Love For You Part 73



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Part 73


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Maaneet was lost in their world of grief and so many unsaid emotions when a loud shrink of someone’s ringtone started ringing. Geet snapped her eyes and maan looked anywhere but her face. They both heard the click sound and turned to see Neha’s phn had landed on the marvel floor and she was blank. Panic crawled everyone when they saw her fear stricken face. In an instant Maan and Geet was on either side of Neha, maan hold her from collapsing on the ground.


Maaan: what happen? kya huya neha? Bolo.


Neha: bhai, bhai wo.


Geet: Neha stop stammering please tell me what happen?


Neha: Mishty, wo Karan.


Geet’s heartbeat stopped for a moment, she couldn’t formulate a word. Maan saw her panic, he tried to make neha spill the rest, she was crying and blabbering.


Maan: kya huya karan ko neha?


Neha: bhai uska accident. Call, hospital. Serious. She only formulate few words not even a line. Her lips were trembling and eyes moist with tears. Maan ran his gaze over geet who was sitting there cold. He knew she need his support too but he can’t leave his sister, and other side geet need to come out of the shock as she didn’t even reacted. He looked at naina who was shocked herself but much compose, arjun and dev was trying on phn to know which hospital he had taken off.


Maan: konse hospital neha?


Neha looked at him blankly and after few sec muttered: City Hospital.


Maan looked at geet who’s eyes were roaming here and there, it’s the same hospital once she had saved neha’s life and karan saved both of them, history is repeating once again but this time he can’t let his family be apart. He won’t let anything harm karan when the 2 important people are so much related to him. He wanted to shrug geet to bring her senses but she was too lost.


Maan: Geet, Geet….. he called her numerous time but she didn’t answered. Just then arohi clamped her hand around geet’s shoulder.


Arohi: Geet we need to go hospital, Karan ko kuch nahi hoga, Geet looked at her and the look said fear. She fears it. After so long something is happening good in her life and again God want to snatch it.


Maan: Arohi bring Geet in ur and arjun’s car, Naina Dev Neha will come with me. For the first time he saw hesitation in arohi’s eyes like she was telling something. And for the first time arohi thought it would have better if Geet go with him knowing how much she is worrying but she can’t say anything now so she agreed.




Whole hospital was in rush, it was like the whole town was in emergency and indeed it is. There was a bus accident and few children and women are heavily injured. It’s good not many injuries happened and it only because of one person, KARAN. This bus was out of control when karan spot it. Route doesn’t have much traffic so the bus was running in high speed when Karan spots the driver, and he said break has failed so he couldn’t control the bus, so the speed. Karan called the traffic cops for it but it was too late. The bus was swinging here and there. Karan couldn’t just wait to see the accident happening with his own eyes so he jumped on the driver seat kicking the driver but he couldn’t see the truck coming. When he noticed it he tried his best to save the bus, and just then he pulled the break banging the bus with a huge wall which broke and made karan injured.


They searched for him everywhere and lastly a doc spotted maan, he knew him and so it was easy to find karan. Finally they were outside of his room. Maan wanted to go and check himself but seeing the 2 person neha and geet so much in shock he decided time to face the truth for them. Neha with shivering hand pushed the door open and entered the room but geet couldn’t move an inch.  She was so frighten that she couldn’t take a step further. Doctor had informed Karan is fine and only 2 people at a time can visit him. So maan pushed neha and geet first but seeing geet so frozen something was pricking his heart. There was a time he hated her friendship with others but now he know what friendship means to her. Her whole life was with friends and without parents and siblings so it’s naturally to develop a deep bonding with them.


Arohi and naina was worried for geet, they tried to push her in the room but she didn’t say a word just stood there like a statue. Finally arohi looked at maan with pleading in her eyes.


Arohi: isse andar le jayiye warna ye yehi khari rahegi, aur react bhi nahi karegi. Please Maan veer ji, take her inside. It was the first time in years arohi was talking to maan so nicely almost pleading. Arjun knows she isn’t a bad human being in fact she is the most protective human kind anyone would have seen, especially for geet.


Maan looked at geet’s frozen state; she was staring at the door, he clamped her palm with his. He felt her shuddering and looking at him in snap but he didn’t let her go rather tighten his grip. He pulled her closer to him then headed towards the room. She tried to tore her gaze from him but failed.



They heard a cough and then Geet noticed Karan lying on the bed giving his best smile to her. Neha was standing right beside him, his hand and head was bandaged and some scratches were on the other forearm and face. His legs were fine and so were his teeth which he was showing her. The tears she was holding from the beginning of the news of his accident came in a rush. Sob died in throat as she looked at him head to toe. Neha gave her space while karan sat up on the bed, he didn’t seem in pain much but his eyes were teary. He gave her a smile.




Karan: welcome back. She took few sec to compose herself but only sob break. Mishty… he said desperately and his voice was cracking a little.


Geet: can’t u walk straight without banging yourself on any wall u seem to love at first sight? She chided a little, small smile formed on her face while karan gave bigger one.


Karan: nope, I thought my GF was standing above the other side. And in excitement of proposing her I just crashed it. Neha looked at him surprised while he winked her.


Geet: Tera kuch nahi hosakta.


Karan: tu nahi thi na,Kaise hota? Geet sat beside him making him lay on the bed properly. I missed u. he whispered very slowly. She looked at his eyes and tear started flowing from her lashes to her rosy cheek.


Geet: me too. Her voice was hoarse, She lay on his other side and he engulf her in his good arm, both cried, both sobbed leaving their grief in the air of past. Neha and Maan left them in silence. They informed other Karan is fine and not to disturb them. They watched geet and karan smiling laughing cracking jokes and they seem oblivious to the outer world.


Neha watched her big brother seeing the love of his life happy and smiling with another person, but the pain or hatred seems to come on his face in past is absent from his hard feature. He seems relax seeing them together.


Neha; for the first time I understand ur perspective Bhai, for the first time I understand ur pov as a lover, and ur position yrs before. Maan looked at her confuse, so the other. She hugged herself and looked at the small mirror window to see karan smiling and laughing with geet. You know Karan never smiled like this with me in these years, never laughed so freely ever. He never behaves so carefree with me the way he behaves with mishty. Probably for the first time I understood ur insecurity. I m sorry bhai, I m really sorry.


Neha broke down crying but maan hugged her, patting her back and rubbing her arms.


Maan: shhh choti, chup ho ja, how can u even think like that about them. U know ur mishty. More than me, then why all of this now huh?


Neha broke the hug: probably because I knew how much I love karan. Till now I never get to realize how much I have ever loved him. The mere thought about losing him make me shiver bhai, and after all this when I get to see him, hold him to myself I found he is happy and smiling with mishty. I m not saying I m doubting Geet bhai, I know her, I know their love very well but still when I saw him happy with her more than me I felt the sting of jealousy, I know it’s not right but still I can’t stop my heart to feel betray. I want him for all, for me, and I knew how I feel when we saw our love one whom we love more than life, with another person. Be that friendship but still somewhere it doesn’t feel right. Now I know what u felt seeing her with rudra, seeing their photographs and all the plotting.


Maan: but still I was wrong, I failed my relation because of my unbiased doubt. I couldn’t trust her because it was my fault not her.

Neha: u just loved her like u had never before. U never loved someone deep like her and no one gave the security u deserved. I m so sorry bhai I misunderstood u so much. I am sorry. She sobbed and whispered again n again still hugging him. Arohi looked at arjun and somewhere she too understands neha’s feeling. How will she feel if arjun shows happy with his best frnd than her? How will she react seeing him with any other girl?


Maan; shhhh Neha. Stop crying and listen to me. Ur situation is different. You were not with him for years now. U r bound to feel like this. Stop feeling betrayed and insecure. You know he loves u and that’s why he wanted to propose u.


Neha looked surprised: what?


Maan: he had told me about it. He wanted to marry u neha, u know he loves u. neha nodded her head. Whatever I did was different. Somewhere my insecurity ruined the relationship but it still did and I m repenting for it.


Neha: bhai,


Maan: hmmm.


Neha: don’t let her go this time. Don’t let her go from your life bhai.


Maan didn’t say a word. How could he, how could he think that when he know he doesn’t have any right. How could geet accept a person who had torn her apart once?


Arohi: Neha sahi keh rahi hain Maan veer ji. Don’t let her go, not this time. Everyone was shocked to hear arohi because everyone knew she will be the one who doesn’t want geet to be with maan.  But again she surprised everyone. Main janti hoon aap sab sochte hain I don’t like him, or I don’t want geet to be with him but I want her happiness, and I don’t want her to go from my life, so yes I m selfish and asking one thing. Don’t let her go and ruin herself again. If you truly want to repent then repent being with her. Make her smile, make her live the life again and then only u will truly repent.




Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.



© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.



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  9. Posted by impoojaverma on July 6, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    superb update
    well neha had said right, how much we trust our partner but still we can’t see that person who is so special to us being happy with another person.
    now everyone is supporting much to our surprise arohi too… all they want is maaneet happiness n we too
    well done dear


  10. Posted by neha74 on July 6, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    awesome update…finally neha and arohi are understanding what maan is going through..hope things turn out to be positive for maaneet and they patch up soon..tich please increase the pace of this story as its going very …continue soon …


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  13. Posted by chahhat4eva on July 6, 2013 at 10:52 pm

    Mind blowing update dear… Now everyone will understood what Maan did was coz of his insecurity…. Finally Arohi said something good…. Loved it a lotttttt…. Eagerly waiting for next chapter…. Update soon plsssssss


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    Wonderful update… loved it lots…
    Karan’s accident… thank god he is al fine…
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  20. tremendous update , yey mishty and karan both are laughing and cracking jokes , neha feeling the same jealousy like earlier maan felt for geet his love , in security and over possessiveness … wow so much understanding , hope they all help maaneet to patch again


  21. Posted by khwaishfan on July 10, 2013 at 7:19 am

    emotional update! Karan n Geet share a wonderful relationship. update soon!


  22. Posted by beena on July 18, 2013 at 11:02 am

    hi tichu… thanks for making the blog public. awesome update truly emotional. i don’t know how geet is gonna forgive maan!!! just because al of us love maan we want geet to forgive him… but its very very very tough… I’m will wait for u to solve dis mistery!!!


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