Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 97 B

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Part 97 B



It was a laughing carnival for everyone the moment sam left the function. Somehow the scene made everyone smile while saanjh the most. Rituka glared her and then she stopped. Saanjh looked at shiv mischievously who shook his head in disbelief. Saanjh was oblivious to the fact someone else was also staring at her. Raj, maan’s cousin was heavily drunk and looking at her angelic beauty he couldn’t suppress the oozing lust in him. But no one saw or gave any interest to him as he was as invisible as an ant in the crowd.


Rituka: teri damini aunty tujhse baat karna chahti hain.


Saanjh; kis baat ke liye?


Rituka: abir aur kya. She wants him to marry fast and only u can talk to him.


Saanjh: mumma wo kab na keh raha hain, I m sure he will fly in heaven.


Rituka: ha but mujhe teri fiqar hain, tu Shaadi, she couldn’t even complete his words when shiv entered in the convo. He heard their talk and couldn’t take the thought anyone talking about marrying saanjh to another person than him, especially when it involve abir.


Shiv: aunty u can’t do that, u can’t marry saanjh.


Rituka’s eyes went wide and same with saanjh: Kyun? Wo meri beti hain, main jo chahe karu.


Shiv: how could u think like that aunty? Ek baar bhi saanjh ki fiqar nahi kiya apne, how could u decide to marry her someone?


Rituka: arreee main usiki fiqar kar rahi hu, she has to marry someone na?


Shiv: but u should ask her na, not like kisike bhi palle bandh diya. U will be responsible for her future, if u destroy to give her someone who isn’t capable of taking care of her.


Saanjh: shiv ye,, k-kya bol r-rahe ho, ch-chup.


Shiv; shut up saanjh how could u think of marrying someone else.


Rituka smirked seeing him and played the game more: Kyunnnn? Tumhe kyun parwa hain wo kisise bhi shaadi kare. I m her mother, and she will marry the person I will tell her to.


Shiv: nooo.. she will not marry that idiot.


Saanjh slapped her forehead, slowly everyone was gathering towards them as shiv was quite loud.


Geet: yeh shiv kya kar raha hain?


Maan: jo tum nahi kar paayi. I told u to talk to saanjh’s parent about her and shiv but,


Geet: but baat kya karu, maasi already knew and she was ready.


Maan: then why she is talking about her marriage with abir?


Geet: WHATTTT??? Maan tum pagal hogaye ho?


Sanjh: shiv u have gone mad.


Shiv: why the hell I will go mad when u r ready to marry that idiot, u should have said no to this marriage.


Saanjh; why will I say no to marry u idiot?


Shiv: what? Marry? Me? But, abir, umm aunty was talking about me?


Saanjh: wait a min. abir? Why the hell she will talk about my marriage to abir.


Geet: Maan u also thought that?


Maan and shiv looked confused, shiv was looking like he can pull his hair any moment. But then Abir came towards them.


Abir: I guess time to take out the curtain, sanju Shiv thought I love u and our mothers were talking about our marriage.


Saanjh and Geet gaped at shiv that was looking embarrassed and need a hole that can bury him.


Abir broke into fit of laughter, saanjh shook her head while geet looking unbelievingly.


Saanjh; how could u think that, He is, he is my best FRIEND, m-my B-Brother. He is like Brother who protected me from everyone.


Abir: apparently from him as well. He chuckled seeing shiv looking weirdly. Well I told him I loved u sanju, but I didn’t say LIKE A SISTER. Erm well that worked, in jealousy he understood his feelings and accepted his feeling, see what he didn’t accepted but in my presence of few day he understood so I played like I love sanju.


Shiv couldn’t talk for a moment, saanjh looked at him unbelievingly.


Maan: but why aunty was talking about ur marriage. And he said he is in love and wanted to marry.


Abir: Because I said I will marry when saanjh will do it, best if same day. I want to see her happy so they were talking to her and well I was talking about someone else not this jhalli. She is my dairy milk, that what I call her. and she is here.


Hrishita came over there: well I guess now I should come to the picture. Shiv bhai I told u na I wanted to talk about a guy, here he is Abir. We practiced medicine together.


Shiv: His name was some choco mocho something


Abir glared hrishita who bite her lips: wo to main pyar se bulati hu.


Maan: weird names.


Shiv made a face: Right.


Hrishita: well He wanted to marry soon and I wasn’t ready because I wanted to meet u guys and tell everything first, and then we had a fight because of this. And he came here, I thought here he can meet shiv bhai and maan bhai  and shiv bhai also wanted me to come but I didn’t knew sanju and geetu is saanjh and geet bhabhi. I never saw their photo, only childhood pic.


Shiv groans: why the hell he is behind my love one, till now I thought he loved saanjh now my sister. Geet chuckled. So did abir.


Abir: abb soch lo, bahen chalegi ya mangetar.


Shiv looked surprised.


Rituka: aapne kya socha tha betaji, hume pata nahi chalega? Well the solitaire in sanajh’s hand tells the tale. Aur hume to pehle se hi pata chal gaya tha. We only wanted saanjh’s happiness.


Geet: but pata nahi tha tum dono itne bewakoof nikloge. She giggles and maan gave her dangerous glare. Everyone laughed while shiv made baby faces looking at sanajh.


Maan: so I guess we can have twin sister’s twin marriage. Saanjh bite her lips and looked down, geet beamed in happiness.


Shiv: nahi maan, not tom. I want to give saanjh a dream wedding like u gave geet, I want her to enjoy and be center of attraction on her marriage.


Geet smiles at him: I agree, I want to enjoy my sister’s marriage.


Everyone agreed on that.


Shiv: and I want to talk to abir about my sister.


Maan: same here. Abir nodded making a worried face, hrishita gave a flying kiss making everyone embarrassed but she was happy in her lala land.






Geet informed everyone that she will take maahi to her room to feed her as she was becoming cranky. Maan wanted to go with her but no one allowed it, geet smiles at him and assured that she will be fine. She wanted saanjh to come with her but she saw saanjh sneaking out with shiv, they were already half stairs to upstairs. Saanjh was few steps ahead and shiv was standing looking at everyone maybe giving her time to reach first so that no one see them together. Geet’s mother rano accompanied her as no one was upstairs.



After feeding maahi geet gave her to rano and said to give her to maan as maahi is in no mood of sleeping. Geet straightened her dress and took the duppatta on one shoulder. Rano was already down and geet headed towards the balcony when the light went off.


Maan felt uneasy, the light off was last stroke, he knew geet feel scares in darkness, but before he can ran rano handed him maahi saying she will see geet. Everything was in chaos.  


Geet was feeling scared, hyperventilating thinking she is alone but then comforted herself thinking sanajh and shiv will be somewhere close.


Geet: pata nahi saanjh kaha gayi hogi, I think mujhe ek baar unhe knock karke aana chahiye tha, I should have told them to be careful, if anyone see them pata nahi kya ulta sidha bolne lagenge,


She was blabbering to herself oblivious to the fact someone was just behind her. She felt it also but whenever she turned no one was there. She was on the step feeling relieved when someone grabbed her from back placing a palm on her mouth, First she thought might be maan but the touch confirmed it can’t be him. The palm was pressing on her mouth too tightly; maan can never hurt her this much. Panic started crawling as the strong smell of alcohol that was coming from the stranger hit her nostril.


Raj pushed her in the empty and unlocked room shutting it behind with a slam. The moon light revealed a little feature sayings he doesn’t know the person at least she can’t remember now.


Geet: kon ho tum? Leave me, maan agaye to,, she couldn’t complete the sentence when she felt the pull on her dupatta and in no time the stranger tore it from her shoulder. She let out a shriek only to be silence by his palm.


Raj: shhhh, I will go but let me have some fun first babe. Geet’s tears were on the verge of slipping and it started spilling when he dipped his face in her neck and fingers were stroking her lips. She hit his chest violently but he pressed her more on the wall. She bites his fingers and in rage he slapped her.


Raj: u bi***. I thought to take it slow but not now.


Geet feared this moment and shouted the time she managed: HELP, Maannnnnn,, maannnnn… but soon raj clasped her mouth again and this time with her dupatta only.. she was in mess and fear. She looked at the vase beside and tried to hit it on him but he was lucky to doge it and it fell on the floor scattering in to millions pieces. He held her blouse and before he can pull it out someone barged in side. The light cam suddenly while Shiv’s face came to vision. His eyes were full of rage. Raj’s eyes went on Saanjh who was beside him. Then he saw geet who was looking so fearful.


Raj: shitt,, I thought she is saanjh. He said drunkenly. Both were wearing same color dress and raj has witnessed sanajh walking up to the stairs, he didn’t realized it wasn’t saanjh but geet and he was so drunk that couldn’t formulate her words for maan.


Shiv roared: Call Maan NOW. Saanjh wanted to hold geet but she knew she must call maan and tell him everything so she ran towards the hall. Geet searched for a corner, finding it she crawled on her hand and knee then hide in a corner, she was in a panic attack. And the safest place she found to hide herself was beside cabinet.


Shiv held raj’s color and punched straight on his face. Shiv and saanjh was walking through the balcony when they reached geet’s room and heard her voice and next something breaking. Shiv couldn’t wait and he broke the door with one kick. The situation of geet in that state made him mad in rage. He kicked him in his stomach, then again in his face. Till then raj’s all dizziness was gone and he wanted to run away as shiv was in hell angry mood. Shiv took a hold of his shirt then threw him on the wall, he wanted to marched towards him and kill him but geet’s sob broke his revere, he looked at geet who was hidden and trying to hold herself after removing the barrier from her lips. She was crying and still asking for help and saying leave me. It’s like her biggest night mare had came back. He left raj and went towards geet.


She sat there curling and weeping, frighten on the scene when shiv noticed her. His heart pricked seeing her fearful eyes and trembling form. He came towards her in long 5 strides; she tried to shove him, when he touched her shoulder she shivered violently. Her lips quivered and she struggles to keep herself free.


shiv held her both shoulder sitting on his knees in front of her: It’s Me shiv, Ankhe kholo, GEET, It’s me. he is gone. he will not touch u please come out from this darkness. She was curling beside the small table, his words were soothing her, she is not alone here and the savior is shiv, she knew him.


Geet looked at him pointing her finger to the door and then hugged him crying bitterly, shiv felt his whole body was shaking in rage but he can’t leave her in this state. He hugged her then took the bed sheet nearly tearing it and hides her in the warmth….


Saanjh told everything to maan who was becoming lava in every sec, he saw raj running from the stairs almost tripping on feet. He gave maahi to saanjh and ran was towards him knocking the hell out of him. Everyone stood there rooted but maan was least cared. He held his neck and kicked his stomach with his knee, he was mad in fury and took out on raj. Hearing the fact geet was crying because of this person he couldn’t suppress his anger and kicked him on his face knocking some tooth out and then breaking his nose. His punch was meant to take the life out of him and he did so making him dead almost. He held his neck and mashed his face on the wall, then kicked on his knees tripping on the floor and kicking his balls. His rage could kill him but before it Abir took the command from him after hearing everything from saanjh. Her family ran upstairs while abir told maan to take maahi and go to geet who needs him. Abir called the cops and handed him.





The moment Maan entered the room behind saanjh, he only searched for his mishty. Seeing geet all curled up on the floor in shiv’s embrace something tore inside him, everyone was gathering around her but none was touching, shiv looked torn up and then meet his gaze feeling helpless. He walked towards geet and touched her arms but his world crashed down when she jerked his touch.


Geet: don’t touch me, don’t touch me pls. listen to me pls. I didn’t mean it. I didn’t wanted it. It was not my fault. Its paining, don’t do it.


Maan froze in his place, he remember her words that night, their 1st night. The scene was clear in front of him. He was no better than raj a yr back but now he is feeling the pain that he cause her once. Shiv understood maan’s reaction. Maan just sat there beside geet while she hugged shiv tighter. Saanjh was confuse so was the family.


Shiv; mujhe lagta hain aap sabko abhi jana chahiye maan will take care of geet, she is in shock, she will be scare to see so many person close to her, please give some time.


Though no one wanted to leave her but one by one everyone left them, sanajh stood there with maahi. Shiv tried to lose her clutch but geet didn’t let him.


Geet: he will hurt me, don’t leave.


Shiv: geet, no one will hurt u, just listen to me. See he is your maan. Maan ur husband, ur love. He will not leave u geet. she didn’t said anything, till now her eyes were shut like she was living a night mare. The past she was forgotten came as fresh like it was yesterday. Shiv felt helpless and he can’t say a word or else saanjh will get to know about it. Maahi was sleeping so saanjh placed her on the cradle, shiv eyes her to leave and she did half heartedly.


Shiv: Geet, come out from past geet, see Maan is here now, that was raj and he is not here. Maan is here, he will protect u. see maahi is here, she need her mother, come out from this state. Maan needs u, maahi needs u.


Geet opened her eyes seeing maan staring at her, her eyes went on the crib seeing maahi sleeping peacefully placing her hand on face and mouth.


She left shiv slowly shiv nudge maan to hold her and maan shakily gave his hand towards her which she accepted a little later. Shiv sighed in relief and left them to confront and comfort each other.



Precap: returning to love and other ritual processing towards marriage together.



Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.



© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.




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  1. What??Abir & Saanjh are like brother & sister & we were thinking tht Abir loves saanjh…but maanana padega kya pan tha abir ka..
    Jealous hoke shiv ne apni feelings toh realize kar li…

    Tht kutta ,kamina b****** raj…bocz of tht moron Geet again lived tht nightmare of hers which she had forgotten..
    Waiting to see how will Maan handle this now..


  2. What??Abir & Saanjh are like brother & sister & we were thinking tht Abir loves saanjh…but maanana padega kya pan tha abir ka..
    Jealous hoke shiv ne apni feelings toh realize kar li…

    Tht kutta ,kamina b****** raj…bocz of tht moron Geet again lived tht nnightmare of hers which she had forgotten..
    Waiting to see how will Maan handle this now..


  3. Posted by angelickushi on July 9, 2013 at 8:10 pm

    oh no that was a big jhatka to geet
    she refusing maan’s touch wud hv killed him
    yeh shiv bhi na budhu hain
    but anyway it ended well for him and saanjh
    waiting for next


  4. shit ..!!
    here maan wanted to make thr SR perfect n remove that last traces even
    n now what happened …:(
    sadly all fresh like yesterday thing :\
    but i hope everything will be fine …
    now what will saanjh do ..i mean she will get to know it if not today than later …
    how will she take her best friend the angel being nothing less than monster to her own sis. …
    n yes i loved the way geet n shiv were true friends n brother ..like pillar to support her when she needed the most ..loved it ..totally amazing one
    bravo tich ..n with this i would say thats what makes u the twist queen …lol

    update soon …plsss can’t wait to see how maan will handle geet

    waiting …


  5. o my GOD what a big bomb u droped tich never ever expected this twist , poor geet she went through so much pain and again recollecting the old memories of thier first night how maan raped her … how maan tried to brighten up their lives all went in strain just because that drunkard raj , does shiv know about maan raping geet ??


  6. bad that raj want to kill him


  7. poor shiv finally everyone knew his wierdness and marriage going to be soon fab hrishita abir haye good sister ya fiancee good question raj bas… poor geet scared maan shiv beating that bas… now maan consoling


  8. Thank god she’s safe and they were able to save her…
    Do continue soon.


  9. Awsm update dear


  10. Posted by khwaishfan on July 10, 2013 at 7:07 am

    fab update dear! So abhir was js teasing dem! Poor Shiv! Abhir n Hrishta! Oh no! Raj!! Siv comes in time! Bt Geet in pain! Maan wid her! update soon! Well written : )


  11. Posted by impoojaverma on July 10, 2013 at 7:53 am

    thank god shiv n saanjh come at d right time

    that ba**** deserve all those punches from maan n shiv n i think thode aur padhne chahiye

    superb update


  12. nice update that raj deserved more punishment


  13. its soo shocking…


  14. Posted by monikaseth on July 10, 2013 at 8:22 am

    wow you make Abir saanjh ke bro hahahahah shiv tu such mein gaya ahahah love it thank god shiv and saanjh reached on time hope maan handle his misty and make her calm and better


  15. tich it was amazing update. oh my god first shock abir is just like a brother for saanjh. poor maan and shiv both are also shocked. that worst man raj tried to force geet. thank god shiv time par aa gaya. but i felt very bad geet. her past memories are all fresh with this incident. maan also hurt. waiting for next dear.


  16. One moment u to scared shiv is her savior now waiting for marriage

    Wonderful update di continue soon


  17. D nightmare was still nt gone,aftr So many happiness it was really difficult to see maaneet living deir painful past.hope nxt updt will clear d darkness frm deir life.&light will be der.waiting for nxt part


  18. Posted by mmradhu97 on July 10, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    Awesome update… loved it lots… well written…
    That bas***d raj… how dare he…
    Maan and shiv beating that bas***d…
    Loved the way shiv protecting geet… shiv consoled geet…
    Hope everything will be fine… continue soon…
    Waiting for the next update…


  19. Posted by chahhat4eva on July 10, 2013 at 7:57 pm

    OMG!!!! Abir-Saanjh r like brother sister…. & I thought Abir love Saanjh… Poor Shiv kitna Jealous kiya Abir ne… Bechara out of Jealousy he argue with his would-be MIL…. Yeppiii everyone happy & agree for Shivaajh marriage… Awww Shiv want to give Saanjh a Dream Wedding… Loved it sooooo muchhhhhh…. Hahaha now Maan-Shiv’s main tension is Hrishita-Abir’s marriage…. I love Abir’s dialogue “Abb Soch lo, Bahen Chalegi ya Mangetar”…. Overall Abir did a great job… Coz of him Shiv understood his feelings for Saanjh then Propose her & now started preparation for marriage also… Oh My Goodness!!! That’s soooo shocking for Geet… Poor Geet kitni mushkill se apni past bulaya tha… Now that bu***** raj sab kuch phir se fresh kar diya… I want to kill that raj…. Geet is soooooo scared that she didn’t recognise Maan’s touch…. Ahhhhh I’m sooooo happy that Maan beat that b*****d to death….. Geet remembering their 1st night…. That’s sooooo touchy & emotional dear…. Finally Geet recognise Maan & his touch…. Hope Maan will comfort Geet & their Marriage & SR will be same that how Maan plan … Outstanding update dear…. Desperately waiting for next chapter…. Update soon dear… Plssssssssssss💐🌺❤🌺❤💐❤🌸❤🌺💐


  20. Really ur a twist maker. how many twist r there dear. this was shocking. bt i know from precap it gng to be ok. awesome update. good justice u did with raj. next update soon. tc


  21. pls whatever ur twist don’t separate maaneet


  22. fantastic update


  23. wonderful update but this sam and raj agghh!!! i feel like killing them with my bare hands…hope geet comes out of the shock very soon and their wedding goes on smoothly….waiting for more…


  24. Posted by rdhanya83 on July 12, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    nice update


  25. What a twist
    i am speechless
    i hope everything will be fine.
    plz update soon.


  26. Nice simply awsum dear….
    Wow Kya twist hai.
    Pls don’t seprete maaneet.
    Wating for next..


  27. awesum update…
    loved it..
    that b*****d raj tried to rape saanjh but geet became d victim..
    omg…geet is again back to the time wen maan forced her..hope geet comes out of dis soon..
    maan is badly shaken..
    will read more parts then..will comment
    thanx for d updates


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