Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 11


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Part 11




Almost everyone took their seat and as Maan approached the bus but all front seats were covered, but his eyes were only searching for geet who was undoubtedly trying to avoid his gaze. He saw her pale face, hazels were looking here and there, and she settles her gaze on the window. Apparently the seat beside her was empty so he thanked his stars for that but as soon as he stepped towards it Yash took the seat giving a warm smile to geet. One side geet sighed in relief as Maan won’t be seated beside her and the other corner felt sad not having him close to her, and then his accusation of her being double timing came back. She looked at him which made his breath a little hitch. Her pearl emerged eyes down casted not having the courage to complain him about his behavior. He abruptly took the last seat where his father, geet’s father, brij took place near. Maan rolled his eyes seeing them trying to mingle with him but he least care. He didn’t indulge himself in their talk of sports and business; his eyes were observing Geet who didn’t for once looked back to see him. It hurt him a lot but he deserves that he suppose.


The entire journey maan had to torture himself by seeing geet talking with yash and sometime laughing on his jokes, her giggle filled the Volvo in a musical atmosphere. He just watched her playing, smiling, singing with other and sometime giving high five to yash, it burned him. He wanted there be on his place but couldn’t he was never perfect like yash. And on top of that Roshni, why the hell is she doing in this family he still couldn’t figure it out. According to his family she is Dadima’s sister’s long distance relative then why she always dumped on his Khurana family?


The moment the Volvo came to a halt everyone started dragging out the essentials for the picnic. Geet doesn’t want to come out the last, of course yet not ready to meet maan in the way of getting down the bus. She enthusiastically helped Yash to take out the bags and sports kit from the upper drawer. Sometime she gave importance to his word some time just pretended she is listen while her whole concentration was on maan, she was feeling the burning gaze on her back so she tried not to turn but it was hard when brij was sitting right beside maan and sometime instructing her to be careful and not carry heavy bags. She just nodded her head in silent which baffled everyone. Maan heard rano saying something about it.


‘badhi chup chup hogayi hain geet, aisa to kabhi nahi hota. She is the one who gets most enthusiastic about picnic. Till morning she was happy but now’


‘ha maa, maine bhi dekha hain gudiya bohot chup chap hogayi hain, aisa to kabhi nahi hota.’ It was brij who showed his concern. Aniee looked at him in a admiration seeing his love for geet.


‘aap log chinta mat karo, maybe she isn’t feeling good in health. I m sure at the end she will be fine, I will accompany her and see her.’ annie smiles at brij who just nodded in a gesture to say thanks. He still didn’t forget the morning when he found her weeping silently and then he just silently comforted her by sitting beside her. It was so natural to sit beside her and hear her cry where she cried and eventually told about maan’s childhood. Brij sympathized and for the first time he didn’t think maan as a spoilt brat but understood his problem and the more aniee shared her feeling he felt sorry for her and something else which he can never described. Both silently recognized each other’s comfort and came out from the grief.



Yash watched Geet as she came out from the bus but her whole concentration was on her back. He had realized she was lost in her own thought from the moment they met in the bus, at first he thought maybe seeing the family quarrel she is frightened and he had apologized behalf of his family but geet baffled him saying something that still rung in his ear.

‘Geet I m sorry if u r so quite because of my family, whatever scene maan had created,’ before yash can complete his words geet jumped glared him which made him further confuse.


‘yash u shouldn’t say sorry to me for whatever ur family did to maan. If he couldn’t understand ur love for him then u should showed him by including him in every small discussion to big decision. U should stop thinking what fault he has and start thinking what good quality he has in him, maybe he will take time to understand the love but u can give this small amount of time to gain his trust and love for a life. I can bet his love will be worth a life.’


She said the last word grimly and again looked away the window.


Yash was in awe seeing her so sensible side, now he knew why dadima wanted her to be daughter in law of Khurana family. Maybe she is naïve and innocent, pure and untouched by the cruelty but somewhere her understanding and love with maturity and to understand the situation is more powerful than any person. Though she is 22 but and very innocent still have the tendency to respect every person and relation.


He saw geet looking something angrily, he was amused to see her so angry. Few moments ago she was trying to show she is happy by agreeing on his words, singing songs and laughing on his and nikhil’s jokes but he had observed her sadness when she would look out of window. But now she is more like a lioness. What had happened that made her this.


Geet looked at Maan who was coming from the bus along with Roshni who was very close to him by side. Sometime brushing her hand and the worst when she entangled her hand with his arm. Geet nearly blast the basket she was holing if her mother wouldn’t have called her. Hearing rano calling geet to come back maan turned to see she was standing right 10 feet away from him looking at his side with so much anger that can burn anything alive. That’s when he realize some sag was covering her arm and turning to see roshni giving her best seductive smile to him. His breath nearly got choked remembering the murderous glare geet gave when she came in KM and now this. One part of his heart felt happy as her jealousy was giving a hint of her feeling that she is unknown but the bigger part was fearful expecting her to be mad at him which he can’t afford atleast not now. He prayed innocent making a cute face but geet shrugged it angrily and instantly ran towards yash. Maan cursed under his breath and jerks roshni’s hand which he never realized was adjoin till now, she was more like sag for him.


Rest of the time geet helped yash and aniee to settle the sheet on the ground. They tied a net to play some game. Geet was least bother; her whole concentration was on maan and that roshni.


‘aniee ye roshni kon hain?’


Aniee looked at her weirdly ‘Geet roshni roshni hain,’


She laughed making geet further irritated ‘uff aniee mera matlab hain, wo tumhari family ki kya lagti hain.’


‘Ohh that way! Actually Nikhil and roshni are Dadima’s sister’s daughter’s sister in law’s children. It’s so confusing na geet kya batau, but they like to mix with us, vale hi koi bhav de ya na de. Actually they came to see yash bhai’s to be bride and not only they but other relative also. My grandpa doesn’t have much of relative beside urs and all we have dadima’s family which so long I can’t explain and we have other cousin hanging in KM in different occasion but all are busy in their life and announced that they will meet u on wedding but roshni and Nikhil came to see.’


‘ohh ok.’


‘kyun tumhe kya huya geet?’


‘nahi kuch nahi mujhe laga she is ur sister like something but she doesn’t call bhai to maan or yash so I guess’


Aniee laughed at her thoroughly but coughed to hide it ‘Don’t tell her u said this geet. Roshni has a big crush on Maan bhai but maan bhai doesn’t even know she exist.’


Geet pouted childishly ‘aisa kaise hosakta hain unko malum hi nahi, wo to hamesha unse chipki hui rehti hain.’


‘hehehe geet ye tumhe aur mujhe dikhta hain maan bhai ko nahi because he doesn’t care and neither gave her any signals but she still irritates him. Just because she is relative of dadima maan bhai tolerates her.’


But it wasn’t enough for geet to calm down, she didn’t like someone clutching to him so tightly, and he didn’t even noticed. Somehow she felt bad. Aniee was gone but she kept blabbering herself ‘Aise kaise. Khud chipke rehte hain to koi baat nahi. Main yash se baat karti hu to bharak jaate hain. Babaji ye aise kyun hain? Maine kya galti ki wo aise gusse vare ankho se ghoor te rehte hain.’


‘aise akele kisse baat kar rahi ho geet?’


Geet turned to see yash standing beside her looking upward like the way she was talking to her babaji. She felt conscious but gave a little nervous laugh.


‘kisise nahi, bas ainvey’


‘tum ainvey yehi khari rahogi ya hamari help karogi.’


‘kiya to aur kitna karungi. Mujhe bhook lagi hain.’


‘Geet u just ate the veg-burger 15 min ago now u are saying u r hungry’


‘Ha to bhook lagi hain to lagi hain, main kya karu mera nanha sa pet khana chahta hain to’


Yash rolled his eyes then looked at her up to down ‘tumhe dekhke lagta nahi tum itna khaati ho’


Geet’s mouth made an O and then pouted angrily ‘What did u say, main bhukkar hu?’


Yash shook his head urgently ‘No geet I didn’t said that’


‘mujhe tumse baat hi nahi karni.’ She ran out from the place and yash rubbed her nape in nervousness, but he couldn’t help but to laugh on her cuteness.


Maan heard their talk and couldn’t stop smiling, he was coming to say sorry to geet when aniee approached her and he heard all their talk, well he agree bad manner but he couldn’t help and then he saw yash coming towards her. The much he hated the more he wanted to know her and that won’t be possible if he didn’t give her space. Now he stood there smiling and shaking his head.


Whenever geet felt angry or upset her digesting system start working heavily and she felt hungrier than ever, she took out the fries from packet and started munching.  Just then rano saw her munching snacks and she became conscious seeing dadima smiling at geet’s gesture.


‘geet kitni baar kaha hain bewaqt ye sab nahi khate.’


‘but mumma I m feeling hungry, yaad hain humne breakfast bhi nahi kiya tha.’ she said with a cute frown, dadima actually adored her cuteness and so the other but as a mother rano felt conscious with her eating habit. Just then Nikhil saw geet eating French fries.


‘Ohho geet, u were eating burger and now fries, not bad I guess u love do work out then’


Geet made a face hearing it ‘why should I workout, khati piti ghar ki ladki hu, my papa earns enough to feed me full tummy.’ She said with a stupid grin but it was melting others, Nikhil saw her licking her lips, a smirk came on his face but covering it he smiled at her.


Rano became infuriate seeing her giving answers to her in laws, so she couldn’t suppress her worry and blabbered what came to her mouth ‘Geet stop retorting back to everyone. And stop eating every time, do u have any idea how much weight u will put on if u eat like this. What will other think about it? In few days u r going to marry off to other house what will they think? Grow up geet. ye bachpana chodh de.’


Rano didn’t realized how much hurt she had caused the little innocent life that was looking at her with teary eyes. Rano had snatched the fries from her hand and all geet could do was not to look at that. From morning she is being everyone’s punching bag and it finally worn her out.


‘aaj se pehle to apko mere weight pe dhyan nahi gaya mumma so aaj kyun aisa. Sirf shaadi ki baat hui to main parayi hogayi and u started thinking about my weight. Dusro ko kya lagta hain mujhe janna nahi hain but agar meri khud ki family nahi chahti main moti hojau so that I can’t embarrass u, then I should agree it. Hain na mumma?’ Geet ran away from the place while weeping her eyes with the back of her palm. Maan yash brij came to the scene later but they caught geet running away and rano’s distraught face.


Dadima looked at rano dissatisfied ‘aisa kehne ki kya zarurat thi rano, she is a child and her innocence is biggest asset. Don’t force her to grow up so fast, she will lose herself in it. And why u thinks her in law will say or feel something like that. Purity which geet possess hard to find. Chote kapre pahenke figure dikhani wali bahu chahiye thi to hum yaha kyun aate. She has the beauty and innocence which can’t be comparing to skinny girls who barely eat a proper meal. We love geet for being what she is.’


Rano looked at geet’s retreating figure painfully; she was ashamed for her behavior but knew geet will not come o soon. She knew her daughter still said all that. Aniee explained everything to the men who seethed in anger but couldn’t say anything as rano was already crying.


Brij couldn’t suppress his anger ‘Maa she is upset can’t u understand that?’ all head turns towards him, ‘she has a habit, she eats whenever she feels angry or upset and it won’t stop till anyone pacify her. but I don’t think she will eat a morsel now. Happy now? And I can’t even talk to her as she will be more upset. We have to wait for an hour to subside her anger now.’


Yash realized she was upset with him too and something else was bothering her from morning. But as brij said no one should face her now or she will become more upset so he gave a little space but Maan couldn’t wait for that. He is ready to take her all anger but can’t let her be alone now.



Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.



© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.



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    Awesome update… loved it…
    Continue soon


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  5. Posted by monikaseth on June 18, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    awesome superb and fantastic dear love the way geet become angry along with jealous sooo sweet…I love it how she give good answer to yash about maan brilliant love from heart. ..aww rano make her sad noo….so cute she said mein bhukkhad hu haha


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  11. Superb update. Love the conversation btwn geet n yash. She is the only person to understand him. So Geet is jealous. Poor Maan now he has to manofy her n seek for forgiveness for his behaviour.


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  13. Posted by neha74 on June 19, 2013 at 10:34 am

    Lovely update 🙂 eagerly waiting for maaneet meeting and how maan will pacify geet 😉 continue soon 🙂


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    P.S. sorry for late comment actually today was my last exam n day before yesterday i got my new phone so was busy with it


  16. Posted by angelickushi on June 20, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    loved it
    geet is upset bcoz of maan waiting for him to manaofy her


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    Rano scolded Geet for eating

    Geet is very much hurt by her mother changed behaviour

    finally Maan got the chance to talked with Geet n is ready to take all her anger…..


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