Kagaz Ki Kashthi luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 97A



1st of all i m extremelyyy sorry, for disappearing like that again. i had a lot so i don’t think u can take all in single day. 1st it was my lappy which crashed suddenly and then my helath and then my exam. i had no net to inform u all and i was not well to recharge even. so i guess u will forgive me for my inconvenience.



Part 97 A



Saanjh clutched Shiv’s hand staring at the person on the entrance looking directly at Geet. Her slim figure enchanted the white transparent saree. She is indeed beautiful, somewhere like the model, skinny but beautiful with whitish complexion. No doubt guys were gaping at her with open mouth, obviously with lust.


Nikita went towards Sam welcoming her with a smile.


Nikita: Sam beta, where is your parents, we had invited your full family. Abhinash wanted mr malhotra to come here, jab aap log sab kuch bhula kar naye se dosti ki suruyat kar rahe hain tab hume bhi aage badhna chahiye. Sam smiled her best and hugged nikita and both of them headed towards Maaneet who were standing close to each other.


Sam: aunty, Papa said to convey his best wishes to u all, he is little busy in his upcoming project so he couldn’t make it.


Maan cursed something under his breath then made a small distance between him and geet leaving her waist. Suddenly the chill air touched geet making her nervous and lonely. Though maan was just inch away but she didn’t like this new distance which seems like miles now, especially under Sam’s scrutiny.  Maan changed the disturb look on his face and faced Sam who was giving an ultra friendly smile.


Sam: Congrats Maan, for 2nd marriage, oops with same person. Before maan can say something she suddenly hugged him. Geet looked away from them but disgust was clearly visible on her face, and Sam was least bother with it. She gave a smirk to geet which irritates her further. Maan was standing stiffly in her embrace not hugging her back; she broke it and looked at him.


Sam: Maan when we left our all past then we shouldn’t bring old feelings, I m here to congratulate you and geet on your happiness, and we are friends now. Remember I said I will be always there with you in your happiness and if that mean geet is your happiness then I will be happy to give you your happiness. She turned to geet and held her hand making her confuse like hell. Geet today I m happy for my old friend and I know you will keep him happy. Geet twitched her eyebrows together looking at Sam who was giving large smile. Sam hugged her fiercely. Warna main to hoon hi, Maan ko sambhalne ke liye. sam whispered in her ear the last set of word,


Shiv raised his eyes looking at the 9th wonder but maan was feeling relief, he still didn’t know whatever Sam had done behind his back and Sam knew how to take advantage of it, that’s what shiv thought. She looked at saanjh who was clutching him tight. He held her hand squeezing it a little and assuring her with his eyes.


Shiv whispered: look where is maahi and whom she with saanjh. She nodded and went towards hrishita who was holding maahi and giving weird look with disgust. She doesn’t like Sam at all.


Geet looked at maan, seems like he didn’t heard her words last, it was in a hush tone. Sam broke the hug and geet gave her a tight smile.


Geet: Sam I think you r missing something. Maan is already my husband, unki khusiyo ki fiqar main nahi karungi to kisi bahar wali karegi kya? And I think you have already noticed months before that maan is happy with me.


Samaira’s smile lost its color still she gave a small smile to maan who seems like smelling the burn. He held geet waist possessively which didn’t go unnoticed by her.


Maan: Do join our wedding samaira.


Sam smiles at him: Maan we are still friends so you can call me sam, don’t you think it’s so formal to call samaira. you always loved calling me sam remember? She batted her lashes mischievously while maan rolled his eyes.


Maan: I guess Sam will be fine. Geet became stiff in her position which made maan uncomfortable. He looked at her but she clearly refused to show her emotion. Her face was blank but he can’t miss the sadness on it, there was anger and grief. Sam smirked at their new gap in the emotion but soon her smile faded as shiv warned her with his eyes. Sam looked away covering her rage for him. Her so called brother ditched her for this geet how can she forget that. She walked away to meet others and maan turned to see geet’s disturb face.


Maan: geet you know that was nothing, she just wanted, but before he can complete his words sujal approached them, he has a biggest smile on his face that geet missed the most. He came and hugged geet suddenly. And well it made maan uncomfortable now. Geet saw that but did least to stop rather engulfed sujal showing maan how it affects him now.


Sujal breaks the hug and cupped her face: Geet I m really happy for you, and you r looking so pretty you know that, you looked so happy and its enchanting your beauty that I had never seen ever at least with me.


Geet’s smile dropped: sujal.


Sujal: hey, husshh, first let me talk, ok. Geet nodded. Geet pata hain till I came to your shoe I never realized how can a person leave loving their first love. Maaneet both became stiff but sujal didn’t notice it. But now when I can see your pov I finally realized we can never leave our first love and it stays always safely inside our heart, in a special corner but that doesn’t mean we can’t love 2nd time, we even give the biggest place for it and it much more special because the love is your soul mate. Maybe we can love thousand times but soul mate are only one which I finally get to have. Geet looked confuse but his words were disturbing maan. Yes it’s true geet’s first love will be always sujal. Though he knew whatever he felt for sam was never so much powerful that he feels for geet now, he said he can kill for sam but now he realized, he can die for geet and in love that is what meant real love. Sacrifice meant love. But what about geet?


Sujal: yes I got my love geet, I told you about her remember. Look she is here and she agreed to marry me. Someone tapped his shoulder and he gave her side, which reveals a beautiful girl smiling at him then geet. Her long hair and creamy complexion with sweet large smile gave a vibrant feel to geet.



‘Hi I am Kashish. And you are geet and maan. Such a lovely couple.’


Maan looked baffled but soon recovered with relief that finally his threat is leaving his space. (funny, but some time we feel insecure with our love’s ex)


Geet: hi kashish, you r really very pretty, and I can say perfect for my friend. Sujal deserves the best.


Kashish blushed a little: well best is reserved. Geet looked confused but she laughed. Maan had already taken that. Sujal looked embarrassed but not hurt and geet bite her lips to stop smiling. Maan looked away to hide the little smile.


Geet: but he deserved something better than me, you will be perfect for him. And I m glad he told you everything.


Sujal: well glad for me after knowing she doesn’t reacted but gawked at me. Kashish giggled.


Kashish: geet you were destined for maan and seeing you guy’s love I can surely say God has made the perfect pair.


Sujal: yeah kashish I had never seen geet so much happy when she was with me. In fact her new level of love and madness only came when maan entered her life. Suddenly maan looked at sujal and geet looked anywhere but maan. Sujal smiles at her. You always said I m your first love but geet I was always your best friend, not love. Yes its right I loved you but maybe because I knew what love is and I was mature than u. You always thought you loved me where in reality I had never seen the madness and possessiveness in your eyes for anyone else than maan. I will confess that I didn’t like it and thought maan had snatched the best frnd inside the lover. But when I met kashish and saw her love for me then I realized it’s time let go of past and accept present. I m glad you will be my best frnd and 1st love but I m more than happy to have kashish as my soul mate and be her 1st love. I wish only happiness for you geet but remember whenever you will need a frnd we will be with you always. Kashish smiles and nodded. Geet hugged both of them feeling a little emotional and realizing her love for sujal. He was always her mentor and protector, her best frnd whom she was glad to have as love but yes he is right she never felt the possessiveness for sujal like the way she felt for maan.


Sujal and kashish left maaneet to meet others while geet tried not to look at maan but he forced her to look at him.


Maan: I m sorry mishty. He said kissing her knuckle, but she shook her head.


Geet: I, I shouldn’t have behaved like that but main kya karoo I didn’t like her closeness. She blurted in nervousness making maan amuse.


Maan: geet you never fail to amuse me. Geet squeezed her eye brow to him in scrutiny, but he pulls her closer to him by holding her waist. Her eyes got widen and she looked here and there. Everyone seems like involved in themselves where they were in alone corner.


Geet breathed on his chest: Maan.


Maan caresses her face: Geet I know how you felt seeing me with another person, Geet suddenly lowered her lashes. But he held her chin to make her see in his eyes. Believe me I know. When sujal hugged you I felt the same burning pain, I felt like decorating his face with my fist. Geet’s eyes popped out and she glared him but he chuckle. Then touched her nose with his, believe me I didn’t like her hug, neither I wanted to call her friend but that moment I wanted to get rid of her, she looked confuse, he kissed her nose. I wanted to spend this lovely moment with u, I wanted to erase every past which gave you pain and make new memory; she is a chapter of my past which I want to bury and leave behind so I didn’t wanted any drama. Whenever I faced her or helped her just as a human nothing with feeling. I want to go ahead of our future leaving all our past and I m happy to learn the way I feel for you, you feel the same. And we will be together no matter what pain future hold for us.


Geet smiles through moist eyes: promise?


She asked his hand to give her promise like a child which he gave smiling. He peek her lips.


Maan: now let’s go I m missing my angel. Geet rolled her eyes.


Geet: your angel is happily going here to there through everyone’s arms.



They met shiv who was little worried, but one look to their smiling face gave him relief.


Shiv: maan I wanted to talk to you. Maan looked at shiv with knowing eyes but with a warning not to talk in front of geet. shiv nodded.


Shiv: I think office will be good, we can wait till marriage.


Maan: waise shiv I think you should talk to saanjh’s parents before it gets too late. Saanjh ko koi aur legaya to tu pachtayega. He said looking saanjh who was coming with abir one side talking and pouting, saanjh snapped something and abir held her hand making baby face, it made shiv boil in rage. Geet chuckle but shiv gave a warning glare to which she only showed her tongue.


Shiv: someday I will kill him. And saanjh I told her to come with maahi but this girl.


Just then sam came to their group: ohho so I missed it huh. My brother finally acknowledged his love huh?


Shiv greeted his teeth: none of your concern sam.


Sam: ohho shiv you are my frnd and now when finally you r thinking of marriage and stuff I thought to help my brother come frnd. But well, umm Saanjh? So finally that slum-girl managed to make her place in your heart huh.


Shiv: sam.



On the other end Hrishita came with maahi who was crying like hell and saanjh came with the bottle of milk to give her, abir stood frozen in his track but saanjh and hrishita was busy to feed maahi who was adamant for her mother feeding, they were close to maaneet, sanajh saw geet but before she can say anything hrishita tried to shove the milk bottle in maahi’s mouth, just then abir shrieked.


Abir: Tummmm….


Hrishita looked above to meet abir: Abir? Her hold on milk bottle came loose and Maahi in rage kicked it so hard that it went on the pillar and next splashed the while milk on SAM’s head and transparent saree. Everyone gasped loudly while sam blinked her lashes couple of time but laughter confirmed she is not dreaming this nightmare. Soon everyone joined in the laughter and Sam fumed looking at maahi and then geet who was trying to control her smile.


Her fuming eyes went on Saanjh who was cracking in laughter like never before. It was the old saanjh who loved to make her a laughing object and she was laughing so hard that she can touch the ground any moment. Rituka came beside her and tried to hush her but she clapped her hand together childishly seeing her maahi also clapped her hand enthuistically, then showed her hand towards sam and again saanjh laughed and maahi giggle which made rituka suppress her laughter at least for sam’s sake. She was looking like any moment she can blast. She lastly turned towards Maan who took maahi in his hand and tried to suppress his smile but it was spilling from his lips, sam couldn’t handle this humiliation.


Maan: My angel doll.


Sam (ST): One day you will regret this day Geet, one day I will make you pay for every laughter and you will cry more than this laughter.


She went out ignoring the few tissues which was offered to her.




Preca/TSR  will come in next part.



Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let you know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.





© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.



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