Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 12

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Part 12



The moment Maan stepped inside the small garden his breath left his lungs. He has witnessed the innocence purity that geet possess but today it just melt his heart further more. He saw her sweetly cribbing looking at the sky, a small smile tugged his lips but soon it vanished as he saw her weeping. She rubbed her face with the back of her palm but again some drop started running her rosy cheek. It pained him looking at her pink and red face which is because of her crying. Rosy cheeks are flaming red now and the nose tip is swollen. Though he felt sad but somewhere a little smile was reflecting from the heart, she is looking like a doll and her cute cribbing was icing on cake. He felt like eating her raw.


He cleared his throat and that’s when geet saw him, she had tried very hard to hide but probably Maan knew her hiding point by now. It’s a small garden with small flower plants in a round shape, so it’s a 5 round various flower garden. But it was in such arrangement that it appear like bush, Geet was in centre so she never thought anyone can see her but it as maan was running here and there in search for her he heard her cribbing.


As he neared her geet wiped her all tears and patted her face dry, then looked away pretending to be angry while her corner of eyes were looking at maan only, he was hiding something behind his back. She tried to peek but nothing came to her vision. She pouted childishly then looked away. He sat beside her and geet shifted her place a little away to make a good gap which made him clench his jaw. Still he kept his anger in check and showed his hand to her which has a large burger. She looked at it from the corner of her eyes and her stomach growled and mouth watered. Maan couldn’t help but chuckle softly. Though geet was hell angry and he was making her irritated, still she loved the sound of his laugh. The way he reacted freely around her, the way he threw his head and laughed more it melt her heart somewhere. She likes him smiling and laughing, a carefree boy who seems hid under the rough careless arrogant giant of a man.


Maan stopped smiling when he saw geet looking at him, the anger wasn’t on her face, instead a mild admire showed on the pink face but it’s not anger, but some kind of blush. Geet looked away feeling his hot gaze on her. And the angry cute pout came back. He sighed.


‘If u doesn’t want the burger I will eat it then and remind u all the burger are finished by our family till now.’


He wanted to make her react on it but not quite the way it affected her, hearing his word she fumed more and more tear spilled out.


‘abb app bhi mujhe bologe, I eat like a pig and maine hi sab finish kar diya.’


He slapped his forehead in defeat and more precious pearl came out from her eyes. He placed the food in the packet and kept it aside. He tried to hold her shoulder but she jerked and gave her back to him, then sniffed loudly. He cursed himself and again tried to hold her hand which went unsuccessful as she stubbornly came out from his grip. It was making him angry, not on her but on himself and rest of the world. She isn’t upset on their family only, he said all the rubbish in the morning but still not once she took that out till now. But now when she isn’t looking at his eyes and these sniffs are making him mad.


‘listen to me damit,’ he said a little loud while clutching her shoulder and forcefully pulling her on his lap. She squirms but he was way too powerful for her. He stayed calm and watched her struggle, after few mins she gave up and looked at him with baby cute angry face.


‘abb aur bhi kuch kehna hain, don’t u think morning was enough.’ She crossed her hand and looked away, not touching him at all. But her breath caught in her lungs as he nuzzled in her hair and neck. His hand went in her pony tail releasing the rubber from her hair. And the wavy dark brown hair fell on his face like a curtain, he inhale the scent sharply, then kissed her ear slowly.


‘I am sorry for that.’ She became stiff with his agonized voice, her face become soft and desperate to look at him. He hides it in her neck kissing it very slowly, just like a feather. ‘You know I haven’t sorry in decades. Last when I said sorry was when dad hit me with a stick for destroying his expensive crystal vase. I said sorry still he took out his stick and,,, umm punished me for my mistake. Well I was excited to tell him I scored 4 goals in my football match. I was 14 then I guess.’ He sighed, ‘but from then I haven’t said sorry for my mistake because I hardly know what is my mistake and what not and later it never came to apologize for what I don’t agree anymore. But today something changed. I don’t know why I haven’t felt sad or offend to say u sorry. I was always a jerk to behave such with u from beginning, maybe because u attracts me towards u like a moth to fire, u pulls me towards u and I know one day I will be burn in this fire but weirdly I don’t feel frighten. I just want to be close to u and anyone’s closeness with u makes me angry. In morning I was so angry I, I just, it just broke, something inside. I don’t know what it is but I don’t like anyone’s touch on u. it burn me, and I said all that to u. I know I made a mistake and I should apologize.’


Geet bite back the sob she felt inside her throat, and unknowingly clutched his neck. He came close to her lips but didn’t touch it.


‘Tumhe sorry kehne me mujhe gussa nahi aata geet, I don’t feel repulse being around u, but it anger me to see someone touching u, or u smiling at them.’ Geet appeared confuse, he almost smiled seeing her pouted lips with confuse face, he kissed her nose suddenly. It felt intimate but not wrong. Something flipped in her tummy which made her smile. He looked at her eyes and smiles mischievously ‘and I know u felt the same, when roshni held my hand and u were burning hole on her face and hand.’ He smirked and she bites her lips. He groaned and bites her nose making her giggle. ‘accha geet tum aise kyun dekh rahi thi roshni ke taraf jaise abhi usse grill karke kha jaati.’


She snapped her head ‘She is not that tasty to be grill and shallow, before that I will puke everything.’ She made a horror face which made him chuckle. She looked at him irritated ‘Ek min aap fir mere khaane ki mazak bana rahe ho.’ She cribbed and slapped his shoulder which made maan laugh more.


He held her hand and tucked her closer, their face was inches away and he was staring at her rosy lips ‘Geet I love watching u eat, Mera bas chale I will feed u 24*7 and shallow u with my eye.’ Her face grew warm ‘and trust me if u become a baby elephant then also I u will look cute, I guess more than now.’


‘nahi baba nahi, hathi ban jayungi to sab chidhayenge.’


‘nope, I will not let anyone say anything.’


‘u can’t roam around me 24*7’


‘kyun nahi?’




‘geet I will keep u with me, even when in my last breath.’




Her voice was strained but before maan can say anything they heard some voice. A manly voice and a lady.


‘GEETTT, geet kaha hain tu?’


Geet’s eyes widen ‘brij veer ji’


They heard more voices and it confirmed yash aniee was with brij. Geet panicked and tried rising from the place. They were quite far from the bush and the length of the plants was enough to hide a person kneeling so they didn’t see geet or maan and none had witnessed them as it rarely anyone visit the place.


Before geet can shout to her brother maan put his hand on her mouth, she looked confusedly at him. He whispered close to her ear ‘It won’t be right if anyone see us together, like this.’ He said the last word huskily making her shiver. And now she started shivering as the thought came to her stupid mind what if anyone see them like this, she on his lap and so close. When she was busy with her confuse mind maan smirk a little knowing how nave she is. He felt guilty for taking a little advantage but he doesn’t want anyone interrupting them now. He could affectionately say he was here to take her out and everyone would have believe him not that they need to see them like this, they are quite far but his dirty mind and new found heart felt the need to have her all to himself.


‘maan brij veer ji ne dekh liya to, abb kya hoga. Babaji madad karo, hayee rabba sab kitna pareshan horahe honge.’


Maan saw her blabbering and placed his index finger on her lips, it quivered a little, maan tugged her close and slowly pushed her on the grass. She looked at his eyes like a hypnotize doll, and then lay back on the grass while he came on her side, on one elbow popping his head above her.


‘geet tu hain kya yaha? Kaha hain tu gudiya?’


Brij’s worried voice came in geet’s ear but she worriedly closed her eyes, like it would prevent them to see them. Maan felt the urge of biting her cheek, he couldn’t help but smile seeing her innocence. She is like kitten that close her eyes while drinking the milk thinking no one will see her. Unknowingly maan’s smile subsided as the carnal passion was over taking him. He tugged the hair strands from her cheek to her ear side. He was almost above her but didn’t put his weight on her delicate body. She is glass doll for him that can break if he couldn’t handle her delicately. His eyes bored on her innocent face as he looked at it for a long time. He touched her cheek with his index finger drawing small circle on the satin skin. She inadvertently leaned forwards for his touch. It gave him courage. Her chest was rising and falling in unknown pleasure that he was surging. He pressed his slight weight on her that made her feel the heat from his body and she shifted closer to him. His fingers caress her arm then to her waist. He squeezed a little while dipped his face in her neck inhaling her scent. It was difficult for him to hold back but somewhere he knew his carnal passion can scare her which is the last thing he want.


She breathed heavily as he kissed her neck then coming on her throat nibbling it sensually. Her hand came to his hair, squeezing and pulling. He groans wildly and kissed her collarbone hungrily. His wet lips traveled on her chin while his hand wonders on thighs above the thin material. She moans his name unknown to the world, lost in pleasure.


‘Maan’ She doesn’t know what she is asking or why she is crying but she needed more. But her helpless cry was enough for maan to stop his advancement. He saw her close eyes, flushed face, needed greedy hand which wasn’t leaving him, and something which he can’t read but want to. Maybe her NEED, May the pleasure she is unknown but for her he knew it’s wrong. It’s wrong to seduce Geet when her alliance is going to fix with his brother. He can’t have her, or give himself knowing after few days she will be someone’s else, and then she will loath him too. He can’t afford that. He doesn’t want to taint geet with his wild passion. He wants her but how could he say it. One side he need her more than the air and one side he knew he can destroy her if he continue to come close to her like this. And how can he forget she gave her consent to the marriage. If he want her then he have to have her only for him but not physically but emotionally, he need her soul and body. But before that he needs to know what she feels for him? He knows this pleasure is new for her but he doesn’t want her to accept him for this pleasure, he want her heart her soul and body all for himself. And in this ‘want’ to get what his heart want. Why his heart want, because he can’t live without her. He want her happiness her heart, her love because he LOVE her. And he needs to know if she Love him?






Precap: Geet coming close to yash.



Shall we have Yash’s part more from now as maan has realized his love then we needs to have a look in yash’s heart?



Disappointed with responses.



Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let you know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.



© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.



23 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by angelickushi on July 9, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    so maan is in love with her but wat abt geet wat does she feel for him


  2. Awww…ma cutieeee piee Geet…only she has power to melt Maan by just a cute pout on her face..
    Ufff…Geet is also attracted towards Maan the way he is towards her..
    Hmm…Maan has realized tht he loves Geet…
    & definitely Geet feels the same fr him..but iss jhalli ko yeh kaun batayega??
    Mindblowinggg update di..
    Waiting fr nxt..


  3. Love it sorry haven’t read it for a while so will have to refresh my memory but great read love maaneets scenes the best


  4. nice update maneet scenes fab yash geet big no


  5. Awsum update dear.
    I really like this story very much
    so finally maan love geet
    maaneet moment are nice.
    Yash ko geet se door rakho
    cont soon……..


  6. Hope feet realize that she also loves him before its too late.


  7. Awesome one.realisation of love, deir secret meeting it all was cute, bt more moments of yash &geet is it necessary,anyways waiting for nxt part


  8. Posted by khwaishfan on July 10, 2013 at 7:17 am

    superb update! Maan has realised his feelings! Lovely Maaneet scenes! Maan confronts her! update soon :


  9. Beautiful update…..


  10. Posted by impoojaverma on July 10, 2013 at 7:54 am

    maan is 100% sure regarding his love for geet

    but geet, she is still naive to these feelings. she feels complete with maan but don’t have any idea what this feelings are

    hoep she will soon got sure about it or else she will be sandwitched b/w maan n yash


  11. nice update want to knoe yash feeling


  12. haye this geet is soo cutee….lvd her naivness…awww maan burger le aya…lv the way maan manofoyed geet…maan knew his limits…uske logics ne toh meri dil jeet liya…cntinue soon…


  13. Posted by monikaseth on July 10, 2013 at 8:24 am

    Maan geet ke liye pagal what about geet i think she is also but not yet realize …hope soon they know what they want ..only geet can melt maan and his anger amazing


  14. tich it was superb. i loved maaneet’s moment. both are attracted to each other. maan knows that he is in love with geet. but geet is not aware about her feelings. she is so naive. very exited for next.


  15. No we want maaneet get someone else for him:p :p


  16. Posted by mmradhu97 on July 10, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    Fabulous update…
    Geet is so cute and innocent… maan was admiring geet’s cute cribbing…
    Maan manofying geet… maaneet moment are amazing…
    Both are attracted to each other…
    Finely maan realized his feeling for geet… he really carving for geet’s love…
    I don’t want to see geet with yash…
    Hope very soon geet understand her feeling for maan… continue soon…


  17. Posted by chahhat4eva on July 10, 2013 at 9:49 pm

    Superb update dear… Loved it… Maaneet r attracted to each-other… Maaneet moment r sooo passionate…. Awww Maan love Geet soooo muchhhh…. Hope Geet will also realise her love for Maan…. I don’t want to know Yash’s pov… I want Geet’s pov… Is she love Maan or it’s just attraction… Dear find someone for Yash… Desperately waiting to see what next… Update soon plssssss❤❤❤


  18. held up in exams so can,t comment sorry
    OMG fallen in love with ds FF its awsome
    so MSK in love with innocent doll wo b us k brother ki dulhan
    anixousli waiting for next part nd ye rootne manane wala part to zbrdast th
    now waiting to see yashgeet scene
    update soon di………….


  19. Magical update. i love the fact that maan knew his feeling. update next pt soon plz. tc


  20. loved it.update soon


  21. though the moments between maaNeet Wer really cute and lovey dovey. ….!!!!!……but m really stuck at the thought dat even though geet is naive and she really does nt understand such stuffs….but still she shud be realizing d fact dat she s goin to be married to sum one else and considering her naivity she shud nt be comfortable wit the closeness right…. …..
    i dunno i just felt i dint get dat point….so i just wanted to voice it out….sorry in any case you feel bad but i don’t mean any offence at all…..as i told earlier i dint understand it…..!!!


  22. awesome update


  23. awesome update…maan loves geet…hope geet also realizes her feelings for maan soon and we want maaneet to getting married and not geet and yash…i don’t like the precap as geet should come close to only maan and not anyone else…waiting for more…update soooooooooooooooooooooon….


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