Kaise Kahen Ssn 2 (Part 3)



Part 3


Geet only looked back to the beggar not fighting or stopping the goons who were mercilessly dragging her out, they had hit the pandit who tried to stop them but she not once tore her gaze from him. Maan stayed there statured, and then left the place to meet sonam and aadi who was baffled to see him like that. Aadi fumble to see him, but he didn’t showed his reaction. Aadi was confused to see him so unconcern, it was so unlikely to maan. Last year when geet failed to come here it was Maan who waited for her the whole day and night without uttering a word or showing any discomfort but at least before going he had taken the information about geet and he got to know it was Udayveer who stopped her going out and strictly ordered everyone not to say a word about geet outside. He felt shattered, thinking she finally stopped coming here for him but again his heart didn’t agree and he came here this yr with a false hope to see her, he just wanted to confirm she is fine and after seeing her, his heart felt at peace. But now when his beloved geet is in problem he isn’t caring for her, why?


Aadi: maan wo geet.


Maan removed his shawl dropping it on the ground and took the car keys, they are in the backward so no one can see them but they can watch the front ground.


Maan narrowed his eyes: I heard sonam’s plan in this morning, so sonam stop this drama, we are going back delhi right now.


Sonam looked at him with fearful eyes; in fraction maan understood her dilemma.


Sonam sobbed: I m sorry, wo, yeh, I don’t know who are they.


Maan couldn’t hear her words more as his conscious went on geet whose large sob break through his heart. He turned to see her and watched how mercilessly they dragged her and in next sec she tripped on a large rock.



Geet didn’t tried to release her hand, but when the beggar vanished from her eyes she came to her senses. She tried to stop her step only to be mercilessly dragged by the goons whose face was covered half. And next she tripped over a large rock, if she fell on it the sharp edge it can damage her body or head but what can she do now. She accepted her fate, if her Krishna ji want her to come to him she is ready. But she wanted to see HIM at least for the last time, at least now he will see her with the love she dreamt her life. But it’s only an illusion; this is her reality, dying in front of some rented goons. She better choose dying than humiliating her soul, she closed her eyes expecting the sharp edge cut through the flesh and pierces her heart but that never came. She fell on something hard but not rock, it was rather a bed of feather that she recognized, and she had slept her 14 yr there, in HIS ARMS. Her eyes shot open feeling the same scent and met the most desirable pair of eyes which was staring at her with utmost pain, worry, anger and? And Love? Concern? Hurt?  For a moment she felt she is finally in heaven watching her fav dream but it was as real as the anger in his eyes. She was confuse, what she had done that made him angry, unknowingly a pout came to her lips like the childhood when she did all mischievousness and when he would scold her she will pout which vanish his anger in the thin air.



Geet whispered: Maan.


Maan immediately made her stand closely to him, his hand was rubbing her back and other hand was on her stomach which he removed reluctantly, she tried to stand steady but her feet was too much hurt so she stumble again, but held his hand.


Maan: Are u ok mishty? Gone his anger and replaced it with heart full of concern and something else which she can’t recognize, maybe worry or……….


Tears of happiness ran through her hazel finally having him so close, forgotten all pain, and all resolution she just hugged him tight. Her sob break through the barrier of her heart contended so many years and he hugged her passionately, plastering her on him like second skin, his eyes were red with fury looking at those goons.


1st goon: isse hume dedo aur nikal ja iss jagah se agar jaan pyari hain to (give her to us, and leave the place if u want to live the life.)


2nd: ek min, sun, agar tujhe ye chahiye to hamare sath chal, wo log apna kaam hojane ke baad isse chodh denge, tab tu isse le sakta hain lekin hamare baad thik hain?

(one min, listen if u want to have her, just come with us and after their work they will leave her to us, u can have her then but after us, ok?)


Maan made her stand behind him and landed a straight punched to the 2nd person.


3rd: tu hain kon? Aur iske liye marne kyun aaya hain? (who are u? and why u came to die for her?)


Well as maan was away from the place now more than 8 yrs so no one had seen maan, but they had heard about his anger. But the news he left Geetanajli wasn’t hidden from anyone, some ppls fear Maan Singh Khurana, some feel disgust thinking how can he leave geet but no one know him, geet tried to stop but maan was fuming lion now.


They were seven in num and he was alone with nothing in hand. Though he was great fighter but who can fight against seven trained goons with sword. Maan still didn’t let anyone come near geet, he punched and kicked them on stomach and mouth to make him bleed, geet was statue with horror, she stood there numb but at least couldn’t when someone came from back and hold the long sword to punch maan’s back.


Geet screamed on top of her lungs: MAANNNN….


Before maan can do anything the person launched the sword towards his stomach at the same time he turned his face on geet’s shrieking voice. Geet’s eyes were widen and the blood strained out from the face seeing them. Her head swung frantically but she kept her eyes on them.


Maan saw someone holding the sword with another sword just an inch away from his stomach, his eyes met with his frnd cum enemy Udayveer Singh Rathode. Corner of veer’s lips switched up in a mocking smile but he didn’t let it influence the fight as he punched the goon straight on his stomach. Maan nodded his head slightly showing his gratitude, it was silent communication between veer and maan like this. Rest of the fight took by veer’s men. Maan and Veer turned to see geet whose face was pale, veer marched towards geet avoiding maan and held her shoulder in tight grip.


Veer: kaha tha na aap haveli ke bahar nahi jayengi, fir kyun nahi suna hamari baat? (I told u not to go outside of the haveli then why didn’t u listen to my word?)


He barked on her face making her winched and maan clenched his fist, he wanted to break his mouth for shouting on her but seeing geet looking at him with tears it just tore his heart but his concentration went on the words said by veer.


Veer: aaj aapne sirf apna hi nahi maan ki zindegi bhi khatre me daal hi diya geet, till when I have to make u realize u r NOT SAFE outside of the haveli, not even there, why don’t u understand princess u r precious for us, for me then why u don’t care for your life? Kyun karti hain aap aisa? Humse nafter karti hain ya iss zindegi se? tell me, are u upset because of our alliance, then I will break this right now,


Geet whispered: VEER. Aap aisa, hum, wo, aaj holi. Aap bhi humse ruth gaye veer? U also wants to leave me?


Her words were enough to tear both men’s heart, Maan looked away realizing her words that mean somewhere for him and veer closed his eyes hurting his princess. Geet turned her back to them and started walking towards the car, she didn’t said anything just closed the car but her eyes went on maan, tear fell from her eyes but she knew her limit in which he doesn’t have the place.


Geet: ghar chaliye kaka.


Driver was waiting for her order, and he zoomed pass them leaving a shattered veer and crumbled maan.


Veer sighed then looked at maan: apne der kar diya maan, Geet is my fiancé now, I won’t let her go to u, I can’t let u hurt her again.


Maan was least bother about his words, he was joining some clue to clue he remember those goons saying they will give her to some other persons, and pandit also said she shouldn’t come risking her life, what is happening? Here veer was so worried and scold her so much. He knew veer, he isn’t a person who will lose his patience especially with geet, something is happening here.


Maan looked at veer: Yaha kya huya tha veer? What happened with geet? and who were they? Those goons were saying they will take her for some other person but whom? Ho kya raha hain yaha?


Veer sighed a long one: u came here so late maan, it’s none of ur concern now.


Maan; damn, it is my concern. This is my state and she,


Veer: yeah right, that state u abandon years ago for ur dreams and career. Abandon her knowing she will shatter after that. Humiliating her love and


Maan: I don’t need to know those facts, just tell me what is happening here veer. His demanding voice was reaching a level of explosion. Veer was silent for a moment then he looked straight in his eyes.


Veer: someone want to kill geet, someone close.


The ground slipped behind his feet as he came to know the reason of his heart shattering. He looked at veer with unbelievable stare. Veer nodded his head in yes and looked away.


Veer: Someone wants to kill you and geet. u shouldn’t come here maan.


Maan; and leave her to die alone?


Veer: she is dying alone for past 8 yrs, and u were nowhere so it’s none of ur concern now. Maan closed his eyes to control his rage, and when he opened it it was unusually cold.


Maan: I m coming to haveli, inform dadisa.


With that he left the place leaving a frustrated veer and beaming sonam and aadi.






Now if maan and geet won’t be under same roof how will the story begin? And pls don’t hate veer, he has a lot role here, story will be emotional once the plot step round 3 which will be after 1 part.



Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.



© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.




14 responses to this post.

  1. Nice one,Veer ko hate nehi karoongi pr pyaar bhi nehi,kyonki vo tho maaneet ke liye he na,waiting for nxt part,


  2. like veers anger on maaneet now maan will realise what he lefty behind hope he can win geets trust again


  3. I have a spcl attachment to KK,be it part-1 or 2.
    The scene where Maan saved Geet from falling on the rock ,it was so fabulously described that I can watch the scene playing in my mind,that too in slow motion.Then their hug,oh God what a contented feeling.
    The fight,superb as always.Veer’s entry in the update was super cool.

    But Geet’s state sadened me they she said that now Veer too is angry with her.

    I wud luv to see Maan and Veer’s relationship too be it frndshp or enemity.

    And the last declaration of Maan,OMG it was so royal and authoratative.Love Maan.

    Waiting for next part,eagerly.



  4. tich it was amazing. i loved it. atlast maan has to come for saving geet. i am happy maan is coming back in haveli. now we can get beautiful moment of maneet. i like veer’s character also. i know he is not bad but he is very concerned for geet. very very exited for next.


  5. awesome update
    loved it
    maan also going to haveli 🙂
    continue soon


  6. Posted by mmradhu97 on June 24, 2013 at 3:35 am

    Wonderful update


  7. Posted by Chetna on June 24, 2013 at 6:58 am

    lovely update 🙂


  8. awsem update maan saving geet veer confrontation wow maan going to live with them


  9. Posted by angelickushi on June 24, 2013 at 8:54 am

    omg so both were there its ok but maan came infront of geet thats wat needed
    waiting for next


  10. Awesome update

    Maan had overheard adi n soham plan n hence he had not gone behind goons

    Maan came n save his mishty from the goons n geet recognised Maan touch

    Maan – veer face offs

    Maaneet life is in danger but who is behind all this

    Wow maan declaring to veer to inform dadisa tht he is coming to haveli


  11. That was so nice… Mera dil bhar gaya hai khushi se……:-!


  12. Nice part. continue soon


  13. Posted by nikita0109 on September 20, 2013 at 10:39 am

    oye maan ne sonam ka plan sun liya thaa…..maan ne bachaya tho geet ko….veer b waha aa gaya….aur kaun h jo geet n maan dono ko maarna chahte h…..wow maan haveli wapas aa rh h…..


  14. Posted by anamikasb on April 13, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    Awesome part III


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