Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 34



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Part 34




Staring out from the Cab Geet saw her mother land. The place she was born and brought up. Few days before she was thinking how will she rejoice a new life leaving this place and now she is thinking she will never leave this land at least for a person who barely cares for her but only plot against her. The month was playing in front of her eyes like yesterday’s play. It was few days that changed her life. What if she had never return to her land, what if she stayed at pune, would he been there also? Of course, he would have. If he wants to marry her for the vineyard then he would have followed her there and tried pursue her or her family. But what about now? He had gotten at least one thing he wanted, her body and she had told him she will never give her vineyard. It is already transferred to her niece, what will her devil do with her now? Correction, he is not her, was never and can never be. Again the question rouses in her like a needle piercing her skin, what if he decided to take revenge, or forcefully want to take that land. What will she do? Another bigger question is what she will tell her mother why she can’t marry him. What will ppl say to her mother knowing about the broken alliance? Too many question and she is exhausted to search the answer. She was awaken whole night and now her lids were giving up but knowing she is so close to her house she can’t even take a nap. It’s being 8 hour long journey. She could have taken a flight to come home at HP but with 2 puppy she can’t travel through air and don’t wanted maan to know about it. Yes she couldn’t tell maan that she is going to her home. Not that she is afraid he won’t let her go but she couldn’t face him again, those words are still fresh in her mind and she couldn’t face him knowing it can melt her. It’s weird she know but he affects her a great time.


But that doesn’t mean she left him without saying anything she left a note for him in his bedroom and another in kitchen counter, and then left a voicemail in the intercom. Then hired a cab and came home with gulgule and monalisa, both were sleeping on her lap. She smiles a little seeing them but inside she is worried what will maan say about it. In morning she didn’t came down to meet him, he left her breakfast with a note ‘We need to talk, I won’t come late toni8. Give me one chance Geet Please.’


It’s weird how he said Please. It made her feel piece and disturb at the same time. she haven’t heard him saying please till now, neither the begging tone in his voice but she won’t argue that she wanted to hear SORRY which he can never say. But what will she do hearing his sorry. It’s not like she can forgive him for his entire mistake, she is in too much pain and why so, she is still oblivious. She doesn’t love maan, so that his word could hurt her. No she doesn’t but then why his every word affects her. She had vowed she will never love in her life; she wouldn’t, she couldn’t, but then why he stirs so many emotions in her when he himself doesn’t believe in love. He just lust her. That what he said; never to mention the word LOVE again.


Geet tore her thought from Maan and came out of the cab after paying the driver. Till now she thought about rest of world happening except maan’s reaction about her disappearing. She remember once him saying he don’t know what he will do if she leave him, but today she all know that she couldn’t be with him, couldn’t face him knowing he think about her so ill and all he did was plotting against her to grab a piece of land. This betrayal was over powering the fear she had about him doing anything after knowing she is gone. Will he come after her, will he decide to take revenge not having the land or he will simply leave her to live her life as she had given the only treasure she had, her body. Shrugging everything aside she went in the house which is illuminating with decoration and laughing with happiness. She dreaded the moment she will snatch the happiness from this house. She dreaded her mother’s hurtful reaction but she stayed firm in her decision. She can’t marry the person just for the sake of other’s happiness. She can’t live her life like that.


Once she thought she will refuse to marry him on the mandap without thinking what will ppl say about her family because she know her mother will be always with her, but Now? Why she fears now? An unknown shivering was settling over her. She met her cousins who cheerfully welcomed her and took her bag, she only carried her puppies.


The moment she steps in her house her moment froze. Guglgule and Monalisa ran out of her hold and she had to clutch the pillar beside to steady her step. Thinking the person made her frightened once and now seeing the person with all fierce in his eyes made her dizzy, she doesn’t know when her world became blank and she passed out but never touched the ground as someone swift off her feet. She felt being floating but not on feather at least, it was hard and angry. Anger which was oozing out in the grip but the mental and physical exhaustion had tired her enough to make her pass out immediately.






Geet opened her eyes with the light coming on her face, it was mild sunray she can guess, and she felt her throbbing arch was gone. She was sleeping for a long hour so she must have her rest done. Maybe with the arch her all worry was gone that’s why she couldn’t see the darkness around her life. She twisted her arms then rubbed her eyes to clear the sleepy fuzz. Forgotten the world’s worry, forgotten the storm around her, forgotten the bitterness of few past days she smiles like new breeze, and then turned to face the darkest world. Her smile froze smelling the masculine scent mix with raw maleness and mind blowing cologne. It was too hard to forget the smell; she opened her lids fully only to witness a pair of dark eyes looking at her from mere an inch with such a passion that shivered her inside out. Her heart thumped so wildly, and a fear griped her existence like never before.


She tried to push the rock hard chest and sat up on the bed but the force on her elbow was strong and she landed on the masculine chest.


‘Good Morning Sunshine’ his voice was husky, mold with passion but she didn’t missed the edge of anger in it.




She stuttered and fear she was holding in deep corner of her heart came fluidly. She tried sitting up but in a sec she was pinned between the mattress and a rock solid body of maan who pressed his minimum body upon her. A ghost of smile was playing on his M shape lips; chiseled chest was peeking from the navy blue casual shirt. One drop of water rolled down from his hair on her temple, his hair was wet and floating a little on his forehead which was saying he wasn’t up for work at least, his entire presence was casual but she knew what the storm inside building.


Maan came close to her soft lips, dangerous close which flutter her heart. ‘You know I was waiting for hours, apparently 24 hour to hear my name from your lips.’


She looked confused, how can it be 24 hr, then her eyes went on the wall clock, its ten in morning, many hrs that she left Delhi.


‘And 24 hour living without u, as u runaway from me.’ Her eyes widen as she registered the fierce in his voice, but before she can say anything he nuzzled in her neck lying almost above her. She frantically looked at the door, what if anyone sees them like this? And then another idea struck, what had he said to her mother and how did she allowed him to stay with her and from when he is here? Did he come a few moments before or last night? She was sleeping from so many hours, more than 15 hour straightly. How can she sleep so much, but well she can, she know. Sleep is her best friend and best therapy from any tension or problem. But now she cursed her sleeping habit which didn’t give any clue when he landed here.


She froze realizing Maan was kissing her neck, and his cold hand was travelling inside her kurti. Who changed her night dress, she clearly remembers she didn’t wear this loose fitted polka kurti when she came. Soon her attention went towards maan’s hand and lips stimulatory. Involuntary she arched her back and a moan came from her lips. He took a sharp breath like inhaling her scent. His teeth nipped her skin making her cry a little.


‘u don’t know how much worried I was not finding u in that mansion.’


She tried to make a gap but he sucked her throat going another side of her neck. His hand was rubbing her back and waist. Without realizing she tugged herself more in him. She felt the arching throbbing in her core and it shocked her how much desire she has for him. He parts her knees apart and placed himself between it. She felt his hard manhood pressing her core; the barrier of cloth seems invisible in the heat of passion.


‘maan’ she called him breathlessly.


‘geet, why u left me? I just wanted a chance to clarify everything, and u just, left. Without saying anything.’


She realized the anger in those words and he proved it in his not so gentle kissing and brushing her soft skin with his stubble and teeth. But still that pleasure her. Soon she cut out the fog of desire knowing she needs to tell him before he become mad.


‘maan I,’ she couldn’t even complete when he stared at her face with so much emotion that fear her, almost making her shiver.


‘why geet? Why u did that? Why u lied to me, how can u fake those moments? I thought, I thought u were with me when we were making love but now I get to know u were preparing me to have the shock that u did to get ur revenge.’


‘That was sex, purely SEX that what u had called’ she snapped in anger.


His jaw tighten ‘yes, that what I had called. Still u can’t fake the responses.’


‘I didn’t. And anyway it’s not something u need. Wasn’t it about your pleasure? Be that my body or the yard, it was always you.’ She didn’t know her emotions were spilling from her eyes till he kissed it away. She tried to push him but he held her wrist pinning her both hand above her head.


‘Why u ran away?’


‘Apparently I didn’t. I had informed by that note and voice mail.’  Her voice was clipped showing how angry she is. Her all fear replaced by anger the moment he showed his concerns.


‘Yes u did, leaving me was running away from me geet.’


‘And whatever u did?’


‘It was You.’ He whispered and she looked at him confuse. ‘It was You that I have ever wanted not that yard, but I need that land, it has reason which I can’t share with u, but I need that god damn land geet. When I got to know who are u it was in least priority what u had, but then aadi said about that land, and yes I thought to marry u. because it’s the only way I can get both. You and that land.


‘you knew I won’t sell that land, and I would have never sleep with you.’ She said bitterly.


‘Yes, I knew it, but coming closer to u became a habit for me. I needed u more than a man need breath. And then thinking about marrying u can give me surety that u will be mine, only mine. This made me calm. If I wanted I could have taken that yard anyhow geet. Anyhow I would have forced u to sell that land but I thought then I couldn’t get u, which was more important for me.’


She looked at him for a brief moment, and then couldn’t suppress herself whispering ‘Why?’


‘I, I don’t know.’ He sat up leaving her eyes, and geet felt the loss. She hugged herself. She is fed up of his excuses. And mostly on her own self. How can she trust this man? How can she feel desire for this man who partially betrayed her trust?


‘I can’t do this maan. I can’t marry u. not because of that land issue, not because what do u want but for myself. It’s not right. Marrying u is not right. Both of us don’t believe in marriage but still I can’t play with this. One day we have to part away and then I won’t be able to see the pain in my mother’s eyes. I can’t play and behave I don’t care anymore.’


He just stares at her, and she can say he is angry. But she can’t take risk anymore. Not because the ridiculous thought about marriage only, but she can’t trust herself anymore. Seeing him angry and still desiring him gave her a image how much her body crave for him and she knew one day her heart will be possessed by this devil and he won’t take a fraction to break it in snap. She had seen his ruthless persona and she can’t risk her heart with him anymore. Till now she thought she can’t feel for him, but he had proved her wrong, so wrong. She knows her heart feel something, not love but lust and it will not take much time to replace the unbound feelings in her, so better to cut the source right now. But she was oblivious to her heart which had started feeling for him, which is the reason for her pain now.



Precap: Take one thing straight Miss Geet Handa. You have to be mine forever, by marrying me or by staying as a mistress but u will be with me.  



Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.



© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.



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  1. Posted by angelickushi on July 9, 2013 at 7:51 pm

    loved it
    well how can the devil leave her alone
    its not in her to decide but the devil has the power for it


  2. Geet was going to leave Maan..
    But how can Maan let it happen…even air has to take his permission before touching his Geet then how will he leave her alone..
    Hmm…Geet has decoded tht she will not marry Maan..but obviously Maan has his own ways of making things fall by his way…
    Let’s see how will he do it ??


  3. wow such a stunning devil , lion has fallen in love with his prey and never going to loose it whether its physically or mentally , devil has made geet to crave and desire for him so apparently he will even make geet fall for in madly love with him


  4. awsem update maneet confontation maan sking to marry him but geet deny


  5. Nice update.
    Maan want to marry geet but geet deny
    Akhir kab tak geet apne maan se door story turn interesting
    let see what happend next.


  6. Posted by impoojaverma on July 10, 2013 at 6:53 am

    superb update

    all maan want is her. we can see that they r badly falling for each-other but they r not ready to accept this fact

    geet is in a fix. she doesn’t know whether to believe him or not


  7. Posted by khwaishfan on July 10, 2013 at 7:14 am

    lovely update! Man aks her to marry him by she says no! Dey r falling 4 each other bt will nt admit it.


  8. whooaa it was awsm….maan is nt xcepting his feelings….he fears to give his feelings the name love…bt why???i think there is a connection btween his fear nd that land…bt what is it???


  9. nice update sees what happen geet marry maan or not


  10. Posted by monikaseth on July 10, 2013 at 8:33 am

    Geet you cant go away from maan love their talk how can maan let her free nooo way awesome


  11. geet is in dilemma. she loves maan but she is not able to trust him. maan and geet both wants each other. but their differences are not making them together. waiting for next.


  12. Maan loves geet that’s why he wants her but why that land?? Confused


  13. Posted by mmradhu97 on July 10, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    Awesome update… loved it so much…
    Both love each other but they are too stubborn admit it…
    So devil is back… interesting… hope geet marries maan…


  14. superb update
    loved it
    y does he want d vineyard
    continue soon


  15. Posted by chahhat4eva on July 10, 2013 at 10:08 pm

    Mind blowing update dear…. Loved it… Ohhh Geet was leaving Maan…. That a little shock Maan…. But how can Maan let her go… He is her Devil, isn’t??? He even didnt let air to touch his possession, his Geet…. I think Maan started to love her & as well Geet also… Eagerly waiting for next chapter… Continue soon dear❤🌺❤🌺


  16. wao awsome update or hmare DEVIL to khin b start ho jata h lolz
    or wo delhi se HP kb phncha?????
    and geet don,t want to marry him but i thnk geet also start loving him to suddenly ye kse huwa (me confuse)
    bt i loved ur writting and devil to mra FAV h
    plz jldi jldi update kro can.t wait!!!!!!!!


  17. Awesome update. it is one of the lovely story of ur. continue soon. tc


  18. bcoz of ramadan i can’t give long comments.but loved it yaar


  19. awesome superb mindblowing update first geet run away from maan and maan wanted to marry geet actually he is/was love with her bt he doesnt know that now slowly slowly he realizing that. i think there is more twist we seen in future bcoz maan want that yard bt from who dont know bt now maan nt let go geet. plz try to give update soon.


  20. wonderful update…missed this story so much..maan was already waiting for geet at her place …when will geet understand she is bound to be with this devil forever and she cannot escape from him,both love each other but are too stubborn to admit it…devil is back to his old ways with the precap and geet will have to stay with him either as his wife or as his mistress,how can he use the mistress word for geet …waiting for more update…


  21. Geet ran away from him, I bet Maan is going to follow like a hawk. Geet my dear you can run but you can’t hide from him…her devil, OMG…so already thinking about him, as her own. Well sub-conscious may play trick on you. How did she escape? So she feels for him, whether she likes or not.
    Oh! She left when he was away, so she wasn’t locked in the house this time. Too many emotions she is feeling like a roller coaster. At least she acknowledges the love word. Wow…Maan already there…she travelled 8 hours, so he arrived before her…what was she thinking? She can’t escape from her Devil if she wanted to. He wouldn’t leave her.
    So he was sleeping besides her or was there, what a surprise & shock for her? How did he convince her mom? So he effect her same as she to him. So much turmoil going on with them. So she is saving her heart. Wow…pre-cap was interesting. She would be his no matter what, be his wife or mistress, he is not going to let her leave.

    Loved it, overall update…can’t wait for the next update…what will become of Geet? Will Maan declare his feelings for her? Will She? Who knows then you.


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