Love For You Part 72





Part 72



Long Strides of Emotion surged through her vein as Geet looked around the mansion where once she had played, the wall, the paintings are same even the stones and the color of the wall are same but the warmth that felt years ago isn’t present in this huge mansion. She walked through the corridor while once she had played hide & seek with Maan Neha Arjun and Dev in their childhood but today it carries a haunted atmosphere, it showed her the last time she had walked out from this corridor to the exit. How she had wished Maan will run and scoop her in his arm asking sorry for his negligence and take her back in his life. She remember the time she came to meet him but he didn’t even acknowledge her to meet once, all her remembrance came alive when she hallucinate herself walking away beside her without turning back, all that past persona made her hugging her body tight in a protective shell, rubbing the tears back with her palm and again those nasty tears made its way. Her all emotion that she had buried in her deep heart came as a flash.


Maan had seen her face which first showed no emotion but later as she entered the mansion her face showed a hurricane of emotion that she had probably buried deep inside. He didn’t say a word but walked beside her silently yet few feet away from her. he didn’t wanted her to pressurize on anything but as she had become so stubborn he need the force and today she needed to see her past, face the past that she hated the most just to bring back her real self. She has to come out of her world of rudra, not he complain or he had the right but her world needed her sister, her friends that she had abandoned and her choti whom she loved the most.


She looked at the abandoned hall which years before was filled with khurana children and the friends with them, this place had never left as helpless as it ever before not even when she came back almost 7 n half yrs back to India. It still carried the warmth of maan’s parents and their childhood then but today it felt like a dead place which need badly fixing with love and emotion but helpless as no one even want it to be alive.


She was lost in her good days when she heard someone’s voice and instant she knew it’s none other than her sister. She felt panic; she is not ready to meet them, what she will say to them, how they will react seeing her here. She knew the way she ran away from them isn’t appreciative, and then now meeting them all of a sudden.


Naina: Dev Yuvi has become so naughty I can’t tell u, aap to office me busy hote ho, u don’t even know ye kitna pareshan karta hain mujhe.


Dev: naina I think u should appoint a nanny.


Naina glared him with a fierce: don’t u dare to utter that word, khud help nahi kar sakte, I will not let any other woman touch my son.


Dev gulped hard and nodded, they were talking and coming from the stairs so didn’t noticed geet standing in the middle on the hall, where geet’s face lighten seeing them. A small smile tugged her lips hearing her di’s bossy command and then her eyes went on small yuvi who was trying to suck his thumb but naina isn’t giving him which irritates him and he puffed his lips to cry. Naina rolled her eyes seeing it while dev laughed on her.


Neha was walking out from a room downstairs calling or rather say threatening someone.


Neha: I need my work done in 2 hours or pack ur things to leave my office clara. She said in a meaning cold tone, and then snapped the phn off.


Dev placed his hand over her shoulder: Neha what happen? aaj ke din bhi bechari ke uppar chilla rahi ho?


Neha: bhai u know she always does something or other to make me blast on her. Dev chuckled while naina narrowed her eyes.


Naina: happy birthday neha. Neha looked at her without any expression, just nodded her head and stared at her phn expecting a call maybe.


Dev: uska intezar karna chodh de neha, pls start living ur life. Neha stared at him with a blank expression.


Neha: thats what I m doing. Anyway I need to go office, I have urgent meeting to attend.


Arjun came from back: aaj ke din bhi?    


Neha: what is the special about today that I will miss my work? When those persons who are the most important ppl in my life didn’t get the time to wish me I should take it so seriously. It’s better to stay there where I m needed, my work place where ppl does feel affected with my existence or death.


Geet whispered: Neha.


Every eyes turn on the small strained voice. Arjun stumble a feet while neha dropped her cell and the façade that she had worn years letting everyone see the vulnerable choti in her. Her legs couldn’t stop as she absorbs the nearly impossible sight. Geet standing few feet away. She couldn’t notice how her siblings are reacting but her eyes were locked with the person who is the sole reason for her to come here, she knew it; she knew her brother had given the best birthday gift she could ever asked. Maan smiles looking at his baby sister who was saying so many thanks with her eyes, he shook his head to say not to cry and she nodded but still her tears spilled out, She turned her gaze on Geet who was silently looking at her then at her back. Then in a sec neha ran and hugged geet tight.


Neha: Mishty agayi, finally u came mishty. U know how much I missed you. She complained like child, little sobbing and clutching her like she is a treasure. Gone her hard façade to show she is strong and it’s the same little child pampered by everyone the best.


Geet: Happy Birthday. Her whisper made everyone sigh, Neha cried and hugged her. Sorry I didn’t brought gift, Geet smiles at neha who made face.


Neha: Iss baar tu agayi, mujhe mera gift mil gaya, next baar badha gift chhaiye. Geet smiled and nodded. She didn’t realized when the tear drop fell from her lashes.


Geet couldn’t say more word. She was lost in the situation. She wanted to express her emotion but can’t, she don’t know how to express her feeling that she had buried more than 6 yrs, how will she tell them how much she missed them but she couldn’t formulate a word. So instead she just hugged neha and then arjun, dev. For the first time in 6 yrs she felt genuine happiness after seeing her frnds and specially her di. She looked at her in expectation but all she saw Naina’s fearful face. She was holding yuvraj in her arm and he was snuggling to her neck. Naina was standing still in her position, afraid she might take one step and her hallucinate image will vanish. Her ground was so strong and her mind refused to take another step forward that will lead to her baby sister.


But geet couldn’t stop her step to go for his di, she had missed her but other obstacle was so strong that all other emotion had fade away from her heart and now suddenly all relation stirring in her heart made her vulnerable. She looked at the baby snuggling close to her di. YUVRAJ. Her yuvraj, she so wanted to touch him, hold him but only she knew how much difficult it was to resist from coming here to meet her di and nephew. And now she can’t hold herself today.


Geet: can- can I take h-him? Naina without saying anything offered yuvy who gave his best gummy smile and went to geet happily. Her heart swelled with pride holding her nephew, tears floated but her heart doesn’t have the pain, it was full of joy. she memorized the day she holding tammy and mann, how proud she felt that day and she can bet this feeling wasn’t less from that day. She kissed yuvy all over his face who giggle and tried to touch her cheeks with his chubby palms. Aap pehchan gaye apni maasi ko? Will u ever forgive maassi for her recklessness? Wo to sorry bhi nahi keh sakti kyun ki ye word hi chota hain uske galti ke liye? Will u forgive ur maassi?


Naina: Maassi Maa jaisi, how can anyone think about forgiving a mother, she has to be for worship and love.


Naina’s soft whisper broke geet’s resistance and for the first time she bowl like a child: will yuvy’s mother forgive me?


Naina couldn’t stand there anymore as she embrace her little baby sis in a big hug, a supporting and forgivable hug. They cried like kid and maybe it was good. Both sister had jumble so much in them and never shared with anyone. So it was good for them to take out all pain, all problems, complain and every negative aspect from their life. 4 pair of eyes stood there silently watching the sisters weep and then smiling through tears. Neha turned to say thanks to maan but he was gone. She saw him going to dadima’s room.


‘Geet?’ another whisper came through the hall and geet turned to see arohi standing few feet away from her all mature and some hard line on her face. Time had forced her to be mature before time geet sighed.


Arohi: ye tu hain na geet, I m not hallucinating. She said in a shaky voice but geet can see the pain in her voice. She had spent countless night thinking geet will meet her once but never had she come back. Arohi never said the words but she hated maan the most and didn’t let rohan spend time with him because somewhere she wanted to share her happiness with geet on the birth of rohan. She waited and waited but couldn’t see her and at last her depression broke on maan when he came to see rohan. But today that hurt, that pain and anger vanished somewhere as geet came to her view. Naina took yuvy from geet as arohi hugged her.


Geet smiles through tears as she met her soul sister, they cried laughed and then geet commented on her saree saying she looks so mature. Not once anyone saw geet’s changed life style, she was like mounded glass. She met rohan, kissed him, hugged him gave her all love and rohan too liked her so much but then geet remember arohi’s words to maan in the garden. Why she has become so bitter, her arohi wasn’t this ever, but then it’s her fault that she left everyone then why she was blaming maan? She knew its weird but she doesn’t like it, not in past neither in present.


Geet: u have changed so much aro. Ye saree ye bindi. U r looking like a,,mom. Arohi giggles like their old age. Arjun was fascinated seeing her old self back. It was true Geet was their key of happiness, when she left she took all happiness and when she return it came back as naturally but he knew it’s all because of his brother. Apparently that key’s owner will be always MSK.


Arohi: badalna padhta hain, tune bhi sab rishtey badal liye the, hume chodh ke chali gayi sirf ek rishtey ke liye.


Geet: gayi thi, aur janti hu galat thi. Sayad abb tak nahi janti thi, lekin abb jaan gayi. But I never expected my sweet sober little arohi to blown in a woman. A little arrogant yet responsible woman. A woman who couldn’t respect her one big relation.


Arohi frown and so the other but arjun knew what she was talking, he guess maybe geet had seen her talking with maan.


Geet: arohi tu to aisi nahi thi, u had never talked in a bad manner to an stranger then how could u change so much?


Arohi: don’t start that geet?


Geet: kyun?


Arohi: because it’s u the reason I behaved so badly to him, because every time u wanted him more than us, ME.  U didn’t cared for ur aro because of him, and that why I hated him.


Geet stiffen: ohh aro! mana jo maine kiya galat tha, jo usne kiya wo bhi galat tha, hum dono ne apni shamta kho di lekin what right did u have to behave so rudely to him.


Arohi sighed in disbelief: Geet.


Geet: jo kehna hain wo mera haq hain, jo sunna hain uska haq hain, tu kon hoti hain arohi iske bich me aane wali? Did I ever interfere or hated arjun whenever u had tiff?


Arohi shook her head wanted to say something but geet stopped her.


Geet: I m not his side, neither I can ever forgive me that doesn’t mean other person has the right to talk to him or me what to do what not. U doesn’t have the right to stop rohan to meet him if he wanted. 


Arohi: I was just angry because u didn’t come when rohan was born.


Geet smiles sadly: then u should be angry with me, because I failed u, I failed every relation not him. I hated to admit that it will make me guilty if he had lost his relation because of me. I can’t compare his deed and mine aro, whatever he did maybe I can never forget or forgive and that surely doesn’t claim any other person make justice for me. If u are angry then be it on me because I don’t want to associate with a person like him and by getting angry and rude with him u r associating me with him.


Geet’s eyes met maan, he just came to say bye to them when he heard the last words. He doesn’t know what to feel but pain was the last thing he will feel because he is too numb to feel anything. Yet he gave neha his best smile if u considers, then kissed her forehead before going out. For the 1st time geet felt sympathy towards the man who shows how powerful he is but inside he is as breakable as a glass doll.



Precap; U know what maan, now I doesn’t feel hate for u because to hate u I have to feel for u which I deny to have. U r nothing to me.





Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.



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  1. nice update like geet ineracton with family


  2. Posted by life19 on June 18, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    me speechless

    wat to say.. everyone is happy but failed to see the one pair of eyes who is dying

    and geet she can read him na.. than why cant she now..

    he did wrong and destroyed everything but why cant she see those dead eyes in him


  3. first thanx alot for giving lots of update.intially i just like this ff,now i m loving it


  4. sad to see geet blanking maan hope they clear the air next time


  5. Posted by monikaseth on June 18, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    amazing part still pain but she doesn’t want to see his burning heart and broken heart….maan logging love from geet but she is ignoring him ..feeling sad ..waiting for good time when she comes to know all


  6. saddy update 😦 but it was wonderful 🙂


  7. Posted by mmradhu97 on June 18, 2013 at 7:38 pm

    Emotional and painful update…
    Finally geet meeting with everyone… feeling very bad for maan…
    Precap interstng… continue soon…


  8. at last finally whole family and friends meet up together after years , thanks to one and only maan , very emotional and painful meeting yet every one is happy seeing geet back . good that geet clarified arohi that its the matter between maan and her , why the hell is she blaming and accusing maan when geet is there to justify his act ..
    poor maan he himself brought happiness in his family but he himself is enable to mingle in the happiness of his family …. geet please realize its all because of misunderstandings never done purposely though he himself is ashamed of himself.
    over all excellent update


  9. awsem update


  10. Posted by chahhat4eva on June 19, 2013 at 3:48 am

    Sooooo emotional update dear…. Ohhh I can’t see Maaneet like this…. When will this track come to its end…. I want to see them Happy, romantic, lovey-dovey moment…. Precap is saddy & confusing…. Desperately waiting for next chapter…. Continue soon plsssss 🌺🌺🌺


  11. Awesome update. Finally Geet meet her family. Emotional part when she talked to arohi. But sadly Maan did not say anything. At first everyone accused him n how will they thank him for bring Geet back in their life? ??? Anyways the family picture will be complete wz the presence of the two angels. Now waiting for their coming in India.


  12. Happy family re union hope noe tanny n mannat meet their dadda n happy maaneet family is back


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    really feeling bad for maan he is really enduring lots of pain………………..


  15. Posted by neha74 on June 19, 2013 at 10:45 am

    nice update bit now I am feeling really bad for maan :/ he has suffered more than he deserved :S the precap is even more painful :-/


  16. Posted by neha74 on June 19, 2013 at 10:47 am

    :/ 😦 :-/


  17. full of emotion n wonderful update..
    an emotional reunion of all relations wid geet..
    maan is broken to the extent dat it seems impossible to get him back..
    plzzz continue soon..
    eagerly waiting for update..


  18. y always maan???
    love to see d reunion of all d friends

    P.S. sorry for late comment actually today was my last exam n day before yesterday i got my new phone so was busy with it


  19. Very emotional update. i love this ff. plz do something for maaneet. Plz next pt update soon. and thanks for 4 update together.


  20. tich it was very very beautiful update. finally geet is back in her family. all are so happy after seeing geet. i loved geet and naina’s part. i loved that part also when geet scold arohi. her all words were right. very exited for next.


  21. Posted by angelickushi on June 20, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    loved the update
    dont know when maan will get his share of love


  22. Posted by rdhanya83 on June 21, 2013 at 4:26 am

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  24. Posted by khwaishfan on June 24, 2013 at 6:59 am

    emotional update! well written


  25. it was an emotional update

    Geet – Naina reunion was one of the most emotional part

    Neha received the best birthday gift from his bro

    hope the MU b/w MAANEET to be clear soon


  26. Awwh awsum n emotional part 😦 ,
    LFU waz ful of life ,joy n hapines in past,
    like its said life cn nevr b bed of roses it also has to face bad times,
    so a salute to ur realistic thoughts,
    neha, naina n geet re union,
    fr instance i waz truely drownd wth their emotions. . .
    arohis behaviour waz reasonable like me mishti 2 cant see hs maan being acusd n insultd. . . 😦
    Luvd geets each n every word. . :*


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