of the 3 so she is very thankful to them.




Sia: andar nahi bulayogi?


Geet smiled: zarurat hain kya?


Sia: nope, ye to mera hi ghar hain.


Geet: to puch kyun rahi ho? Come on in.


Sia gave her the gift and both hugged thoroughly. No one can say they are friend of few month, well then maan and ridz became friend in one month why can’t they.


Sia: so again we 2 for dinner? Raghav will come as the dessert time I guess and maan won’t be available.


Geet: well not in maan’s case then.


Sia turned to see maan standing on the door way, he had changed in to his white shirt and black trouser, looking casual and extremely hot.  Sia was a little surprised seeing him at this hour, it’s too soon. He didn’t come much on time for dinner. She gave him a smile of appreciation which he just nodded. Geet had seen their phrase of silent talk and sometime it make her uncomfortable but this time she is too happy so shrugged it off. While maan take a look in rehan and rihana’s sleeping form sia helped geet with serving and they emerged in gossip just then raghav arrived.


Sia: wah geet aaj to lucky day nikla hamara. Raghav came and hugged sia kissing her head murmuring a sorry. Geet smiles at their love then all took place for the dinner and discussion.




Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let you know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg.


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  2. Posted by mmradhu97 on June 18, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    Fabulous update


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    wow awesome hot and passionate update maan become alert with raghav there is something


  6. superb update
    loved it
    awesome maaneet moments
    wat is maan hiding from geet
    continue soon


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  8. Nice update
    love maaneet moments
    I think maan kuch chupa raha hai
    geet se may be maan past.
    All updat are amazing love u dear.


  9. Hot n passionate update. Miss the two cuties n their naughtiness. I don’t like sia. Just hope she will not add more misery to Maan n Geet life.


  10. Awesome one starting was so hot, is sia is d reason behind maan’s behavior,hope everything wil clear up soon.waiting for nxt part


  11. Awesome update…loved it
    Maaneet moment were beautiful
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  12. Posted by neha74 on June 19, 2013 at 2:36 pm

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  15. awesome update

    i think ye sia or raghav me se hi koi gadbad hai or else y maan willbehave like that with sia

    P.S. sorry for late comment actually today was my last exam n day before yesterday i got my new phone so was busy with it


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    maan is hiding something. i hope it would not effect maneet’s relation.
    geet is very happy after a long time. if i am not wrong that sia will create problem. waiting for next.


  18. Posted by angelickushi on June 20, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    oh no so sia has something to do with maan’s behaviour


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  20. Posted by chahhat4eva on June 21, 2013 at 12:16 am

    Mind blowing update dear….
    Loved it a lot….
    Maaneet r too Hotttttt & Passionate….
    Why Maan soooo shocked hearing Raghav-Sia’s name….
    OMG!!!! Is that Sia or Raghav the reason Maan’s previous behaviour….
    Desperately waiting for next chapter….
    Update soon dear plsssssss😊


  21. Posted by khwaishfan on June 24, 2013 at 7:00 am

    superb update! Sia n Maan r friends! Maan seems tensed…wonder y! well written, update soon


  22. Maaneet moment were so awesome, loved it dear

    Sia is from Maan’s college n during college time they were inseperable buddies, then wht happened to tht relation ??

    is Raghav-Sia is the reason for Maan keeping distant from Geet after the birth of babies ??


  23. Posted by kariluvsmaangeet on June 30, 2013 at 4:52 am

    Totally hot and passionate update. Loved it!! I really want to know what is bothering maan. I really want to see him sharing it with geet really soon. Thanks for the update and continue soon 🙂


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